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The Audi collection – more Audi. Audi cars embody our commitment to "Vorsprung durch Technik." Owning an Audi means getting all the benefits of a philosophy that demands giving everything to attain the very best. And it’s only cars made in that spirit that bear the Audi name and logo. The Audi collection is a selection of products in a variety of categories that are equally distinguished by their forward thinking in terms of quality, technology, workmanship and design. And that’s why they bear the Audi brand name. More Audi: the Audi collection. Enjoy. Bags & leather goods 04 – 37

Accessories 38 – 65

Sports & travel 66 – 77

Clothing & textiles 78 – 127

Audi kids 128 – 143

Classics 144 – 151 3

Bags & leather goods – simply stylish. Every single Audi collection accessory reflects the highest standards of aesthetics and functionality. Select materials and high-quality workmanship ensure superb quality. Our current leather accessory collection also puts function at centre stage – elegantly accentuated by a clear, pure style.


Bags & leather goods


Leather collection black – sophisticated and stylish. This collection’s starkly minimalist, pure design makes an instant impression. It puts the quality of the sophisticated cowskin Nappa leather and the hand sewn, grey contrasting seams at the centre of attention. The smooth, full-grain leather is reďŹ ned by a natural, chromium-free tanning process ensuring a long-lasting luxurious feel. A high proportion of silk gives the inner lining featuring woven Audi rings a lush look that is also extremely tear resistant. All the articles here were lovingly crafted in Germany using traditional methods and are distinguished by their uncompromising workmanship.


Women’s handbag The perfect look for work or leisure, understated design in premium-quality leather – attractive and practical with two DIN A4 size compartments separated by a large zipped compartment, mobile phone and PDA pocket, pen holder and business card compartment, magnetic clasp. Dimensions: 38.5 x 29 x 10 cm; handle length: 26 cm 314.06.024.00


Women’s handbag The alternative smaller version. Features a matching design in fine cowskin leather with natural grain in a size ideal for carrying over your shoulder or holding in your hand. Inside: two compartments divided by a zipped compartment, mobile phone and PDA compartment, pen holder and business card compartment. Dimensions: 38 x 18 x 13.5 cm; handle length: 30 cm 314.06.025.00




Women’s billfold Understated and smart: with two compartments for bank notes, a large zipped compartment for coins, twelve card compartments and two inside pockets. Dimensions: 18.8 x 9.1 x 2.6 cm 314.06.005.00

Women’s purse This zipped purse is a miracle of space and secure as a little safe. Minimalist look, made from ďŹ ne cowskin leather, two inside compartments for notes plus two other inside pockets, a coin pocket, one deep pocket, an ID card holder, 11 card compartments and a mesh pocket. Fitted with a metal zip along three sides. Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 2.2 cm 314.06.004.00


Mini wallet A miracle of space. Made from ďŹ ne cowskin leather, with a coin pocket, a compartment for notes and four card holders. Dimensions: 9.5 x 7.5 x 2.3 cm 314.06.008.00

Wallet A classic: with two compartments for notes, a pocket for coins, twelve card holders, two additional pockets and a mesh compartment for an ID card. Dimensions: 10.5 x 12.5 x 2 cm 314.06.001.00


Men’s wallet Masculine design, made from fine cowskin leather, with two notes compartments, a pocket for coins, eight card holders, two additional pockets and a mesh compartment for an ID card. Dimensions: 12.5 x 10.3 x 1.2 cm 314.06.002.00

Wallet with metal clip A clever invention – this wallet has a metal clip so you can easily attach notes. In addition it has two ID card compartments, a section for notes and eight card holders. Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 1.2 cm 314.06.003.00

Change purse Ideal for storing your loose change, this premium-quality purse is made from fine cowskin leather. Folds out to open, with inside pocket. Dimensions: 8 x 8.3 x 2.7 cm 314.06.010.00


PDA case The sight of your digital assistant in this exquisite black cowskin leather case will brighten up your working day. Dimensions: 10.5 x 14 x 1 cm 314.06.019.00

iPod case Cowskin leather protective covering for good music. Makes a stylish statement and effectively protects against external wear and tear. Made from fine cowskin leather. Dimensions: 7 x 11 x 2 cm (designed for the iPod® classic) 314.06.020.00


Wallet The professional. Made from ďŹ ne cowskin leather, extra spacious. Inside, left-hand side: two inside pockets, two card holders and a deep pocket. Inside, right-hand side: two pockets, eight card holders. Dimensions: 11.5 x 17 x 1 cm 314.06.007.00

Ticket wallet The best way to organise your journey. Made from ďŹ ne cowskin leather with a notes compartment and pen holder. Inside, left-hand side: large zipped pocket, inside pocket. Inside, right-hand side: eleven card holders, two inside pockets, USB stick compartment and chip pocket. Dimensions: 12 x 23.5 x 2 cm 314.06.006.00



Manicure set For a neat appearance when you’re out and about or away from home. The Audi manicure set is exclusive Pfeilring quality in a matt metallic look. It includes nail scissors, cuticle scissors, nail clippers, a double-ended nail/cuticle cleaning instrument, sapphire file and tweezers, all stored in a luxury leather case. Dimensions: 7.3 x 16.7 x 2.7 cm 314.06.022.00

Makeup case From makeup to mascara, this stylish case has a place for everything. Made from fine cowskin leather with natural grain and a mirror incorporated into the lid. Dimensions: 19 x 8 x 5 cm 314.06.023.00


Key case for vehicle key Custom-sized storage case for your Audi vehicle key. Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 2.5 cm 314.06.011.00

Keys case Attractive keys case with carbine hooks for six keys. Dimensions: 7 x 10 x 2 cm 314.06.012.00

Vehicle documents case The ideal passenger – made from ďŹ ne cowskin leather, with two compartments for vehicle papers, two card holders and a compartment for an ID card. Dimensions: 9.2 x 12 x 1.3 cm 314.06.009.00


Business card case The personal assistant. Keeps your cards ready to hand for when you need them. Elegant business card case made from fine cowskin leather with two credit card compartments, a large compartment for business cards and an inside pocket. Dimensions: 7.5 x 11 x 1 cm 314.06.016.00

Business card case The business cards you receive have a fitting home in this functional case of cowskin Nappa leather. With two pockets. Dimensions: 10 x 6.5 x 0.4 cm 314.08.003.00

Leather CD wallet Provides a stylish storage place for your favourite CDs, also protecting them during transport. Leather CD case made from fine cowskin leather with loose-leaf mechanism. Space for twelve CDs with two additional pockets. Dimensions: 16 x 14.5 x 4 cm 314.06.014.00


Pens case Perfect for storing your pens and other writing implements. The Audi pens case is made from ďŹ ne cowskin leather and is also ideally sized for Audi pens and writing implements. Dimensions: 6 x 18 x 2.5 cm 314.06.015.00

Notepad case Complete with a custom-sized notepad with Audi rings, an inside pocket and a notes compartment. Dimensions: 8.2 x 12 x 1 cm 314.06.013.00


Leather folder The smart oďŹƒce companion for every briefcase or handbag. A luxurious folder suitable for a DIN A5 notepad or notebook. Three large compartments for paper and six card holders. With a pen loop at the top. Dimensions: 16.1 x 23.3 x 2 cm 314.07.004.00


Leather folder The Audi leather folder protects and stores your notes and includes writing pad in DIN A4 format, a compartment for paper, eight business card compartments plus a pen loop. Dimensions: 25 x 32 x 2 cm 314.06.017.00



Leather folder with loose-leaf mechanism An exquisite look for exclusive office environments – simple elegance with generous leather areas, the Audi leather folder is suitable for a writing pad in DIN A4 format or holepunched documents. Includes a compartment for DIN A4 paper, eight business card holders and a pen loop. Dimensions: 25 x 32 x 3 cm 314.06.018.00

Leather folder with zip A stylish accessory for your next meeting. This folder holds one DIN A4 format writing pad and is bordered by a zip fastener. Hole-punched documents can be filed away conveniently in the left-side loose-leaf clips or else stowed away in the pocket. Includes seven compartments for storing cards. A pen loop is included in the centre. Dimensions: 26 x 32 x 5 cm 314.07.005.00



College folder The perfect understatement. Sporty look, made from fine cowskin leather, with a main section, mobile phone and PDA pocket, business card holder and pen loop. Dimensions: 34.5 x 28 x 5.5 cm 314.06.026.00

Portfolio With its fine attention to detail, this portfolio will soon become your favourite item. Includes a main pocket for a laptop or small file, a large zipped compartment, mobile phone and PDA pocket, business card holder and pen loop. Dimensions: 40 x 30.5 x 6 cm 314.09.001.00


Attaché case The perfect accessory for that business look. Finest attention to detail, high-quality finishing, practical fittings. Main section divided into two compartments for laptop or folders, mobile phone and PDA pocket, business card holder and pen loop, combination lock. Dimensions: 40.5 x 31 x 12 cm 314.09.002.00

Laptop case Wherever you are, your laptop will be close at hand. This elegant case made from the finest cowskin leather provides optimum protection for laptops. Split main sections are secured by two zip fasteners around the edges. Stores standard-sized laptops from 15 to 17 inches safely in a compartment with padded inner lining made from grey Nardia microfibre and with a securing strap. Power cable for 15-inch laptops can be stowed behind a detachable dividing panel. The second main compartment for documents contains pockets for CDs, cards, pens, a USB stick and mobile phone/ PDA. The laptop case has a removable carrying strap with shoulder pad and an additional zipped compartment for travel documents. Dimensions: 45 x 33 x 10.5 cm 314.08.002.00


Pilot’s flight bag Stylish storage for all your business needs. This pilot’s flight bag has two practical leather pockets at the sides. The interior is lined with luxurious Nardia microfibre material and separated by two large side sections. It also has additional side pockets for PDA, business cards and a pen. With a protective casing for laptops and a transport case for use on flights, a nameplate and two metal combination locks, this bag makes a secure and elegant companion for all business trips. Dimensions: 45 x 34 x 19 cm 314.09.003.00


Suit bag Keeps your clothes clean and free from creases at all times. This slim suit bag is made from the finest cowskin leather with a vertical zip on the inside and high-quality, black interior lining made from Nardia microfibre. It also has a zipped compartment for a shirt, a nameplate that can be opened up for fast identification of the owner, two clothes hangers and a compartment for small items. The leather-covered handle with cross stitching can be easily twisted off and replaced with a clothes hook. Dimensions: 62.5 x 109 x 3 cm (opened) 314.08.001.00

Belt Understatement with the four rings emblem. A sporty, timelessly stylish belt with a striking silver, matt-finish clasp and Audi rings engraved at the top of clasp. Matches the leather collection, simple to shorten. Length: 120 cm 314.06.021.00


Luggage set R8 – bespoke travel culture. Custom-designed for the Audi R8 boot and vehicle interior. The individual luggage items are combined in two sets that bring the Audi R8 interior concept to the world of stylish travelling. The selection of materials and colours match the vehicle interior. Audi luggage sets combine premium quality materials with outstanding craftsmanship. All items of luggage are also hand-made in Germany. The luggage set R8 – travel in style.

