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LPCA exists to cultivate parental involvement in the educational process of their children, to instill students with a biblical worldview and the passion to stand firm and articulate boldly in defense of their faith, to prepare them for the rigors of college to guide them into independent learning, and to train our students to always give themselves fully to the work of the Lord, because their labor will not be in vain. Truth is revealed by God through Christ “in Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3

OCTOBER 2012 • Volume VI • Issue I

Letter Jackets Coming Soon to A Lion Near You By Macey Crowder


By Keller Houston


ecently, Ms. Seamans’ seventh-grade Texas History class took a field trip to The Galveston Storm Theater. At the theater, they watched a video about the storm of 1900, which remains the worst natural disaster in American history. Here’s what some of the students thought of the field trip. Adisyn Mickan said, “Abigail Kruppstadt, Macey Crowder, and I saw a tornado form and it came down and then went back up into the clouds. It reminded me of the video.” Jared May said, “It was very interesting and unique. But, it was kind of creepy, too, because so many people died there.” The class also read a novel about the hurricane, Galveston Summer of the Storm. It was a book with fictional characters that experienced the hurricane. Ms. Seamans and her class really enjoyed the book and field trip and learned a lot. She said, “The storm rained down knowledge on the 7th graders.”



Photo by Daniel Stiff

Lions Venture Back in Time Into the Eye of the Storm

he Legacy Lions high school class recently ordered their very own letter jackets. “Most students ordered the jacket with our awesome school colors - black, dark green, and silver,” said Mrs. Hogan. Some made it unique and put a bible verse on the back. The high school students are excited about their letter jackets, which are expected to arrive around October 24th from the company Balfour/Dilly. Some people have received patches already for academics and athletics. Sarah Cruthirds has already earned many patches to put on her jacket, including Football Team Manager, High School Basketball, and Honor Society. “I am super excited to get my letterman jacket,” said Maddie Crowder. “I’m going to wear my jacket when it’s cold outside, because when it’s hot, it isn’t okay,” said Katherine Beeman. “Many of the kids seemed excited to receive their letter jackets on October 24th and can’t wait for the date,” said Mrs. Hogan. PFT

Jr. High Lions Unbeaten p.8

And the Lord said, “Whom shall I send? Who will go for me?” And Isaiah replied, “Here am I. Send me!” Isaiah 6:8

Mrs. May’s Message


New Beginnings

elcome to our first edition of 2012! Many of you were on hand during co-teacher training to hear our vision for the 20122013 school year. This year’s theme is that of New Beginnings. As we move deeper into this school year, there are many new faces, new opportunities, new ventures, new leadership, new teachers, and, if God so desires, a new campus! So many exciting things to look forward to. While New Beginnings sounds like a lot of fun, we fully understand that some of the “newness” will not be so pleasant. Our High School football team can attest to that! Teachers, parents, students and staff all have periods of adjustment where each must come to understand the other, figure out a schedule that works best at home and on campus, and navigate new faces, new subjects, and new obstacles. As I’ve spoken to many of you over the last few weeks, I’ve heard lots of different view points, and one main theme. Most of you have the point of view that the work is hard (I’ve seen some mighty crazy eyes lately!) but the adventure is worth it. Navigating long hours and bombed test scores has been difficult, but keeping our eyes on the balance that will surely come has kept many of us going. After all, anything worth importance will require some sacrifice. And, as we roll into our eighth year, we have a history of God’s faithfulness that we can look back on. Dr. Ann Shorb writes, “The key to being able to rejoice in the past is not found in counting the number of good things that have happened, but in remembering that God remembers!” He never forgets His plan and He never forsakes His promises. Even when life is tough and things don’t make sense, He’s in control and He’s working out His plan. Even the change of seasons is a reminder of God’s faithfulness. It gives us the hope that the winter we may be in right now will soon give way to springtime and new life. How can we be sure? Because the Bible says that God

keeps “his agreement forever.” (PS 108:5) And the theme? Praise Jesus for the constant encouragement our staff and faculty have continued to receive from all of you! Especially for those of us who’ve been at Legacy for several years, we understand that in life, every investment comes with the possibility of loss and disappointment. Sometimes, those very losses help us to appreciate our victories, because they’ve been fought for... together! There’s a big difference between losing and being destroyed. I choose to look at our capital campaign, Building Our Legacy, in this very way. God has too much invested in us to let His plans for our future be destroyed. The damage others can do is limited by the shield of God’s divine purpose and even when we’re not aware of it, “He redeems your life from destruction.” When I stop and think back on some of the doors He’s closed that didn’t make sense to us at the time, I realize that without his guidance and protection, the Enemy waiting behind some of them would surely have destroyed us! I am so thankful for his faithfulness and enduring love. And, when the enemy approaches and tries to destroy what God has deemed good, I hold fast to his promises that He will take care of us because He has a plan! I am excited about the New Beginnings we have ahead. And I know that when God decides it’s time for that new campus to go up, it’ll happen in a way that shocks us all! We’ll be looking at one another (probably with those same crazy eyes!) and asking, “Can you believe this?” Our New Beginnings verse is Psalm 51:10. “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” My friends, I truly believe the word we should focus on is “steadfast.” God will require us to be steadfast in our faith that he alone is able to provide all that we need. I can’t wait to see how He accomplishes this task and fulfills our hearts’ desires for a New Beginning! PFT Serving Him and You, Audra May

