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Welcome Welcome to the National Party’s Northern Convention 2014 Convention 2014 brings the Region together in the year of the Election and we are getting ready to support the John Key-led government and the party organisation in building momentum towards Election Day. Remember every PARTY VOTE counts! The Convention will be a broad forum to listen and discuss and build our campaigning skills. As always the highlight will be Party Leader Rt Hon John Key’s address on Sunday morning. We will also welcome the Party President, Ministers, our Northern Region MP’s and other Parliamentarians and speakers but more importantly you as an attending delegate or observer. Friday night will be the opportunity to enjoy the Young Nats in debating mode and an opportunity to mix and mingle in a relaxed environment. The Convention will give you the opportunity to put forward and participate in the breakout forums and soapbox opportunities and remit discussions. The formal part will be the Region’s AGM with the Party President, Northern Regional Chair and General Manager being interviewed on the year that has gone and the year to follow. The Convention will conclude with the Prime Minister’s addresses. The Convention Dinner on Saturday night is an opportunity for the Region to come together in a social setting with a bit of audience participation. I hope you enjoy the weekend.

Alan Towers Northern Regional Chair


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Welcome message for the Northern Region Convention It’s my pleasure to welcome delegates, members, and supporters to the Northern Region Convention this year. It is people like you who make our party strong. Because of the hard work and support of our members, the National Party is in great heart. This means National’s Members of Parliament can get on with the job we were elected to do – delivering a brighter future for all New Zealanders. Later this year there will be an election, where National will seek the support of New Zealanders to continue the direction this country is going in. The economy is growing. Wages are rising faster than inflation. More jobs are being created. We have the lowest crime rate in 33 years. More elective surgery is being done in public hospitals. And we’re continuing to help families and older New Zealanders with generous income support. It is important we continue to lock in and protect the gains we’ve made and keep making progress. Your ongoing support is critical to our continued success. I hope you enjoy this year’s Northern Convention.

Rt Hon John Key Leader – New Zealand National Party


Map of the Venue


Getting to the Venue Waipuna Hotel and Convention Centre, 58 Waipuna Road, Mt Wellington Take exit 437 off the Southern Motorway to merge onto South-Eastern Hwy/Urban Route 10 Turn left onto Carbine Rd (signs for Urban Route 10A/Mt Wellington/Panmure) Turn right onto Waipuna Rd , Waipuna Hotel and Convention Centre is on the left


Convention Dynamics This year we’ve worked hard to allow you to hear from as many senior MPs as possible, while making sure all our great Northern Region MPs have a voice too. Each forum has a Q&A section so you can engage and have your voice heard too. We’ve maintained two membership policy sessions on the main floor and we’ve got some new innovations.

  

Optional breakouts over Saturday lunch for those that want a convention ‘extra’. Parliament 101 – an opportunity for members children/grandchildren to learn why we volunteer to help this election (school age children only please) A streamlined voting system.

Campaign Workshop We start on Friday at 4pm with a campaign session intended for all campaign chairs and candidates. We appreciate not all candidates are selected at this point and welcome aspiring candidates to attend as well. A More Casual Friday Night with a bit of HUMOUR The Convention opens at 7:30 pm with drinks and a debate run by the Young Nats Light canapés will be served and a cash bar will be operating. Close approximately 9:30pm. A More Casual Convention Overall Dress to be comfortable. Lunch For those who have registered for lunch on Saturday, it will be buffet style served in the Banquet Room. Alternatively, lighter snacks are available in the Wellington Bar or you may choose to make your own arrangements. Regional Annual General Meeting & Regional Officer Elections Saturday morning’s AGM is the opportunity to hear from the Northern Region Chair, the General Manager, Party President and the President of the Young Nationals. We are anticipating elections for the positions of deputy regional chairs and list ranking committee. Voting slips will be available at registration although we ask delegates NOT TO VOTE UNTIL AFTER THE SPEECHES ON SATURDAY MORNING. There will be voting places around the convention to cast your vote – this is a new system intended to streamline our AGM and make time for more high-quality discussions with our senior MPs. Drinks with Rt Hon John Key For those that have registered for pre–dinner drinks with the Leader, please gather at 6pm. Convention Dinner A cash bar will be open from 7pm with the formal dinner commencing at 7.30pm Dress smart, and then experience an evening of entertainment and an exquisite buffet dinner. A seating plan will be situated outside the Banquet hall. Sunday Breakouts Our Sunday breakouts are an opportunity for a more informal discussion – a coffee to meet the new candidates, a remit breakout or a repeat of the Saturday lunch ‘extras’. One new innovation this year is a session intended for the school age children of members to give them some understanding of how politics in NZ works. We appreciate many of our active members sacrifice significant amounts of family time to help the party, and this is our opportunity to help show their families why this is so much appreciated.


Prime Minister’s Speech The highlight of the Convention will be National’s Leader and Prime Minister Hon John Key’s address. It will take place later on Sunday morning.

Please Bring This Book The Convention book was posted on Thursday 24th April to those registered at that time. It contains the programme and event locations. Please bring it with you.

If Unsure, Please Ask A Convention “help” table will be staffed with people who know things that may be of help. We will have people to assist identified by Blue Rosettes. As well, the Regional Leadership Team, and your Electorate Chairs are all available to help. Please don’t hesitate to ask..

Your Convention Agenda This year we’ve worked hard to allow you to hear from as many senior MPs as possible, while making sure all our great Northern Region MPs have a voice too. Each forum has a Q&A section so you can engage and have your voice heard too. We’ve maintained two membership policy sessions on the main floor and we’ve got some new innovations


Optional breakouts over Saturday lunch for those that want a convention ‘extra’ Parliament 101 – an opportunity for members children/grandchildren to learn why we volunteer to help this election (school age children only please) A streamlined voting system


Agenda Summary Friday 2nd May 4.00PM

Campaign Update Forum (For MPs and Candidates, Campaign Chairs & Electorate Chairs)



Westminster Shield Featuring Young Nats and retiring MPs


Saturday 3rd May 8.15AM

Conference Opens



Economic Growth Forum Featuring Hon Simon Bridges, Hon Steven Joyce with Q&A


Chaired by Regional Chair Alan Towers 10.30AM

Regional AGM Including elections for regional positions



Lunch Including a new 2014 feature – 12.20pm optional breakouts. Your choice of



Changing NZ, Hon Maurice Williamson’s analysis of the 2013 census findings Making a difference from the backbench – Cam Calder MP and Mike Sabin MP

(or just relax and enjoy lunch) 1.00PM

Better Services for Kiwis Forum Featuring Hon Tony Ryall, Hon Paula Bennett, Hon Hekia Parata, Hon Nikki Kaye with Q&A Chaired by Regional Deputy Chair Andrew Hunt



Remits & Soapbox





“Select Committees” – Policy Submissions Health and Welfare – chaired by Cam Calder MP including Alfred Ngaro MP and Dr Paul Hutchinson MP  Law & Order and Justice – chaired by Mark Mitchell MP including Mike Sabin MP, Simon O'Connor MP and Claudette Hauti MP  Economy Growth – chaired by Hon Phil Heatley including Maggie Barry MP, Paul Goldsmith MP, Jamie-Lee Ross MP, Kanwal Bakshi MP and Jian Yang MP


3.45PM   


Open Breakouts Local Government featuring Hon Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga MP, Jamie-Lee Ross MP and Paul Goldsmith MP Changing NZ, Census feedback – Hon Maurice Williamson Progress for Maori – Hon Chris Finlayson and Claudette Hauiti MP Closed

Evening Function Note – voting closes 7.30pm


Sunday 4th May 7.00AM

Breakfasts BlueGreens Electorate Chairs



Conference Opens



Campaign Update Hon Steven Joyce MP



Keynote : A stronger economy Hon Bill English MP



Remits & Soapbox Andrew Hunt



Safer NZ Forum Featuring Hon Jonathan Coleman, Hon Judith Collins, Hon Anne Tolley, Chaired by Young Nats Regional Chair Brittany Raleigh


 



Convention Extras  Coffee with ‘newbies’  Making a difference from the backbench – Cam Calder MP and Mike Sabin MP  Remit Breakout  Parliament 101 – Simon O’Connor MP (opportunity for members to bring their children to meet MPS and learn how parliament works and why we all work so hard on the campaign! Convention Highlight Leader’s Address


Rt Hon John Key, Party Leader 12.45PM


Final notes, and Convention close

All sessions shaded are closed. Some events are ticketed admission only – refer to the Convention registration. Times are indicative and subject to change.