Briefcase R8 Put your confidence on display with this cowskin leather briefcase featuring an all-round zip and a carbon handle. It facilitates perfect organisation whilst projecting a distinctive professional style. Special compartments provide space for all the necessary accessories, such as a laptop, mobile phone, PDA, business cards or pens. An extra compartment for documents is hidden in the flat front pocket. The leather and contrasting stitching match the interior of the Audi A8. Dimensions: 45 x 37 x 12 cm

Suitcase R8 This suitcase’s exclusive appearance distinguishes it subtly but surely from others of its kind, with the finest cowskin leather, a carbon handle and exclusive lining made from high-quality Nardia microfibre. The flat front pocket with an embossed R8 logo hides a zipped compartment. On the inside, your travel wardrobe is held in place using two practical leather straps with metal click-fasteners. The suitcase carries a total maximum weight of 8 kg (17.6 pounds). Dimensions: 45 x 37 x 17 cm


Wash bag R8 This distinctive wedge-shaped bag made from the finest cowskin leather (inside: high-quality Nardia microfibre) is an ingenious space-saver. Clearly structured with a partition down the middle, an all-round zip and four additional elasticated bags, there’s a place for everything. Dimensions: 15 x 9 up to 14 x 33 cm

Suit bag R8 With two clothes hangers, mesh pockets, zipped pockets and securing straps, this practical suit bag with an all-round zip is ideal for effective storage of clothes whilst travelling. With leather-covered handle and an adjustable padded leather strap. Interior: high-quality Nardia microfibre; exterior: finest calf leather with an embossed R8 logo. Dimensions: 57 x 40 x 9 cm

Other seat leather colours and exclusive Audi colours with a choice of contrasting stitching are available on request.


Luggage set R8 Luggage set R8, car boot Fits neatly into the R8 boot: 1 suitcase, 1 briefcase, 1 suit bag, 2 wash bags Luggage set R8, interior space Fits neatly onto the back seat: 2 suitcases Colour combinations: Leather colour is based on vehicle seat leather while contrasting stitching and inner lining match the colour of the seams in the Audi R8 interior. Combination pictured: black leather with contrasting stitching and inner lining in light grey.

Please consult your Audi partner if you have any further questions. The R8 luggage set can be ordered as optional vehicle equipment.



Leather collection brown – timelessly modern. The sporty style of this collection made of the finest cowskin Nappa leather perfectly corresponds to the dynamic look of an Audi. The grey double seams are an extraordinarily striking design element – a stylish reminder of the unmistakable, characteristic contrasting seams in the interior of the car. The soft brown cowskin Nappa leather is naturally refined and traditionally crafted in Germany by hand. Audi’s high quality standards are reflected in every detail of the leather collection – a fact confirmed by the Audi rings woven in the brown inner lining.


Attaché case Functionality, quality and beauty in perfect harmony: this attaché case stands out with its high-quality finish and practical fittings. Includes a main section divided into two compartments for laptop or folders, mobile phone and PDA pocket, business card holder and pen loop, combination lock. Dimensions: 40.5 x 31 x 12 cm 314.08.013.00


Women’s handbag The constant companion for modern, style-conscious women. This luxurious handbag has two compartments in DIN A4 format separated by a large zipped pocket, mobile phone and PDA pocket, pen holder and business card compartment, magnetic clasp. Dimensions: 38.5 x 29 x 10 cm; handle length: 26 cm 314.08.011.00


Women’s handbag Sporty elegance in a timeless form: this handbag of fine cowskin leather stores the smallest essentials of life – for work or leisure. The interior has two compartments divided by a zipped compartment, mobile phone and PDA compartment, pen holder and business card compartment. Dimensions: 38 x 18 x 13.5 cm; handle length: 30 cm 314.08.012.00



Wallet Stylish down to the smallest detail: made from fine cowskin leather with two compartments for notes, a pocket for coins, twelve card holders, two additional pockets and a mesh compartment for an ID card. Dimensions: 10.5 x 12.5 x 2 cm 314.08.004.00

Men’s wallet Elegantly shaped, masculine wallet with many practical features and an unmistakable design. Made from fine cowskin leather, with two compartments for notes, a pocket for coins, eight card holders, two additional pockets and a mesh compartment for an ID card. With an ingenious privacy screen for notes. Dimensions: 12.5 x 10.3 x 1.2 cm 314.08.005.00



Women’s purse A feminine accessory without peer! Women’s purse made from cowskin leather with two inside compartments for notes, two additional pockets, a coin pocket, one deep pocket, an ID card holder, 11 card compartments and a mesh pocket. Fitted with a metal zip along three sides. Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 2.2 cm 314.08.006.00

Mini wallet Perfect for any outfit and fits in all trouser pockets. This sophisticated mini wallet has a pocket for coins, a compartment for notes and four card holders. Dimensions: 9.5 x 7.5 x 2.3 cm 314.08.007.00


iPod case You can show your good taste even while listening to music: this stylish case of high-quality cowskin leather elegantly protects your iPod速 nano from dirt and scratches. Dimensions: 4 x 9.3 x 0.8 cm 314.08.009.00


Key case for vehicle key Elegant, extra slim, exclusive – there’s no better place for your Audi vehicle key. Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 2.5 cm 314.08.008.00

Belt Ideal for a suit or a smart casual outfit. A timelessly stylish belt with Audi rings engraved on the front of the clasp. Especially practical: the belt leather can be easily shortened. Length: 120 cm 314.08.010.00


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Audi design watches Besides progressive technology, a characteristic feature of the Audi brand is its design. The Audi design language is one of distinct shapes, tensioned surfaces and traceable lines. It uses innovative materials, surfaces and colours. All Audi design accessories are developed according to this design principle. From the hands of Audi designers we present a collection of premium quality mechanical wrist watches, which combine the most intricate watch-making skills with innovative designs to create an aesthetic synthesis. Experience this special partnership of form and function for yourself. Every day – with an Audi design watch.

Audi design Square Chronograph The sporty, elegant design is charged with geometric energy, and a dynamic interpretation of the basic square. Surfaces are made from specially-toughened stainless steel in contrasting high gloss or matt. The convex glass cover is made from sapphire crystal and is non-reflecting. The Audi design Square Chronograph’s tough-wearing combination of casing and glass makes it water and pressure-resistant up to 10 atm. Impressively, the mechanical Swiss-made Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement with automatic winding module even works accurately under extreme conditions from –40 to +80° C thanks to a special oil, while its premium damping enables it to absorb knocks effectively and ensures the rotor is particularly smooth-running. Uniquely, the strap can be finely adjusted directly on the wrist in three 0.8 mm stages on each side by means of a patented mechanism in the casing links. A vegetable-tanned cowskin leather strap and nickel-free casing base ensure great wearing comfort. Casing dimensions: 38.4 x 36.8 x 16.5 mm


In detail:

Chronograph operating elements.

Operating element for adjusting strap.

Patented mechanism for adjusting strap. Fully closed.

Patented mechanism for adjusting strap. Fully open.

Vegetable-tanned cowskin leather strap with stainless steel clasp.


Audi design Square With its clear and minimalist, practical design, the Audi design Square combines unique design language with state of the art engineering. The exterior of the Audi design Square is made from scratchproof stainless steel and is the product of outstanding quality workmanship. The casing is satinfinished and polished to make for an interesting contrast and the convex sapphire crystal glass is non-reflecting on both sides. On the inside, the Swiss-made ETA 2824-2 automatic watch movement ensures precise engineering excellence, a smooth-running rotor and accuracy from – 40 to +80 °C thanks to the use of a special oil. The Audi design Square is also pressure and water resistant to 10 atm. What better way to keep time? A vegetable-tanned cowskin leather strap and nickel-free casing base ensure great wearing comfort. Casing dimensions: 34.4 x 32.8 x 11.75 mm


Chronograph R8 The similarity of this chronograph to the speedometer in the R8 is at once a statement and an inspiration. The highquality casing is formed from blackened stainless steel, whilst the dial is made from real carbon. The convex sapphire crystal glass is non-reflecting on both sides, as well as being vacuum resistant and water resistant to 10 atm. The smoothrunning Swiss-made movement ETA Valjoux 7750 absorbs any knocks superbly and guarantees the highest possible accuracy – even at extreme temperatures, thanks to a special type of oil. Featuring a black cowskin leather strap. Casing dimensions: height 16.5 mm, diameter 40.4 mm 310.07.001.00

Chronograph RS 6 The exterior of this sports version of a chronograph is sure to stand the test of time. On the inside it is measured precisely to the exact second – thanks to the Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement with automatic winding. The chronograph comes with a black anodised casing and a red push-piece to measure speed. Face in RS 6 design with display of minutes, stop times and date. Strap is made from black, punched cowskin leather like the interior of the RS 6. Vacuum proof and water resistant to 10 atm. Casing dimensions: height 16.5 mm, diameter 40.4 mm 310.08.001.00


Technology and innovation Advanced technology and a talent for innovation are the Audi brand’s hallmarks. This watch collection is characterised by an entirely new functional concept, registered by Audi as a patent: a click mechanism allows the watch strap to be quickly and conveniently changed. With this concept you’re sure to have the right look for every occasion. The quality guarantee “Swiss made” stands for precise workmanship and choice materials.