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10



Paws for Thought The Official Student Newspaper of


Volume VI • Issue I Audra May Executive Editor Daron Jones Managing Editor

8th Grade Editors & Photographers Bobby Cruthirds Alex Gibson Joshua Micheletti Parker Primm Daniel Stiff Cassie Sweebe Natalie Thibodeaux 7th Grade Editors & Photographers James Coggins Brennan Cone Madyson Conley Macey Crowder Sami Evrard Keller Houston Adisyn Mickan Jay Mondick Ben Schardt

LPCA exists to cultivate parental involvement in the educational process of their children, to instill students with a biblical worldview and the passion to stand firm and articulate boldly in defense of their faith, to prepare them for the rigors of college to guide them into independent learning, and to train our students to always give themselves fully to the work of the Lord, because their labor will not be in vain. Truth is revealed by God through Christ “in Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3

What’s the Matter with Third Graders? By Madyson Conley


rs. Nita Pollak’s third-grade science class has recently been studying the subject of how to measure matter. They did this by measuring different objects and finding out that these items may be of similar size, but can be of a different mass. Mrs. Pollak wanted to help her kids understand that people need to take care of animals and the world. She said that the biblical objective for this science unit was to let them know that, “God made everything to work together just right.”





Lions Athletics Needs YOU! Story by Alexandria Wartell, Photo by Alex Gibson


risti Murphy, a member of the PTO Sports Board, recently sent out the memo that volunteers are needed for junior high and high school football games. “In order for us to have a seamless, successful football season, we are in need of parent volunteers,” said Mrs. Murphy. There are many available responsibilities you can volunteer for, like admissions, concessions, scoreboard, sideline chain gang, and many others. All of these will support our junior high and high school teams. If you volunteer and support our football players collectively, it will not only help the school put on the games, but also encourage the hearts of Legacy’s players. To volunteer, email Mrs. Murphy at It’s a fun way to log your mandatory volunteer hours for the year. Legacy understands that not everyone has the time to volunteer, but you can also support the teams by being fans and coming to the games. Our home games are held at The Woodlands 9th grade campus on Branch Crossing. “Many moms are volunteering, but not a lot of dads,” said Mrs. Murphy. “So dads, please get on the field and you too can encourage our football players. But so far we have made very good success, with many parents volunteering. Thank you, Legacy parents!” Matthew 5:16 sums it up well: “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” PFT

10th & 11th Grade Poll What city would be the worst place to live? By Bobby Cruthirds

Sarah Cruthirds Anywhere Cold Katherine Beeman The Bronx Kyle Maiz Moscow, Russia Alex Wilson Phoenix, Arizona Branson Fredricks Los Angeles Matt Wenstrom Anywhere in China Gabe Locke Fredericksburg, Texas Adele Mouna Mexico City Chris Bingle Mexico City OCTOBER 2012

Lions Flip Classroom! No Injuries Reported By Katy Evans, High School Teacher


ur students are already constantly using technology – watching music videos on YouTube, connecting with friends on Facebook, capturing photos on Instagram, and researching crafty ideas on Pinterest. They are plugged in with computers, iPads, smartphones, Kindles, and iPods. Many educators believe the next step to increase student learning is not to try to take away these gadgets from our students and force them back into the “old school” way of learning, but to use their tools to further engage them. One of the ways we are doing this here at Legacy is to “flip the classroom.” This basically means that, instead of class lectures at school and reinforcing activities at home, the students listen to the lecture over new material at home (using YouTube or other similar websites), and then engage in class discussions, labs and other meaningful learning activities in the classroom to practice new skills and reinforce understanding. This serves several positive purposes. First, co-teachers do not have to worry about teaching material outside their breadth of knowledge (especially handy as their students start taking calculus, physics, and ancient history!) because the teacher will still be responsible for introducing new material. However, the co-teacher will be able to hear what their student is learning and engage in discussions with their child while they are at home. Second, the student will already have been introduced to the material when they arrive at school so the teacher can expand upon the basic skill, and use more kinesthetic learning activities to make classwork more interesting and fun. Third, many students will enjoy having an excuse to log onto their computer or iPad to complete their schoolwork. And finally, those students who learn well by listening will be able to hear the lecture as many times as they need, and those who like to see the lecture can re-watch the videos as they prepare for exams. This approach is being piloted in only a few Legacy classes this year, but we are hoping to broaden its usage as parents and teachers both become more comfortable with the technology and planning for this “flip.” To see this teaching approach implemented on a world-wide scale, please check out the Kahn Academy, and visit the following website to read or watch a segment on 60 Minutes about the Kahn Academy’s method of moving technology into the future of classrooms by allowing students to learn at their own pace, and allow teachers to be more of a mentor, facilitator, and intervention agent instead of lecturer: ag=contentMain;cbsCarousel. PFT 4

