Le Guess Who? 2018 Program Guide

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FRIDAY 9 NOVEMBER Art Feynman Art Feynman is a musician and recording artist based in California. Rooted in the world’s oldest religion ‘Animism’, which asserts that all things living and inert are endowed with spiritual qualities, Feynman questions what it means to be alive. While this reflection is packed with paranoid humor, steady krautrock and pulsating afrobeat influences provide a driving force to Feynman’s peculiar, infectious tunes.

Blanck Mass Since the release of its self-titled debut album in 2011, Benjamin John Power, aka Blanck Mass, has been demonstrating his versatility as an experimental drone and ambient musician and producer. Apart from the several records he released, his work ranges from collaborations with The London Symphony Orchestra and Zola Jesus to touring with Sigur Rós and Slowdive. Accompanied by impressive visuals, a Blanck Mass live show is always an otherworldly experience, rich in both melodic composition and textural exploration.

Bliss Signal Digging into the ground that is somewhere in between shoegaze, post-rock, noise and black metal, Bliss Signal unleashes a claustrophobic blast of furious energy. The project marks the collaboration between two experimental artists, grime producer Jack Adams (Mumdance), and black metal and electronic musician James Kelly (WIFE), who released their debut album in September 2018. Despite having different backgrounds, the duo succeeds in keepings its extremes in constant balance.

Blanck Mass