Chronograph Every detail of these brushed stainless steel chronographs is distinguished by a striking, sporting design. The focus is on the strap-swapping function, which in turn inspired the shape of the casing. Particularly precise is the Swiss Ronda 5030D quartz movement with chronograph function for measuring seconds, minutes and stop times, date function and tachymeter scale for measuring speed. Mineral glass, screwed crown, water resistant to 5 atm. Three different watch straps can be quickly and easily changed using the click mechanism. Casing dimensions: height 12 mm, diameter 44 mm 310.09.003.00 310.09.004.00 310.09.005.00 Replacement straps 310.09.011.00 310.09.010.00 310.09.012.00

Chronograph with metal strap Chronograph with black leather strap Chronograph with rubber strap

Metal strap Black leather strap Black rubber strap

Exclusive selections for you: Chronograph package 1: Chronograph with metal strap and black leather replacement strap Chronograph package 2: Chronograph with rubber strap and black leather replacement strap


310.09.008.00 310.09.009.00

Chronograph package 1 Chronograph package 2


Three-hand watch For modern people who don’t want to miss a thing in life: these brushed stainless steel watches stand out with their unmistakable functionality and design language. Displays hours, seconds, minutes and date, and features a watch face in silver or black. Integrated Swiss Ronda 715 quartz movement. Mineral glass, screwed crown, water resistant to 5 atm. The straps on the three-hand watches can be changed using the simple click mechanism – to match your mood. Casing dimensions: height 11 mm, diameter 40 mm 310.09.001.00 Three-hand watch with metal strap 310.09.002.00 Three-hand watch with black leather strap Replacement straps 310.09.015.00 310.09.013.00 310.09.014.00

Metal strap Black leather strap Brown leather strap

Exclusive elegance, stylishly combined: Three-hand watch package 1: Three-hand watch with metal strap and black leather replacement strap Three-hand watch package 2: Three-hand watch with black leather strap and brown leather replacement strap 310.09.006.00 310.09.007.00


Three-hand watch package 1 Three-hand watch package 2

In detail:



The chronographs and three-hand watches feature an impressively ingenious mechanism for quickly changing the straps.



The opening for removing and inserting the watch strap is on the left side of the watch casing.


Insert the watch strap in the opening on the side of the watch casing.


Then rotate the watch strap up or down and click it into the correct locked position.


The same process in reverse allows you to just as quickly and easily remove the watch strap and replace it with another.



Elegance and functionality Make a good impression in any situation – with a stylish watch from the Audi collection.

Chronograph Big Date No better way to keep time: this classic chronograph with double-stop function boasts a black dial with luminous hands and numerals as well as a striking date display. Tachymeter scale for measuring speed, Swiss Ronda 5020B quartz movement, water resistant to 5 atm, black leather strap. Made in Germany. Casing diameter: 42 mm 310.10.003.00

Women’s Watch Dual Time Simple and feminine elegance with sparkling details: with decorative stones on the button, white dial, two time zones on the display with galvanic sunburst finish. Swiss Ronda 6203B quartz movement, date function, water resistant to 5 atm, white leather strap, luminous hour hand. Made in Germany. Casing diameter: 36 mm 310.10.001.00

Men’s Watch Dual Time For perfect international timing: this watch has a practical display for a second time zone, operated via a second button. Further features: a silver dial with luminous indexes, date function, time zone with sunburst finish, Swiss 6203B movement, water resistant to 5 atm, black leather strap. Made in Germany. Casing diameter: 40 mm 48

Illustrations may differ slightly from the actual product.



Metal sunglasses A dynamic shape and a clear design – these unisex sunglasses are in every respect worthy of carrying the four Audi rings on the arm. They are very comfortable to wear, making them an attractive accessory for men and women. Frame of brushed stainless steel, lenses of high-quality polycarbonate with sun protection factor 3. Colour: silver frame with grey-brown lenses or black frame with dark grey lenses 311.08.001.10 311.08.001.20

Brushed silver Black

Metal sunglasses Ready for take-o! Pilot-style sunglasses for any occasion. The metal frame is made of brushed stainless steel and features Audi rings on the left arm. The colour-graduated lenses are made of high-quality polycarbonate with sun protection factor 2. Colour: brushed silver, lenses graduated brown 311.08.002.00 50

Women’s sunglasses Sometimes it’s the little details that make the greatest difference: the main grey-brown tone of these sunglasses shades at the end of the arms into a blue which is also found in the attractive textiles of the Audi A1. The Audi rings accent the left arm. The grey-brown lenses are made of polycarbonate with sun protection factor 3. 311.10.002.00

Men’s sunglasses Be part of the fashion avant garde – with these sunglasses in dark grey plastic with metal double arms. The Audi rings are featured on the left arm. The dark grey lenses are made of polycarbonate with sun protection factor 3. 311.10.001.00

Bicolor sunglasses Life is full of surprises: these dark grey plastic glasses are coloured pale grey on the inside. Audi rings on the left arm. The dark grey, slightly colour-graduated lenses are made of polycarbonate with sun protection factor 3. 311.10.003.00


Cuinks The ultimate jewellery for men: in a modern look made of brushed stainless steel with polished sides, onyx inlay and engraved Audi rings. 329.08.010.00

Cuinks The polished onyx stone is enclosed in a shapely stainless steel frame with engraved Audi rings. The seamless transition to the fastening mechanism gives these cuinks an entirely harmonious design. 329.08.011.00


Audi lighter No need to lose sight of your car’s design – with gas lighters from the Audi collection. The inlays on these brushed metal lighters match the décor elements in Audi cars. Choose from either genuine burl wood or fine piano finish black. With convenient Piezo igniter and a refillable tank. Dimensions: 3.9 x 6.5 x 1.5 cm 323.08.001.00 323.08.002.00

Piano finish black Brown burl wood

Stainless steel beaker Ideal for car journeys and leisure activities. Designer beaker with thermal-insulating double sides made from brushed, rustproof stainless steel. The plastic screw-in lid prevents liquid escaping and has an Audi logo. Filling volume: 33 cl Dimensions: height 13.5 cm, diameter 6 – 8.3 cm 329.08.001.00


Pens and pencils Understated, stylish, distinctive. Audi premium-quality writing implements are made from black satin-finish and white painted metal and offer easy handling and precise writing. An ideal basis for exercising your personal handwriting skills. Quality produced in Germany. Fountain pen: with two standard ink cartridges, iridium nib, medium writing thickness Ballpoint pen: with standard large-capacity refill Rollerball pen: capless rollerball pen with standard refill, medium writing thickness 322.07.007.00 322.07.005.10 322.07.006.10 322.07.005.20 322.07.006.20


Fountain pen black Ballpoint pen black Rollerball pen black Ballpoint pen white Rollerball pen white

Aluminium pens Lightweight vehicle construction reinterpreted for your daily correspondence: shapely shafts, a pleasingly light heft, simply actuated with push action. Made in Germany. Ballpoint pen: with standard large-capacity blue refill Pencil: 0.5 mm refill Rollerball pen: capless rollerball pen with standard blue refill, medium writing thickness 322.10.008.00 322.10.010.00 322.10.009.00

Aluminium ballpoint pen Aluminium pencil Aluminium rollerball pen


Audi R8 With its uniquely sporty look and powerful performance, the Audi R8 is the sports car for those with extremely high standards. The Audi R8 accessories are for just these people.

Cuinks R8 Crafted from real carbon adorned with high-gloss stainless steel and an embossed R8 logo. High-quality fasteners with a tilt mechanism. 329.07.001.00

Key ring R8 Crafted from high-gloss stainless steel, with a convex real carbon inlay and an embossed R8 logo. Intelligent fastener system with a turn-and-pull mechanism. Dimensions: 3.5 x 4.8 x 0.8 cm, diameter 2.9 cm 318.07.001.00

Lighter R8 Gas lighter with high-gloss metal body, embossed R8 logo and two genuine carbon inserts. With convenient Piezo igniter and a reďŹ llable tank. Gas not included. Dimensions: 3.9 x 6.5 x 1.5 cm 323.07.001.00


Ballpoint pen R8 Ballpoint pen with blue large-capacity reďŹ ll. Chrome-plated matt body, carbon-coated with a laser-engraved R8 logo. 322.06.003.00

Key lanyard R8 Woven key strap in carbon style. Intermediate metal clip with a laser-engraved R8 logo. 318.07.002.00


Audi RS 6 Pure power with an elegant appearance: the Audi RS 6 is synonymous with a completely new, performance-rich driving experience. Its impressive engine performance, striking design, luxurious comfort and technical innovations always put it in the fast lane. These attractive RS 6 accessories are for sporty driving fans everywhere.

Key ring RS 6 This modern RS 6 design key ring is an eye-catching product of exclusive workmanship. Its aluminium-look sleeve fastener sports an embossed RS 6 logo. The perforated leather loop for the vehicle key and split ring match the original leather in the RS 6 vehicle interior. 318.08.002.00

Ballpoint pen RS 6 Silver metal ballpoint pen with blue large-capacity reďŹ ll. Upper section with black soft paint ďŹ nish and RS 6 logo. 322.10.001.00

Key lanyard RS 6 Lanyard made of black woven fabric and genuine perforated leather with metal RS 6 badge. 318.08.001.00


Audi RS 5 The Audi RS 5 is a perfect combination of performance and design, all-embracing athleticism and clear, harmonious contours. These values are reflected in a range of choice accessories.

