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ATE FRE S Inc E BU l S** ude W l tax hat T HE es & fee IR’S sl D muc ON’T TRIP INCLUDES: hm ore ●● FREE AIR* from Select Florida Cities to Barcelona ! r* &

(other cities on request) or you may take a $400 No Air / No Transfer credit.

●● FREE 2 Day / 1 Night Barcelona Pre Tour featuring first class (3-star) hotel and transfers ●● 28 Day Cruise on BRAND NEW Carnival Breeze


30 DAYS from $2478

OCTOBER 23 - NOVEMBER 21, 2012

●● FREE BUS** from Miami Pier to Select Florida Cities I-75, I-4, US 19, I-95, The Villages OR Home Drop off to Dade or Broward County. $39 from Jacksonville, Lakeland, New Port Richey, Palm Coast, Spring Hill, St Augustine. (Other cities on request.)

RATES: Category

This brand new cruise ship does the MED & Transatlantic. Your journey begins with your overnight flight to Barcelona. Upon arrival you are transferred to your first class (3-star) hotel for one night. Next, board the brand new, 130,000-ton, Carnival Breeze for your 28 day cruise during her inaugural season. Ports of call on this voyage include Monaco; Florence, Rome, & Naples, Italy; Dubrovnik, Croatia; 2 days in Venice; Palermo, Sicily; Mallorca; Malaga & Costa del Sol, Spain; Las Palmas, Canary Islands; Antigua; St. Maarten and Miami. Upon arrival in Miami you board your transfer vehicle for your trip to our select Florida drop-off cities.


Run of Ship


●● All rates INCLUDE $728.93 government, air & hotel taxes ●● CHECK DISCOUNT: You may deduct $100 for this type of payment (first & second guest traveling) if you select this method of payment for your deposit & final payment. ●● All categories are available for small supplements. ●● PAYMENTS: $1000 deposit due upon booking. ●● FINAL PAYMENT due 100 days prior to departure. ●● CANCELLATION PENALTIES: deposit is non refundable; 100 - 61 days prior 50%; 60 - 31 days prior 75%; within 30 days 100%. ●● CANCELLATION INSURANCE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


ITINERARY: Day 1 Overnight Flight to Barcelona Your journey begins with your overnight flight to Barcelona. Day 2 Arrive Barcelona, Check into hotel Upon arrival in Barcelona, collect your luggage and then you check-in to your first class (3-star) hotel for one night. Day 3 Transfer to Pier, Board Ship Today you transfer to the pier where you board the 130,000-ton Carnival Breeze for your 16 day transatlantic cruise during her inaugural season. She is 1,004 feet long, has a cruising speed of 22.5 knots and carries 3,690 passengers. Day 4 Monaco An intimate enclave of castles and mansions perched high on a sun-washed ledge above the blue waters of the Mediterranean, the mile-wide principality of Monaco is the glittering jewel of the French Riviera. At its heart is the glamorous city of Monte Carlo, playground of the rich and famous. World-renowned for its chic gambling casinos, luxurious hotel and beach resorts, and elegant restaurants and boutiques, Monte Carlo rose to fairy tale stature in the 1950’s with the romance and wedding of its sovereign ruler, Prince Rainier II, to Hollywood movie star Grace Kelly, the much beloved Princess Grace of Monaco. Day 5 Livorno, Italy Florence - the cradle of the Renaissance - is truly a city of treasures. Here you will find some of the world’s greatest artworks from such masters as Leonardo da Vinci and Boticelli. You’ll be astonished by the magnificent frescoes, ornate cathedrals and Ghiberti’s famous doors, the Gates of Paradise. But of all the masterpieces in this miraculous city on the Arno, the one you can’t leave without seeing is, of course, Michelangelo’s David. Day 6 Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy A renaissance fort guards the harbor of Civitavecchia, gateway to Rome -- one of the world’s greatest cities. From its inception in 753 B.C. to the days of its decline, Rome has been the focal point for many of the world’s greatest artists, architects, rulers and philosophers. Day 7 Naples, Italy Once the domain of kings and wealthy nobleman, modern Naples is a lively, working port city along the Amalfi Coast. It is surrounded by Cape Miseno on one side and the Sorrento peninsula on the other, and across the blue waters of the Bay of Naples lies the charming isle of Capri. Its modern skyline is dominated by the heights of the not-toodistant Mount Vesuvius. Day 8 Day at Sea Enjoy a relaxing day at sea exploring all the beautiful Carnival Breeze has to offer. Day 9 Dubrovnik, Croatia On the beautiful Adriatic coast sits the ancient walled city of Dubrovnik, where medieval ramparts