2nd Grade Poll

What is Your Favorite Breakfast? By Cassie Sweebe

Presley Mondick cereal Andrew Pollock donuts Kade Houston pancakes

Cartograms Help Ninth Graders See World in New Ways By Jay Mondick


rs. Katy Evans’ ninth-grade geography class recently made cartogram maps. Cartograms are maps that enable you to look at the world and focus on an element other than a national border or physical area. For example, you could have a map of an area based on religion or economic factors. One of the main reasons the ninth graders made these maps was to give them an opportunity to see the world in a different way. In the cartograms they made in class, the students were able to see that, although the area of Canada is larger than Guatemala, their populations are not very different. “This is important because frequently, as stewards of our Earth, we ask ourselves how we can better use God’s resources, how we can better serve His people, and how we can make sure we are reaching out to the people who need us most,” said Mrs. Evans. “Using maps like these, we could create the world and look at the percentage of Christians in a country’s population, or the water supply per person, or the number of missionaries already serving an area.” Cartograms are helpful when planning missions. “This information could really help pastors and outreach programs better strategize their programs, missionaries, and gift of resources like food, water, and educational materials,” said Mrs. Evans. PFT

River Reichert pancakes and bacon Jenna Carlson donuts Jacob Irving eggs, bacon, and waffles Will Condley sausage, gravy, and eggs Bria Bearden cereal Jordyn Conley waffles Brooke Bender eggs Shanie Spinler Nutella waffles and bacon Ella Jenkins omelette Rebekah Fleming donuts and yogurt Anna Wiley waffles and bacon



Legacy Students Appear in Latest CYT Production By Parker Primm


egacy eighth grader Lauren Eddings will be performing this month in a play called The King and I. Brought to you by Christian Youth Theater (CYT) Productions, The King and I will be preformed at the Nancy Bock Center for Preforming Arts at 3800 S. Panther Creek in The Woodlands. The story is about a king that has multiple wives and children and wants to bring western culture to his kingdom, called Siam. To do so, the king hires a school mistress named Anna Leonowens to tutor his children. The story shows how they slowly start to love each other. Lauren will be playing multiple characters, including one of the king’s many royal wives, Topsy, and the Sun Dancer. She first started acting when she was only in second grade. Lauren says, “One day I

saw Sierra Boggess and realized that acting is what I wanted to do.” Sierra Boggess is an American actress who has been in many plays on Broadway. Boggess is Lauren’s role model and inspiration. Lauren enjoys Theater. “I want to be an actress on Broadway when I grow up.” She has also been in other productions, like Jungle Book, Cinderella, Alice, and Wizard of Oz. In addition, another Legacy student, Jaron Spinler, is going to be in The King and I. He will be playing the priest and the guard in the play. You can buy tickets online at www., which is cheaper, or you can buy tickets at the door of the Nancy Bock Center for Preforming Arts. So, this October 25-28, when you are sitting at home wondering what to do, go support Lauren and Jaron at the play. PFT

Mrs. Bryant’s ninth graders recently learned cell types and the different cell organelles and their functions. To demonstrate their understanding of a typical cell, they had to create one that was edible, and include all of the appropriate organelles. “Then we ate them!”



Herridge Shares His Lizard Friends By James Coggins


rs. Holcomb’s firstgrade class had an exciting time during showand-tell recently. Tanner Douglas Herridge brought two Anole lizards to show the class. Anole lizards are very territorial and have even been seen fighting their own reflections in mirrored glass. Did you know that there are almost 400 different kinds of Anole species? Tanner’s classmates must have had a great time watching their entertaining friend attach two lizards on his ears. PFT