Key ring RS 5 Quintessentially Audi: key ring made from metal and fine cowskin leather. Simply lift and turn the ring to open and close. Metal surface in Audi aluminium. RS 5 logo embossed on the leather tag. 318.10.013.00

Ballpoint pen RS 5 The Audi RS 5 opens a fascinating new chapter in automotive history – its characteristic design is reflected in this black finished metal ballpoint pen with RS 5 logo. With blue metal extra large-capacity refill. 322.10.006.00


Audi A1 The Audi A1 was designed for people for whom mobility means adventure, who are always keen to experience new and fascinating aspects of life. The Audi A1 stands for athleticism, agility and dynamism – its stylish accessories reect this attitude.

Key ring A1 Stylish key ring made of high-quality red plastic and metal with an A1 branding. The shape of the key ring perfectly matches the Audi vehicle key. The smart fastening mechanism is easy to open and close. Made in Germany. 318.10.012.00

Key lanyard A1 Sporty lanyard with woven A1 logo and spring hook. Material: neoprene Colour: red 318.10.015.00


Wire cable key ring No high-wire act, just total simplicity: an ingenious mechanism keeps keys perfectly safe. The twisted spring wire is held in a loop by a shiny metal nugget. 318.08.006.00

Audi rings key lanyard Sporty, two-tone woven textile lanyard with Audi logo, intermediate clip, spring hook and metal split ring. 318.09.003.00 318.09.001.00 318.09.002.00

Key lanyard black Key lanyard white Key lanyard red

Pin See and be seen. Show your “Vorsprung� with Audi metal pins, with safety fastener. Dimensions: 1.5 cm 319.10.001.00

Other colours:


Leather key ring Made in Germany – created by the best Audi designers: key ring made from metal and leather. Audi rings and vehicle logo embossed in the metal part, metal surface in Audi aluminium. Matches the black leather collection. Fastening mechanism: ring can be pulled up and then turned. 318.10.002.00 318.10.003.00 318.10.004.00 318.10.005.00 318.10.006.00 318.10.007.00 318.10.008.00 318.10.009.00 318.10.010.00

Audi rings Audi A3 Audi A4 Audi A5 Audi A6 Audi A8 Audi Q5 Audi Q7 Audi TT

Audi design key ring Attractive design for a stylish overall look. The Audi design key ring is a combination of leather and stainless steel with a cast Audi design logo.


Key rings Unfussy aesthetics – made by Audi: key rings made of highquality black plastic and metal, branded with the Audi rings, perfectly match the vehicle key. The unique locking mechanism is easy to open and close. Made in Germany. 318.10.011.00

Key ring A4 / A5 Key ring made from metal with an engraving. This slim metal clip is ideal for the Audi A4 / A5 vehicle key and opens by means of a click-swing mechanism. 318.07.008.00 318.07.004.00

A4 A5



Reliable rain gear Improving everyday items is a challenge that Audi designers particularly enjoy. This collection of umbrellas is an outstanding example. A sophisticated automatic mechanism tensions the Teflon-coated polyester Pongee umbrella along the premium-quality aluminium stem while reflecting safety strips with red contrasting strips enable maximum visibility for road traffic. Shatterproof fibre-glass spokes ensure Audi umbrellas offer high wind resistance and enjoy a long service life. Now that’s Vorsprung durch Technik – even in the rain.

Umbrella With an ergonomic hooked handle for one or two people. Colour: black 312.09.001.00 Ø 100 cm 312.09.003.00 Ø 120 cm Umbrella for one person

Umbrella for two people

Umbrella for two people

With a straight leather-look handle for two people. Diameter: 120 cm | Colour: black 312.09.002.00

Telescopic umbrella With telescopic stem so it can be stowed in the tightest of spaces. Automatic opening and closing, aluminium fibreglass frame prevents it from blowing inside out. With an ergonomic handle, in exclusive Audi design. Zipped case made from waterproof EVA material for simple transport of umbrella when wet. Diameter: 90 cm | Colour: black Case dimensions: 27 x 6 x 6 cm 312.09.005.00

Telescopic umbrella for one person

Telescopic umbrella for two people

Diameter: 120 cm | Colour: black Case dimensions: 39 x 8 x 6 cm 312.09.004.00


Sports & travel – discover the world of Audi. Of all the activities that brighten up our leisure time, sport and travel are right up there at the fore. For many people, being sporty is a lifestyle choice which expresses itself in lots of everyday items. Travel and holidays are the best time of the year for many people. Audi has come up with state-of-the-art products for both these areas that combine practicality, quality and design in outstanding ways.


Sports & travel


Golf travel cover The travel cover guards against damage during transit. The two-part or four-part protection pads in the club compartment provide optimum support for a cart bag or two smaller stand bags. Loading and unloading is made easy with an allround waterproof zip fastening system, while a lightweight base plate ensures the travel cover stays stable. Inside you'll ďŹ nd two zipped compartments for shoes and accessories, a detachable pad for protecting each individual golf club and two adjustable fastening straps. Transporting the travel cover is made exceptionally easy thanks to a padded handle and inline skate wheels. A double zip fastener and a covered address label mean this travel cover is a safe bet through and through. And since the travel cover can also be collapsed and folded up, it doesn't take up much storage space. Material: Teon-coated 1680 D ballistic nylon and compressionmoulded EVA Weight: 4.8 kg Colour: black 326.07.003.00


Golf cart bag Organisation is everything. And that’s exactly the principle behind the Audi cart bag, and what makes it stand out. Secure transport for your golf clubs is provided by the 9'' top with its sevenfold divider separated into distinct sections. In addition it features side pockets with waterproof zips, a detachable front pocket with a velour-lined bag for valuables including compartments for your mobile phone and wallet, a roomy section for clothing and a separate bag for anything that needs keeping out of the rain. The easily-attached rain cover folds up to save space. It also has two handles for easy loading and unloading, an insulated compartment for two 0.75 litre water bottles, a detachable insulated food pouch, a holder for golf balls and tees, an easy-access section for score cards and tees, an umbrella holder, a ball bag for 18 balls, a pocket for gloves, a utensil compartment and external mesh pockets for smaller odds and ends. From the well thought-through construction to the exclusive Audi design, it makes an altogether stylish impression – whether on the trolley or carried by its padded, adjustable and detachable strap. Thanks to EVA and polyester technology, this cart bag is exceedingly lightweight. Although very stable, it remains flexible and is easily stowed away in the car. Weight: 3.4 kg Colour: black / light silver 326.10.003.00 Colour: quartz grey / light silver 326.07.004.10



Golf stand bag This golf stand bag has room for a complete set of golf clubs and any other golf equipment you might need. Perfect functionality: easy loading and unloading, top and stand mechanism with exclusive Audi design, sevenfold divider separated into three distinct sections, easily-attached rain cover that folds up to save space, side pockets with waterproof zip fasteners, clothes bag, removable velour-lined bag for valuables, easy-access compartment for score card and tees, umbrella holder, ball bag, pocket for gloves, a utensil compartment, external mesh pockets for odds and ends or for gloves, padded and adjustable double shoulder strap and soft, ergonomic back padding. Thanks to EVA and nylon technology, this stand bag is exceedingly lightweight. Although very stable, it remains flexible and is easily stowed away in the car. Two fully loaded stand bags can fit behind the seats in the Audi R8. Now that’s what you call Vorsprung durch Technik. Colour: black / light silver Weight: 3.7 kg 326.08.002.00


TaylorMade Burner golf balls A guarantee for unbelievable distances: their intelligent, soft 2-piece Iothane construction is generous even to less-thanperfect hits and delivers high speeds, but is also suitable for light, short touches. Contents: 3 balls. 326.10.002.00

TaylorMade TP LDP Black golf balls Improve your golf performance: with 360 dimples to optimise medium to at ball trajectories. Drag is kept to a minimum so the ball stays in the air for longer. This all results in exceptional stability in crosswinds and headwinds. Contents: 3 balls. 326.10.001.00

Golf towel Terrycloth towel of 100 % twisted cotton, 550 g/m2, Audi rings woven into the towel and woven label with Audi logo. Dimensions: 30 x 45 cm | Colour: dark grey / light grey 326.09.001.00

Bath towel Luxurious relaxation – with this soft terrycloth bath towel of 100 % twisted cotton, 550 g/m2, featuring Audi rings woven into the towel and woven label. Dimensions: 75 x 150 cm | Colour: dark grey / light grey 72


Trolley travel case High-quality travel case with outstanding fittings, convenient trolley function, retractable telescope handle with a grip featuring the Audi design and exceptionally smooth-running inline skate wheels. Stow everything you need in the spacious, easily accessible main section and the four useful side compartments. There is a shoe bag for two pairs of shoes, a dirt-resistant laundry bag with breathable mesh, an organiser for pens and business cards, and two mobile phone pockets with a key chain. Main compartment dimensions: 70 x 38 x 36 cm Material: Teflon-coated 1680 D ballistic nylon and compression-moulded EVA material. Side compartments in Tefloncoated 410 D nylon material Weight: 3.0 kg | Colour: black / light silver 315.08.002.00

Sports bag First-class workmanship, exclusive Audi design with spacious main compartment, zip-fastened inner pocket, side shoe bags and laundry bags with breathable mesh and side pocket with handy inside compartments. Main compartment dimensions: 50 x 35 x 33 cm Material: Teflon-coated 1680 D ballistic nylon and compression-moulded EVA material, side pocket made of Teflon-coated 410 D nylon | Weight: 1.5 kg | Colour: black / light silver 315.07.002.00

Shoe bag High-quality nylon bag for a pair of shoes: all-round padding, breathable mesh and a divider with zip-fastened pocket between the shoes. Made of dirt-resistant, washable and tear resistant material. Dimensions: 36 x 24 x 13 cm, for shoe sizes up to size 48 Material: tear resistant 410 D nylon material with breathable mesh Weight: 220 g | Colour: black / light silver 315.07.003.00


Golf umbrella Looking your best even in bad weather: the exceptional design of this double canopy umbrella with inner mesh makes a strong statement. Its four long and four short segments are strengthened by a fibreglass frame that is lightweight and well constructed, as are the graphite shaft and reinforced handle. Dimensions: 140 cm diameter with a 68" pole Material: 100 % nylon; graphite shaft; fibreglass pole Weight: 800 g Colour: black / light silver 312.09.006.00

Bottle belt

(without bottle)

Hip-bag with ergonomic drinks bottle holder and contoured rear. Two zipped pockets plus an adjustable strap. Weight: 200 g | Volume: 2 l | Dimensions: 37 x 20 x 9 cm 315.06.017.00

Audi sports rucksack Newly designed rucksack with contoured flaps ensure the rucksack sits comfortably about the waist. Ergonomic padding, a drinks system and trekking pole holder. Spacious main compartment, a zipped front pocket and additional pockets plus a mobile phone compartment. Weight: 700 g | Volume: 14 l | Dimensions: 28 x 47 x 15 cm 315.06.018.00


Luggage Wherever you’re headed, whether you’re travelling on business or taking a breather from the world of work: perfect equipment guarantees a perfect experience.

