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The art of beautiful candles

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12/04/2021 13:30

Yankee Candle® Sleep Diffuser and Refills create a relaxing atmosphere forr great sleep! The new device comes in two stylish designs for enhancing any home décor. or. Select from three fragrance oils, each specially blended with ingredients known for their heir calming properties, such as lavender, eucalyptus and cedarwood. Simply insert the refill directly into the diffuser - there’s no water to add - and enjoy ght hours of 30 nights of relaxing fragrance*. Set the diffuser’s timer for two, four, or eight soothing ambiance, at the fragrance intensity you find the most restful. estful.

Available to ORDER NOW For further information on the new Yankee Candle® Sleep Diffuser or any of our Home Fragrance products, get in touch with us today: +44 (0)117 316 1200

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Calm Night

Peaceful Dreams

Starry Slumber

Based on eight hours of use on lowe lowest intensity setting.


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Gifts Today March/April 2021

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Contents Cover story 12 St. Eval Candles Nestled on a farm in the heart of North Cornwall, St. Eval are proud to use traditional, artisan methods to craft high quality candles by hand; perfecting the art and science of candle making for over 28 years

Special interviews 22 The future of fragrance The Future Of Smell founder, Olivia Jezler, explains how UK retailers can maximise their customers’ home fragrance experience instore

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34 Scent & style Leading visual merchandiser David Anthony shares his top 10 tips on creating a beautifully fragranced in-store display

Gifts Today team


26 Heaven Scent profile With a highly affordable Own Label service, and a 28year heritage in producing ethical plant wax candles, Heaven Scent has found business booming over the past 12 months


Sally Norton





Advertisement Manager

Mark Horsnell



11 Mr&Mrs Fragrance

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Rick Vickers

Broughton & Beech Ltd, the exclusive distributors of this iconic Italian fragrance brand in UK and Ireland, reveal the company’s stylish scented offerings for our cars



Fragrance talk

Managing Director

Mark Naish

7 Editor’s letter 8 News & views 16 Trade Talk

Production Director

Paul Naish

Leading suppliers share their thoughts on what’s hot in the world of home fragrance


Malcolm Naish

28 Retailers’ Panel The latest members of our Panel discuss the brands and fragrances that sell well for them

Focus on p 22

From candles to wax melts, diffusers to pot pourri, we bring you a round-up of the best home fragrance ranges around. Our overview starts on page 14

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Drawer Liners Drawer Sachets Hand Wash & Moisturising Lotion Pot Pourri Reed Diffusers Room Sprays Scented Candles

Handmade in Suffolk

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Message from the Editor


Instagram: @giftstodaymedia

elcome to Gift Today’s annual home fragrance supplement. We sent last year’s edition to press just before we went into the first lockdown, and what a lot has gone on since then. One thing’s for sure is that sales of candles and diffusers have been boosted during the pandemic, with a renewed appreciation for home fragrance and its power to soothe, comfort and even cleanse your living space. It seems it’s the small comforts and little rituals that have helped us get through those long, dark days. Another thing that became apparent was that consumers were as likely to buy home fragrance as a treat for themselves during lockdown as they were to buy it as a gift for others. Picked up along with the weekly socially distanced shop or ordered online during the Covid crisis, sales of candles and home fragrance grew by 29% year on year to November 2020. Perhaps it’s the ‘lipstick effect’ - the theory that when facing an economic crisis, consumers will be more willing to buy less costly luxury goods. Perhaps someone’s budget doesn’t stretch to a new sofa for their home, but investing in a luxury scented candle can transform their living space and make a style and scent statement. I’ve long been a fan of our cover stars St. Eval. Based in beautiful North Cornwall, the company is a brilliant combination of traditional and high tech. For instance, they use artisan methods to create their beautiful, high quality candles, while they produce their own sustainable energy via wind, solar and biomass; helping to reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the environment. In fact, in 2011, the UK’s quietest wind turbine was erected on their farm that, alongside solar panels and a biomass boiler, helps to produce enough energy to power their entire factory. They’ve been around for 25 years and I recommend you read more about them on page 12. Sustainability and eco-concerns are high on the list of consumers’ needs right now, and there are plenty of companies who are perfectly poised to meet this

demand. It’s definitely worth considering the look of the container your candle is poured into - many vessels are now produced with a specific intention for re-use after the candle has burnt. Other trends we’ve noticed is that, in addition to the seasonal fragrance trends that the leading companies produce to keep your offering fresh, there’s definitely a move towards sophisticated, adventurous scents that appeal to both men and women of all ages. Scents that remind us of the great outdoors are popular, too; perhaps not surprising when you think of how much time we have all spent indoors over the past year. There are fabulous products at all price points to share with your customers and we highlight many of them within these pages. From Ashleigh & Burwood’s stunning vessels to Yankee Candle’s Scent of the Year, from Heaven Scent’s own label service to Mr&Mrs Fragrance’s quirky car fragrances, Heyland & Whittle’s soaps to Something Different’s incense offering, there really is something for everyone. Our overview starts on page 14. As well as rounding up all the best new home fragrance products out there, I’ve also talked to some amazing people in the process of putting this supplement together. I talked about the power of fragrance with expert Olivia Jezler, who has global experience in fragrance innovation spanning New York, São Paulo, Berlin and London. She talks about home fragrance as an ‘invisible tool’ and compares it to lighting for its ability to change how a space feels. Fascinating. Read more on page 22. Visual merchandiser David Anthony, who has worked for the likes of Cath Kidston, Crabtree & Evelyn and House of Fraser, shares his top 10 tips for creating a beautifully fragranced in-store display. For, as David himself says, customers’ response time to a display is around three seconds, which means you haven’t got long to make an impact! Read more on page 34. In addition to all this, we have lots of news, views and comment from suppliers and retailers. Wherever you’re reading this, perhaps take the time to light a candle, pour a glass of something nice and enjoy our snapshot of this fascinating category. Enjoy!

The views of the contributors expressed in this journal are not necessarily those of the publisher. Comments, letters and criticism are welcome.

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Many vessels are now produced with a specific intention for re-use after the candle has burnt

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Gifts Today 7

12/04/2021 13:30

Fragrance News

Enesco virtual showroom success The leading giftware company’s virtual showroom, launched at the end of December, means you can view their products anytime, anywhere. Extremely well received, it allows you to see all their new products and order them from the website. They also have a new digital asset management system that allows their customers instant free access to all of their creative and imagery. Many of their new collections are available in launch packs with display material, and finally they have created a full set of catalogues which are automatically mailed to all of their customers and are available to download from the website: Any new account enquiries should contact:

Fragrance more important than ever The Covid-19 pandemic has heightened appreciation for fragrances and consumers are now seeking out scents that reinforce positive wellbeing and a sense of good hygiene, according to research from Firmenich, leading fragrance and flavour company. The Swiss fragrance company conducted research with 6400 consumers in 11 countries, including UK, to find out how Covid-19 had impacted lifestyles, needs and fragrance preferences. Findings from the research conducted so far indicates 56% of consumers appreciated fragrances more during covid-19 lockdowns and, again, 56% took more comfort in the scents they used. ‘Fragrance reinforces feelings of safety, calm and happiness for consumers dealing with stressful situations,’ says Ilaria Resta, present of global perfumery at Firmenich.