1st Grade Poll

What’s Your Favorite Barn Animal? By Macey Crowder Jaxson Moss Cow

Madi Tharp Horse & Dog

Gretchin Gram Horse

Luke Lilja Horse

Kylie Murphy Pig & Horse

Manning Gordon Horse

Jackson Rublei Horse

Isabelle Allman Sheep

Molly Steed Sheep

James Tooley Sheep

Nolan Raines Garter Snake

Courtland Carpenter Dog

Wesly Wingo Duck

Isaac Davis Horse

Nate Eickenhorst Horsie

Jonathan Witt Horse

Cody Peters Garter Snake

Tayten Schnieder Sheep

Chase Carrico Horse

Cami Johnson Horse

Gracie Cruthirds Horse

Mallie Ming Horse

Kendall Holland Sheep

Brody Belanger Garter Snake

Izzy Polland Horse

Abby Wilson Horse

Tanner Herridge Horse

Madison George Horse

Wesley Kuykendall Horse

David Palmer Cow

Audrey Byrd Horse

Micheal Thomas Horse

Hannah Kvien Horses

Jon Bundy Chicken

Liam Harms Dog

Anna Powell Bird

Rachel Robinson Horse

Tommy Ovaitt Roosters



Lions Junior High Football Lions 54, Rosehill 13 Ryan May had an outstanding game, with two rushing touchdowns and another on a fumble recovery returned. May also played well on defense, making several key tackles. In addition, James Coggins scored on a rushing TD and had a key interception in the second half. Lions 35, Covenant Christian 0 Legacy was ahead 35-0 with six minutes left in the second quarter when the game was called due to lightning. The Lions were led by the defense. James Coggins returned a punt for a TD. Alex Gibson led with four tackles, caused a fumbled, and returned a fumble for a TD. Coggins also excelled on offense, with two rushes for 25 yards, and 65 yards pass receiving. Ryan May had 36 yards rushing. Brennan Cone had the best play of the evening, catching a nicely thrown ball for a 35 yard TD. Landon Davis threw for 104 yards. Lions 59, Logos 13 James Coggins rushed for 119 yards and three touchdowns and caught another. He also recovered an onside kick and had 197 all-purpose yards. Quarterback Landon Davis was 10 for 13 passing for 140 yards, five TDs, and an extra point. Five different players caught passes from Landon. Jay Mondick caught two TDs. Ryan May had a 14-yard TD reception. The game ended with Bobby Cruthrids’ 15-yard TD reception. Defensively, the Lions were led by Seth Wiley, Keller Houston, and Coggins, who intercepted a pass and returned it for a TD. Seth led the team with five solo tackles and two assists. Keller and James each had four solo tackles and big plays on special teams.

All Photos by Daniel Stiff

Lions 52, Chester 7 The Yellowjackets held Legacy to just seven points in the first quarter. But the Lions got into a groove in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Ryan May had a dominating performance on both sides of the ball, rushing for two TD and catching another. May also threw for a TD to end the game. QB Landon Davis turned in another strong performance. He threw for one TD, ran a kickoff back for a TD, and caused a fumble in the end zone and recovered it for a TD. Landon, Ryan, and Brennan Cone led the team on defense. “We had some good contributions from young players and newcomers,” said Head Coach Miles Freeman. “Parker Primm rushed for a TD in the second quarter. Jared May turned in a very nice rushing performance in his first time in the Lions backfield, scoring on a 35 yard scamper. Chandler Stevenson intercepted the ball with less than one minute to play. On the next play, Ryan May found Casen Hutton streaking across the field for a pass TD. This was the last play of the game, and very exciting.” PFT OCTOBER 2012


Lions Junior High Football

Remaining Junior High Schedule October 12 vs. Alvin Living Stone - 4 pm October 19 vs. Brazosport Christian - 3:30 pm GREEN OUT GAME! October 26 at Brenham Christian - 5 pm November 1 at Belville Faith Academy - 5 pm November 10 at Orange Community Christian - 10 am



Lions High School Football Baytown 70, Lions 0 By Bobby Cruthirds The Legacy Lions Varsity football team traveled to Baytown Christian to play its first high school football game on August 31, 2012. The Lions fought hard for almost two whole hours, but ultimately lost 70-0. Travis May was 9-23 passing for 36 yards, throwing to five different receivers for two first downs. Gabe Locke caught two passes for 31 yards. The Lions ended up with a hard fought 23 yards of offense. On defense, Garrett DeClaris led the charge with four tackles and three PATs blocked. Travis May was right behind him with three tackles, and Kyle Maiz had two pass deflections. The varsity Legacy Lions have been working hard and will continue to do so all season long and Legacy will support them all the way through. Covenant Christian 31, Lions 30 By Alex Gibson On September 14, 2012 the varsity Lions faced the Covenant Christian Academy Cougars, losing 31-30. The Lions led the entire game until the final minute. Travis May led the team in tackles and caused two fumbles. Ben Bargainer scored the first-ever touchdown in Legacy Lions varsity history. Gabe Locke added another. Logos 81, Lions 0 The Lions Varsity football team traveled to Sugar Land to play our arch rivals, the Logos Lions. Things did not go well in an 81-0 loss against the only UMS school on our schedule. QB Travis May went 5 for 13 for 45 yards passing, as the Lions struggled to get anything going offensively. May, Gabe Locke and Garrett Chevalier led the team with two tackles each. Garret DeClaris had one kick return for 10 yards. Lions 44, Texas Christian (Houston) 42 By Bobby Cruthirds The Legacy Lions high school football team got its historic first win on September 29, 2012, beating Texas Christian (Houston) 44-42. On offense the Lions had 107 yards rushing and 272 yards passing. Travis May lead in both categories with 48 yards rushing and 11 completions in 17 attempts for 226 yards passing, recording four touchdowns (one rushing, three passing). Ben Bargainer lead the game in receiving with four catches for 114 yards and three touchdowns. On defense the Lions had 22 total tackles, four sacks, and a safety. Bargainer led the charge with four solo and two assisted tackles for a total of six. On the second play from scrimmage, May forced a safety two yards deep in the end zone. Overall it was an amazing game for the Lions, even more so because it was their first-ever win as a high school squad. And even more importantly, it was a district game. PFT OCTOBER 2012


Lions High School Football

Photo by Alex Gibson

Remaining High School Schedule October 5 vs. Pasedena Faith - 5 pm October 12 vs. Alvin Living Stone - 5:30 pm October 19 vs. Brazosport Christian - 5 pm GREEN OUT GAME! October 26 at Brenham Christian - 7 pm November 1 at Belville Faith Academy - 7 pm November 10 at Orange Community Christian - 11 am



High Schoolers

Mrs. Hogan and Katherine Beeman catch Alex Wilson.