Remits : In consultation with the Regional Policy Chair, we have selected 5 remits to be debated on the floor at Convention. These will be debated in accordance with standing orders, included in these notes. Key points to highlight: - Any amendments to the remits to be provided in writing to the chairman prior to the meeting. - Each speaker to speak to a remit only once, with the exception of the proposer’s right of reply - Speaking times are three minutes to move the motion and two minutes for any subsequent speaker

Soapbox : Speakers will have up to two minutes, to pitch their idea on any topic. No topics will be debated, although subsequent speakers may address topics raised earlier. No more than one soapbox per member.


Remits These are the remits that have been selected for debating on the main Convention floor. We weren’t able to include all remits, but many would make great Soapbox topics and we would encourage anyone whose remit didn’t make it onto the agenda to consider the Soapbox forum instead.

Epsom That there be a health target aimed at reducing obesity by promoting enquiries by primary care practitioners, maternity services and hospitals to their patients about healthy diet and exercise. Proposed: Dr Tony Baird, second Margaret Owens Maungakiekie That Privacy Principle 11(e) in Section 6 of the Privacy Act 2003 be amended to permit the disclosure of relevant personal data by an agency as they reasonably require to fairly respond to personal complaints against the agency's conduct which an individual complainant places in the public domain. Proposed: Seamus Donegan , Second Dan Turkel Northcote That the National Government reinstate a home invasion law to replace the previous National Party law which was repealed by Labour in 2002. This law is to include any boat, caravan, tent or any other place of abode, temporary or permanent. Proposed: Adrian Mowatt-Wilson, second Tom Cotter Northern Young Nats That the government look at ways to introduce a compulsory financial literacy course in secondary schools. Proposed: Mitchell Baker, second Brittany Raleigh Northern Young Nats That the Income Tax Act be amended to have income tax brackets fixed to the CPI. Proposed: Stefan Sunde, second Simone Cooper Additional remit information can be found at under “Northern Convention 2014”


New Zealand National Party Our Organisational Purpose The National Party is a grouping of New Zealanders with similar political views and values who work together to maximise the influence of National Party values and objectives in the government of New Zealand. Our Vision The National Party seeks a safe, prosperous and successful New Zealand that creates opportunities for all New Zealanders to reach their personal goals and dreams. Our Values We believe this will be achieved by building a society based on the following values:  Loyalty to our country, its democratic principles and our Sovereign as Head of State  National and personal security  Equal citizenship and equal opportunity  Individual freedom and choice  Personal responsibility  Competitive enterprise and rewards for achievement  Limited government  Strong families and caring communities  Sustainable development of our environment Key Operational Objectives In seeking to fulfill our organisational purpose, the National Party focuses its activities on the following key operational objectives:     

Maximise membership of the National Party amongst all New Zealanders with similar political views. Maximise the value of membership, by ensuring members wherever possible have the opportunity to participate in policy generation, candidate selection and other Party activities. Maximise moneys raised to campaign for the Party and to fund its effective operation. Ensure the best possible candidates are selected to represent the Party in parliament. Ensure the Party is prepared for and conducts election campaigns of the highest quality, whenever it is required to do so.


New Delegates – What is the Northern Convention? Welcome to the National Party Northern Convention 2014. Regional Conventions are a vital part of the National Party and have two principle functions: Providing, firstly, a forum for party members to discuss policy and secondly, delegates the opportunity to elect Regional Officers within the party organisation, and elect members to the List Ranking Committee It also gives everyone a chance to connect and reconnect with other members THE NORTHERN REGION – This is one of five Regions of the Party, and includes 23 general electorates north of the Waikato River / Bombay Hills, 2 Maori electorates and eight sector groups including Global IndiaNZ, Korean Group, Women’s Advisory Group, Young Nationals, Super Blues, Pacific Blues, Blue Liberals and Bluegreens. Regional Office roles to which people are elected at Regional Conventions are Regional Chair –

The Regional Chair oversees the party organisation in the Northern Region. The Chair communicates with all the electorate organisations, overseas Candidate Selection processes and co-ordinates region-wide activities including the Regional Council and Conventions and regional aspects of campaigning and fundraising.

Deputy Regional Chairs –

The six Deputy Regional Chairs are Regional Officers and assist the Regional Chair across the Region - often in specialist roles.

Chair of the Regional Policy Committee – This Regional Officer chairs the Regional Policy Committee and also represents the Region on the National Policy Consultation Committee ( PCC ) List Ranking Committee –

This Region has six representatives on the National List Ranking Committee (LRC). The LRC is responsible for deciding the ranking of each candidate on the Party List. The importance of this committee is obvious and impacts directly on which National Party members are elected to Parliament.

POLICY PROPOSALS –The policy proposals (remits) are ideas that Party members want to become National Party Policy. They have generally been supported by the member’s local electorate organisation before they arrive at the Convention. Some proceed directly to the PCC and others form the basis of a topic for discussion at the Convention. While the formal aspects of the Convention (eg. election of officers) are required by the Party’s Constitution, the most enjoyable and important thing about the event is probably the chance for National Party members from across the Region to get to know each other and this often happens completely outside of the formal proceedings. So please get involved, engaged and enjoy the Convention.


Co-Options to Northern Convention During the Regional Annual General Meeting, a motion will be moved: “That in accordance with long standing tradition this Convention co-opts the following to the Northern Convention for 2014-2015, provided they are Party members and resident in the Region 1. Former Northern Region MPs Rt Hon Sir William Birch Dr Jackie Blue Hon John Carter Hon Chris Fletcher Hon George Gair Rt Hon Sir Douglas Graham Hon Marie Hasler Warren Kyd Rt Hon Don McKinnon Hon Jim McLay Hon Aussie Malcolm Hon Wayne Mapp Ian Revell Rt Hon Dame Jenny Shipley Hon Clem Simich Dr Rt Hon Lockwood Smith Belinda Vernon Hon Dr Richard Worth Hon Pansy Wong 2. Former Senior Party Officeholders Alastair Bell Michelle Boag John Collinge Maureen Eardley-Wilmot Bruce Eliott Chris Horton Peter Kiely Anne Longuet-Higgins Stephanie McMillan Dame Thea Muldoon Anne Needham Cheryl Parsons John Peebles Scott Simpson John Slater Margaret Tapper Alan G Towers John Tremewan Richard Yates