Fresh scent + hint of escapism Mintel global beauty analyst Margaux Caron identified ‘fresh’ as the top scent European consumers looked for in their perfumes, and suggests manufacturers take this one step further, adding escapism and multi-functionality amid covid-19 disruptions. ‘Consumers need to be reassured and a fragrance can help them do that,’ she says. ‘Complimenting a clean scent with hues of escapism will win consumers over.’ Pic credit:

Pic credit:

Ashleigh & Burwood get festive Looking ahead to Christmas gifting 2021, Ashleigh & Burwood have a new festive supplement to their main brochure. Within it they welcome back some bestselling Christmas favourites and share various brand new festive gifts in The Scented Home collection. Registered users of their trade website can download a copy today, or a hard copy can be requested from the customer operations team:

Smell. A Very Short Introduction This book by Matthew Cobb discovers how smell can conjure up memories, take us back to very specific places and emotions, and even help us find a mate. And yet, despite the importance in our mental life, our scientific understanding of how smell works is limited. The author explores why some people like a given smell, while others find it unbearable. He ends by speculating on the role of smell in a world of robots. A great read for all Home Fragrance lovers, published by Oxford University Press. 8 Gifts Today

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12/04/2021 13:30

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Fragrance News

Lesser & Pavey reveal results of home fragrance survey Lesser & Pavey conducted an online poll during the first two weeks of operation to find out what makes fragrance products so popular. Here are the results:

Why do people like to introduce different fragrances into their homes? The survey revealed that over 84% simply seek to create a lovely smell in the home, with 44% using fragrance to create a calming atmosphere and 34% seeking to reduce unpleasant smells such as pets and shoes. Some found scented products create a romantic atmosphere and are fashionable, both recording over 6% of the vote.

Where in the home do you use home fragrance? A home has many rooms, but the favourite seems to be the lounge with over 74% positioning fragrance products here while other results show a range of rooms they display perfume enhancement - over 37% in bathrooms which may reflect the desire for a calming atmosphere; and over 36% stated that they place fragrance enhancers all over the house. Other rooms that received votes were the kitchen at 32% and 30% for the bedroom. Seasonal times of year were also reflected upon with nearly 8% using them at Christmas time and 12% generally in the winter period, but over 85% stated that they use fragrance products all year round which may be why Lesser & Pavey have seen such increases in sales of these products.

Top fragrances chosen? The feedback was mixed but, generally, floral and fruit smells came out on top followed by woody, citrus and spicy respectively; the woody and spicy fragrances outcome may suggest a more masculine trait rather than perhaps traditionally thought of sweeter perfumery.

Favourite home fragrance product categories? Nearly 87% respondents stated that they favour burning candles, wax melts and oil warmers; over 60% prefer diffusers, over 47% aroma lamps which may reflect these are a very new products to the marketplace; and just under 19% humidifiers which became particularly popular during the Covid-19 lockdown.

What do the Pantone Colours of the Year smell like? Firmenich, the world’s largest privately owned perfume and taste company, has partnered again with Pantone to bring its 2021 Colours of the Year to life through fragrance and taste experiences. As there are two Pantone Colours of the Year for 2021, there are two different fragrance families to accompany them. In response to Ultimate Grey, Firmenich worked on three scents called Clean Slate, Claystone and Smoked Minerals, centred around mineral notes and cashmere wood. In response to Illuminating, Firmenich created three fragrances entitled Sunshower, Citrus Spirit and Golden Hour around bright solar notes and comforting musks. image credits:

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12/04/2021 13:30


Q&A with Mr&Mrs Fragrance We caught up with Richard Wood, director of Broughton & Beech Ltd, the exclusive distributors of this iconic Italian fragrance brand to discover more about the company’s stylish scented offerings for our cars…. Black Orchid our consumers and customers have been so enthusiastic and positive and whilst our proposal is new to the UK the brand has been established over 10 years. Mr&Mrs Fragrance have evolved, improved and fine-tuned the product offering so that today’s range is in class of its own. Working with famed Italian designers, such as Luca Trazzi and Marcantonio, the range of over 80 different products really does offer something for everyone.

Q: Richard, how did your partnership with Mr&Mrs Fragrance come about? A: I have known the owners for over 15 years, as they were my distributor in Italy when I was Sales Director at Wax Lyrical. We started this partnership in the middle of the first lockdown last year and, from the beginning of this year, launched our trade offering at the start of lockdown 3.0. We have been delighted with the initial rate of sale and positive feedback and, despite a challenging climate, it has been incredibly positive. Q: What is it about this design-led innovative brand that appeals to you? A: The unique proposition and quality of fragrance is in our opinion unrivalled. Years of development and experience working with perfume houses across Europe have helped to develop a truly stunning range. From the vibrancy of Mojito to the uplifting refreshing Portofino and the deeply intoxicating

Q: Niki is, arguably, the star of Mr&Mrs Fragrance’s car range. How does she work and what makes her so special? A: Niki is a Giftable Car Fragrance and the unique design doubles the surface area for fragrance diffusion. The impregnated EVA design diffuses fragrances over weeks and months, not just days as you can experience with cheaper alternatives. A simple yet durable vent clip holds the character in place and with a replaceable fragrance pod, the consumer can keep their favourite design and interchange the fragrance or vice versa. With over 20 different designs, patterns, colours, finishes and textures and 16 exquisite fragrances there are over 300 combinations possible. Q: What’s the idea behind the Forest range? A: Forests’ origins are thanks to the partnership with the designer Marcantonio. His unique collections of interior design and home products evolved into this special collection woodland creatures. Each product can be used in the car or home and is ideal to fragrance that small space and add some personality. This range is becoming a great hit with the caravan and campervan world, as it allows flame and liquid-free safe fragrancing and I’m sure this will undoubtedly be one of the biggest staycation successes this year. The packaging is undergoing a revamp and will be even more eye-catching in a few weeks also.

Q: Any other products designed for the car environment? A: Cesare is the original character within the range and is now available in updated packaging. An iconic fragrance buddy that clings to your car or desk, the range has been extended to 12 vibrant colours and fragrances. In addition, we have Gigi and Jeff which bring metallic finishes and vivid colours and fragrances such as Energy and Caribbean Sea. Q: Typical customer? A: The range as the name Mr&Mrs Fragrance suggests, appeals to both male and female consumers. A broad age range of appeal is also covered with such a wide range of products in particular a younger female audience, so makes the ideal gift for a new driver, friend, daughter or partner. The range also caters for the male market with a range of woody fragrances and designs and textures that make an ideal Father’s Day gift. Q: How do you feel the products sit in the home fragrance/gift setting? A: Mr&Mrs Fragrance give a breadth of offer, develop unique and fashion-centric designs and bring newness and price points from £5 to £15. The UK market with over 31 million cars is a huge opportunity. Q: What services can you offer new retailers? A: We have a low carriage paid order value that allows the retailer to stock up little and often. A lightweight, maneuverable fixture with a 0.5m x 0.5m footprint has been developed. It can grow from two to three to four sides all in the same floorspace and the POS is interchangeable throughout the year to support promotions and seasonal events. We also offer shelf merchandisers for all our products or we can customise a retailer’s space.

Get in touch! Call: 01270 335034 Email: Visit:

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12/04/2021 13:30

GT Cover Story:

St. Eval

LIVING NATURE Nestled on a farm in the heart of North Cornwall, St. Eval are proud to use traditional, artisan methods to craft high quality candles by hand; perfecting the art and science of candle making for over 28 years St. Eval’s unique fragrances, wax blends and pot styles are inspired by nature and the beautiful Cornish countryside. From the rolling Atlantic waves, to the bright gorse bushes along the coastal paths and meadows of wildflowers bursting with colour. Being surrounded by the beauty of nature in Cornwall, it’s not surprising this inspires their new collections and a desire to protect the natural world.

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12/04/2021 13:30

changing countryside through the seasons. With sustainability at the forefront of their focus, they continue to invest in people and infrastructure to allow the company to follow through on its commitment to ‘tread lightly on the environment’.

Plastic Free by 2022

Sustainable production St. Eval proudly produce their own sustainable energy via wind, solar and biomass; helping to reduce the important carbon footprint and impact on the environment. In 2011, the UK’s quietest Wind Turbine was erected on their farm that, alongside solar panels and a biomass boiler, helps to produce enough energy to power the entire factory. The innovative triple energy solution integrates wind, solar and biomass energy power to heat buildings and the water used on-site, in addition to a ‘water-to-air space heater’ heats the air in the warehouse. The latter reduces energy consumption as well as feeding surplus electricity back into the local grid to serve the local community.

Keeping traditions alive St. Eval was born from humble beginnings, carefully crafting classic church candles by hand in the family farmhouse kitchen. Fast forward 28 years, and they are still maintaining the same traditional methods of candle making because they believe they are well worth preserving. St. Eval are proud to protect the traditional, artisan craft of candle making by using drawing, pouring and moulding techniques and specialist hand-finish features. This ensures each candle is made with a personal touch and results in a product that is superior in quality, style, fragrance, and burn.

