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The design explores ‘the future role of libraries as social spaces’

BAF and Carlo Ratti scoop futuristic “library as a town” project


arlo Ratti Associati and Bio-architecture Formosana (BAF) Architects have been selected to design the

newest addition to the Taiwan

National Library and Repository. The firms beat nine other competitors to secure the commission. The new public building, set to be constructed

The facility will house a library, book museum and archives centre

on a wooded plot in Tainan, will feature both as a monument and as a kind of educational town. In a statement, BAF said: “The concept of library as a town was

openness of learning and the

a “book-bot”, an automated storage

from the original plot in order

‘museumisation’ of the library.”

and retrieval system (ASRS).

to demonstrate how built

The planned space, which

inspired by the humbleness of the

will explore the future of open

A solar canopy will regulate the building’s temperature, providing

environments can be harmoniously integrated into nature. BAF says the library of the future

context while creating a ‘town’

access learning, will function

library-goers with shade while

as part of the town fabric. Three

as a book museum and archives

harnessing clean energy.

main ideas drive the creation

hub, inviting people to freely

of this chance encounter: the

explore Taiwan’s digital records

the surrounding campus will

for “community-driven, muse-

integration with nature, the

and observe what BAF has called

preserve 90 per cent of trees

um-like spaces and activities”. ●


BAF has also indicated that

should be both an energy-efficient park and a “hub of open learning”

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