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How to embed multiple videos in HTML with flipping effects

There are many ways to embed video in HTML. But most of them need professional knowledge as code. I recommend one desktop tool – Kvisoft flip book maker. It not only allows people to embed video in html but also allows people to embed multiple videos in one HTML page with flipping page turning effects!

First, Download and instill Kvisoft flip book maker. Kvisoft flip book maker is a desktop tool allows users to embed videos in HTML without any professional skills. In addition to this, it can embed one more than videos on single HTML page with flipping turning effects!

Second, import videos. • It supports four formats: *.swf, *.flv, *.f4v and *.mp4 . After import videos, Kvisoft flip book maker will embed videos on flip page automatically.

Third, Design the page. • •

• •

Kvisoft flip book maker offers strong design functions. Users can design the flip page as favorite: Change the template. Kvisoft flipbook creator offers many default templates. If you don’t like these, you can define your favorite templates. Add background music – create attractive page Add Google Analytics. This will help you monitor your HTML page to improve it.

Fourth, publish and share online. • Kvisoft flip book maker offers four formats: HTML, EXE, ZIP and MAC. Choose html. This tool is friendly for seo, you can edit the title, keywords and description. After you convert, you will get one folder contains HTML files and files folder. Upload this folder to your web space. Then you can view videos on line with flipping page turning effects .

How to embed multiple videos in HTML with flipping effects