People and Planet at their heart People and planet are at the heart of everything for St. Eval. Reduce, reuse, renew and recycle is the company-wide policy and culture. Blessed with loyal customers, they listen carefully to their wishes, adapting and evolving just like our

To further support their sustainability ethos, as a company St. Eval pledged to be plastic-free by 2022 and are well ahead of this target. In line with this, they are delighted to unveil brand new packaging for the Scented Tealight Collection and Reed Diffuser Collections that are now made from 100% recyclable kraft cardboard. This new packaging eliminates single-use plastic from these two ranges completely. You’ll find the same fantastic fragrances and signature St. Eval style, but now even better for the planet.

Nature inspired scents for summer St. Eval is home to 30 delightful fragrances inspired by nature and the beauty of Cornwall, helping to bring joy and happiness into every home. With the sun starting to shine and warmer weather on the horizon, now is the perfect time to delight your senses with fresh, clean scents to celebrate the season. The soft, sweet scent of Honeysuckle, fresh, crisp aroma of Cucumber & Black Pepper and uplifting, herbal fragrance of Bay and Rosemary are just a few of St. Eval’s favourite fragrances to help refresh your space and compliment the warm weather. Perfect whether you are dining alfresco or indoors.

A sense of wellbeing Smell is a strong sense, powerfully acting on the limbic part of our brain that controls emotions, memories and stimulation. When we surround ourselves with beautiful scents from nature, we can evoke wonderful feelings, helping to improve both wellbeing and happiness. St. Eval work hard to create collections and fragrances to help create special moments and spark happy memories - that is the essence of a St. Eval candle.

Unique and timeless Wonderfully unique blends are hand-poured into a range of pretty pots to perfectly complement the home and garden. From beautiful white, rustic pots in their Secret Garden Collection, to pretty blue ombre containers featured in their Coastal Collection, there are designs and fragrances to suit all home interiors and garden landscapes.

Upcycle and repurpose When St. Eval design candles, they keep in mind the products lifetime goes beyond when the wax has

finished. It’s important that the candles not only smell wonderful but look lovely too and that there is a beautiful container that you can repurpose afterwards. The company is always looking for inspiration on how to repurpose the candle containers, some of their favourites include planters, desk storage, vases and new tealight holders.

Become a stockist St. Eval continue to create new and exciting candles and fragrances, inspired by nature and following their core values; to protect, nurture and respect each other and the earth. If you would like to become a St. Eval stockist, please complete the online application form, email or call their team. St. Eval are always looking for like-minded partners that share their values to grow with them and become part of their story.

Call: 01841 540 850 Email: Visit: Gifts Today 13

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12/04/2021 13:30


Fall in love with home fragrance Sales of candles, diffusers, wax melts and essential oils have boomed during lockdown and, as restrictions start to lift, it seems the UK’s love affair with home fragrance looks set to stay strong a key factor, as well as hunkering down with little comforts and making the best of life at home. In these tough times, fragrance has a role to play in boosting emotional health, according to Firmenich, the world’s largest privately owned fragrance and taste company. ‘Seventy percent of consumers’ daily decisions are based on emotions’, explains Dr Christelle Porcherot, corporate R&D principal scientist. ‘Scents trigger strong emotions; however, the link between a scent and an emotion depends on the individual’s experiences in life and the context in which a person smells the scent.’ Home fragrance is a well-established and reliable buy in the gift shop and garden centre setting. As Janice Lawrence, owner of gift shop Charisma in Bedford says: ‘Home Fragrance and any scented products always work well in the shop. It’s a gift that suits most people and that you can give for any occasion.’ n As no As non-essential retail opens, l a essenti ns, suppliers are ready with a raft of pe new products designed to delight retail o are s r customers of all ages. As candle e i l supp St Eval a fragrances are increasingly h t i ready w w personality-led rather than ne gender-led, it can be wise raft of s t to move away from what is c u prod typically considered masculine d designe t or feminine. And, as consumers h become more adventurous to delig s of r e with the fragrances they buy, m o t cus they’re more likely to explore s all age some of the more unusual scents like leather and oud to use in all areas of their homes. As master perfumer Roja Dove comments: ‘Scenting your space is a way of marking out your territory and really owning your surroundings. It’s as essential as the signature scent you wear here’s nothing like a home fragrance on your skin, since people have to be invited into purchase for lifting spirits, according your home to experience it.’ When your customers to recent research from British market find a signature scent they love, especially now research group Kantar. The group’s latest grocery home is so important for both living and work, market share report, that includes home fragrance, they come back to buy more again and again. reveals that year-on-year sales to November Eco concerns and sustainability are well 2020 showed sales of scented candles, pot pourri catered for, with a real trend towards statement and essential oils for diffusers grew by 29% vessels that can be re-used in many other ways compared to last year. Experts believe that the as glasses, plant pots, trinket pots and more. Our prospect of spending less time out and about was cover stars St. Eval place a real focus on this, as Heaven Scent Incense

Heyland and WHittle

do Heyland & Whittle and Ashleigh & Burwood. As Janice Lawrence says: ‘I look for something that is eye catching and appealing to look at, plus if it has another use after it’s finished then that is an added bonus! ‘Plus I like to know that products are handmade in the UK using quality ingredients that are sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan as much as possible - this is definitely at the fore front of all our minds nowadays.’ There’s never been a better time to boost your home fragrance offering, perhaps opting for a core range in store, plus some seasonal updates to tempt your customers. Credit:


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12/04/2021 13:31

Trade talk

Leading suppliers talk home fragrance scents, trends and eco concerns

Andrew Nettleton MD, Ashleigh & Burwood The past year has seen a spike in demand for many home fragrance items. How has it been for you? There has certainly been a shift in buying behaviours and home fragrance has been one of the categories that people have been drawn to. Our Fragrance Lamps and Fragrances have gone from strength to strength since we shared the independent test results showing their efficacy against coronavirus. In The Scented Home, our Reed Diffusers and larger refills have seen really strong sales across all fragrance families with customers returning for their favourites and to try a new fragrance. Similarly, festive sales in The Scented Home surpassed our expectations, and we predict sales will continue to grow for Christmas 2021. Why should a gift retailer consider stocking home fragrance? Home fragrance is more popular than ever as people have been forced to spend more time indoors and seek inexpensive ways to decorate and refresh their interiors. Another reason home fragrance is hitting the right notes is that many people find fragrance to be uplifting and mood enhancing, so there is a natural draw to these products in store both for gifting and self-purchase. Importance of design in your home fragrance products? We have always valued creativity in the design of our fragrances very highly, as well as the aesthetic of the product and packaging. The creative ideas and vision of our in-house design team is a crucial part of our development process and ensures we’re original in our product presentations.

Warren Gell Commercial Director, Wax Lyrical The past year has seen a spike in demand for many home fragrance items. How has it been for you? We’ve seen a continuous desire for candles and diffusers for lots of reasons, including the significance of fragrance to help with concentration and relaxation. Everyone has spent so much more time in their homes so want to keep rooms fresh and also distinguish between rooms. Candles and diffusers make beautiful gifts for people spending their birthday in lockdown, celebrating a birth, to say thank you or just to show we care. With so many reasons and as our products are 100% fragranced, we’ve seen the passion for all our collections continue. Made In England, Colony, Silent Night, HomeScenter and Fired Earth are always firm favourites with Wrendale and RHS making particularly stunning gifts. We also launched new collections with Yvonne Ellen, Sophie Conran Energies and our very own, Street Mythology, and they are set to be firm future favourites. Why should a gift retailer consider stocking home fragrance? The desire for quality home fragrance grows year on year and it is an affordable, personal gift. A candle is always a lovely gift to receive and diffusers make for a thoughtful alternative. Home fragrance is also something customers will buy for themselves and as relatively small items they don’t take up much shelf space but catch the eye and can really brighten less luxurious items. They can also be woven into seasonal trends such as Mother’s Day, or stand-alone all year round. Importance of design in your home fragrance products? Wax Lyrical has just celebrated its 40th year and our continued growth is due to the quality we design into our products, how they are made, how desirable they look and our 100% fragrance. The vessel and fragrance work together. We give as much attention to keeping fresh our long standing collections such as Colony, as we do to creating something completely new with a licensee such as Yvonne Ellen. We reflect the customers for Wrendale and Sophie Conran and we create new on trend items such as our very own Street Mythology. Some items are designed to blend in to a room’s décor and some are designed to stand out, bringing the room to life.