encircle a tight maze of narrow streets and ornate stone buildings. The walls, completed in the 13th century, have a circumference of more than a mile and a half, and along with the Old City, have been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

of the most interesting places to explore is the old historic quarter, dating back nearly 800 years. The birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Malaga boasts miles of beautiful beaches, picturesque gardens and fantastic weather.

Days 10 & 11 Venice, Italy Located at the head of the Adriatic Sea, an intricate web of tiny islands and canals make up the enchanting city of Venice. In this intimate setting where gondoliers serenade, delicate bridges lead to winding cobblestone streets, and glorious renaissance architecture form a fairy-tale backdrop, it is no wonder that many people feel it is the world’s most romantic destination.

Day 19 Fun Day at Sea Enjoy a relaxing day at sea to explore all this magnificent ship has to offer. There is so much to do or you can do nothing at all!

Day 12 Day at Sea Another relaxing day at sea, perhaps you will explore the duty free shops or maybe sip a latte on the open deck. Day 13 Messina, Sicily Just three miles off the coast of southern Italy’s mainland is the port town of Messina on the island of Sicily. This bustling town has a complex history with roots in Greek mythology but, because of an earthquake in the early 1900s, it’s a relatively young city architecturally. Since the majority of the city has been rebuilt or refurbished within the last 100 years, you’ll find the town has an interesting blend of new architecture and old styles. Day 14 Day at Sea Perhaps you will try your hand with Lady Luck in the casino or maybe participate in the many activities offered onboard, the choice is yours. Day 15 Barcelona, Spain Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is Spain’s most cosmopolitan city. It is especially well known for its vitality and style, as you will see on Las Ramblas, Barcelona’s main thoroughfare. The city, while boasting monuments that are Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance in style, also captivates visitors with its incredible modern architecture. Among those worthy of attention, are the works of the legendary architect Antonio Gaudí.

Day 20 Las Palmas, Canary Islands Surrounded by two long stretches of beach, Las Palmas, Spain is the place where tradition meets modernity. Known for having one of the best climates in the world, Las Palmas is the place to enjoy some time in the sun or have some fun exploring the historical sites. Visit the spot where Christopher Columbus began each of his voyages to the Americas, and discover everything Las Palmas has to offer you. Days 21-25 Fun Days at Sea Enjoy five relaxing days at sea to explore this magnificent ship, perhaps you will enjoy a spa treatment, a dip in the pool or participating in activities offered on board! Aboard the Carnival Breeze you can experience 5D movies at Thrill 5D Theater that’ll practically suck you in. There are many fish in the sea, and you’ll find a nice selection of them on your plate at Bonsai Sushi. There are also new favorites like the RedFrog Rum Bar, BlueIguana Cantina and even Guy’s Burger Joint, featuring signature burgers by celebrity chef Guy Fieri! Day 26 Antigua Antigua’s beaches and crystal clear waters are complemented by almost year round sunshine. Antigua is the largest of the Leeward Islands, a grouping of small volcanic islands in the northeast Caribbean; it is also the most popular and developed. English Harbor is particularly picturesque, with yachts moored in the historic bay that has been a staging post for centuries.

Day 16 Palma de Mallorca, Spain Also known as Majorca, this Balearic island is a true Mediterranean paradise. It’s deservedly famous for such natural wonders as its goldensand beaches, tall pine groves and towering cliffs. The landscape is as varied as the northern mountains and the southern flatlands with their almond and olive groves.

Day 27 St. Maarten Where else can you experience the food, style and hospitality of two separate countries in an exotic West Indian setting? St. Maarten is divided between French St. Martin in the north and Dutch St. Maarten in the south. Both sides of this 37-square-mile island offer beautiful ocean vistas, gourmet cuisines, first-rate water sports and beaches, and some of the best duty-free shopping in the world.

