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news McKinsey: consumers focus spend on fitness


itness and health

represent nearly two-thirds of

are priority areas of

their spending on wellness. The report divides

expenditure for consumers

wellness spending into

in six key nations around

the world, according to a

six areas – fitness, health,

new report by McKinsey.

sleep, mindfulness, nutrition and appearance.

The Future of Wellness Survey

While the way consumers

questioned 7,500 consumers in

report spending their money

the US and the UK during

differs significantly between

August 2020 to establish

countries, the report shows

their spending priorities and

that fitness and health

found fitness and health

remain priority areas for all.


Brazil, China, Germany, Japan,

Out of the six nations studied, McKinsey says Germans spend the most on

We expect a greater shift toward services, especially those such as personal training, nutritionists, and counselling that emphasise physical and mental health

Brazilians intend to spend the most on fitness and health

fitness (27.8 per cent), followed


“We expect a greater shift

by the Chinese (17.9 per cent),

next 12 months, saying: “In

the Brits (16 per cent), the

overall spending, consumers

toward services, especially

Americans (13.8 per cent) and

expect to increase their

those such as personal training,

the Japanese (10.6 per cent).

purchases of both wellness

nutritionists, and counselling

The report also found that

products and services over

that emphasise physical and

37 per cent of consumers

the next year,’ with services

mental health,” said McKinsey.

plan to spend more on

expected to increase the

wellness services during the

most at around 30 per cent.


studios in England



s health clubs and fitness


PureGym celebrates reopening with 10 new clubs reopened on Monday 12 April, PureGym revealed

it had launched 10 brand new health clubs alongside its existing 230 sites. The 10 new clubs were launched at various stages

We reopened with 10 brand new gyms, our biggest ever weekly expansion

during “reopening week” and are linked to long-term lease commitments made by PureGym before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 10 clubs join PureGym’s existing portfolio of 230 gyms

Rebecca Passmore

The expansion comes at a time when some leisure

company is bucking this

role to play in sustaining

at locations across the

and retail businesses are

trend and has ambitions

vibrant high streets” as

country,” Passmore said.

shrinking their estates,

to further increase its

they adapt to new uses.

especially on the high street.

estate across the UK.

According to PureGym MD, Rebecca Passmore, the


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She added that PureGym will have “an important

“We re-opened with 10

“We know there is a huge appetite to return to the gym.”

brand new gyms, our biggest ever weekly expansion,