How do you support retailers who want products that are eco? For many years we’ve been selling refills for our reed diffusers that allow them to be replenished once they are used up rather than being thrown away and replaced. We also developed refill candles for our Wild Things Candles that allow the beautiful vessels to be used again and again. We promote the reuse of our vessels for other purposes too, so they can be enjoyed in other ways, like attractive pots for indoor succulents or desk tidies. Any specific help you offer retailers in displaying and selling home fragrance? It’s important to always have fragrance testers available for shoppers to try. Make the most of point of sale materials in store that aid the consumers’ understanding of the product. Scents and trends you predict will be big for the rest of 2021? Bright, fresh scents from the floral and fruity fragrance families are going to continue to be popular this year. Floral fragrances such as mimosa, peony and honeysuckle allow us to celebrate nature and the positive vibes associated with spring and summer, throughout the year. Citrus notes found in fragrances such as our new Sicilian Lemon scent in The Scented Home Reed Diffusers, make us feel awakened and uplifted.

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Helen Flook Sales manager, Marmalade of London The past year has seen a spike in demand for many home fragrance items. How has it been for you? We have found 2020 and the start of 2021 very good for us, as we have gained stockists in the UK, USA and, surprisingly, in Europe despite Brexit. Why should a gift retailer consider stocking home fragrance? Having beautiful fragrances in your home always helps to lift one’s mood and gives you a sense of wellbeing. With more and more people working from home, people want the best possible environment to work in and live in.

How do you support retailers who want products that are eco? So many ways! Our tins are made in a factory based in London that uses solar power and tin recycles forever; our glass can be recycled; the tubes that our candles and diffusers come in are cardboard so can be recycled. Where we can, we source our components within the UK keeping the miles travelled as low as possible. Our packing material is recycled product and can be recycled again.

Our new factory has been built with the environment in mind, as 15% of the warehouse has roof lights to increase natural lighting, decreasing the amount of time we need the lights on. We have also invested in high performance insulation cladding and roof materials, and electric hook up for cars. We have planted thousands of trees and plants to encourage birds, bees and insects, and we give 5% of our profit to the Bumblebee conservation trust to help with their valuable work.

Ursula Heyland Director, Heyland & Whittle The past year has seen a spike in demand for many home fragrance items. How has it been for you? We feel people want to feel relaxed safe and secure with fragrances they know and trust which remind them of happy days - it’s a comfort thing. Sleep products have done particularly well for us. Our Sleep Easy range, featuring lavender and chamomile, is restful and relaxing and very popular. Why should a gift retailer consider stocking home fragrance? For the fabulous fragrances, to enrich their shop, for evocative memories for their customers - and because every home needs fragrance! Home fragrance gives the retailer the opportunity to engage with their customers, to share favourite scents and memories. Importance of design in your home fragrance products? Home fragrance needs to look attractive, to be a statement piece and part of the general home décor. How do you support retailers who want products that are eco? We have a whole new collection of 100% recycled glass vessels for diffusers and candles. We support with POS and wonderful images of ideas to reuse and repurpose these vessels for other things, vases, penholders, gin & tonic tumblers - these are glass jars they would never want to throw away. Any specific help you offer retailers in displaying and selling home fragrance? We provide planograms, and display ideas. We can provide upcycled scaffold plank tables for bespoke dedicated Heyland & Whittle displays, and we are always available at the end of the phone to chat through ideas – it’s good to talk! Scents and trends you predict will be big for the rest of 2021? Coming into the summer, I recommend our Bergamot and Mint fragrances, as fresh and clean is the way forward. In a recycled glass vessel, it’s the perfect gift and self-purchase as a treat. Also any citrusy fragrances are always a winner.

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Yankee Candle reveals the 2021 Scent of the Year Combining universal trends with fragrance, experts introduce Discovery, the defining scent of 2021. Yankee Candle, the leader of home fragrance, announces the highly anticipated, third annual Scent of the Year, Discovery. Scent of the Year is inspired by an intrinsic desire to find an authentic connection. Discovery brings together a combination of fragrances, igniting our renewed feelings of discovery, energy, connection and desire to fully embrace new experiences and cultures. ‘Working closely with fragrance and trend experts, we found that people around the globe are craving travel and exploration now, more than ever before,’ said Anna Whitton, VP of Marketing for Yankee Candle Company. ‘Knowing that travel may still be out of reach for many this year, the 2021 Scent of the Year, Discovery, was designed to help people fulfil the universal desire to discover new cultures, make new memories, and embrace new connections from the comforts of their own homes.’ Discovery brings home scents from around

the globe, transporting people to new cultures, whether it’s through food, fashion, or décor. Discovery The 2021 Scent of the Year, Discovery, blends a complex and delicious number of fruits and spices including: • Red Ginger: Adding freshness, zest, and a punch of colour, the exotic spice evokes inspiration for our next culinary dish • Starfruit: Bringing us further into the depths of the Caribbean islands and tropical jungles, this sweet fruit is the heart and body of Discovery, awakening all our senses and inspirations for the future. • Mango: A juicy, rich blend of sweet and fruity notes reignite our hopes and passions, reminding us that adventure is just around the corner. • Passion Fruit: Hints of tart and sweet combine to create an exotic, fruity scent, inspiring us to plan our next vacation. • Vanilla Spice: Uplifting us for the upcoming spring season, this warm, sweet spice brings comfort and serenity to our home.


Marmalade of London

Marmalade of London are finally completely moved in and up and running in their new eco factory in the Cotswolds. All their products are handmade here in the UK and, where possible, they source components in the UK. They are particularly proud of their tins that are made in London using solar energy - and obviously tin recycles forever. People love to fill their homes with different fragrance thought the year. For spring, Marmalade share just one of their most popular spring fragrances - Pacific Orchid & Sea Salt. If you’d like to be whisked away to a tropical beach, Pacific Orchid & Sea Salt fragrance will take you there in an instant. This fragrance took over a year to develop and Marmalade wanted to put you straight on a beach in somewhere like the Maldives - in fact that was its code name for a year! It’s always a very popular spring summer fragrance but, with most people still unable to travel, they think it will be even more popular this spring. It has top notes of coconut, orange and bergamot, middle notes of white flowers and vanilla orchid on beautiful base notes of amber and sea salt. Call: 01242 257509 or 07833 221109 Email: Visit:

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Widdop & Co With summer approaching, fruitier and floral-inspired home fragrances are taking centre stage for Widdop & Co.

Serenity Serenity was developed with mindfulness and wellbeing in mind. With a selection of gifts and selfindulgent care items. Serenity provides an easy and affordable way to bring the spa into the home. With a selection of themed candles and diffusers to choose from, the three focus scents encourage people to pause and live in the moment, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday busy life: Revive with refreshing orange, jasmine and saffron; Relax with woody aromatic rose, cardamom and pink pepper; Calm with gentle bergamot, lavender and sandalwood. With simple yet stunning coloured, frosted glass designs and tastefully branded packaging, this range of home fragrances makes perfect gifts for those needing a subtle yet enthusiastic reminder to take some time out to pause.

Hestia This is one of Widdop’s largest homeware brands and is branched-out into a selection of eight contemporary ranges. With simple yet elegant designs and luxury packaging, these reed diffusers and candles suit any home, making them the perfect gifts or simply timeless additions to the home décor.

The Aromatherapy Co. Established in 1990, The Aromatherapy Co. has become a favourite for home fragrance and body care products for its commitment to sustainability and natural ingredients in New Zealand and internationally. FLWR Layering sweet and delicate floral essential oils, FLWR offers the perfect blend of aromas for sunnier and warmer days – or simply for duller days in need of some uplifting refreshment. Complete with vibrant deluxe packaging and beautiful flock designs, this cruelty-free and vegan-friendly range makes perfect gifts.