Standing Orders Standing Orders for the conduct of all meetings within the Northern Region of the N. Z. National Party 2014-2015. I. CHAIRPERSON TO BE ADDRESSED A delegate desiring to speak shall address the Chairperson and shall give his/her name and the Electorate/Group he/she represents. 2. CHAIRPERSON’S CALL TO SPEAK When two or more delegates rise to speak, it shall be at the discretion of the Chairperson which delegate shall speak first. 3. MOTION/POLICY PROPOSAL A motion/policy proposal shall not be debated until seconded, the mover being allowed three minutes, with two minutes for right of reply (if exercised). All other speakers have two minutes. After a motion/policy proposal has been seconded, the Chairperson shall call for a speaker against the remit, then alternate speakers for and against. 4. EXTENSION OF TIME Any speaker (other than a mover and seconder of a motion/policy proposal) having exhausted the time allowed, may be granted, at the discretion of the Chairperson, an extension of not more than one minute. The motion for extension (when moved and seconded) shall be voted on by the meeting without debate. The mover and the seconder of a motion/policy proposal shall not be entitled to an extension of time. 5. AMENDMENTS Amendments must be relevant to the motion/policy proposal before the meeting and shall not be debated until seconded. Notice of any amendment must be in writing and handed to the Chair of the meeting before the amendment is put. When an amendment has been moved and seconded, no further amendments shall be moved until the first has been disposed of. Further amendments may then be moved. The mover of a single motion/policy proposal or part of a composite motion/policy proposal may seek leave of the meeting to amend the wording of the motion/policy proposal before debate takes place by: a) Giving notice of such change(s) to the Chair of the meeting, in writing, before the commencement of the particular session at which the motion/remit is to be discussed and b) Gaining the leave of the meeting. (“Leave of the Meeting” means consent of the majority of the meeting.) 6. RIGHT OF REPLY The right of reply may be claimed only by the mover of the motion/policy proposal and may only be exercised at the end of the debate on the motion/ policy proposal. If a mover speaks for a second time in debate on the motion/ policy proposal it shall be as if he/she has exercised his/her right of reply, in which case the motion/policy proposal shall be put immediately to the vote. The mover and seconder of the motion/policy proposal may speak in the debate on any amendment but may not move or second an amendment. The right of reply may still be claimed should the mover be called on to answer a question, or when the mover gives his/her verbal approval to a minor change in grammar or syntax. The mover of an amendment has no right of reply.


7. WITHDRAWAL OF MOTIONS/ POLICY PROPOSAL OR AMENDMENTS A motion/policy proposal for which notice has been given or has been moved and seconded shall not be withdrawn without the leave of the meeting. 8. MATTERS OF URGENCY In the case of urgency, of which the Chair shall be the sole judge, it shall be competent for the Chairperson to move from the chair or to accept for debate, motions/policy proposals of which no previous notice has been given to delegates. 9. NO DELEGATE TO SPEAK TWICE All speeches must be relevant to the motion/ policy proposal or amendment under discussion. No delegate may speak twice to the same question except at the absolute discretion of the Chair. A delegate who has already spoken may, by permission of the Chair, explain or clear up any misunderstanding. (See paragraph 11.) 10. POINT OF ORDER Any delegate may, at any time during the meeting, raise a “point of order”. A point of order must only refer to the procedure of the meeting or to these standing orders. A point of order is debatable and must be ruled by the Chairperson. Any point of order which refers to the subject matter of any debate in progress shall be disallowed. If a point of order is raised the delegate addressing the meeting shall at once resume his/her seat and the question of order be disposed of before the subject be resumed or any other subject entered upon. 11. MISREPRESENTATION OR MISQUOTATION If a previous speaker in a debate believes he/she has been misrepresented or misquoted he/she must immediately rise to a “point of order” and state that he/she has been misrepresented or misquoted and indicate the correction. 12. VOTING All delegates shall vote as individuals. Voting by proxy is not permitted. Voting on all motions/policy proposals shall be on the voices or by a show of hands, unless a majority of delegates present request a ballot. Voting on procedural motions shall be by voices. 13. ELECTION OF OFFICERS Voting for the election of officers shall be by written ballot. Where there are several vacancies for an elected position, the ballot paper for the position(s) shall be invalid unless a vote is recorded for the full number required. The voting figures for all elected positions shall be declared by the Chairperson. 14. CASTING VOTE In addition to a deliberative vote, the Chair may exercise a casting vote for all motions/policy proposals. If in an election two or more candidates tie with the same number of votes the winner shall be determined by the Chairperson’s casting vote. 15. COMPOSITE MOTION/REMIT PROCEDURE (a) The mover of each part of the motion/policy proposal shall be asked to move his or her part and immediately speak to it. (b) A seconder shall be called for after the speech of the mover of each part. A seconder may speak at this time or indicate to the Chairperson his/her reserve/right to speak later. (c) Subsequent speakers may speak to any part of the motion/policy proposal they wish to but they must identify the part they are referring to. In the course of a speech, speakers may refer to more than one part but may not speak more than once in the debate on the total motion/policy proposal .


(d) An amendment to any part or the whole of a composite motion/policy proposal shall be allowed on the following basis: i) Proposed amendment(s) must be in writing and tabled with the Chairperson before discussion; ii) An amendment may be spoken to by the mover, and the seconder of the amendment. Other speakers may speak for and against the amendment; iii) More than one amendment may be moved on a composite motion/policy proposal. Only one amendment shall be under discussion at one time; iv) A speaker, other than the mover and seconder of the motion/policy proposal, may move more than one amendment, but not before discussion on the amendment before the meeting is disposed of; v) Each amendment shall be put to the vote at the end of discussion on that amendment. (e) Movers of each part of the motion/policy proposal shall be allowed a right of reply. Where there have been no speakers (apart from the mover and seconder), speaking for or against any part of the motion/policy proposal, the Chair may in the interest of time preclude the mover(s) from exercising their right of reply. (f) Voting shall take place on the individual parts of the motion/ policy proposal with each part thereafter being treated as an individual resolution. 16. (A) FORMAL MOTIONS/POLICY PROPOSALS All motions/policy proposals or amendments moved under paragraph (a) - (d) inclusive may be moved by any delegate, except the mover or seconder of the main motion or amendment. The mover or seconder of a motion/ policy proposal, in the whole or part, may not move or second an amendment, but may speak for or against it. A Mover and Seconder can vote against the motion/ policy proposal. (B) PROCEDURAL MOTIONS: A person moving a procedural motion does not require the Chairperson’s call. Procedural motions have precedence over motions/policy proposals under discussion and any amendment under consideration. More than one procedural motion may be before the meeting at one time. (a) Closure “That the question be now put”. This motion does not require a seconder, is not debatable, but is subject to acceptance by the Chairperson if he/she does not consider sufficient discussion has taken place. The Chairperson can put the question without a motion from the floor. Should the closure be carried, the Chairperson must call on the mover of the original motion/ policy proposal to reply to the debate, and then forthwith put the original motion/ policy proposal. If there is an amendment before the Chairperson, the closure applies to the amendment only. (b) Next Business “That the meeting proceed to the next business”. A seconder is not required. The Chairperson has discretion to refuse this motion. Discussion is not in order. If carried, the position is as if the amendment had been defeated. If lost the discussion shall resume. (c) Adjournment of Debate “That the debate be adjourned”. A seconder is required. This motion may be debated but is amendable only as to time, date and place. If carried the meeting shall proceed to the next business reverting to the adjourned debate at the time, date and place specified in the resolution. If the resolution is lost, discussion on the original motion resumes. The mover has a right of reply. (d) To Lie on the Table “That the question lie on the table”. A seconder is not required. The Chairperson has discretion to refuse this motion. Discussion is not in order. If carried, the original motion and any amendment are both laid on the table.


17. RULING OF THE CHAIRPERSON A delegate shall have the right at all times to contest the ruling of the Chair. The ruling of the Chair shall be final on all points of order and procedure which may arise. 18. ATTENDANCE AT POLICY PROPOSAL AND FORUM COMMITTEES Electorate delegates to Northern Convention should be spread as evenly as practicable over forum committees. Delegates entitled to be present in another capacity, e.g. Deputy Regional Chairs, MPs, Co-optees etc, are not counted in the Electorate numbers, for this purpose.