Day 17 Fun Day at Sea Enjoy a relaxing day at sea to explore all this magnificent ship has to offer. There is so much to do or you can do nothing at all!

Days 28 & 29 Fun Days at Sea Enjoy two relaxing days at sea to explore this magnificent ship, perhaps you will try treat yourself to a luxurious spa treatment or stroll the open decks!

Day 18 Malaga, Spain A bustling coastal city and the capital of Costa del Sol, Malaga is the second largest port in Spain and one of Spain’s main commercial centers. One

Day 30 Arrive Miami After debarking the Carnival Breeze collect your luggage and then you are transferred to select Florida cities with wonderful memories of your Med & Transatlantic cruise!



Optional Features: CHOOSE YOUR OWN CABIN: Reservations are confirmed as a category guarantee, meaning the cabin will be assigned by the cruise line closer to the departure date. No requests can be accepted for a Category Guarantee. Legendary Journeys can assign the cabin within 7 days from the date requested for just $35.00 per person. Simply advise your Reservations Specialist to take advantage of this optional feature. STANDARD AIR: Refers to the Free Air (and Low-cost add-on cities) included with the package. Standard air arrangements, Airline and Flight Schedule, are at Legendary Journey’s sole discretion. Standard Air Schedules will experience up to 2 or 3 changes of planes in each direction. Standard air schedule will be available approximately 7-14 days prior to the trip departure date. Requests can not be accepted for Standard Air Arrangements. Please note: Standard Air low-cost air gateways will require payment of all air costs at the time of acceptance. LEGENDARY PREMIUM AIR: Legendary Journeys can customize your air arrangements for a fee of $49.00 per person, plus the additional air cost of the service requested. Legendary Premium Air requires payment in full of all additional air charges and is non-refundable. Certain packages may require full payment of the invoice prior to air purchase, and your Reservations Specialist will advise you of these requirements at the time of quotation. Legendary Premium Air schedules are available within 21 days from the date Legendary Journeys receives the required payment. WANT TO MAKE YOUR OWN FLIGHT ARRANGEMENTS? Legendary Journeys offers a No-Air credit on each air-inclusive package. Ask your Reservations Specialist for details. Please Note: By accepting the Legendary Journeys No-Air Credit, Transfers from/to all airports will not be included in your package. Transfers from/to the airports can be purchased for an additional fee. Ask your Reservations Specialist for details. TRAVELING WITH FRIENDS? Legendary Journeys can guarantee those traveling with cross-referenced friends to stay in the same hotels and/or fly on the same flight schedule for a fee of $49.00/per person. Please note: In order to guarantee the same flights, all parties must have the same air gateway and fly on the same dates.

Sarasota: 3474 17th Street Sarasota, FL 34235 (941) 953-7988

DEPOSIT & FINAL PAYMENT: A per person deposit is due to confirm reservation. Fares do not include non commissionable fees, additional service charges; government taxes or insurance payment. Departure Taxes, Visa’s and the like are additional expenses paid by the passenger. Legendary Journeys will assist you in getting a VISA if tour requires. Full Payment is due 100 days prior to departure. CANCELLATION POLICY: Loss of deposit for cancellation after booking. After Final Payment the penalties are as follows: 100 - 61 days prior 50%; 60 - 31 days prior - 75%; within 30 days - non refundable. Percentages apply to the total cost of the tour. Diamond Deals are non-refundable. These are general cancellation fees, some of our promotions are non-refundable after booking, in which case please see specific notation on front of flyer. PRICING: All prices in this brochure are current at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice. REVISION FEES: Any changes made to a reservation after deposit is subject to a minimum $35 Revision Fee per occurrence. Revision Fees (including Premium Air Fees and Choose Your Cabin) are non refundable and can not be insured. CABIN ASSIGNMENTS: The cruise line will only assign a guarantee in the cabin category you purchase and the cabin assignment will come in your documents. AIR DEVIATION: If your tour includes air, the flight schedules are for the scheduled arrival & departure days of the trip as indicated on the first page of the flyer. If you wish to travel on dates, other than what would be standard departure and return dates this must be requested at the time of reservation/deposit. There is a Premium Air fee of $49 for this deviation as well as fare difference (if any). PRE TOURS, POST TOURS & UPGRADES: MUST BE PAID IN FULL AT THE TIME OF RESERVATION. DISCOUNTS: Any discounts/ coupons must be preapproved by Legendary Journeys to be accepted on Legendary Journeys group programs. Many coupons offered by cruise lines and other suppliers specifically exclude applying acceptance to group travel. Because our group departures are highly discounted each coupon or discount must be reviewed by Legendary Journeys to determine if they can be applied. A service fee may be applied to the acceptance of discount coupon and that amount will be deducted from the coupon value. Additionally, all discounts and coupons apply to the first and second passenger ONLY traveling in a cabin/room. DOCUMENTS: You will receive your documents approximately 7 days prior to departure. Passengers requesting documents be shipped to a Canadian

