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LPCA exists to cultivate parental involvement in the educational process of their children, to instill students with a biblical worldview and the passion to stand firm and articulate boldly in defense of their faith, to prepare them for the rigors of college to guide them into independent learning, and to train our students to always give themselves fully to the work of the Lord, because their labor will not be in vain. Truth is revealed by God through Christ “in Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3

NOVEMBER 2012 • Volume VI • Issue II

Donate to Sarah’s Bible Box By Brennan Cone

By Jay Mondick


ecently Legacy students Brooks and Casen Hutton put on a music festival with their family. The Hutton family has been doing the music festival for three years now and love doing it. Their father, Mr. Kyle Hutton, invites some of his guests from his radio show, or people that he has written songs with. “It’s always a great day of music,” said Brooks. Ninth-grader Brooks was the stage manager for the student songwriter stage. In the past, Brooks played some of his original Christian music. “I usually write and play whatever comes to mind,” said Brooks. ”I try to stay on songs that voice feelings.” Mr. Hutton plays songs that he’s written from his four CDs. You can find more about him online at His radio show, “Real Life Real Music,” is a good description for the type of songs he writes. They are about everything from his family to his faith. Casen Hutton hasn’t performed at the festival, but he wrote his own songs and performed them live at Real Life Real Music Songwriter Camp. “When I’m onstage I’m usually a nervous wreck,” said Casen. He has been a musician for around two years, and enjoys playing up-beat music. Casen likes to play instruments more than he likes to sing. You can see Brooks playing in Legacy’s praise band each month at Rebelution,

ourth grade student Sarah Quinn has set up a Bible box for homeless kids. It is located at the front desk, for those who would like to donate new or used Bibles to her project. Sarah’s church has a homeless ministry and they take the Bibles to the ministry to share the good news with homeless kids that desperately need God. She has been doing this for over a year and is hoping to keep doing it for a while. Last year Sarah collected over 55 Bibles. Her goal is 100 Bibles. Sarah hasn’t collected any Bibles this year but you can donate any extra Bibles to help homeless kids learn about God. “I love the Bible box because I feel I am bringing smiles to the world,” she said. PFT

Photo by Alex Gibson

Real Life, Real Music, Real Family


and you can see both Brooks and Casen on YouTube. PFT

Be sure to check out the PFT staff at NOVEMBER 2012

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And the Lord said, “Whom shall I send? Who will go for me?” And Isaiah replied, “Here am I. Send me!” Isaiah 6:8

Mrs. May’s Message


Paws for Thought


ecently, a parent told me something interesting and encouraging. Her parents came into town and attended last month’s pep rally. With fresh eyes, they observed our student body and faculty as we celebrated the successes and hard work of our football teams. As they were leaving, they commented to this parent that Legacy had “IT.” Apparently, these grandparents had been around quite a few churches and ministries, all working towards achieving “IT,” but somehow, Legacy, at least in their minds, had “IT.” What is “IT?” I’m not sure, but I can give you examples of what I hope it might be. I have the privilege of observing every aspect of a school day, from start to finish. As I enter in the mornings, I watch the ladies in the car line greet and embrace almost every student as they enter the building. Without exception, each of those students will enter the school with a smile on their face... even the teenagers! Once inside, the kids are met by their friends and the fun really begins. Students hug one another, laugh, giggle, high five, fist bump, and just enjoy each others company. Every day starts with a buzz of happiness, and that makes for a pleasant start to a long school day. “IT” is refreshing. During lunch I have the opportunity to see and hear teachers talking with the students. I have observed many of the teachers in their classrooms, at the library, on the playground, and just walking with their students throughout the building. It’s rare to see teachers with empty arms or legs because there’s usually a student wrapped around them in full embrace. I see the kids in the middle of a story as they excitedly relate something “important” to their teacher. Eyes sparkle, voices squeal, hands gesture for greater effect...and the teacher takes it all in and reacts just the way the child hoped she would at just the right moment. “IT” is beautiful. Over the course of the day, I watch older students interact with the younger ones. In the minds of the little kids, the big kids are superheroes! I suppose most teens might let this hero-worship go to their heads, but not ours. I’ve watched the 8 year old boys ask to feel the muscles of a ninth grade boy, and chuckled at the expression of awe that came over his face at the sight of the huge mountain that appeared when the arm of the big boy was bent. And, as these two boys exchanged a handshake that was only for the two of them, I noticed that secretly, it means as much to the big boy as it does to his adoring little fan. And who could miss the adorable exchange of affection between the cheerleaders and their little sisters. What beautiful, sweet, relationships are estab-