Constitutional Motions NORTHERN REGION - CONSTITUTIONAL MOTIONS 2014 – 2015

A. Regional Convention – known as the Northern Convention THAT the Constitution of the Northern Convention comprises: 1.

2. 3. 4.

Ten delegates from each electorate plus additional delegates as provided by the incentive scale based on membership, plus ten delegates each from duly approved Special Interest Group operating in the Region, including ten delegates from the Regional Young Nationals Committee plus Members of Parliament and Candidates duly selected in the Northern Region plus Members of Regional Council plus Those members appointed as Co-optees to Convention at the preceding Convention.

THAT: Electorate Representation at Northern Convention comprises: a) Only financial members of the Party are eligible to vote or be a Delegate; plus b) Delegates may appoint a substitute under Rule 17 if unable to attend; plus c) The incentive representation (Capped at 5 additional delegates) shall entitle electorates to: One additional delegate for membership at 250; OR Two additional delegates for membership at 500; OR Three additional delegates for membership at 750; OR Four 19

additional delegates for membership at 1000; OR Five additional delegates for membership at 1250. Membership as verified by the Party at 31 December in the year preceding Regional Convention. B. Northern Regional Council THAT the Regional Council be responsible to Northern Convention for the running of the affairs of the Region AND shall comprise the following with full speaking & voting rights: a) Regional Chairman and each other member of the Regional Leadership Team; plus b) All Electorate Chairs (with right to substitute if unable to attend in person); plus c) Three Northern MPs, duly elected by the MPs, Northern Region; plus d) Chairs of all Regional Committees and Chairs of approved Special Interest Groups active in the Region. Such Committees in May 2013 are Policy, Young Nationals, Super-Blues, Blue-Greens, Asian Advisory Group, Women’s Advisory Group, Global Indians, Koreans, Pacific Blues, Blue Liberals; plus e) Members of National Board resident in the Northern Region unless co-opted to another Region; plus f) Additional members co-opted as required provided that the Electorate Chairs make up the majority of the eligible voting members of the Regional Council. AND

THAT the following shall have attendance and speaking rights at Council meetings: a) b) c)

The Electorate Secretary or another Electorate representative as may be appointed by an Electorate Executive from time to time Other Members of Parliament, Northern Region Such other Party members that Regional Council may wish to invite

C. Regional Leadership Team THAT the Regional Leadership Team be responsible to Regional Council for the day to day running of the affairs of the Region and comprises a) b)

Regional Chairman and the eight Deputy Chairs / Regional Advisors; plus Two members, either being an Electorate Chair or a Special Interest Group Chair ( at least one of the two must be an Electorate Chair ), elected by a combined meeting of the Electorate Chairs and Special Interest Group Chairs of Northern Region; plus c) Chair of Regional Policy Committee; plus d) Senior Whip (when from the Northern Region) or if not from the Northern Region, then a member of Caucus elected by the Northern Region members of Caucus; plus e) Power to co-opt up to two members – where approved by the Regional Chair.


D. Regional Policy Committee THAT The Regional Policy Committee meetings are open to all financial members THAT the Policy Committee voting delegates on a formal ballot shall be: a) The Regional Policy Chair and all other members of the Regional Leadership Team; plus b) Up to two representatives (additional to (a) ) appointed by each Electorate at the electorate Annual General Meeting ( with right to substitute if unable to attend in person).


Regional Leadership Team ( RLT ) Responsibilities and Meetings attendance - June 2013 - May 2014

Regional Chair Alan Towers Regional Deputy Chairs Mark Bridges Jim Stephens QSM JP Leigh Morrow Denise Krum Kit Parkinson Andrew Hunt Regional Policy Chair Dr Lee Mathias Co-Optees Murray Broadbelt (Whangarei) Don Ryrie (Waitakere) Brittany Raleigh

2013- 2014 Responsibility

Meetings held

Number Attended

Regional Chair



Western Electorates Blue Electorates – South, Convention Blue Electorates – North Community Groups, Young Nats, Pakuranga and Maungakiekie. Red Electorates - South Regional Programme, Auckland Central, Red Electorates – South, Convention













Regional Policy Chair









Electorate Chair Representative Electorate Chair Representative Young Nats Representative


Achievements around the Region 2013 - 14

“From humble beginnings to shaping the future of Mangere and this is evidenced by the increased number of members for the National party, as well as active participation of the people in our fonos/meetings and community events.”

'With encouragement from Hon Nikki Kaye, MP for Auckland Central & one of our Bluegreen MP's, the Auckland Bluegreens are restoring a large section of Meola Creek and have planted over 3,000 grasses and native trees in the past 3 years on the site beside 990 Gt North Rd. National party volunteers have come and helped out with this restoration project from right across Auckland'.

“Helensville’s annual fundraiser, the Mid-Winter Dinner, attracted 350 supporters (and their wallets!)”.

Our Electorate of Manukau East had very successful functions with the Prime Minister, Amy Adams and Michael Woodhouse last year and will be luring more MPs down our way this year as we aim to give a strong red seat some shades of blue


Achievements around the Region 2013 - 14

“Good times with great people at the Mt Albert Electorate’s successful fundraising dinner”

The Epsom Electorate’s four branches; Eden/Epsom, Greenlane, Parnell and Remuera work together very effectively to support Paul Goldsmith, a list MP based in the Epsom Electorate. After one term, Paul has become Chair of the House Finance Committee and is a rising star within the National Caucus. The Epsom Electorate is preparing for an interesting election campaign. As the “frontline” of MMP politics, Epsom is never short of interesting twists and turns to contend with.

“Chinese New Year festivities at the Northcote Town Centre in the Northcote electorate showcased the diversity of the NZ public and the popularity of the Leader who was literally mobbed! A fun time had by all!

“East Coast Bays had a wonderful evening with the Rt Hon John Key including the Auctioning of Phoenix playing gear.”


Achievements around the Region 2013 - 14

“Mt Roskill is now moving towards a candidate being appointed and looking forward to rolling out a planned campaign.”

Northern Young Nats “The annual Young Nats ball was a fantastic evening held on the 5th of April, hosted by Paula Bennett, and attended by the Rt Hon John Key and 200 guests”

“Last year we had a very successful Cocktail Party with Maggie Barry and later in the year our efforts turned to finding a new candidate to replace Hon. Phil Heatley who had announced his retirement from politics. Whilst we had great candidates only one could be selected and we welcome Dr. Shane Reti to the Whangarei team.”

"The Botany Electorate has a large business community and we are always pleased to have a visiting minister to share National's progress and successes at Botany Business Forum events".