Hypnotized By Ben Schardt


ecently, Mrs. Hogan’s 10th and 11th grade psychology class studied the many wonders of the brain as it relates to the study of, and careers in, psychology. They have even discussed some of the quirky psychological tests that have been conducted over the years, for example, hypnotism. There is a psychological experiment that has been shown to determine a person’s susceptibility to hypnotism. People who are most susceptible to hypnotism will readily agree to fall backwards into the arms of someone else. They display little to no fear in their assumption that the person will catch them before they fall to the ground. The person conducting the experiment does not tell the participants the idea behind the experiment. Sarah Cruthirds, a tenth grader, had this to say about it, “The experiment was really fun! I learned a lot about myself. I was the closest to not performing the experiment. Afterwards Mrs. Hogan said that meant I would be the least susceptible to hypnotism.” PFT

4th Grade Poll

What is Your Favorite Bug?

By Natalie Thibodeaux

McKamey Gordon Fireflies

Richard Bundy Praying Mantis

Lauren Railey Snail

Hannah Smith Love Bug

Owen Earl Scorpion

Analee Kotlarz Lady Bug

Anina Manning Tarantula

Sam Chutter Tarantula

Brandon Fornero Grasshopper

Jacob Peterson Hornet

Caleb Lightfoot Tarantula

Ethan Bender Tarantula

Jocelyn Cone Baby toads

Jamie Jones Black Widow

Jonah McFarland Brown Moth

Easton Havemann Fly

Sadie Micheletti Butterfly

Sarah Quinn Lady Bug

Hannah Condley Caterpillar

Kristoffer Kvien Scorpion

Avery Davis Butterfly

Josiah Powell Walking Stick

Elizabeth Holcomb Leaf Bug

Haley Timm Centipede

Caroline Freeman Butterfly

Grace Wiley Fireflies

Logan Cox Tarantula

Ava Bearden Tarantula

Claire Wartell Daddy Longlegs

Joshua Campbell Love Bug

Abby Ming Lady Bug

Landren Rideau Scorpion



Legacy Golf Tournament Moved to November By Joshua Micheletti

There are still plenty of playing spots and sponsorship opportunities for our fundraiser golf tourney.



n November 17th Legacy will be hosting its second annual golf tournament at the Woodforest Golf Club Fish Creek. The original date for the tournament was October 6th. This is a major fundraiser for the school’s athletes. Last year the tournament raised $14,000, which allowed Legacy to purchase equipment, uniforms, and a trailer, and also covered the expenses for the end-of-year sports banquet. According to Mrs. Ford, Legacy’s athletic director, our goal this year is $20,000. Legacy’s new Booster Club President, Mrs. Ashley Crowder, is the organizer for this golf tournament. “Please welcome her with this big responsibility, as she will be a tremendous help with t-shirt orders, booster club memberships, and other events,” said Mrs. Ford. Mrs. Crowder says, “There are lots of opportunities for companies to participate. They can help anywhere from donating raffle prizes to giving financial support. Our annual golf tournament provides financial support to all of our sports here at Legacy.” Students in 7th grade and up can participate in the tournament if they play with an adult. Mrs. Ford said, “We might have US Olympic speedskater Chad Hedrick come back this year, as he did last year. We had 72 golfers last year, and this year our goal is 80 golfers.” We need your help to make this happen. Spread the word at work and in your neighborhood asking them to check out the website for more detailed information: PFT OCTOBER 2012

Seventh Graders Mold Texas History Story and Photos by Brennan Cone


s. Seaman’s 7th grade class recently finished a project on the geography of Texas. They studied the geography of our great state and made 3D models of it. The students created their own clay from scratch and molded Texas out of it. They painted their project to match the elevation color key used to show the height of the area of Texas. The map showed how our state slopes upward the more you move out west. PFT

Fifth Grade Archaeologists Prove God Flooded the Earth

Mrs. Carlon’s 5th graders dug for “fossils” in these tins.

