Le Guess Who? 2018 Program Guide

Page 128

Dieter Rams’ stellingen en NU verder Foundation De Pastoe Fabriek presents 9-11 November, 12:00-17:00 | De Pastoe Fabriek (Rotsoord 7B) De Pastoe Fabriek promotes the objective of good design from an aesthetical and corporate social responsibility perspective, stimulating designers to appreciate the diversity in cultural manifestations. This exhibition presents the work of Dieter Rams, an influential German industrial designer, known for his timeless and long lasting product design for Braun, as well as his ten commandments of good design: principles that today are still very relevant.

A New International Counter-Culture Foundation De Pastoe Fabriek presents 11 November, 14:00-16:00 | De Pastoe Fabriek, De Zagerij (Rotsoord 7A) De Pastoe Fabriek favours a new international counter-culture to break the hegemony of the global financial institutions and to reverse the tide of narrow-minded patriotism and identity politics. Jos Oberdorf, Alison Clarke, Nynke Tromp, Stefano Marzano and Tabo Goudswaard discuss an avant-garde that collaborates and unites through design, to contribute to a ‘good society’ that is fair and just.