Regional Chair’s Report NZ National Party – Asian Advisory Group NZ National Party – BlueGreens NZ National Party - Blue Libs NZ National Party - Global IndiaNZ NZ National Party - Korean Sector Group NZ National Party - Pacific Blues NZ National Party - Regional Policy Committee NZ National Party – SuperBlues NZ National Party – Women’s Advisory Group NZ National Party - Northern Young Nationals


Regional Chair’s Report It is with enormous pride we arrive at the Convention with the Caucus and Party Members being united in the task ahead which is to see a return to a National-Led Government in less than 4 months. Party activity across the Region has been busy and we have just concluded the Annual General Meetings of the Northern Region electorates. Some of you will know that the boundary changes gave us here in the Northern Region a bit more of a challenge. However we were able to work in our cluster groups to promote the National Party Vote message. As grassroot volunteers I thank you for the work you are doing ensuring the National Party’s presence is felt in communities and neighbourhoods and to continue to build on the volunteer base that we will need for the Party Vote campaign in this year. The Northern Region’s strength is reflected in both volunteers and MPs. A National Party connected with communities is our future and key to maintaining the Treasury Benches. This Region is reaching out in two ways: • The 23 Electorates are encouraged to be active in community events. Our supporter and membership lists have grown as a result. • The Region’s Special Interest Groups continue to enhance the Party’s connections to specific communities. The Young Nationals continue to be a growing presence at all the universities’ Orientation Weeks. They are continuing to signing up many hundreds of new supporters across the campuses in Auckland. I pay tribute to them all under the leadership of the Young Nats Northern Region Chair, Brittany Raleigh and her executive. The SuperBlues go from strength to strength under Shirley Faber‘s leadership, by engaging on the important issues effecting older voters. The year’s highlights 2013 - 2014  We are now in campaign mode, and have been for some time. This has seen Stuart Mullin move into a National-level Campaign role and the appointment of Karen Meldrum as the Acting Regional Coordinator until the election.  The attending by myself, Andrew Hunt as Deputy Regional Chair and Stuart Mullin and Karen Meldrum as your Regional Coordinator, as many Electorate AGM’s as we could. I note also the Party President Peter Goodfellow attended a number of AGM’s as his diary would permit. The AGM’s on the whole were well attended and it was good to see a number of new faces and a number of party members putting themselves forward for vacated roles.  As Regional Chair we met 9 times by conference call or in person with the President, General Manager and the other Regional Chairs being: Ele Ludemann (Southern) Roger Bridge (Canturbury-Westland), Malcolm Plimmer (Lower North Island)and Peter Osborne (Central North Island) Sean Topham (Young Nats President) and Donna Fifield (Operations Manager).  Under the direction of Andrew Hunt the region is working together in natural clusters to support and build on the Party Vote message we need for the election.


 

  

Attending the February 2014, all Day Caucus at Premier House in Wellington for campaign debriefing and updates as to direction of policy. Six Regional Meetings tracked electorate performance and talked political issues. Electorates were tracked for their election preparedness, including: Increases in the number of Members and supporters and the levy contribution they are making. The Levy calculation has gone through a very transparent process to calculate the levy along a broad guideline that is consistent but also taking into account the uniqueness of any given electorate. The Regional Leadership Team met on 6 occasions to manage the Region. The Regional Policy Committee met to advance the policy framework which is so important to a political organisation. In its sixth year as a fundraiser for the Region, the 2014 Prime Minister’s PostBudget Breakfast, organised by the Northern Region, will hosted over 200 people in a couple of weeks. My thanks to Andrew Hunt and Karen Meldrum for the organisation of this event. Summer School - An afternoon of party background, politics 101, how the Party functions, how to work with the Young Nats and other addresses by grassroot volunteers was held in Tamaki for new people who have recently got involved with the party. It is interesting what we take for granted as knowing when we share the knowledge. Northern Convention 2014 will focus on the Party Vote campaign. Every member of the Party is welcome to register and participate. Voting Delegates will elect new officers at the Regional Annual General Meeting.

Acknowledging Contributions It is a privilege to work with so many people committed to the John Key, National-led Government and I want to acknowledge their work and achievements. In particular, I would like to thank all those who looked beyond their electorate boundaries to recognise that a collaborative campaign is the way to win.  All levy-paying electorates were successful in meeting their 2013/4 levy obligations no mean feat! Thank you all and well done!  My thanks go to the six Regional Deputy Chairs and Regional Policy Chair and the other members of the Regional Leadership Team (RLT). Experienced senior Party officials, Kit Parkinson, Andrew Hunt, Jim Stephens QSM JP, Leigh Morrow, Denise Krum, Mark Bridges, and Lee Mathias (Policy Chair) and Brittany Raleigh (Young Nats Regional Chair) give their Party knowledge, leadership skills and their time in abundance – and they get things done. Simon O’Connor MP has played a vital role in keeping the RLT and caucus connected.  The two Electorate Chairs’ representatives on the Regional Leadership Team (Murray Broadbelt and Don Ryrie) are highly respected and make a very effective contribution. I thank them both.  Electorate Chairs deliver a pivotal Party role. Their leadership and the support of their Electorate Secretaries, Treasurers, and the Co-ordinators of Fundraising, Policy, Campaign, Membership and Party Development, together with Branch Chairs and members of the Electorate Executives, make the National Party what it is. Thank you all.  Sector Groups Chairs also deliver an important Party role. – Brittany Raleigh (Young Nationals), Shirley Faber (SuperBlues), Lee Mathias (Policy), Prithi Pal Singh (Global


IndianNZ), Jay Lee (Korean Group), Elizabeth McEwan (Pacific Blues), Dr Jian Yang and Frank Zhang (Chinese Group) were all active and have their own successes reported elsewhere in this Convention Book. Members of Parliament provide considerable motivation for Party volunteers and for the Party’s work. My special thanks to all of our MPs who balance their political energies between Wellington, their constituents, and the Party. The Regional Co-ordinator Stuart Mullin and latterly Karen Meldrum have both worked exceptionally hard in this role to support the region. I am enormously grateful to the support and friendship that both Stuart and Karen give the role. The region has a new Regional Coordinator being Karen Meldrum who has hit the ground running and I thank her. I also wish to acknowledge and thank the President, Peter Goodfellow, and other Board members residing in this Region – John Key, Alastair Bell, Grant McCallum and the Party’s Rules Committee Chair Peter Kiely for their support throughout the year, especially during the busy selection period. On behalf of the Region I express my considerable gratitude. Greg Hamilton, General Manager of the Party and I have enjoyed a great working relationship with him and the small but effective Service Centre Team. On behalf of the Region, I thank all of the team. The Convention Delivery Group is led very ably by Jim Stephens and includes, Leigh Morrow, Kit Parkinson, Andrew Hunt, Karen Meldrum and Stuart Mullin. They are an outstanding team who continue to raise the bar and are a pleasure to work with. We met on several occasions and I am sure you will agree the team has done an excellent job in delivering on Northern Region Convention 2014. My final thanks to Genelle Bailey for all the work she puts in when not working for the Prime Minister and keeping us updated as to events in the Region.

So to all of you National Party Volunteer VIP’s I thank you for what you have done and for all the work you continue to do for the National Party and especially in the Northern Region in this Election Year. In my fourth and last year as Regional Chair, I wish to express my thanks for the personal support and friendship given to me over the last 12 months and that of my tenure. I believe the Region is well positioned in Election year. On behalf of the Regional Council

Alan G. Towers Northern Region Chair


NZ National Party –Asian Advisory Group The Chinese Advisory Group has in its second year been actively supporting Dr Jian Yang MP in his effort to strengthen the relations between the National Party and the Chinese community. We are pleased to note the substantial improvement of the connections between the Party and the Chinese community since Dr Yang was elected into Parliament in November 2011. Party officials now have more opportunities to communicate with the Chinese community. We are also grateful that Party President, Board Directors and National MPs are readily available for various functions in the Chinese community. The Chinese Advisory Group also helped Dr Yang in organising the visits to China by two National Party delegations. The visits further strengthened the Party’s relations with the Chinese community in New Zealand. Dr Yang appreciates the Group’s advisory role on issues relating to the Chinese community. It is widely acknowledged that the National Party, through Dr Yang, has moved much closer to the Chinese community. Fundraising is one of the Chinese Advisory Group’s key missions. We have formed a Chinese Group Cabinet Club and have organised two very successful club dinners. The Group also played an important role in supporting National Party’s annual fundraising dinner in 2013. In the Chinese Community, we also had two stands at the Chinese New Year Market Day, talking to thousands of community members, thanks to the support of our MPs and volunteers. Frank Zhang Chinese Group


NZ National Party – Bluegreens Report The Bluegreens are the National Party Policy Advisory Group for Environment and Conservation issues. Environmental issues are too important for New Zealand to be left to the fringe of politics. That is why National founded the Bluegreens in the 1990s and it continues to grow in strength and numbers. It is one of the most active of National’s Policy Advisory Groups and now works closely with a strong Caucus group chaired by Nicky Wagner. Bluegreens believe that successful economic and environmental policy can and must go hand in hand to provide a cleaner, greener, brighter future for all New Zealanders. National has worked hard to provide real leadership on environmental issues in a sensible “Bluegreen” way that also supports better jobs and a growing economy. The Bluegreens have five key principles’, which we have been applying in Government: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Resource use must be based on sustainability. Economic Growth and improving the environment can and must go hand in hand. Good science is essential to quality environmental decision-making. People respond best to change when engages and given incentives. New Zealanders have a unique birth right to access and enjoy our special places.