By Sami Evrard


ecently Mrs. Carlson’s 5th grade class has been studying fossils. Toward the end of last month they did a fossil hunt. The class got a tin pan with sand in it. They all used paint brushes to “dig” and find the toys. By doing this experiment, they learned how to effectively prove one of the facts in the bible, that God flooded the whole earth. Mrs. Carlson said, “At the highest tips of mountains, fossils from animals that swam in the seas have been found.” PFT OCTOBER 2012


What’s Your Favorite Part of a Cake? 5th Grade Poll By Alexandria Wartell Abbey Jenkins Cake Madison Unger Cake Gracie Phillips Cake

Reagan Mace Cake

CAST for Kids Takes Handicapped Kids Fishing By Keller Houston


egacy students Keller and Kade Houston recently helped out at a fishing event for handicapped kids known as Catch a Special Thrill, or CAST for Kids. Fishermen and volunteers take the kids fishing, clean their fish, and serve them lunch. Keller and Kade helped load boats and set up the event. Keller Houston said, “I really enjoyed helping out and seeing the kids so excited.” One of the boys there, Lawrence, said, “I liked fishing and caught three fish.” Mike Clark, who heads up the organization, said, “I think it was a great turn out. We had nine kids come out from the Shriner’s Hospital. We took them fishing and they caught about 15 fish altogether.” Keller and Kade really enjoyed the event and hope to do it again next year. PFT

Hayley Ming Cake

Annaleise Parsons Frosting Kaylee Hill Frosting

Grace Lewis All of It

Thatcher Crowder Frosting Cole Carrico Cake

Jeremy Heckt Cake Justin Centilli Sprinkles Mason Little Frosting

Harrison Shook Cake Brayden Hill None

Samuel Irving Cake

Grayson Murphy Cake



Picture of

By Lisa Railey, Dean of Family Ministry


s part of our year of New Beginnings, we’ve been talking a lot at school about how we can be a “Family of Friends.” In morning assembly, fifth grader Samuel Irving reminded us to reach out to new students while staying close to those we already know. In Rebelution, our monthly Bible study and worship group for middle and high school students, Mr. Powell talked about welcoming others who are different from us into our group. And in elementary chapel, we learned that because God is loving, we can pray that He will help us love others. A Family of Friends What’s with all this talk about becoming a Family of Friends? Isn’t it enough to be respectful at school without all this reaching out stuff? Is this just another rule to follow? In the second chapter of Romans, Paul talks about what draws people to Jesus. He asks, “Do you show contempt for the riches of His kindness, tolerance, and patience, not realizing that God’s kindness leads you toward repentance?” (Romans 2:4). It’s not just the message of salvation that turns people toward Jesus. His love is what changes hearts. In fact, His love is what causes us to love others: “We love because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19). Becoming a Family of Friends gives our student body certain freedoms: the freedom to be unique, the freedom to be ourselves without fear that we’ll be made fun of, the freedom to make mistakes, and the freedom to be real with our teachers and other students.



Most of all, it allows us to show the world that we’re Jesus’ disciples. After all, it was Jesus who said: “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” (John 13:35). As we show love to one another at school, we paint a picture of the grace of God. We help others understand with their hearts, not just their minds, just


Family Ministry Focus

We first must be faithful in

Memorize: “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:35) Pray: God never gives us a command that He won’t help us obey. Ask God to make you more like Him by showing love to others. Parent Connection: The next time you’re at a school function, show God’s grace by reaching out to someone new. You’ll be modeling God’s love to your children and helping unite the Legacy Family! PFT

representing Christ where He

has placed us – here at Legacy – so that one day we’ll see He has been preparing us to say, “Here am I. Send me!”

how amazing God really is. We first must be faithful in representing Christ where He has placed us – here at Legacy – so that one day we’ll see He has been preparing us to say, “Here am I. Send me!” Makin’ It Happen Action: Say hello to someone at school you’ve never talked to before. Straight to the Source: Read 1 John 4:7-21. These verses tell us that anyone who loves God must also love the other people He created. The Bible teaches us to bless people – even those who hurt us and even those we don’t like (Luke 6:28).


Our definition of GRACe:

The free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.

Donuts with Dad and See You at the Pole!

What do you want your first car to be? 8th Grade Poll By Joshua Micheletti Daniel Stiff Camaro Bobby Cruthirds Pagani Zonda Cinque Alex Gibson Lamborghini

Photos by Sami Evrard

Parker Primm Bug


egacy Prep once again celebrated See You at the Pole by combining it with the ever-popular Donuts with Dad. See You at the Pole is a global day of student prayer that began in 1990 with 10 students praying at their school. More than two decades later, millions around the world pray at the flagpole before school on the fourth Wednesday in September. Legacy adds a special element to See You at the Pole by inviting dads to model prayer to their kids on this special morning. The 2012 See You at the Pole theme Was, “Awaken & Pray,” based on Ephesians 3:14-21: “For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father...I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being so that Christ may dwell in your hearts...And I pray that you...grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and...that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine...” PFT

Jake Dye Ford F150 Jason Laycock Venterone Lauren Eddings Mr.Weasley’s Blue Anglia Ford Maddy Locke Mustang Cassie Sweebie Mustang Becca Ashley Audi TTs Landon Davis Silverado Meagan Fornero Ram Truck Ryan May Camaro Natalie Thibodeaux Kia Soul Joshua Micheletti Lamborghini Makaila Bender Old Volkswagen Madison Stavinoha Bugatti



Cheerleaders Amber Condley, Chandlyr Mickan, and Adisyn Mickan went to the Station 3 Firehouse in Conroe on 9/11 to say thank you to the firefighters. The girls brought them a gift basket filled with lots of yummy food. The firefighters where very appreciative and are looking forward to a visit from the entire Legacy cheer team in the near future.

