FitTech Magazine Issue 4 2/2021

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In conversation

Jennis worked with

to create CycleMapping

Can you tell us a bit about the research behind CycleMapping?

I recognise this more now and actually listen

From a Jennis point of view, we worked

to what my body wants instead of trying to

very closely with physiologist Dr Emma

push through the symptoms. As an athlete

Ross. She used to be head of physiology at

I thought I was in tune with my body but

the EIS (English Institute of Sport) and has

pregnancy and now CycleMapping has

been working in this field for decades.

really improved my own body literacy.

From her input and the studies she shared,

I have found too that when I am premenstrual

plus our own tests with Beta users, we

What key features are included in the app?

created the CycleMapping programme.

I think the onboarding questionnaire is really

In terms of results, there are lots of studies

important, as that helps us personalise the

that show how training in this way can reduce

plan each user gets. The feedback functionality

negative cycle symptoms and build lean muscle

is also really crucial. By interacting with

more effectively – and from our own Beta

that, we can tweak people’s plans – shifting

testers we are getting lots of interesting results

the sessions if their cycles change, reacting

around reduction in period symptoms; higher

to changes in symptoms and so on.

motivation to train and weight loss experienced by women, but these are all very early anecdotes.

Do you use CycleMapping in your training?

What are your future plans for Jennis? To be honest it’s really hard to predict. There are definitely areas that I would like us to

Yes, I have been CycleMapping and was

move into, but we’re very much going to be led

one of the early testers of Jennis CM and

by our consumers and what they want. ●

I have found it really helps me understand my moods a lot more – I can tune into the

To be one of the first to try Jennis CycleMapping,

way I feel alongside the four phases of my

visit to register

cycle, and then train or rest accordingly.

(Apple and Android versions both £14.99 per month).


2 2021

PHOTO: jennis

former EIS head of physiology Dr Emma Ross