Le Guess Who? 2018 Program Guide

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SATuRDAY 10 NOVEMBER Alabaster Deplume Angus Fairbairn (aka Alabaster DePlume) has a knack for turning the everyday into the absurd. On the opening track of his recent LP ‘The Corner of a Sphere’, he wails: “I’m making an album / I’m putting my heart and soul into my album / Is it enough?” Based in London’s underground, saxophonist and spoken word artist DePlume has a ruthlessly creative and witty approach to experimental pop music; creating eastern-influenced anthems stuffed with richly evocative poetry and odd yet fun-loving melodies.

700 Bliss Curated by Moor Mother The Philadelphia-based, noise-infested 700 Bliss is a collaboration between spoken word artist & sonic time-traveler Moor Mother and Discwoman-affiliated producer DJ Haram. Originated during Philly parties and underground club nights, this compelling project is saturated with hard hitting club beats, dissonant Middle Eastern melodies and Moor Mother’s everlasting, raging voice; delivering a heartfelt message on black American history and powerful Afrofuturistic perspectives.