Cheerleaders’ Kiss The Cow Fundraiser Kicks Off T he cheerleaders are fundraising in a really fun way this year. Every homeroom teacher, plus a few we just threw in for fun, all have a “Kiss The Cow” jar that will be with them in every class. Mrs. May has a jar at the front desk. All you have to do is fill your favorites with MONEY! Here is what you get if your grade level wins! (Drum roll please...) No homework in EVERY subject for one day! Or, if Mrs. May’s jar has the most money, a free Dress Down Day for the entire school! Here is how the competition works, and how you win one of the two prizes. First prize can be won as follows: • PK-4th will compete against each other by grade levels. • 5th-11th will compete against each other by grade levels. So there will be two winners, one for lower grades and OCTOBER 2012

one for upper grades. The grade level that raises the most money has a free homework day for all the students in that grade level. Then, within the grade level that wins, we will look at each teacher and the teacher that raised the most money overall will be one of the teachers that has to kiss the cow and cheer with the cheerleaders at the pep rally on October 17th! Or, the second prize is won as follows: • If Mrs. May has the most money in her jar overall then everyone in the school gets to have a free dress down day and Mrs. May has to Kiss the cow and cheer with the cheerleaders! The competition has already started, and ends on October 15th at the end of the school day. Winners will be announced at the pep rally on October 17th. Don’t miss your favorite teacher(or Mrs. May) kiss the cow and cheer with the cheerleaders! PFT


Using Spanish in the Real World

Board Inquiry Each month one of Legacy’s Board of Directors will update you with what’s happening in the boardroom. If you have a question for the board, email Board Chairman Paige Jones at

By Adisyn Mickan


rs. Moyer’s 8th Grade Spanish class is learning how to share Christ’s word with other people in a different language. Ryan May even knew how to talk to a baseball player this summer in Spanish, and understood what was being said throughout the conversation. PFT

Meet the Board Members By Paige Jones, Secretary


New Ways to View China

Mrs. Stacey Havemann’s sixth graders are studying China. To focus on the geography and settlement of China, the students created maps of China using salt dough. Then each student had to label the major landforms, including rivers, mountain ranges, plateaus, deserts and seas. PFT


ome meet the board members - Mike Schardt (Chairman), Mark Furber (Treasurer), Paige Jones (Secretary), David Thomas and Dan Condley at a Meet & Greet on Monday, October 22nd from 6:00 – 7:30 pm. If you are a new family, or one of our returning families wanting to reconnect, please join us to discuss school issues and answer questions. Legacy’s Capital Campaign As you all are aware, last year we purchased 25 acres on FM 1488. The purchase price was $2.5M and was purchased with a small down payment and the mortgage for the balance. We are currently in full swing with our capital campaign to raise funds to pay for the land purchase and build our campus. Our goal for the total campaign was to raise $4 million over a three year period with $2 million allocated to the land purchase and $2 million allocated to the building. As of October 1, 2012, approximately one year into the campaign, we have total commitments of $1,842,543 and have collected $789,458. Commitments have been received by 26 families, eight friends/grandparents, five board members, and 12 faculty/staff. The amounts collected to date have paid for the initial down payment on the land, surveys, architect fees, building permits, land and water testing and other land preparation costs. To keep on schedule, we are asking for your prayers and for families who have not given toward the campaign to make a commitment by November 15th. Whether it is a one-time gift or a pledge over two years, each gift makes a difference. Our current goals are to: • Increase our giving participation rate from 25% to 100% • Generate an additional $750,000 in contributions by November 15, 2012 • Share our internal giving rate with the external community • Break ground December 2012 We are currently in negotiations with several local banks to secure financing to start construction. Our ability to secure financing is dependent on having additional cash reserves in our campaign account and showing continued growth in our commitments across a broader percentage of our school families. Time is of the essence to be able to complete construction on the main building in time for school next year. If you have not already contributed to the capital campaign, I urge you to visit our “Give” webpage on our school website. You may also receive a call from one of our Legacy Advancement Team volunteers, asking to visit with you about the campaign and to pray with you about making a commitment. We ask for your continued support as we move forward in this most exciting time for our school. PFT OCTOBER 2012

Congratulations to the students who were nominated by their teachers to attend Lions’ Lunch for September: 5th Grade: Jeremy Heckt, Hayley Ming, Abbey Jenkins, and Grayson Murphy. 6th Grade: Samuel Mouna, Emma Wilson, Brooklyn Bryant, and Noah Lightfoot. They enjoyed fellowship and cake with one another and the Middle School Administrators. These students exemplify character and leadership in their classrooms! Way to go, Lions!

The first-ever Legacy News Team presents announcements, sports, and other news during morning assembly. The high school students are part of Mrs. Hulbert’s Speech I class.