Blend A unique and modern home fragrance range. Created with sustainable, organic essential oils, the delicious scents can stand alone or be easily combined to create a unique aroma. Made of biodegradable scented paper and with no liquid, the matt black aroma sticks are a safer, tidier and eco-friendly option for family homes. Made with a soy wax blend, the candles are also an eco-friendly, natural option with a longer burning time and cleaner appearance.







With Love Home fragrances have provided a way to keep the home refreshed and spirits high, but With Love has also provided a way to let our loved ones know they remain at front of mind during a time of separation and doubt. This range combines sweet sentiments with even sweeter scents to offer a therapeutic gift to replenish the mind and refresh energy. Made with soy and natural plant wax, this selection of therapeutic candles helps households to de-stress and relax, while the diffusers invoke positive thoughts, energy and happiness.



Keeping up to date with modern trends, Widdop’s in-house designers continue to refresh their broad range of giftware, homeware and accessories and it can now be viewed from the comfort of your own home with a tablet, desktop, mobile - and even a VR headset - with Widdop’s new virtual reality tours. These can be found on their website and are accessible 24 hours a day. Their Covid-safe facilities are open and ready to welcome their customers in for up-close, in-person viewings. All five of their showrooms are fully audited with restricted capacity, enhanced cleaning and provided PPE and health and wellbeing kits for all visitors. These can be booked on their website or through local sales representatives. Call: 0161 688 1226 Email: Visit:

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The future of fragrance Olivia Jezler is the founder of Future Of Smell, and has global experience in fragrance innovation spanning New York, São Paulo, Berlin and London, where her clients have included new technology products, fine fragrance and Fortune 500 brands. With expertise in helping brands and technologies design experience-enhancing solutions, we asked her how she feels UK retailers can maximise their customers’ home fragrance experience instore Olivia. what was your career journey before you set up the Future of Smell? I worked in large fragrance companies developing scents for fine fragrance, candles and personal care products, then worked in brand strategy on overall strategy and branding for Natura Cosmetics (owner of Aesop) and then went into human computer interaction research at University of Sussex in the

UK focusing on creating novel scent experiences with the help of new technologies.

What are the services you offer at your consultancy?
 I help companies rethink the experience they are offering through hands-on workshops and insights sessions. These can be people from the fragrance world or without any prior

fragrance knowledge. My aim is to help them understand the market and create a unique offering based on their needs and values. From strategy to the actual fragrances – it can be a brand scent or scents for products themselves. I also work with companies to develop the right storytelling and technology support to create a physical or a virtual experience that is in line with their brand.

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pic credit ‘’

Brits buy an average of six candles a year? Why do you think they’re such a popular purchase? Brits love scents! Candles are affordable and versatile accessories for the home that can easily add a new dimension to a space. And if you don’t like the scent, it’s easier to throw out than a new rug, for example.

Why do you think sales of home fragrance boomed during lockdown? I think it’s because people realised how powerful scent is in enhancing their mood and providing comfort. Home fragrance is affordable and can be easily used to alter a space; it can create change, depending on one’s needs. Home fragrance is an invisible tool. This is especially powerful if people have limited space because, rather like lighting, fragrance can change the way a space feels and make it better support their current activity.

Why is fragrance so closely linked to emotion, mood and memories? Smell is the only sense where the stimuli have a direct connection to our brains. Molecules travel up the nasal passageway and directly bind to the olfactory receptors and are transmitted to our amygdala, a collection of cells near the base of the brain. We are also constantly sampling olfactory information through every breath and deciding how to react or respond. Is it safe? Is it out of the ordinary? From an evolutionary perspective, emotions are believed to signal safety or imminent danger and motivate the individual to either approach or avoid. Smell, emotion and learning are linked for this purpose to help us learn what is good and avoid unpleasant experiences, such as poisonous foods.

How important do you think colour and design are when it comes to a successful home fragrance product?

‘Home fragrance is affordable and can be easily used to alter a space’ branding and packaging as this is the first thing a customer will notice. Think about adding new dimensions to the scent descriptions - aside from the fragrance notes, possibly add visuals or audio, examples of when to use this scent or what mood it would enhance. This is particularly important given today’s restrictions due to Covid-19. The more information you give about the scent story, the easier it is for a customer to buy it.

Should gift stores consider using their own ‘signature scent’ in their retail space? Definitely! Maybe at even low thresholds as scent does not need to be fully noticeable, but it enhances the perception of the space and the products being sold. Scent will also make people willing to pay more for the products - there are studies on this!

How can retailers encourage men to buy more home fragrance products? Use visual elements/displays to make them appeal to men and also adapt the narrative to be fun and easy to understand. Explain how it can change your space from x to y, how can it benefit certain moments in your day. Think about giving very clear concise and practical messaging that highlights how this is a valuable product for them to buy.

What fragrances do you predict will be big in coming months? Happy and hopeful scents. Instagram @futureofsmell pic credit ‘’

Very important, as home fragrance is usually a visible object in the home, so colour and packaging are important. However, even though the packaging and vessel are the first thing that people see, they don’t guarantee repeat purchase – it’s the scent that does this. It has to be unique, recognisable, yet different and of a high quality. People have become more educated and know what ‘cheap’ scents smell like.

For a small gift retailer taking their first steps into home fragrance, where would be a good place to start? I would recommend starting with three different fragrance categories to capture different scent preferences, definitely including a rose scent for the UK market. Remember also to focus on the Gifts Today 23

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Something Different Wholesale Looking for inspiration? Something Different offer hundreds of exclusive home fragrance products featuring unique designs from their in-house creative team. The home fragrance range continues to grow in popularity and customers will love these unique fragrance products, especially with long summer days on the way Eco Soy Wax Melts The wide range of eco-friendly soy wax melts are bursting with natural, longlasting fragrance. The Spring Time and Summer Breeze melts are ideal for bringing the fresh scents of the great outdoors to the home. The quality wax melts are fully biodegradable and come in an aluminium tin that can be reused or recycled. Choose from over 20 exclusive fragrances, from fresh, floral scents to gothic-inspired aromas. These melts are ideal for all seasons and occasions and are handmade right here in the UK.

Candle Holders Candle holders continue to be a bestselling line and Something Different offer a wide and varied range from the modern and contemporary to ethnic and alternative. Their bestselling Single Salt candleholder is a 100% natural Himalayan salt tealight holder. The flame from the tealight illuminates the Himalayan salt, emitting a soothing orange glow. Himalayan salt continues to grow in popularity, particularly during a time where wellbeing is at the forefront of people’s minds, and this stylish tealight holder continues to be a huge hit with customers.

Incense Emporium Something Different are one of the top trade incense suppliers in the UK stocking over 320 different products including cones, sticks and backflow. Their selection includes Satya, Stamford, Karma, Tulasi, Esscents, Goloka and their own popular brand Elements that includes exclusive licensed products by Anne Stokes and Lisa Parker. Whether you like to shop by brand, theme or fragrance, Something Different have a fantastic selection available at competitive prices.

Oil Burners The brand new and exclusive Love, Family and Home ceramic oil burners are perfect for creating a calming, homely atmosphere. Place a standard tealight inside to enjoy the gentle glow that illuminates the decorative cutout text. These burners join the wide range of oil burners offered at Something Different, from homely designs to quirky animal-themed burners and gift sets, there is something different for everyone.

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‘This year has been our busiest!’ With a highly affordable Own Label service, and a 28-year heritage in producing ethical plant wax candles, Heaven Scent has found business booming over the past 12 months. We catch up with Sarah Pettitt to discover how a retailer can make Heaven Scent candles their own… customers, large and small, the opportunity to create their own business brand and sell our products as their own. We have been offering private label as a service for nearly 25 years with small minimum quantities. Simply put, a customer can have their details on all our products and then call them their own. For a new client who was interested in Own Label, what would the process involve? We have a large design and printing department and the moment a customer expresses an interest we work very closely with them. They need to think about their design and provide us with their logo; we can help with the primary design needs, but do suggest they seek a graphic designer themselves if they want their design to be a bit more complex. We provide dimensions of labels and suggest colours and design trends. Customers can use our own Heaven Scent labels but change the name to their own. We keep our customers’ details so they can reorder again and again and, if the customer goes elsewhere, we will keep their details for up to two years.