The Bluegreens are committed to collaborative approaches; supporting and encouraging stakeholders engaging together on solutions that work for communities, the environment, and the economy. National has put in place collaborative processes that get environmental and industry stakeholders working together with government officials on long-term environmental goals. At the heart of this approach is the motivation to empower stakeholders to reach an agreement among themselves through a deep immersion in information and learning. Following nearly a decade of procrastination and polarised debate on water, we successfully applied a collaborative approach here in 2009 to the Fresh Start for Freshwater programme. By establishing New Zealand’s first Land and Water Forum, we supported a stakeholder-led collaborative process that brought together all those interested in water. This led to the development of New Zealand’s first National Policy Statement on Fresh Water - a shared vision and a common way forward. A similar process has been used to advance agreement on marine protection on the West Coast and around Kaikoura. On a local level in Auckland, we have partnered with WaiCare the Auckland Cities clean waterways group to restore a section of Meola Creek. Funding from the Council has allowed our Bluegreens Group to remove rubbish, plant trees and grasses and now we have initiated a pest control programme which in the first two weeks removed 15 possums and


rats from our site. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the numerous volunteers who have turned up over the past 3 years to help. If you wish to volunteer contact Chris Severne We hope you can join us for our Bluegreen breakfast on the Sunday morning of the Convention where we have an excellent speaker lined up. In closing, I would like to thank Nick Smith, Amy Adams, Tim Groser for their commitment in government to our Bluegreen principles in Government. National should be proud of our environmental initiatives so far, but the work is not finished. National has an ambitious environmental agenda and will be announcing further initiatives. Watch this space!

Chris Severne Bluegreens Executive Auckland

Meola Creek – Walkway & Bush restored by Auckland Bluegreens


National Party - Northern Blue Libs Who We Are The Blue-Liberals advocate for liberal values and policies within the National Party. Our core commitment is to economic and social freedom, responsible government and national identity with diversity. Although stated easily enough, this involves striking a sometimes difficult balance. Social and economic freedom must be balanced against individual responsibility and the need to ensure an equitable marketplace. Responsible government does not mean 'no government', but government where and when it is needed to bring about positive outcomes. Diversity must be balanced against the need to uphold the unifying values of New Zealand society. To describe Blue Libs simply, it would be to say that we are 'socially liberal and fiscally conservative'. What We’ve Done Nationally the Blue Libs have held a number of events in different centres. Our highlight in Auckland was hosting Hon Bill English, alongside Dr Oliver Hartwich from the New Zealand Initiative. Chaired by Paul Goldsmith, the venue was filled to capacity for an exciting discussion on policy issues ranging from free trade and workforce issues, to relations with Australia and Auckland’s planned growth. This was a great opportunity for members to engage directly with the speakers, and provided some robust debate. More free events are planned for the next twelve months. Next Steps Within the Northern Region we are setting up an active group who can meet to discuss issues that matter from a Blue Libs perspective. If you are interested please contact Megan at or 027 227 9222.


NZ National Party - Global IndiaNZ Chairman – Prithpal Singh Deputy Chairs – Mohanpal Singh Bath, P. J. Dhatt, Shefali Mehta Secretary – Manish Tanna Treasurer – Dr. Ajit Patron – Harnamsingh Golian The group has this year established branches with the help of active party members in Hamilton, Hastings, Tauranga, Christchurch, Pukekohe and Rotorua apart from the large group already active in Auckland region. The immediate plan is to make Wellington region branch by this year’s AGM. The milestones achieved this year are: Consultations with the community – In July 2013, a couple of months after the AGM, the executive met with representatives of the community and gathered their suggestions on the path ahead. The suggestions were discussed at length and an action plan was drafted.  Meet the minister organized for Small business owners – This was one of the suggestions, which was quickly implemented. Hon Minister Todd McClay addressed a group of small businesspersons and shed light on the new law regarding synthetic drugs. The event was organized jointly with Manukau Indian Association at their hall. Mr Kanwaljitsingh Bakshi, M.P. and Mr Prithpal Singh spoke on the occasion. MIA President and Global Indianz Secretary, Mr Manish Tanna conducted the program.  Fund-raising dinner with Rt Hon John Key, Prime Minister and leader of National Party. This was a major drive to raise donations for the Victory fund. The evening was organized at India Gate party hall in Papatoetoe and was very well attended. Rt Hon John Key spared a lot of time and interacted with the business and community leaders present. The Diwali postage stamp was auctioned and the money raised was donated to Shanti Niwas senior citizens group. 

Facebook page created for the group – This is an avenue for the members to keep abreast of the happenings in the party, government and the special interest group. It is also a forum for the youth of Indian origin to connect with the group. It will be providing updates in these important days.

The group is now planning for another fund-raising effort, the focus this time being to involve more people even if with smaller contribution, being the election year. This will be the first activity after the AGM. Global Indianz is looking forward to creating an environment of support in people of Indian origin to help bring the National led government back in power come September. Prithipal Singh Chairperson


NZ National Party - Korean Sector Group Ahn Nyung Ha Se Yo (“Hello�) from the National Party Korean Group Korean Group continued to support the National-led Government by giving National Party information to the Korean Community and support MP Melissa Lee, the key part of this interest group. The group has held a number of functions and important activities. These include increasing involvement of Korean young voters through the Kimchi Club that is one sector of Korean Group and is actively involved by young generations. Also the Group hosted young Korean entrepreneurs at a dinner with Rt Hon John Key where they exchanged constructive ideas and information with him. Also Korean Group continued to increase network around New Zealand. In Christchurch and Wellington young Korean voters have had regular meetings to share information to settle in successfully as migrants and try to boost power in the region. A round of golf with Rt Hon John Key, held in March 2014 at North Shore Golf Club in Albany, Auckland was a huge success with warm reception from the participants in the event. Also Rt Hon John Key proved again his huge popularity among members of the golf club, including your generation who were eager to have a photo opportunity with Rt Hon John Key. The group also tried to inform many Koreans of the National Party policies by visiting local Korean communities with MP Melissa Lee. Of course, MP Melissa Lee could form deeper intimacy and expanded the number of National party supporter. We intend to present a number of activities throughout this year. Approaching 2014 Election, our main focus this year will be the Party Vote Campaign in Korean community along with other Asian communities. The Group will hold a number of policy promotion events to various groups among Korean community. The Group will try to show a big achievement in 2014. Jaegwan Han Chair, Korean Group


NZ National Party - Pacific Blues Talofa lava, faakalofa lahi atu ki a mutolu oti. Warm Pacific Greetings. The Pacific Blues has met regularly once a month over the past year, we have also had a very successful Open Forum Policy Meeting to which a number of people outside the Party attended and two Policy meetings. Our main highlight of 2013 was a fundraising dinner, held at the Community Café in Otahuhu, with the Hon. Paula Bennett as guest of honour and guest speaker. Pacific Blues signed up fifteen new

members that evening.