Trolley case Elegance and functionality in harmony – Audi continues to set mobility standards with this trolley case: its transport system with four low-friction casters for ease of manoeuvrability and a retractable telescope handle guarantees perfect handling. With the intelligent interior concept featuring two integrated dividers, zipped compartments for odds and ends, suit straps, suit bag (additional suit bag with the larger trolley size), two shirt bags with folding boards, a shoe bag (additional shoe bag with the larger trolley size), laundry bag. Standardised TSA lock with integrated address tag for US customs checks. With front pockets for tickets and newspapers. Material: robust polycarbonate shell with high-quality nylon fabric Dimensions incl. casters: Trolley case medium: 44 x 71 x 27 cm Trolley case large: 53 x 80 x 33 cm (not shown) 315.10.004.00 315.10.003.00

Illustration may differ slightly from the actual product.

Medium Large


Business trolley You’ll be well prepared for any eventuality when you’re travelling on business with this small and handy business trolley made of black polycarbonate with nylon fabric. The trolley has a rolling system with two casters and a retractable telescope handle. On the outside there’s a pocket for plane tickets or newspapers. The interior is divided into the main business section with padded pocket and a pocket for power cables, file compartment, organiser pockets for a mobile phone, pens and business cards, and a separate section for clothing with retention strap and compartments for laundry as well as a shirt bag. Standardised TSA safety lock with integrated address tag. Dimensions: 50 x 40 x 20 cm (complies with Lufthansa and IATA carry-on regulations) 315.10.005.00


Illustration may differ slightly from the actual product.

Laptop case For the highest functional standards implemented in a perfect shape: shoulder bag made of tough EVA material and nylon. Two main sections separated by two zips help keep everything in its place: a padded laptop compartment with an additional bag for power cables, a large document holder and organiser pockets for mobile phone, pens and business cards. Padded shoulder straps, Audi logo on the zip tag, can be fitted to the case. Dimensions: 44 x 34 x 18 cm 315.10.006.00

Wash bag A practical travel accessory: this comfortable wash bag has a large zipped opening for hanging in the bathroom as well as a mirror. Generous main compartment with loops and pockets for cosmetics. Two shaped side sections: on the left with compartments for jewellery and odds and ends, on the right with watertight compartments for wet items such as toothbrushes or shaving gear. Dimensions: 21 x 26 x 12 cm 315.10.007.00

Beauty case Travel in style – everything you need to perfect your look when you're travelling can be stowed in this stylish beauty case. Flap with large zip for hanging up, and integrated mirror. Generous main compartment with loops and inside pockets for safe transport of cosmetics. Two shaped side pockets with zips. On the left with compartments for jewellery and odds and ends, on the right with waterproof compartments for wet items such as toothbrushes. Can be fitted to the case. Dimensions: 36 x 30 x 21 cm 315.10.008.00 Illustrations may differ slightly from the actual product.


Clothing & textiles – for brand appeal. Products bearing the Audi brand logo will always stand out against any background. What we call “Vorsprung durch Technik” in relation to cars has been interpreted in entirely different ways in our other product areas – an aesthetic best defined by a focus on functionality and simple, understated design. Audi textiles are timelessly modern, making them an expression of individual attitude – characterised by the four rings logo. 78

Clothing & textiles


Women’s jacket R8 This is a more feminine model of the fashionable band-collar jacket. Fantastically tailored and with a sporty cut, it cuts a fine figure. The top-quality cotton lining conceals an inside pocket and an additional mobile phone holder with antiradiation protection. The outer shell is a mix of 55 % nylon and 45 % cotton. Colour: black, with contrasting grey seams Sizes: 34 – 44 313.07.002.01 – 06


Men’s jacket R8 This distinctive gentleman’s jacket cuts a sporty figure and features high-tech workmanship that knows no compromise. The snug lining is made from cotton, the outer shell is a nylon and cotton mix with a PU coating. Additional features are an inside pocket, a mobile phone holder with anti-radiation protection and a concealed zip. Colour: black, with contrasting grey seams Sizes: 46 – 58 313.07.001.01 – 07


Men’s cotton polo shirt R8 Polo shirt made from high-quality cotton and spandex, narrow four-button facing, buttons with R8 branding, contrasting orange cord stitching on the sides and shoulders. Colour: black Sizes: S – XXL 313.07.004.02 – 06

Baseball cap R8 Cut a sharp figure with this high-quality baseball cap. The R8 logo is ideally presented: tone-on-tone and clearly indented. It features orange edging on the bill and an orange bill underside, a woven silver R8 band inside, a leather fastening strap and a metal fastener with embossed Audi rings. Colour: black / orange 313.07.007.00


Women’s jacket RS 6 This black lightweight lady’s outdoor jacket includes some elaborate touches. Sleeves, collar and front fastening are edged with punched leather. The front zip is also made from punched leather and has an additional RS 6 badge. The Audi rings are embroidered tone-in-tone on the neck and there is an additional branding on the front buttons. Colour: black Sizes: 34 – 46 313.08.004.01 – 07


Men’s jacket RS 6 This black lightweight men’s outdoor jacket includes some elaborate touches. Sleeves, collar and front fastening are likewise edged with punched leather. Details and branding as for the women’s jacket RS 6. Colour: black Sizes: 48 – 58 313.08.003.02 – 07



Fleece jacket RS 6 This sporty unisex jacket continues the successful use of fleece: polar fleece, fused with a mesh lining and a laminate, is breathable and wind resistant. The RS 6 logo embroidery on the side makes a striking statement. The Audi rings are embroidered on the neck. A further RS 6 logo is featured on the seam of the left arm. Colour: outside red, inside white, or outside black, inside white Sizes: S – XXL 313.08.044.12 – 16 313.08.044.22 – 26


Red Black

Women’s t-shirt RS 6 Premium quality ladies’ t-shirt with v-neck. The shoulders are embroidered with an open, anthracite seam as decoration. The RS 6 logo is also stitched on the inner neck trim. The mix of cotton jersey and spandex make for a better fit and lasting shape retention. Colour: black or red Sizes: XS – XXL 313.08.002.21 – 26 313.08.002.11 – 16

Black Red

Men’s polo shirt RS 6 Luxury men’s polo shirt made from the finest cotton. Sleeves and collar are decorated with a thin anthracite-coloured stripe. The buttonhole facing is also anthracite-coloured on the inside, while the RS 6 logo is sewn into a premium-quality woven strip on the left sleeve. The inside neck trim also features an embroidered RS 6 logo. Colour: black or red Sizes: S – XXXL 313.08.001.22 – 27 313.08.001.12 – 17

Black Red


Baseball cap RS 6 Black cap with several sophisticated touches. On the underside of the bill is a black RS 6 logo, while the back features the RS logo on a red insert. The inside of the cap is lined with red cotton fabric. The strap for adjusting the width is made from premium-quality punched leather, fitted with a metal clasp and adorned with embossed Audi rings. Colour: black Size: one size (adjustable) 313.08.005.00

Baseball cap RS 5 The sign of a true Audi sports car fan: this casual, dark grey cap in a new stylish form is made of elastic material and features original flexfit, mesh inserts, red contrasting lines, RS 5 logo on the left front of the cap and Audi rings stitched on the back. Size: one size 313.10.001.00


Audi Q5 The Audi Q5 – driving this car means setting new priorities every day, continually seeking out new challenges and reaching your goals without compromising your comfort. The Audi Q5 represents an extraordinary way of life – just like the elegantly sporty accessories in the Audi Q5 collection.

