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“Consumers are more focused on wellness than ever and are expanding their definition to encompass a lot more than just being in shape”

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From VR to personalisation, here’s what we can expect to see in wellness in the coming months, says Lauren McAlister

he Mindbody and ClassPass 2022 weight and feel good, but now they’re Mid-Year Wellness Trends motivated to keep moving to reduce Report has highlighted key stress and feel better mentally. trends for the sector, with “This speaks volumes to the impact wellness top of the agenda. wellness experiences can have on “Wellness is more important mental health, and we’ll see this show Josh McCarter up across the entire wellness industry in than ever, with the global pandemic having a profound impact on the way consumers various ways as we move towards 2023. view their health,” says Mindbody’s Josh McCarter. “From consumers taking more in-person “Around the globe, we’ve seen a drastic shift workouts to feel a sense of community, right in numerous areas, right down to their to expanded wellness routines with more core motivations for practising wellness. Prevariety, there is great opportunity for pandemic, people worked out to control their operators that recognise this shift.”

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More people are seeking a sense of community


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