At last year’s AGM Pacific Blues signed up thirteen new members. The highlight, which began 2014 for Pacific Blues, was the appointment of Peseta Sam LotuI’iga, to Minister of Pacific Island Affairs. Brilliant ! I have continued to promote & to raise the profile of Pacific Blues both within and outside the Party, attending as many functions and events as possible. Looking back at our goals set for 2013, I can place a tick by each goal on the list as having been achieved, except for fundraising. On the bright side, we have signed up new members apart from our functions. Getting out and about amongst the Pacific Island communities I’ve noted a positive change in attitude towards the National Party. Pacific Island people are realizing that National is a serious option for them, especially if they want to advance their aspirations and goals in New Zealand. Goals for 2014 are: · · · · · · · · · · ·

To increase the profile & visibility of the National Party in Pacific communities. Continue to maximise Party membership Ensure that the best Pacific candidates are selected for leadership and Parliamentary positions across the party Ensure that Pacific Blues is prepared for and supportive of the 2014 Election Campaign Follow-up (& implementation of )the Open Forum Policy Meetings Reach out and make connections in the Pacific Island community To ensure that we have a co-ordinated approach to everything we do To maintain a strong presence at key Pacific Island Fonos, events, Conferences, meetings To be active, involved & seen in Pacific Communities Remain committed to supporting Pacific Island languages To promote and support the Party and a John Key led Government 37

Some Highlights of the past 12 months · Attended Regional Council Meetings · Supported Electorates with fundraising · Supported Electorates with canvassing · Supported the Rt Hon John Key’s visits to: Strive Community Trust – Mangere Niuean Kindergarten – Mangere Bridge Te Puea Memorial Marae – Mangere Bridge Pasifika – Western Springs Polyfest – Manukau Sports Bowl · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Suffrage Day in the City Suffrage Day Celebration with the Women’s Advisory Group Women’s Advisory Group events & functions Pacific Island Media Awards – we were singled out by Hone Harawira ! Pacific Island Sports Awards The Hon. Tim Groser - New Lynn Electorate The Hon. Hekia Parata – Public meeting, Henderson International Day of the Older Person Chinese New year Festival – ASB Show Grounds Avondale Market Otara Market I manage the Pacific Blues Face Book Page – make sure you “Like” it.

The above are just some of the events & places that I and some of our Pacific Blues members attended. People’s response to the Rt Hon John Key being present at Chinese New Year, Pasifika and Polyfest was overwhelmingly warm, supportive and positive, but we must keep working to gain the Pacific Island vote. I have enjoyed the year immensely as Pacific Blues Chair. I am enriched as a person for getting to know more people within the Party. I thank the following people for their valuable time, help, expertise, advice, humour & patience: Stuart Mullin, Alan Towers, my Treasurer, Daniel Fuemana, Deputy Chair - our spiritual leader and Margaret Burke. I also thank, the Members of Parliament who supported Pacific Blues throughout 2013. Pacific Blues looks forward to the General Election and will fully support the Party and the Rt Hon John Key. My old school, Avondale College, motto “Kohia Nga Taikaka” - Collect the Heart Wood - strive for the best in life Elizabeth (Elisapeta) McEwan Chair, Pacific Blues


Northern Region Policy Committee The committee has met 10 times over the year. As well as the preparation of remits and assisting electorates in their preparation of remits the groups focus was primarily on the “Have your Say” project promoted by the National Headquarters. It has been heartening to have electorates develop considerable skill in using the remit preparation process which includes: Stating the topic Identifying the current legislation and the identified deficits Proposing the change, and justifying the rationale to support the change. For the most part, no remits were received by the Regional Policy committee which had not been through this process. The Northern Region had a number of successful remits passed at National conference and we look forward to another fruitful year. The ‘Have your Say “project elicited hundreds of ideas from across the country, these were considered by regional committees and National Headquarters prior to being discussed by caucus prior to Christmas. Since that time the PAGs have considered topics along with special campaign policy groups with special expertise in the areas being discussed. Over the next few months the various Ministers will be considering the ideas proposed. In spite of the challenges in getting ministers to speak with the group, there have been some very good discussions representing the many different opinions of our membership. I would like to thank Arran Hunt, Aaron Davidson and Andrew Holgate for sharing their legal skills and Scott Martins for his on-going scribe duties. I have participated in the bimonthly Policy Consultation Committee on a regular basis. Lee Mathias Chair, Regional Policy Committee


NZ National Party - SuperBlues Report Well here we are again –another election year. How fast the years go! I must start this report with a heartfelt thankyou to Phil Heatley who has been a tower of strength to the party and the Superblues. We have had a combined meeting at the Masonic Hall in the village where I live for the over 60’s and residents in three different villages and rest homes in the area of Maunu. It was a success and at the time we didn’t know he was retiring. Following that we had another meeting at Jane Mander Village rest home. Also a success. I have been speaking to Rotary and also been to the Super Blues group in Hamilton. I took two of my group from Whangarei with me. As you know we now have a new MP elect. Dr Shane Reti QSM and we have been busy working out an agenda to see more of the Superblues in the area here but I still wish to explain to the MP’s in the Northern Region to not forget their elderly in their electorate as they are a big block of your voters, the statistics tell us that. I have found that most seniors are quite happy the way this government is going but need to know more about where it is taking their children and grandchildren. This is something we can do when they ask these questions. We must make allowances for their age and fragility but the really do care and like to be involved in what the party is doing. This next few months will keep me very involved with visiting different villages and also Greypower venues. We have Winston Peters with an office here so I will have to be very vigilant, and keep my ear to the ground as he is a force to be reckoned with in my age group. I wish you all a very successful election year and don’t forget THE PARTY VOTE IS WHAT COUNTS.

Shirley Faber Superblues Coordinator, Northern Region


NZ National Party – Women’s Advisory Group Huge thank you to our Committee Sec Beverley Revell; Treasurer Raewyn Mac Gregor, Jan Brown and Adriana Gunder. 2013 marked 120 years since women gained the vote and a Suffrage event was held at Regional Office; An excellent luncheon was held in the Holy Trinity Cathedral with a very inspirational Hon Nikki Kaye MP - thank you to all who helped with the cooking, organising and management on the day, this was closely followed by a luncheon with the Rt Hon John Key PM at the Floating Pavilion. Small numbers due to holidays and many overseas – however, well supported and as usual very interesting speaker. - New List MP Claudia Hauiti is representing herself well within the Party and the community. The Women’s Advisory Group is here to support our women who are MP’s; Women in the Party; Women standing for Office within the Party and in Local body elections; Women in Business. Men Are important. Women are just as important with amazing acumen, if accompanied with a skill base. We must support them. That is our duty within the National Party of NZ. So often in the Party it is the Women who do not support our Women who put themselves forward.. We are here to assist the National Party to increase : The office holders in the Party especially the List Ranking Committee 

Increase the number of Women MP’’s and support them once they are there.

Increase membership

Increase the Women’s vote and support.