Women’s long sleeve shirt Audi Q5 Subtly tailored shirt made from 94 % cotton and 6 % spandex. The “5” motif is an artistic collage composed of a mix of typographies. Colour: white with olive, navy and grey tones Sizes: XS – XL 313.08.034.01 – 05

Women’s hooded jacket Audi Q5 Button-up, subtly tailored hooded jacket of 100 % cotton. The Audi rings are embroidered on the appliqué on the neck, the Audi Q5 logo is featured above the waist. Colour: outside nougat brown / beige stripes, inside plain nougat brown Sizes: XS – XL 313.08.029.01 – 05



Women’s bodywarmer Audi Q5 Unconstrained arm movement for sport, leisure and in the Audi Q5. This fashionably sporty down bodywarmer has an appealingly simple cut, and can be adjusted as required for a perfect fit with a series of zips. The down filling is sewn into separate pockets for optimum warmth and comfort. A striking Audi Q5 branding makes a clear statement: with an Audi label inside, Audi rings embroidered on the back of the collar, and Audi Q5 embroidery in red on the front zip. Material: shell 55 % polyester, 45 % PA nylon Filling: 70 % down and 30 % feathers Colour: moss green Sizes: 34 – 44 313.08.031.01 – 06

Men’s bodywarmer Audi Q5 This down bodywarmer with Audi Q5 branding guarantees a sporty appearance. Its classically straight waistcoat cut gives a maximum of arm freedom, and the warming filling offers optimum protection from the cold. From the zip ribbon to the label in the nape, this bodywarmer says: my favourite car is the Audi Q5. Material: shell 55 % polyester, 45 % PA nylon Filling: 70 % down and 30 % feathers Colour: moss green Sizes: 46 – 56 313.08.030.01 – 06


Men’s pullover Audi Q5 This sporty v-neck pullover has everything it takes to become a favourite jumper. Its optimum fit and straight cut make it exceptionally versatile. The Audi rings are subtly embroidered tone-on-tone on the appliqué on the neck, the Audi Q5 logo is featured tone-on-tone above the waist. Material: 100 % pure cotton Colour: outside plain chocolate brown, inside chocolate brown / anthracite stripes Sizes: S – XXL 313.08.032.02 – 06

Men’s scarf Audi Q5 An ideal complement to the men’s pullover and the down bodywarmer from the Audi Q5 range. Made from 100 % cotton, it will well suit a host of other combinations. Generously dimensioned at 35 x 220 cm, it provides constant warmth even when the weather is cold. The Audi rings are embroidered on the appliqué on the front, and the Audi Q5 logo is featured on the back. Colour: back plain chocolate brown, front chocolate brown / anthracite stripes 313.08.033.00



Audi TT RS Built to set new standards: with the TT RS, Audi brought a sports car to the road that is equally at home on the racetrack. Now its fans can walk up to the starting block looking just as sporty: with the classically athletic TT RS clothing from the Audi collection.

Men’s all-weather jacket TT RS Sporting prowess with the four rings emblem: lightweight, black and white men’s jacket with red reflective piping, stand-up collar with concealed hood, zipped pockets in the front side seams, Velcro fasteners and TT RS logo on the left cuff. Inside features: light mesh lining in black, mobile phone/MP3 pocket, inner pocket with zip fastener. Completely wind and waterproof with welded seams (3,000 mm water column, vapour permeability of 5,000 g/m2/24 hours). Material: polyester / polyamide Colour: black / white Sizes: S – XXL 313.09.039.02 – 06


Men’s functional polo TT RS An expression of sporting prowess that knows no compromise: black polo shirt in piqué look featuring a knitted collar, button facing and side slits with woven bands, Audi label and size printed on the inside of the neck, Audi rings and TT RS logo printed on the right cuff. Material: 62 % polyester, 38 % Tencel® Colour: black Sizes: S – XXXL 313.09.037.02 – 07

Women’s functional polo TT RS This black, short-sleeved top in piqué look has all the features of the men’s functional polo TT RS but also makes a stylish impression with its feminine, tailored fit. Material: 62 % polyester, 38 % Tencel® Colour: black Sizes: XS – XXL 313.09.038.01 – 06



Audi A1 Always on the move, always in touch with the times, always charging ahead – progressive, authentic, dynamic. The attitude of the A1 generation has a character all its own – on display in the stylish accessories of the Audi collection as well.

Women’s wool jacket A1 Sporty, soft, essential: practical wool jacket made of highquality, 3-layer material from Pontetorto. The outside is made of knitted wool, the inside of the jacket is lined with jersey. Between the two a windproof membrane ensures superb functionality. The striking white zip adds visual flair. The perfect jacket for enjoying daily life the A1 way. Colour: teak brown Sizes: XS – XL 313.10.004.01 – 05


Women’s soft shell jacket A1 For everyone who likes to cut a fine figure even in foul weather: a sporty, light outdoor jacket stylishly designed with dynamic contours. The innovative and functional material provides perfect protection even in the rain (10,000 mm water column, vapour permeability of 6,000 g/m2/24 hours). The torso section is lined with additional mesh, and the width-adjustable hood and cuffs with Velcro fasteners ensure superb wearing comfort. Colour: white / aqua blue / teak brown Sizes: XS – XL 313.10.002.01 – 05


Women’s sweat jacket A1 Add some colour to your daily life: this versatile sweat jacket made of 100 % cotton with lined hood is a real eye-catcher. Its understated, sporty colour combination and luxurious design are hard to miss. The rounded cut of the cuffs and hem make a particularly stylish impression. Colour: grey blend / white / aqua blue Sizes: XS – XL 313.10.006.01 – 05


Women’s checked short-sleeved blouse A1 Make a bold statement: if you like checked design, you’re in tune with today’s fashions. This subtly tailored, shortsleeved blouse with Audi label in the nape and understated A1 stitching is perfect for any journey. 100 % fashionable. 100 % cotton. Colour: teak brown / white / aqua blue Sizes: XS – XL 313.10.012.01 – 05

Women’s short-sleeved shirt A1 Short and sweet: this modern shirt made of 100 % cotton with feminine scoop neck will become a favourite in your wardrobe in no time. The stitched A1 logo in aqua blue and teak brown is an especially striking highlight. There’s only one thing square about it – the popular checked design on the smart neckband. Colour: grey blend Sizes: XS – XL 313.10.009.01 – 05

Women’s shirt A1 Shirt or blouse? Blouse or shirt? If you can’t make up your mind, don’t worry, there’s no need. Because the sophisticated design of this shirt features a neckline, button facing and cuffs just like a blouse. The Audi rings engraved on the silver metal buttons are an additional subtle highlight. Material: 95 % cotton, 5 % spandex Colour: teak brown Sizes: XS – XL 313.10.008.01 – 05 100


Men’s wool jacket A1 If you want to feel just as comfortable outdoors as at home, wool is the only way to stay warm. A case in point is this 3-layer outdoor jacket with a knitted wool outer layer, a windproof membrane and soft jersey underneath. It also boasts plenty of striking features like the distinctive white zip and elegantly shaped, width-adjustable hood. Colour: teak brown Sizes: S – XXL 313.10.005.02 – 06


Men’s soft shell jacket A1 Versatile clothing is all the rage. That’s because life’s challenges require a reliable partner. For example, this light soft shell jacket A1 with jersey interior and mesh lining in the torso section. And it’s both water resistant and breathable (10,000 mm water column, vapour permeability of 6,000 g/m2/24 hours). The width-adjustable hood and cuffs with Velcro fasteners ensure superb wearing comfort. Colour: white / misano red / teak brown Sizes: S – XXL 313.10.003.02 – 06


Men’s sweat jacket A1 In this comfortable sweat jacket made of 100 % cotton, you can spend all your free time totally relaxed. The lined hood and zipped front pockets are particularly practical features. Colour: grey blend / white / misano red / teak brown Sizes: S – XXL 313.10.007.02 – 06


Men’s checked shirt A1 Elegant, casual, masculine: long-sleeved men’s shirt in stylish checked design made of 100 % cotton. Colour: white / misano red / teak brown Sizes: S – XXL 313.10.013.02 – 06

Men’s short-sleeved shirt A1 A fashion classic – now revamped for the road with the Audi A1 logo. High-quality cotton jersey men’s t-shirt made from 95 % cotton and 5 % spandex. Colour: white Sizes: S – XXL 313.10.011.02 – 06

Men’s polo shirt A1 The perfect thing to wear to strike a balance – between sporty and casual, activity and relaxation. This polo shirt’s style is hard to miss with its bold blocks of colour on the front. Made of quality soft cotton jersey, it is especially comfortable to wear. Checked neckband and metal buttons with Audi branding. Material: 95 % cotton and 5 % spandex Colour: white / misano red / teak brown Sizes: S – XXL 313.10.010.02 – 06


Women’s jeans A1 Turn your next stroll into a fashion catwalk. These casual, straight-cut women’s jeans made of techno denim with their modern, worn look are sure to make a splash. Design details such as pocket pouches made of checked material and the A1 stitching on the right back pocket lend it a distinct style. Plus: the side seams are set forward to ensure you always cut a slim figure. Colour: blue | Sizes waist/length in inches: XS (26/32), S (27/32), M (29/32), L (31/34), XL (33/34) Sizes: XS – XL 313.10.014.01 – 05

Men’s jeans A1 Show your style and elegance in casual settings with these light, 5-pocket, straight-cut jeans. Button-up fastening for that extra casual look. The A1 stitching on the right back pocket adds a touch of flair. Colour: blue | Sizes waist/length in inches: S (30/32), M (32/32), L (34/34), XL (36/34) Sizes: S – XL 313.10.015.02 – 05



Bath towel A1 Even on the beach, the new Audi A1 stays by your side: with this soft velour beach towel featuring a bold checked print and A1 logo. Material: 100 % cotton, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, washable up to 60° C. Size: 100 x 180 cm Colour: white / misano red / teak brown 313.10.020.00

Belt A1 Fashion is all about creating your own style. And this striped belt is a perfect accessory for your own distinct look. Its decorative buckle with a clasp to adjust the length is always the centre of attention – just like you. Maximum length 105 cm Colour: white / teak brown 313.10.021.00


Trucker cap A1 On the road again – with this cap featuring an ultra-modern checked design! Colour: white / misano red / teak brown Size: one size (adjustable) 313.10.017.00

Cap A1 Hats off to this casual cap made of 100 % cotton featuring a striking A1 logo printed in 3D look and a lined interior. Colour: teak brown Size: one size (adjustable) 313.10.016.00

Beanie A1 Hot tip for the cold season: casual knitted beanie for men and women. Wool / acrylic blend with fleece interior lining. Colour: white / teak brown 313.10.018.00

Knitted scarf A1 Make a flawless appearance – always elegant, always distinctive. This his and hers scarf goes perfectly with the beanie A1. The wool / acrylic blend is cuddly and soft. Size: 180 x 20 cm | Colour: white / teak brown 313.10.019.00