‘We are doing ell. really w s Sarah, what is Heaven Scent best Busines known for? n has bee Natural products! We were the first to create steadily for a plant wax candle as an alternative to a paraffin candle - this was unheard of at the growing t time - as consumers and customers didn’t years bu understand the damage that paraffin can do if r inhaled in a closed room. We were using words this yea n like ‘vegan’, ‘sustainable ingredients’ and has bee st’ ‘recycled packaging’ to describe our company in e our busi the 1990s.

How much would it cost for small retailers to have their own personalised candles or home fragrance range? There is a minimum order quantity of £250 every time they order. Otherwise the design and application is in the price of the candle. So, the short answer is it doesn’t cost them anything!

Every ingredient sourced is transparent and we can produce this information very quickly if asked. We do an Essential Oil only range where the fragrances are derived from plants or we offer customers our fragrance oils, which are manmade using synthetic and essential oil ingredients combined. We source our fragrance oils from two major perfume houses in the UK that source their materials from all over the world. They both endorse ethical trading, which means their suppliers must adhere to good working and ethical standards. All our fragrances are governed by International Fragrance Association, which is the global representative body of the fragrance industry. It seeks to represent the collective interests of the industry and promote the safe use of fragrances. Our waxes come from Northern Europe and America, and are sustainably and ethically sourced. We have lots of details about our manufacturing partners and work closely with them to ensure the ethical trade of their ingredients.

What about the ingredients? How has business been for you over the last 12 months? We are doing really well. Business has been steadily growing for years but this year has been our busiest. I think it’s because we offer a private label service in very small quantities and we are still the largest candle manufacturer using natural plant waxes and other natural ingredients in our other products. I also think lockdown has made people think about starting their own businesses, which is lovely. We have seen shoppers move away from the big corporate businesses, towards smaller independent businesses preferring to create and sell items that look more natural, offer an artisan feel and encourage localism. Our Own Label department offers

Our candle wax is made from soy, rapeseed and coconut. We have always used plant waxes as they are clean burning, soot free, if burnt correctly and interestingly the chemistry of the natural plant wax is the same as our body chemistry, a simple fat molecule, so our body recognises it when it is inhaled and can process it unlike paraffin/mineral wax (used by many candle companies) which is a complex hydrocarbon and quite different to our bodies and harder for our bodies to process. All of our products use vegetable based ingredients from our Candles to Reed Diffusers, Body Creams, and Lip Balms. They are free from a series of listed harsh chemicals like EDTA, PEGS, SLS, SLES, Parabens, Sulphates, Silicons, Petrochemicals.

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RETAILERS’ PANEL Introducing the latest members of our Panel. In this issue, they talk Home Fragrance

How do you display home fragrance in-store?

Rose Thorley The Eleventh Hour Gift Shop Audlem, Cheshire How was lockdown 3 for you? It was particularly difficult. The timing just after Christmas wasn’t great, and sale stock was more difficult to move as the doors were shut. We did try to re-establish our ‘safe home drop off’ and postal sales, and ran various ‘sales’ events on social media. Our website’s very new, so is not yet established enough to rely on sales, and is currently under construction. We did a very small amount of trade from within our local community who were able to visually see our window displays and would contact us via phone.

What home fragrance ranges do you stock? We’ve stocked Katie Loxton for over three years now and our customers really love their range of candles and room diffusers. The fragrances are light, fill the home and last for up to three months. Their ranges are always designed to fit into any room in the home and also include specific wording to celebrate everyday occasions. We’ve also stocked Inis Fragrance of the Sea for just over 12 months and it’s absolutely amazing. With a fresh scent as uplifting as a sunny day by the sea, these beautiful home fragrance diffusers, candles, and room sachets are all paraben-free and

We’ve stocked Katie Loxton for over three years now and our customers really love their range of candles and room diffusers

We try our hardest to display home fragrance in a positive way and we try wherever possible to mimic a home environment theme. We use testers so our customers can feel and smell our products. We always make time to understand and know our products ready for questions, and ensure that we can promote the positive qualities from each of our chosen ranges.

are not tested on animals, and the company contributes to a whale and dolphin group that’s dedicated to the protection and conservation of oceans and their amazing inhabitants. It’s increased in sales and brings returning custom. Therapy & Scent, created by local aromatherapist and small business owner Trina Bailey, is a firm favourite with us and our customers. It’s all handmade in the UK and keeps the environment in mind with non-toxic ingredients and plastic-free packaging. All products are plant based, made with pure essential oils, soy wax, and are free from toxins.

All our fragrances use soy, palm oil or aromatherapy oils; lots of our other products include a vegan range; none of our products are tested on animals.

Where do you stand on ecoconcerns? We have a strong belief in providing eco-friendly products wherever possible in all our ranges.

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How do you display home fragrance in-store?

Samantha Gibbs Nest Leicestershire What’s the story of Nest? We are a boutique brand of two shops in rural Leicestershire, a concession in a local garden centre and an online shop. I have owned and run Nest since conception in 2002. How was lockdown 3? Inevitable but still hugely disappointing as we were ready to crack on with the New Year and hit the ground running. However, we‘ve stayed flexible and have been trading online throughout all the lockdowns and, as much as it has been a challenge and lots of work, it has certainly been worth it. We really have embraced the opportunities that lockdown has afforded us online and really do think we have made the best out of the situation.

What home fragrance ranges do you stock? Pintail candles are our absolute go to range and the customers have built up a huge loyalty for them. They really are our hero home fragrance, and to be honest, however many times we have tried to introduce a second range, it really is Pintail Candles’ Coordinate range that we deviate back too. Candlelight offers us an amazing range of affordable home fragrance, and in particular their candles diffusers are a great price. What products sell best for you? For Nest, candles are our staple product for gifts closely followed by reed diffusers for self-purchase. Customers at one of the shops in particular are now asking for wax melts which we will start stocking but the demographic in our other branch won’t want them. The nuances between the product requirements are very interesting.

We sell such a large range of scents that it means we have something for everyone, however the trend towards Prosecco and Gin have followed suit into scents

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With strong colour based ranges we tend to merchandise them as a standalone range and are mindful of where we put them in the shop with regards to hotspots and pick up points. We display products very differently between stores though and tend to offer a more blended approach in our Broughton store and the garden centre and often offer them as part of a bigger story. Have you discovered any new ranges over the past year? I spent a wonderful day up at Widdop’s showroom recently, which was fantastic and actually found some beautifully styled candles, which we’ll add to a wedding and anniversary range that will sit well within a mixed display. What scents sell well? We sell such a large range of scents that it means we have something for everyone, however the trend towards Prosecco and Gin have followed suit into scents; and

certainly this year we have found customers are looking for calm and gentle scents that aren’t too overpowering - elderflower, linen, rosewater How important is vessel design for your customers? Once again the demographic between shops is palpable. Our Stoneygate branch like clean lines and minimal design, so Pintail Candles Co-ordinate range suits them very well. Our Broughton store and the garden centre are led by a more detailed design and something that they would perceive as affordable luxury. Where do you stand on ecoconcerns when it comes to home fragrance? I think this follows my personal stance on my own concerns. I would be really disappointed if anything I bought had palm oil in, however I would not make vegan products a priority at this stage. However we are incredibly mindful of the environment and the customers’ desires to be as mindful too.

