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During Le Guess Who? there are plenty of activities that will keep you busy by day. In this Treasure Guide, we’ve listed lots of lovely spots to visit in the city of Utrecht, (provided by Great Little Place,) including clothing stores, record shops, cafés, sandwich bars, and so much more;

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we fill you in on the festival’s exhibitions, like Le Bazarre and Le Mini Who?; and last but certainly not least, we’ve included a few interviews with some of the artists performing at LGW? 2014, courtesy of The Daily Indie and Gonzo (circus). Happy reading!

Le Guess Who? Info A Painting That Made Le Guess Who? 2014 Exhibitions Le Gig Poster? Viet Cong & Amen Dunes Interview (TDI) Plein 6 Le Guess Who? Treasures Part 1 (GLP) Sleaford Mods Interview (Gc) Mac DeMarco Interview (TDI) 42nd Mega Record & CD Fair When Bjork Met Attenborough Le Mini Who? & Le Bazarre Stephen O’Malley Interview (Gc) Le Guess Who? Treasures Part 2 (GLP) Parquet Courts Interview (TDI) Why You Should Know Selda Broeder Dieleman Interview (TDI) Nouveau Vélo (TDI) Ought Interview (TDI)

Free Lunch Concert for LGW? Visitors featuring: Friday Nov 21st, 12:30 ­ 13:30 Hertz TivoliVredenburg The Score Collective is an ensemble consisting of 20 master students from the Conservatory of Amsterdam (CvA). Led by Arnold Marinissen, the students perform works from the past fifty years, and a brand new composition by Luke Deane, a student at the CvA. On Friday, November 21, The Score Collective will perform Gavin Bryars’ ‘Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet’ and Luke Deane’s ‘Change The World.’

All Le Guess Who? Festival venues are within walking distance of one other. The two locations furthest from the city center are De Helling and dBs. For walking routes, please check our Treasure Map.

Rent a bike!

The easiest way to get around Utrecht is by bike. There are many options for bike rental in the city; both Laag Catharijne (next to Utrecht Central), and TivoliVredenburg have made a special deal for all Le Guess Who? visitors. If you rent a bike there during the festival, hand in the voucher below and show your wristband when you return your bike, you will get a discount of 20% on your rental!


If you don’t want to walk or bike to dBs, take a Sprinter train from Utrecht Central Station to Breukelen or Uitgeest and get of at stop Utrecht Zuilen Station. From there, it’s just a five minute walk to the venue.

To stay up-to-date on all the latest Le Guess Who? news, access Free WiFi Utrecht, available on four squares in the city centre: Neude Square, Dom Square (Domplein), Vredenburg Square (next to TivoliVredenburg), and Korte Minrebroederstraat (behind City Hall).

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Andrew Savage (Parkay Quarts, Parquet Courts)




Barry Spooren, Jorinde Hiddema, Veerle Luijten, Johan Gijsen & Jessica Clark


Gonzo (circus); The Daily Indie Treasures: I Know This Great Little Place In Utrecht

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Rudolf Magnus and de Helling.

If you don’t want to walk or bike to Rudolf Magnus or De Helling, you can take Citybus 8 or Citybus 47 from Utrecht Central Station, Centrumzijde (Center Side) to the second stop, Vondellaan. From there it’s a one-minute walk to both venues. You can take also Citybus 12 from Utrecht Central Station Centrumzijde to the first stop, Bleekstraat, and walk to De Helling in just three minutes. Please be aware that when you take any public transport in The Netherlands, you will need to buy an OV-Chipcard, which are availablefor purchase in the yellow and blue machines located throughout Utrecht Central Station. With this card, travel on any of public transport options.