Messenger bag A1 Two bags in one! With this smart messenger bag’s reversible flap, you can make it match your outfit in no time: choose between sporty and colourful or understated and dark brown. Made from premium-quality polyester with a red lining. Both sizes feature a clever interior design including zipped pockets for your mobile phone and PDA as well as a pen holder. In addition, the larger messenger bag has a zipped pocket on the bag’s back side and a padded inner compartment for a laptop. An integrated lanyard with spring hook ensures your keys are always easy to find. Messenger bag small: 22 x 23 x 7 cm Messenger bag large: 31 x 32 x 9 cm Colour: black brown with red / white 315.10.002.00 315.10.001.00

Small Large

Small and large messenger bags with reversible flap for an understated look 111

Men’s leather jacket Timelessly appealing and always in style: this masculine, blouson style leather jacket with turn-down collar fits perfectly with any modern wardrobe – no matter what the season. Made of first-class, glove-soft, aniline dyed lambskin Nappa leather with high-quality, polished zips. The sophisticated inside design boasts lining materials both striped and single-coloured, red decorative stitching, large zipped pocket for valuables with secure fast-access feature, a separate mobile phone pocket on the left inside and another pocket on the right. Colour: chestnut brown Sizes: 48 – 56 313.10.022.02 – 06



Men’s winter jacket A host of functions make this waterproof, breathable and highly insulating winter jacket useful on all occasions: drawstring width adjustment, Velcro fastenings on the sleeves, a detachable hood with a drawstring. There is also a detachable powder skirt to prevent snow or wind being blown up into the jacket when skiing. The zipped vents from the armpit down the side seam provide added comfort. An inside pocket with a separate opening provides space for a headset or an MP3 player. Other features include a pocket for goggles with a detachable cleaning cloth. Audi rings printed on the outside of the collar and the back of the hood. Material: 100 % polyester with Dermizax DX laminate, Thinsulate insulation; water column: 20,000 mm Colour: black Sizes: XS – XXXL 313.08.040.01 – 07


Women’s winter jacket A true multi-purpose jacket for skiing, tobogganing, hiking and walking. This casual women’s winter jacket with reflective piping is highly insulating, breathable and waterproof. The Thinsulate insulation provides effective protection from cold, while the waterproof zips at the front and on the pockets keep the wet out. The width of the jacket body, arms and hood can be adjusted to suit by means of individual Velcro fastenings and draw-strings. Separately opening vents from the armpit down the side seam provide added comfort. Other features include a detachable powder skirt, an inside pocket with a separate opening for a headset or an MP3 player, and a pocket for goggles with a detachable cleaning cloth. Audi rings printed on the outside of the collar and the back of the hood. Material: 100 % polyester with Dermizax DX laminate, Thinsulate insulation; water column: 20,000 mm Colour: lava red Sizes: XS – XXL 313.08.039.01 – 06


Women’s soft shell jacket Enjoy the outdoors no matter what the weather – with this naturally elegant, water resistant and breathable soft shell jacket with cuddly-soft fleece lining. The jacket boasts waterproof zip fasteners and a thin hood is stored in the collar. The silver cords on the zip tabs provide small colour highlights. Material: 94 % cotton and 6 % spandex Fleece: 100 % polyester Colour: black Sizes: XS – XXL 313.09.041.01 – 06

Men’s soft shell jacket The all-rounder come wind or weather: water resistant, breathable soft shell jacket with a thin fleece lining. This men’s jacket has all fully taped seams and waterproof zips. A thin hood is stored in the collar. The red cords on the zip tabs provide small colour highlights. Material: 94 % cotton and 6 % spandex Fleece: 100 % polyester Colour: black Sizes: S – XXXL 313.09.042.02 – 07




Women’s quilted jacket Not too cold, not too warm, and a perfect fit over any suit jacket – a mid-weight jacket perfect for spring and autumn. Made of crease resistant, water-repellent material. For added comfort there is an extra slit in the back, with hidden press-studs and patch pockets. With two zipped front pockets and one inside pocket. Material: shell and lining 100 % polyester, soft 140 g/m2 padding Colour: black Sizes: 34 – 48 313.08.035.01 – 08

Men’s quilted jacket A between-seasons jacket has to be both versatile and functional. But this quilted jacket would not be part of the Audi collection if it did not also include further comfort features, namely a casual style and high quality materials. Specifically, it offers a perfect fit over a suit jacket and has a back slit with hidden press-studs, patch pockets, inside pocket and a light, crease resistant material. Material: shell and lining 100 % polyester, 140 g/m2 soft padding Colour: black Sizes: 46 – 60 313.08.036.01 – 08


Women’s short jacket This fashionable, fitted short jacket radiates genuine convertible style. With high-quality details including a zip-off collar of real lambskin and an attractive contrasting red quilted lining. Inserts in the back of real dark brown lambskin make this jacket even more comfortable to wear. Audi rings embroidered on the back of the collar and zip tabs with Audi rings. Colour: black Sizes: 34 – 44 313.08.037.01 – 06

Men’s short jacket This casually fashionable outdoor jacket is a highlight of the Audi collection. Water repellent and made of technical nylon, it has a collar of real lambskin which can be detached by means of a zip on the outside. The inside features a contrasting red quilted lining. The piping round the neck and the corded ribbon in the cuff slits are also red. Straps on the collar and epaulettes lend it a sporty character. With lambskin inserts in the lower back. Audi rings embroidered on the back of the collar and featured on the zip tabs. Colour: black Sizes: 46 – 56 313.08.038.01 – 06



Baseball cap Cap made from 100 % cotton with Audi rings stitched on the front. Width adjustment mechanism with embossed Audi rings. Inside colour is the same as colour of cap. Colour: red, silver or black Sizes: one size (adjustable) 313.07.077.20 313.07.077.10 313.07.077.30

Red Silver Black

Fleece cap Fine antipilling microfleece, 100 % polyester, with Audi rings embroidered discreetly tone-on-tone. Sizes: one size 313.07.082.20

Fleece gloves Fine anti-pilling microfleece, 100 % polyester, with Audi rings embroidered discreetly tone-on-tone on the on the backs of the hands. Sizes: S – L 313.07.084.22 – 24

Fleece scarf Fine anti-pilling microfleece, 100 % polyester, with Audi rings embroidered discreetly tone-on-tone on one end of the scarf.



Functional gloves Fashionable and functional. Lined unisex gloves with Audi rings on the zip. Outer surface made from wear resistant nylon, interior from lasered sheepskin. With warm inner lining made from Bemberg fleece (100% polyester). Elasticated cord and zip for optimum fit. Sizes: 7 – 10 313.07.080.02 – 08

Men’s deerskin gloves A hands-down winner. These hand-sewn gentlemen’s gloves are made from soft, premium-quality deerskin and extra warm thanks to the 100 % cashmere lining. With embossed Audi rings and a decorative seam on the backs of the hands. Sizes: 8.5 – 10 313.07.078.05 – 08

Women’s deerskin gloves Slick and elegant, hand-sewn ladies gloves made from premium-quality deerskin with the Audi rings embossed on the back corner. Inside is a separate, seamless knitted fullfingered glove made from 100 % cashmere. Sizes: 7 – 8 313.07.079.02 – 04


Ties Still an indispensable accessory for the true gentleman: elegant ties made from 100 % Italian silk, sewn by hand with superior workmanship. Audi rings woven into the silk lining reect the high standard of quality. Colour: silver and red 313.09.001.10 313.09.001.20


Silver Red


Women’s functional polo Styles may change, but the polo shirt remains as popular as ever. Particularly when its high-tech fabric means it always stays lightweight, comfortable and dry. The semi-synthetic fibres (cotton / polyester) are breathable, moisture wicking and finished in a high-quality, piqué look. With a slightly fitted cut, an open button band and Audi rings embroidered on the neck. Colour: white with dark blue edging Sizes: XS – XL 313.08.041.01 – 05

Men’s functional polo Modern functional fabric in a classic design: the breathable, moisture wicking fibres were specifically developed for use in sport. With a shorter button band and Audi rings embroidered tone-on-tone on the neck. Colour: white with dark blue edging Sizes: S – XXL 313.08.042.02 – 06

Golf cap A specially developed functional fibre material makes this golf cap the ideal head protection. Its light weight and breathability make it extremely comfortable to wear. The four rings are embroidered tone-on-tone on the front and stylishly embossed on the rear strap. Colour: midnight blue with white sandwich peak or white with midnight blue sandwich peak 313.08.043.20 313.08.043.10 126

Midnight blue White


Audi kids – Audi from the word go. Kids love being allowed access to the world of adults. Doing things like grown-ups seems to them to be something worth striving for and brands that carry meaning for their parents are often a hit with children too. For all Audi fans, young and old, we present the Audi kids collection.


Audi kids


The Audi kids collection Like father, like son… and like daughter too: for the smallest Audi fans we’ve designed a children’s collection with styles to suit different ages, a variety of colours and playful details. Every article of clothing also fulfils the very highest quality, workmanship and design standards. Just as their parents have come to expect from Audi.