LPCA News & Notes HIGH SCHOOL NEWS & NOTES Service Hours: All high school students are required to complete seventy hours of community service over the four years they are in high school. Please pick up a service hour record sheet from the Legacy front desk. Service hour documentation is due one week prior to the last day of the school year. The student is responsible for procuring the service hours in which they desire to serve. Diploma Plans: All high school students are required to declare a diploma plan. Incoming ninth grade students will need to review the diploma plans on the school website with their parents prior to making a decision. Please with your diploma plan decision. Tenth and eleventh grade students are relegated to the first diploma plan. PSAT: All tenth and eleventh grade students will be required to take the PSAT/College Board this October 20, 2012/Saturday8a.m.-12 p.m. Eleventh grade students will be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship Program based on their scores. SAT Subject Tests: Students are required to research the colleges they are interested in attending, and the college specific SAT Subject Test requirements. SAT Subject Tests should be taken after the student has completed the highest course in the given subject. Test dates are listed on the College Board Website. SAT/College Board: Juniors are required to take either the ACT or the SAT/College Board admissions tests. REBELUTION: Friday, October 5 @ 7:45 a.m. in the gym. 5th-11th grade students are invited to OCTOBER 2012

start the school day with worship and fellowship! The praise band will be making its debut. Donuts, juice and milk are provided. Don’t miss out!

your check!! Contact us at or tiff-mike@ with any questions about how to get started. INTRODUCING PRESTO PAY Do you want to get your SCRIPNOW and Reloads immediately? You can sign up for Presto Pay in The payments will automatically deduct from your checking account rather than having to wait for your check to be collected and processed. This is a perfect way to take advantage of the tuition discounts without having to plan ahead!

NO GOLF CLASS FOR PRE-K/ KINDER ON FRIDAY, OCT. 5TH: Due to a scheduling conflict with TGA’s staff, Oct. 5th class has been cancelled. We will extend the following 3 weeks of class (10/12, 10/19 and 10/26) an extra 15 minutes to make up for the missed 45 minute class. Pick up time for the above dates will be 1 PM. FALL LUNCHEON FOR STAFF AND TEACHERS PTO is looking for volunteers to serve our teachers and staff on Wednesday, Oct. 10th. This is a great way to thank our hard-working teachers and earn service hours. All time spent on shopping, prep and delivery of food can be recorded! The hospitality committee has been sent a sign-up sheet, but anyone is welcome to help. If you are interested in providing food, doing setup or cleanup, please contact Angela Miller at apjmiller@gmail. com. We are so grateful for our devoted staff and teachers!

FINANCIAL-FAITH Join us for an upclose and personal testimony of financialfaith with Charles “Chuck” Meloy on Oct. 9th @ 7:00. Mr. Meloy, a current Senior VP at Anadarko, plans on sharing his experiences and secrets to a life of financial freedom. Please join us for the one-time only event! Please see attachment. PARENT TRAINING: ABIDING IN CHRIST DISCUSSION GROUP Wed., Oct. 10, 8:45 a.m. In Bible and Leadership classes, we’re emphasizing the importance of abiding in Christ. This discussion group will prepare you to model a life of abiding in Christ to your kids, as well as helping your home days become what God intends for your family. Led by Lisa Railey and Greg Powell. Questions: lrailey@legacypca. org.

SCRIP Thank you to everyone using the SCRIP program. We had over $18,000 in orders in the month of September! If you haven’t signed up yet, register online at to start earning your Lion Loot (credit towards your tuition next semester). The enrollment code is 5FBFLB9L246L9. The next date to turn in your orders will be October 8th. Make your check out to Legacy and please be sure to print and attach your order confirmation to

MATH AND SCIENCE CLUB There will be a meeting October 15th after school for those who are signed up for the Math Test in November. We will be covering what the test is like and any 20

pointers for how to take the test. Be looking for announcements for room location and times. MORNING DROP-OFF Please remember that no students are allowed to enter the school building before 8 a.m., as we have no one available to supervise them until that time. We encourage all students to be at school by 8:20 for morning assembly. Students are released to class at 8:25 and classroom instruction begins promptly at 8:30. SUBSTITUTES NEEDED We are in need of substitutes! If you are interested, please contact Shalaina Cruthirds at scruthirds@ VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Come play with our littlest lions in the nursery! This is the most fun way to earn your Legacy service hours - remember each family needs 20 hours by the end of the year. Space is available from 8:30-10:30 on Monday, September 24th and Wednesday, September 26th, as well as every M/W moving forward. We are currently looking for 1-3 more volunteers to earn their hours this way. Email with the date(s) you are available to help out. Thanks! CHESS CLUB We will be continuing the Chess Club this year. If any one is interested please email Mrs. Spinler, dana Look for announcements for our first meeting in October. Also, parents we are looking for someone who can provide snacks during the club meeting. More bodies mean more fun. PFT

October 2012 Paws for Thought  
October 2012 Paws for Thought  

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