Thank you to Stuart Mullin and Karen Meldrum in the Northern Regional Office for their support – Stuart is now on the Campaign team and Karen is the new Northern Regional Coordinator. And finally thank you to you our members for your support. This is the year to grow our support for women, work on their campaigns, and raise funds. We need more people closely involved in the Advisory Group

Toni Millar Chair Northern Region Women’s Advisory Group


NZ National Party - Northern Young Nationals It has been an exciting year for the Northern Region Young Nats! We have spent the past twelve months expanding our membership, volunteering and campaigning in the region, getting involved in the policy process and making our voice heard, and of course holding excellent social functions. Some of our highlights are:  Expanded our on-campus presence from just the University of Auckland to now encompass AUT too  Signed up over 700 members and supporters at O Week this year  Hosted the Young Nationals ball with 200 guests attending including the Rt Hon John Key  Put on a successful business drinks evening with the CEO of the Warehouse Group as our speaker  Held policy forums, made submissions on bills, contributed to national discussions, and had our remit passed at the National Conference  Organised many successful social events with high attendance  Had a large number of members attend the Northern Convention, and the National Conference in Nelson last year  Hosted the first ever national Young Nats Campaign Workshop Weekend that included a day of campaign training, social events, and practical campaign practice  Experienced strong and consistent membership growth  Held successful campaign days in the region and consistently volunteered helping electorates with their fundraisers, events, and campaigning  Sent a team of 10 activists down to help and campaign in the Christchurch East byelection in November The Northern Young Nats would not have had such a successful year without the hard work, help and support of many people. I would like to thank my fantastic executive as without them none of the region’s achievements would have been possible. Alex Best, Stefan Sunde, Bonnie Hartfield, Simone Cooper, Andrew Grant, Mitchell Baker, Victoria Baird, Olivia O’Malley, Jack Davies, Sam Franklin, Jonathan Valois, Sarah Fenwicke, Sarah Heffer, Alex Yuen and the Alfred Street executive you have been an amazing team to work with. Regional Chair Alan Towers has been an unwavering advocate and supporter of the Young Nats for many years, he will be sorely missed when he steps down this year and we can’t thank him enough for all he and the Regional Leadership Team have done for us. Stuart Mullin, Karen Meldrum and the rest of the staff at HQ have been wonderful with all the time and effort they have put into helping us over the past year. We are also very appreciative of all the amazing MPs in the Northern Region who always have time to come to our events, listen to us, and help us sign up new members. There are many more in the party who have been a huge help to the Young Nats and we greatly appreciate all they do and the support they give. The Northern Young Nats are in exceptional shape going into the 2014 election. The organisation is strong with a committed and enthused membership, and we are ready to campaign hard and ensure we win three more years on September 20th. Brittany Raleigh Chair, Northern Young Nationals


Registered Attendees 2014 (As of 11TH April 2014) Thanks to everyone who registered early! We look forward to your participation. Dean Abel Heather Adam Ali Ahu Nicholas Albrecht Feroz Ali John Allingham Laurie Anderson Luke Attard Genelle Bailey Brent Bailey Michael Baird Andrew Baker Kanwaljit Bakshi Gawanjit Singh Bakshi Claire Barker Ian Bartram Brendan Beach Roberta Beal Paul Beattie Alastair Bell Russell Bennison Bruce Bernacchi Malcolm Billington CA Marjorie Blythen Dean Blythen Tom Bowden Roger Bridge Peter Bridges Robyn Bridgman QSM Murray Broadbelt Janet Brown Simeon Brown Scott Browne Clive Brumby Vivienne Brumby Gwen Bull Colin Bull Richard Burns Roger Burrill Diana Burslem Laurence Burt Campbell Calder

Dyann Calverley Ian Campbell Elizabeth Carroll Peter Chan Audrey Chao Jonathan Coleman Graeme Collie Judith Collins Barry Colman Linda Cooper Simone Cooper Cameron Cotter Vanessa Crabb Susan Crockett Brendon Cullen Aaron Davidson Mark Davie Jack Davies Joe Davis Seamus Donegan Heida Donegan Stephen Douglas Karon Dow Lester Dredge Terence Dunleavy Maureen Eardley-Wilmot Alan Eyes Shirley Faber Jacqueline Fairweather Joan Finlayson Greg Fleming Alex Foan Robert Foggin Shane Forman Lynnette Francis Stephen Franklin Gurjinder Ghuman John Gilbert Paul Goldsmith Elizabeth Gollan Malcolm Grant Kathie Grant 43

Donald Gribben Dianne Gribben Tosswell Grumley James Halcrow Greg Hamilton Lesley Hamilton Tony Hannifin John Harris Bonnie Hartfield Valerie Hayes Philip Heatley Anna Hedley Heather Hitchings Richard Hitchings David Holibar Kris Hope-Cross James Hornby Jason Howarth Arran Hunt Andrew Hunt Paul Hutchison Toby Hutton Grant Inns Adam Isa Cedric Jordan Lee Kammerer Nikki Kaye John Key Peter Kiely Simon King Chris King QSM Margaret Kirk Kevin Klein Umar Kuddus Christine Lambert Christine Lambert Cathryn Lancaster Attendee First Name Last name KaWing Lau Richard Lawty Bob Leveloff

Kenneth Livingstone Jim Livingstone Michael Loftus Gavin Logan John Long Graeme Macdonald Mel Macdonald Christine Macfarlane Rosalie Macgregor William Macgregor Raewyn Macgregor Graham Malaghan Simon Marshall Peter Martin Scott Martins Richard Matson Bruce McCallum Cheryall McCullough Ian McDougall Elizabeth McEwan Rod McGregor Katherine McIntyre Ian McKinnon Stephanie McMillan Ewen McQueen Shefali Mehta Karen Meldrum Emma Mellow Sandra Mickell Toni Millar Ross Miller Mark Mitchell Robert Moody Gregory Morrison Leigh Morrow Nicholas Morse Adrian Mowatt-Wilson Stuart Mullin Alfred Ngaro Gabrielle O'Brien Elizabeth O'Loughlin Peter O'Brien

Simon O'Connor Davorin Ozich Hadyn Padfield Christopher Parkinson Cheryl Parsons Romi Patel Christopher Penk Thomas Perkins Mark Perratt Glenda Phillips Nathan Pont Richard Poole David Poppelwell Linda Potauaine Jo Powell Dan Purcell-Lokeni Rollend Rackley Elizabeth Rackley Ranjith Randeniya Olive Reed Graeme Reed Shane Reti Cyrus Richardson Daniel Riordan-Edmonds Stephanie Robertson Adam Roland Karen Rolleston Jami-Lee Ross Rosalind Rundle Donald Ryrie Michael Sabin Chris Severne Nivedita Sharma Vij Craig Shearer Karen Sherry Alex Sie George Sikharulidze Lana Simpson Prithi Pal Singh Prithi Pal Singh Gurmeeta Singh Manmohan Singh Bath Barrie Smith Marilyn smith Boris Sokratov Jeremy Sole Jay Stead Sam Stead Stefan Sunde Judith Surgenor Christine Teesdale

Mark Thomas Geoffrey Thorpe Richard Thumath Alan Towers Andrew Tringham Daniel Turkel Peter Turner Sharon Turner Philip Turner Fia Turner Bruce Urquhart Gerard Van Den Bogaart Rita Van Pelt Matt van Tuinen Michael Walsh Craig Watson Glenda Watson Suzan White Ngaire Wilkinson Maurice Williamson Simon Williamson Erica Wills Robyn Winstone David Wong Tung Alice Wylie Angela Xu Jian Yang


Credits Our sincerest thanks are extended to those who have generously contributed their time and resources to making this convention a success. Convention Delivery Group Jim Stephens QSM JP Alan Towers Andrew Hunt Karen Meldrum Leigh Morrow Stuart Mullin Kit Parkinson

Convention Book Compilation Leigh Morrow

Convention Book Cover Leigh Morrow & Donna Fifield



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