Children’s sweat jacket For kids, every week is full of adventure! So it’s a good thing if you give them a dependable companion for their travels – such as this sweat jacket of 70 % cotton and 30 % polyester with a comfy, napped interior. Collar, pocket mouths and zip tabs in contrasting orange colour. Colour: natural Sizes: 122 – 152 320.09.011.06 – 08


Children’s Prinz long sleeve shirt The NSU Prinz is a motorsport legend – and now junior racers can take off in it too! This long sleeve shirt of 100 % cotton shows the Prinz in 3D print on the front and upper arm. Elbow patches with decorative white seams. Colour: purple Sizes: 122 – 152 320.09.009.06 – 08


Children’s t-shirt Type C Keeping tradition starts with children: this t-shirt of 100 % cotton, featuring a print of the legendary Type C racing car, commemorates a shining moment in Audi automobile history. Colour: yellow, print in purple / red Sizes: 122 – 152 320.09.010.06 – 08

Children’s polo shirt 5 With the legendary start number “5” on the back, the day can’t get started any faster! 100 % cotton polo shirt. Colour: red, naturally coloured print motif Sizes: 122 – 152 320.09.012.06 – 08


Children’s baseball cap 5 Put on your cap and away we go: made of 100 % cotton, six-section cap, size adjustable between 55 and 57 cm, Audi rings embossed on the metal fastener in back. With a motif combining the winning start number "5" and the Type C racing car. Colour: Blue / orange or in red / natural Sizes: one size (adjustable) 320.09.013.10 320.09.013.20

Blue / orange Red / natural

Infant’s baseball cap An absolute “must have” for the little ones – and for their parents, who can rest assured that their children’s heads are perfectly protected from the sun and wind! The size of this 100 % cotton cap can be easily adjusted from 51 to 55 cm using the Velcro fastener. Colour: red with car motif in orange / various colours Sizes: one size (adjustable) 320.09.008.00


Infant’s polo shirt Mobility starts on two feet – before it really gets rolling: with this 100 % cotton polo shirt. With thick multi-coloured stripes making streets for orange print cars, this shirt ensures the little ones are always well-dressed on the road. Sizes: 86 – 128 320.09.006.03 – 06

Infant’s hooded sweatshirt For children who feel right at home outdoors, this sporty sweatshirt is indispensible for getting them there! Made of 70 % cotton and 30 % polyester, contrasting cuffs in orange, orange / blue printed kangaroo pocket and elbow pads. Colour: purple Sizes: 86 – 128 320.09.007.03 – 06



Baby t-shirt Passions are often hereditary. This 100 % cotton T-shirt with a car motif lets your little ones show what they’re into. Colour: blue Sizes: 62 – 104 320.09.002.01 – 04


Baby cap and towel set The cute little clouds will quickly make this attractive set your kids’ favourite friend. This cap for a head size of about 49 cm is made of elastic material and stretchable. With flat pompon and ties in lilac, Audi woven label on the inside. The cap and the towel are edged in lilac. Audi woven label at the hem seam. Cap: approx. 49 cm Towel dimensions: approx. 45 x 45 cm 320.09.005.00


Baby long sleeve shirt Even if they’re still in the baby carriage: with this red and white long sleeve T-shirt, your kids always make the journey in style. Made of 100 % cotton covered with a uniform print of little clouds. Sizes: 62 – 80 320.09.004.01 – 02

Baby long sleeve auto shirt For babies with a little more cheek: long sleeve lilac shirt of 100 % ribbed cotton covered with a print design. On the front is a flock print motif of a laughing stick-figure face in red. Sizes: 62 – 104 320.09.003.01 – 04


Audi kid’s rucksack This rucksack will free up the hands of young explorers aged 3 to 6 years. It has a soft padded back, shoulder straps and easy-to-remove mat, which also reinforces the back. Two outer mesh pockets, each designed for a 0.5 l drink bottle guarantee sufficient liquid supplies. And to avoid any losses when on expedition, it also has a name tag and a key pocket. Weight: 300 g | Volume: 10 l Dimensions: 24 x 35 x 15 cm Colour: grey / orange 315.06.019.00

Pullback Audi TT The Audi TT stands for groundbreaking design and innovative technology – both the original and the miniature model. This plastic toy car is 1:64 scale and driven with a pullback engine via the rear axle. Suitable for collectors young and old from 3 years and upwards. 320.06.008.10 320.06.008.20


Light silver Brilliant red

Audi R8 5.2 FSI remote control car This 1:10 scale highly professional model is capable of top speeds of up to 40 km/h and has a quattro速 drive for optimised traction and cornering speed. Equally fascinating are the high-quality features: 540 electric engine, 3,500 mAh NiMH rechargeable battery and 16 ball bearings in wheel suspension, gears and drive train. For big kids from 14 years and above. Colour: Brilliant red 501.09.184.07


Plush car TT key ring* The Audi for your keys. Made from 100 % premium-quality polyester with a metal split ring. Washable at 30° C. Size: approx. 10 cm (orange) 320.08.001.00

Plush car TT A plush Audi to hug and cuddle. Made from 100 % premiumquality polyester. Washable at 30° C. Sizes: 30 cm (blue), 15 cm (red) 320.08.003.00 320.08.002.00

Large Small

Motorsport bear * Possibly the biggest bear fan of motorsport in the world. With fluffy fur, brown felt paws, plastic eyes and stitched nose. The racing outfit and cap are 100 % cotton and are removable. Size: 40 cm 320.06.002.00

Motorsport bear key ring * With a sporty t-shirt. Made from 100 % premium-quality polyester with a metal split ring. Size: approx. 10 cm 318.09.004.00


*) Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Audi kid’s car From the hands of Audi’s best designers, we present the sporty Audi kid’s car with chain drive, free wheel hub and reverse gear functions. Kids will love this car with its soft seat upholstery, a handbrake, whisper wheels and original Audi design wheel rims. The kid’s car can be adjusted to the body size of its young drivers aged 4 to 8 years via an adjustable roll bar. Recommended body size: from 95 cm to 130 cm. Weight: 13.5 kg Dimensions: 116 x 62 x 58 cm 320.08.004.00


Audi Junior quattro This toy car is aimed at 1-3 year olds without a driving licence but with plenty of go. As road traffic regulations tend not to be observed, the car is fitted with a horn on the steering wheel. The car also has whisper wheels and a trailer hitch. Dimensions: 74 x 38 x 30 cm Colour: red and silver 320.06.007.20 320.06.007.10

Red Silver

Audi Junior quattro trailer A perfect complement to the Audi Junior quattro® – the trailer for all your towing needs. Modern design, whisper wheels and original Audi 5-spoke wheel rims. Dimensions: 44 x 22 x 30 cm Colour: red 320.07.009.00


Audi model car The ultimate collector’s box – with 10 different Audi model toys each in two colour versions. Made from die-cast zinc, scale 1:64. From the Audi A3 Sportback to the Audi A5 and Audi Q7 to the Audi R8: all production models are highly detailed with premium workmanship and mounted on a plastic base. Each model includes a card containing important data – for the next game of Happy Families for example. Miniature models can also be ordered individually of course – in this case, which of the 20 models you receive is a surprise. For large and small kids, from 3 years and up. 320.07.008.10 320.07.008.20

Individual box 20-piece display box


Classics – simply timeless. What today is long since part of the past was once the future. Throughout the history of the automobile, Auto Union cars that bore the four rings emblem have constantly achieved milestones in innovation and technology. Each new generation of the DKW, Horch, Wanderer, NSU and Audi brands represented a step into the future, as continues to be the case today. These classic accessories are an expression of this great automotive past and of the values to which Audi is committed in the future. 144



Classic leather accessories Tradition meets modern. Timeless elegance, high-quality workmanship and striking contours – those are the qualities that distinguish the cars from Horch, DKW, Wanderer and Audi to this day. The classic leather collection recalls the unique brilliance of these legendary brands. All the accessories are made of soft calf’s leather, refined by a natural tanning process. Details like the distinctive dark brown colour highlights on the light brown leather are hard to resist. The four historical logos are woven into the lining of every wallet.

Men’s wallet A classic for any currency: coin pocket, two note compartments, various card holders, special pocket for driving license, additional zipped pocket. Dimensions: 15 x 12 x 3 cm

Mini wallet Why spend time searching? Small wallet that's big on organisation: with coin and note compartment, three card holders. Dimensions: 9 x 11 x 3.5 cm


Women’s billfold More than just good storage: optimal organisation with coin and change pocket, a subcompartment for notes and various card compartments. Zip on the back. Dimensions: 22.5 x 16 x 3.5 cm


Boules game Boules is cult. This game from French Provence can be played wherever there is a free square or park and these cult balls for the cult game bear the historic sign of the Auto Union brands. The six boules balls are made from hardened carbonated steel, chrome-plated with a satin ďŹ nish, have a diameter of 7.4 cm and weigh 620 g. The leather case has a classic accessories look and is in itself an invitation to play the game.



Key rings More than a personal statement for classic car lovers: with these leather key rings you can show your individuality – and do it with style. Especially striking: the brand embossed on the light brown calf’s leather.


Horch DKW Wanderer Audi

Audi design cigar drill Finest drilling for the most exquisite of pleasures. Cigar drill with unique design with innovative push mechanism. Housing and blades made of brushed stainless steel, engraved with the words “Audi design�. The way it works is as easy as it is practical: two precise circular blades are pushed out for drilling various cigar sizes. When the blades are retracted, the residue simply falls out. Dimensions: length 6 cm Circular blades diameter: 0.8 cm to 1.0 cm

Cigar case Enjoying a good cigar starts with stylish storage. Made with cedar wood, this cigar case preserves the aroma of two to three cigars. The luxury cowskin leather is embossed with the historic Horch logo. Dimensions: 6.6 x 14.6 x 2.8 cm

Travel humidor Being on the road in an Audi is a pleasure and the Horch travel humidor will make your arrival even sweeter. Look forward to a Gran Corona, protected from shocks and extremes of temperature at a relative humidity of 68 % to 75 % in a leather covered aluminium case with integrated air humidiďŹ er and various compartment sizes. Horch logo engraved on the screw-in lid. Dimensions: Height 22 cm, diameter 6 cm


Size tables Men / Unisex

Men's gloves


















7.5 / 8

Baby 6 – 9 m

62 / 68








8.5 / 9

Baby 9 – 12 m

74 / 80


48 / 50

48 / 50

48 / 50

38 / 40

38 / 40


9.5 / 10

Baby 12 – 18 m

86 / 92







Baby 18 – 24 m

98 / 104
















110 / 116


58 / 60

58 / 60

58 / 60

48 / 50

48 / 50


122 / 128


134 / 140


146 / 152


164 / 172




Women's gloves
























7 / 7.5


38 / 40

42 / 44

40 / 42

12 / 14

10 / 12



























Belt The measured waist circumference always corresponds to the length of the belt when closed to the middle hole.

Any decorative items not mentioned in the product description are not included in the scope of delivery.


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