address will be charged a $75 handling fee. Documents shipped to any other country outside the United States will be charged a $100 handling fee. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND MEDICAL CANCELLATION/INTERRUPTION INSURANCE. BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE: Regardless of the length of the trip you are allowed one checked bag and one carry-on per person. Carry-on Bag, should not exceed the dimensions of 12”x11”x6” and checked bag should not exceed the dimensions 30”x21”x11” and weight not exceeding 50 lbs. TIPPING: Legendary Journeys does not pay gratuities to your Tour Manager or Driver. We recommend you tip for good service based on the following industry standards: Overnight Tours: Tour Manager $3 Per Person Per Day, Driver $2 Per Person Per Day; Day Trips: Tour Manager $2 Per Person Per Day, Driver $1 Per Person Per Day. Cruise tipping as per ship guidelines. PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP: Cruises and Tours that leave the Continental United States will require PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP. For Cruises & Tours this means a passport. You MUST check with U.S. Customs (for Americans or your Foreign Consulate office if you are not a U.S. citizen) to ensure proper documentation. U.S. rules for re-entering the United States are evolving and may require a passport. This is your only notice about providing proof of citizenship and passport. Legendary Journeys will not be responsible for your proper identification. RESPONSIBILITY: The responsibility of Legendary Journeys is strictly limited. As the operator we sell the services of hotels, restaurants, attractions, cruiselines, etc. The operator is not responsible for any intentional or unintentional actions or omissions by suppliers. Legendary Journeys reserves the right to substitute any services of similar or equal quality. Legendary Journeys cannot control the circumstances, causes, effects, weather, strikes, bankruptcies, etc. of our suppliers. It is absolutely clear to your acceptance of participation in this trip that Legendary Journeys cannot guarantee airlines, flight times, hotels, attractions, shows, restaurants, Motorcoach vendors, etc. and unforeseen changes that might occur in the future. Therefore, Legendary Journeys, acting as intermediary or as an agent for these suppliers retains its rights to modify the itinerary components of the itinerary or the use of suppliers that is best for the operation of the tour. Furthermore, your claims about these unforeseen changes has in no way an effect on your decision to cancel or in waiving cancellation penalties that will be imposed as a result of your cancellation. Additionally, all requests (such as flight seating, hotel room types, etc.) are requests that cannot be guaranteed and your participation in the tour in no way assumes that you have been given any guarantees. Legendary Journeys is registered with the State of Florida as a Seller of Travel, registration no. ST29220.

Ft. Myers: Lakeland: Largo: 1500 Colonial Blvd. Unit 223 120 E. Pine St. # 8 Yarnell Bldg 801 West Bay Drive Suite 500 Ft. Myers, FL 33907 Lakeland, FL 33801 Largo, FL 33770 (239) 433-9200 (863) 904-0219 (727) 559-7200

Naples: 2335 N. Tamiami Trail # 402 Naples, FL 34103 (239) 417-8400

Ocala: 6130A SW Hwy 200 Ocala, FL 34476 (352) 291-9300

Port Charlotte: 4055 Tamiami Trail A-5 Port Charlotte, FL 33952 (941) 743-3600

Sun City Center: 3818 Sun City Center Blvd SCC, FL 33573 (813) 633-4521

Venice: 303 Tamiami Trail South Unit C Nokomis, FL 34275 (941) 484-7030 The Villages: 15561 S. US Hwy 441, Summerfield, FL 34491 (352) 751-0022 (352) 307-0068


This brand new cruise ship does the MED & Transatlantic. Your journey begins with your overnight flight to Barcelona. Upon arrival you are t...

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