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Virtually home from home Ashleigh & Burwood This month Ashleigh & Burwood launch their ground-breaking state of the art virtual show space, modelled on a beautiful heritage home conveying the style and aspirations of the home fragrance brand. ‘The House of Ashleigh & Burwood’ is an immersive experience that allows retailers to view in 3D detail their popular home fragrance products including the newest additions for SS21 such as their uplifting Life In Bloom collection. Ashleigh & Burwood created to empower retailers to make informed purchasing decisions, without the need for travel or meeting face to face during these unusual times. Visual Merchandiser, Olivia Collins led the development of the Virtual House and comments: ‘We anticipated retailers might be required to visit many virtual showrooms in the current climate, so we wanted ours to break from the regular conventions. ‘We set about creating something that was visually exciting and experiential. Initial feedback about the experience has been phenomenal; I think we’ve hit the right balance in creating

Back by popular demand

Ashleigh & Burwood’s extra-long Garden Incense is back! The product, which was first developed and sold over ten years ago, has never been forgotten by some retailers and customers who were fans of the giant premium incense sticks and so by very popular demand, they’re having a revival. With herbaceous notes of invigorating citronella, rosemary and thyme essential oils, well known for their insect repellent properties, they are the perfect accompaniment to outdoor picnicking or entertaining. With a long burn time of up to two and a half hours per stick, they will help to create the perfect al fresco space, as we meet up with family and friends outdoors this summer. something that not only looks stunning, but is also practical, showcasing the products in full 3D photorealistic detail which is really important to buyers.’ Retailers are not only able explore Ashleigh & Burwood’s product collections within an engaging setting, but they also enjoy a number of other benefits by accessing TheHouseOfAB. com. The Virtual House can be explored 24/7 at a time to suit the retailer, or indeed retailers can be taken on an arranged bespoke tour by an Ashleigh & Burwood team member on a video link within the platform. Furthermore, for registered users of the Ashleigh & Burwood trade website, the Virtual House is shoppable. Ashleigh & Burwood even have an answer for sampling their fragrances and scent cards for their eight latest fragrance launches are available on request. Request your scent cards now. Call: 01932 267060 Email: Visit:

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The Isle of Skye Candle Company Launch into spring with new floral aroma from Skye Candles. The Isle of Skye Candle Company may have come from humble beginnings but, in less than 15 years, they have now grown into Scotland’s largest natural candle manufacturer. Hand-poured and entirely plantbased, using 100% renewable soya wax, Skye Candles last almost twice as long as their more common paraffin candles counterparts. The specially made linen wicks ensure the candles burn cleaner, brighter and longer. They are much kinder to the environment, too, being sustainable and biodegradable. This is fundamental to the brand. All packaging is recyclable and no single-use plastic is used. The company also take pride in using natural essential oils wherever possible, bringing many aromatherapeutic and health beneficial properties to the customer. Last year, they continued to expand their fragrance portfolio with two new beautiful and authentic Highlands inspired fragrances - Machair Flowers and Wild Mountain Thyme. Both fragrances bring a piece of Skye into their consumers’ homes and play a fresh and prominent part of the Scottish Collection. The company is showing no signs of slowing down this year, entering the spring/summer season of 2021 with the launch of a brand new scent, Chamomile & Cedar. It combines the soft, floral top notes of soothing chamomile, lily, bergamot, and lavender combined with a deep, complex base of cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli and tonka to create a rich and luxurious scent. This latest addition is a part of the

Signature Range, which now carries 20 different and stunning aromas, from home fragrance classics such as lavender or lemongrass to Skye Candles’ original blends. There is a scent profile for everyone, from sweet and fruity, to floral, earthy and spice scents. Signature Collection reed diffusers effortlessly fragrance the space day in day out for a minimum of 10 weeks and four different candle sizes, from the smallest votives, still burning for 20 hours minimum, to the beautiful and long lasting large tumblers. The Signature Range is elegant and striking in design. It takes inspiration from the mountains found on Skye, adding a pop of colour representing the atmosphere of the fragrance on the boxes and labels, looking at ease in any location around the home, hotel or venue. The recently re-designed large tumblers are presented in a sleek black glass, covered with a wooden lid, each engraved with the story of ‘Our Island’, a brief introduction of Skye and the company. The island remains not only an inspiration behind the product and the design, but also as a place where the candles are handcrafted from start to finish. Creating products by hand, by people who truly care, offering a personalised touch to every creation. With over 1.2 million candles made yearly, Skye Candles have found a firm place on the home fragrance market, along with a growing number of satisfied and loyal customers. Get in touch to learn more about the trade opportunities, or to request samples.

Email: Call: 01471 820 145 and select ‘wholesale’ 32 Gifts Today

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GT Home Fragrance

Scent & style David Anthony is a visual merchandiser and consultant with 30 years experience, working in shops and department stores around the world with the likes of Cath Kidston, Crabtree & Evelyn and House of Fraser. Here, he shares his top 10 tips on creating a beautifully fragranced in-store display. For, as David himself says, customers’ response time to a display is around three seconds – you haven’t got long to make an impact!

1) Consider the available space

8) Clear pricing

If you’re really limited, opt for simple shelf merchandising with different brands or styles in rows. If you can scale up, then use a table, sideboard or hutch unit to create a story within this space to place more focus on the products.

This is so important, especially on a product as this is where customers will look for it; otherwise you can display a printed list. Remember, if products are not priced, you will miss out on sales. A range of price points within a display or category is also important. More stock of lower price points will always sell better as everyone loves a good deal, but also don’t be afraid of higher price points of feature products to draw attention to the lower/middle price points within a category display.

2) Decide on a scheme Either opt for a seasonal look or a colour theme. Cross merchandise with complementary products from other categories to create an instant focal point and product story.

3) Think about height and size Start to build your display by choosing a mix of different heights and sizes for an interesting display. Place taller products at the back and in the middle, with smaller at the front or on the sides.

4) Simple props Inexpensive ideas can be really effective. Quite often the product itself can also be the prop, specifically if it has interesting packaging or if it can be taken out of the packaging. Otherwise a simple seasonal or complementary prop, such as a plant, can draw attention to the merchandise and help to tell the story of the products.

5) Remember the pyramid formation When grouping items, think of a triangle when placing items together. Along with close grouping, it’s the most used display technique to place merchandise together in an appealing way without any other visual distraction. Mixing product in a lifestyle way is a modern way of creating a story within a chosen space.

9) Choose a key fragrance Select one key fragrance in the shop to complement your display - a popular or seasonal scent is a safer option so long as you ensure there are many products within the category to support this.

10) Consider cross merchandising This is all about a lifestyle, particularly with gifts and homewares. Any products that can draw attention to or complement others can always create an interesting and eye catching display. There are many brands and stores that base their entire merchandising philosophy on this look and feel, which I highly encourage in today’s modern retail environment. Customers are extremely intelligent and knowledgeable today and speaking to them on the same level will bring confidence and trust to your store. Email: Visit:

6) And the rule of three… This is about repetition of the same product in different colourways. However, you can add more than three as long as the packaging is the same.

7) Encouraging sampling If possible, add scent strips and tester products to the front or side of a display to encourage customers to touch and experience. 34 Gifts Today

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Heyland & Whittle Introducing the Eco Collection of fragrant, hand-poured and blended soy candles and reed diffusers, housed in 100% recycled glass and packaged in 100% recycled card, helping customers make more eco-friendly lifestyle choices in the home. This new Eco Collection takes Heyland & Whittle’s commitment as a business to care for the planet one big step further. For the first time, they have created a collection of hand-poured candles and reed diffusers that are contained in 100% recycled glass and packaged in 100% recycled card. The diffuser and candle vessels can be re-purposed again and again – as drinks glasses, hot beverage glasses, flower vases, biscuit and snack bowls, water and juice jugs and flower vases. The fragrant hand-poured candles are made with a sustainable soy wax and essential oil blend for a clean, slow, even burn. There are three new fragrances in this collection, available as both diffuser and candle options. Geranium & Oud: Fresh and rich green, peppery geranium blended with sweet, smoky oud and fragrant hints of rose, jasmine and praline - an opulent aroma reminiscent of the East. Mint & Bergamot: Uplifting and refreshing cool Mint blended with zesty, citrusy bergamot - the ‘just picked’ aroma of summer. Hibiscus & White Tea: Calming and relaxing woody citrus notes of White Tea blended with gentle hibiscus, freesia and jasmine. A gentle aroma with feel-good benefits. Call: 01293 525825 Email: Visit:

Love Country Looking for something different? Check out the colourful Home Fragrance Collection by Love Country. Their diffuser tubes are wonderfully illustrated making them stand out from the crowd. Blended by the finest perfumers in England and proudly vegan-friendly, there is a scent for every mood throughout this exciting new collection featuring Room Sprays, Wax Melts and Diffusers. Refills also available. Call: 07735 918118 Email:

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Manor House There was a buoyant first quarter for re-branded Manor House. Despite no Spring Fair, they are gaining many new customers including garden centres, gift shops and farm shops. This comes after a brilliant Christmas season, which rivals previous Christmases in terms of orders received with many new stockists. Manor House are in the midst of launching a newly re-branded Manor House, with smart and very stylish packaging. There is an exclusive launch with a major retailer, which will then roll out to all their clients over the next month or two before being widely relaunched. Stockist response has been very positive, with many advising that, despite the shortened time scale that they were allowed to open, sales have been very strong. Manor House launched their extended offering of 28 home fragrance collections last year and this will continue into 2021 with some new additions throughout the year. This will be their widest collection ever, and all fragrance collections include their signature Pot Pourri, Scented Botanical Candles, Gift Boxed Candles, Diffusers and Room Sprays along with Drawer Sachets, Liners and more. Weekly they are gaining new stockists, many of whom they met at last year’s Spring Fair or through their strategic advertising. After perusing the new catalogue, they have now come through to ordering - both at home and overseas - which has been great to see. Manor House are currently in the midst of spring production which is much more positive than expected with orders beyond all expectations - with many clients stocking up for reopening and some already confirming Christmas orders. The company pride themselves on producing all their products by hand in Suffolk which comprise: Pot Pourri and Scented Pine Cones, Scented Botanical Candles, Room Diffusers and Sprays, Drawer Liners and Sachets along with Advent Candles, Scented Fabric Bags and Cushions. They will shortly be relaunching a complete new collection of Luxury Hand Wash and Moisturising Lotions to complement each of their 28 fragrance collections. All products use mainly British packaging and fragrances, the finest botanicals from around the world, recyclable packaging, fabrics, hand woven silks from Suffolk silk mills and ribbons mainly from British companies thus creating a true Handmade in Great Britain Home Fragrance Collection.

The Facebook page Manor House Home Fragrance Ltd, Twitter @ManorHouseHome1” and Instagram @Manorhousehomefragrance all link their business with their retailers and final end customers and clients is gaining many followers and numerous positive comments. Private Label Home Fragrance is increasing dramatically and Manor House are currently working with more and more leading retailers to produce private label collections incorporating clients thoughts and ideas, fragrances and branding to offer bespoke and unique one-off collections. Call: 01359 250720 Visit:

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New Home Fine Fragrance Collection

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Lesser & Pavey The company’s range of Aroma Lamps continues to grow in popularity as do the items designed by their in-house creative team. The new range for Christmas comes in the form of white ceramic Aroma Lamps that have an etched effect on the sides to project a 3D effect when lit. The designs to date include Angel Wings, Tree of Life, Woodland, Butterflies, Bees on Honeycomb, Buddha, Elephant and Skull. In the same material, Lesser & Pavey also have tealight holders and wax melt and oil warmers. Complementary humidifiers will soon be launched. The Aroma Lamps bring fragrance and light into any living space in the home. The Desire range is all about wellbeing. These multi-coloured lamps are touch-sensitive, projecting light that can be used with wax melts and aroma oils. They create an atmosphere in a decorative addition that forms a range of over 100 items. Each one comes individually gift boxed, and some have a remote control and can play music by Bluetooth. The fragrance oil and wax melts to use in conjunction with the lamps are also available. Three ceramic humidifiers are included in this range; they change colours and are presented in individual colourful gift boxes. A multitude of fragranced candles and diffusers are offered, with quality fragrances, decorative glass containers and gift boxed accordingly to reflect fragrance and style. Call: 01322 279225 Email: Visit:

Wax Lyrical Wax Lyrical have double reasons to celebrate, with several new home fragrance ranges gaining much attention, as well as expanding their long-standing Made in England and Colony ranges, by launching brand new fragranced hand care products. Wax Lyrical started 2021 by unveiling stunning new home fragrance candles and diffusers with Yvonne Ellen, Sophie Conran and their very own, Street Mythology, all making heads turn. Jacqui Gale, CEO of Wax Lyrical says: ‘we have even more reasons to be extremely excited. ‘I cannot wait to see our much loved Colony and Made In England fragrances on shelves with their beautifully designed, Hand Wash, Hand Lotion and Rinse Free Hand Cleanser bottles standing proud! ‘Personal hygiene and hand washing will continue to be a focus for everyone. We have taken our 40 years’ experience of fragrance expertise to develop a suite of Hand Care ranges to add to essential hygiene and beauty regimes. We are launching Colony and Made In England this spring and later in the year, our other home fragrance collections will have hand care joining the ranks.’ Personal and natural Fragrance has always been at the heart of Wax Lyrical. Jacqui adds: ‘Our products and fragrances have been inspired by our surroundings since the beginning, from the ingredients we choose to the patience and craftsmanship that goes into every fragrance we create. ‘It seems only natural that our products should now evolve beyond the home to care for and

enhance our every touch. We are proud to bring our expertise in fragrances to hand care, creating layers of scent that keep rewarding our customers for hours. From gentle hand washes to enriching moisturisers, lotions, and the soft yet reliable protection of our rinse free cleanser.’ The Made in England collection is a true celebration of Wax Lyrical. Presenting ten fragrances, the range of hand care products offers choice for consumers from floral to citrus scents. The no-rinse hand cleanser is perfect to refresh hands between water washes. Simply apply a small amount to hands, rub in and air dry, enjoying the subtle fragrance. It is formulated with 70% alcohol to keep hands clean and protected without drying them out. Colony is a signature Wax Lyrical collection, steeped in tradition and epitomises classic fragrances made in the UK. The gently foaming formula of Colony hand wash has been developed with jojoba oil that contains natural Vitamin E, an antioxidant that can help prevent damage to the skin. ‘We are fortunate to be part of the Portmeirion Group which continues to invest in facilities and employment in Cumbria,’ says Jacqui. ‘Our 40 year story is about innovation, our people, our environment and our high-quality, British-made products. Commitment, quality, passion. Products to wax lyrical about.’ Get ready to re-open with the Wax Lyrical April 10% discount exclusive to Trade customers. Quote APRIL21. Valid 1-30 April 2021. Visit:

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Price’s Candles

Price’s Candles have been producing longlasting candles ever since the company was founded in 1830. Whilst the world of candles has changed immensely since then, their promise to produce high quality candles remains just the same as it once did. Price’s Candles’ best selling Fragrance Collection was launched in 2018 to appeal to a younger generation of candle lovers, and has grown in popularity and range size, now boasting an array of contemporary scents and designs. These candles are made with the highest quality of purified waxes and fragranced throughout. This collection boasts an impressive 36 scents including stunning seasonal fragrances in a variety of candle sizes, from the smallest sized candle tin, to the largest, the contemporary large glass jar and reed diffuser to create the perfect fragrance layering in any home. Burn times range from 25 to 150 hours and the collection offers a vast choice of scents across the fragrance families of woody, spicy, floral, fresh, fruity and sweet. Some of the bestsellers include: Open Window: The scent of pure fresh air! Clean and crisp, this will fill your home with a strong, crisp fragrance. Cotton Powder: A soothing scent of fresh, clean laundry. Top notes of citrus, and musky base notes, to complement the scents of fresh air and white flowers. Spa Moments: Featuring base notes of camomile, this will aid relaxation and create an uplifting and therapeutic environment. Cherry Blossom: A subtle, fruity floral fragrance, from the flower of the exquisite cherry tree. Magnolia: This quintessentially Southern fragrance has a sweet floral fragrance that’s lightly fruity, with some comparing its scent to Champagne. Browse Price’s website for a selection of scented candle jars, scented and unscented tealights, fragrant reed diffusers, the citronella garden range, elegant dining and church candles, and their best-selling odoureliminating collection. Email: Visit:

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