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lished as our students become leaders and role models for one another. “IT” is precious. A few weeks ago at our Green Out game, I watched as the varsity football Head Coach, Rodney Manning, stopped the football game to address swearing and bad behavior by the opposing team. He forced the referees to meet in the middle of the field, and called out the coach of our opponent. During the time out, he told the coach, in no uncertain terms, that there would be no more bad behavior on our field. He expressed, very loudly I think, that we were all Christians and that as such, we should behave that way. As the game continued, even the visiting fans became rude and disrespectful as they shouted over our cheerleaders and jeered at injured players. As a parent of a house full of athletes, I have personally attended nearly every sporting event Legacy has ever played, both in basketball and football. I have never had to correct a player and suggest that they behave in a Christ-like manner, nor, have I ever witnessed a coach or parent show disrespect to the players, refs, or other coaches. At Legacy, the standard set is God’s, and it’s just inferred that we are to behave as if Jesus were sitting next to us. “IT” is uncommon. Last, one of the greatest blessings of being at Legacy is the privilege I have of knowing many of you. You are more than a community, you are a family. You are my family. I have watched as you have been the hands and feet of Jesus. When a family has an illness, this Legacy family provides for the needs of those who are hurting. When a family was new, you embraced them and welcomed them in. When a family has a need, you rush to meet it. When a staff member needs encouragement, you’ve been there to provide it. And, when I have needed your support, you’ve been there to pray for me, minister to me, and lift me up. “IT” is special. Do we have “IT?” That depends. If “IT” is love, then yes. What makes Legacy different, what makes us special, is the love we have for one another. That love can only be found through one person, the One who first gave it to us. The love of Jesus resonates through Legacy and IT is what makes us special. In remembering our theme of New Beginnings and the scripture that inspired it, may God continue to bless us with pure hearts, and a steadfast spirit as we continue to use IT to bring honor and glory to the One from whom all blessings flow. Thank you to all who have poured the love of Christ into our children, our families, and one another. “IT” is what makes Legacy worth fighting for every day. PFT Serving Him and You, Audra May

Do we have “IT?” That depends. If “IT” is love, then yes.



NOVEMBER 2012 Volume VI • Issue II Audra May Executive Editor Daron Jones Managing Editor

8th Grade Editors & Photographers Bobby Cruthirds Alex Gibson Joshua Micheletti Parker Primm Daniel Stiff Cassie Sweebe Natalie Thibodeaux 7th Grade Editors & Photographers James Coggins Brennan Cone Madyson Conley Macey Crowder Sami Evrard Keller Houston Adisyn Mickan Jay Mondick Ben Schardt

LPCA exists to cultivate parental involvement in the educational process of their children, to instill students with a biblical worldview and the passion to stand firm and articulate boldly in defense of their faith, to prepare them for the rigors of college to guide them into independent learning, and to train our students to always give themselves fully to the work of the Lord, because their labor will not be in vain. Truth is revealed by God through Christ “in Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3


is for Nest

By Macey Crowder


ecently Mrs. Landrum’s Pre-K class made bird feeders to show how God protects everyone and everything. They learned about many animal habitats such as spider webs, bird nests, anthills, fish bowls, and barns. “The kids were excited to make the nests and the bird feeder,” said Ms. Landrum. “This was for science and our Biblical integration was Psalm 91:1-4, ‘God takes good care of me.’ The students were learning about animal homes and because our letter of the week was N.” PFT

BJ Fornero Dives In By Adisyn Mickan


egacy’s own BJ Fornero is a nationally-ranked diver. He started diving right before he turned eight, and has been at it ever since. BJ practices two times a week, for two-and-a-half hours. He dives from 1m and 3m platforms at the Magnolia High School Natatorium. He is hoping to start on the 5m platform before Christmas. BJ says, “My favorite dive is the backflip!” His next diving meet is this December at the University of Houston. BJ can’t wait for it. PFT

Mrs. Seaman’s seventh grade h istory class recent ly made clay elevat ion relief maps of the great state of Texas. Way to go, Lions! 3


Kindergarten Poll What is Your Favorite Candy? By Adisyn Mickan Charlotte Freeman Hershey’s Aubrey Dunn skittles Eden Martinez lollipops Whyatt Francis lollipops Ben Wiley candy corn Caroline Stephenson dove chocolate Brianna Garza candy canes Camille Eirl candy pumpkins Owen Kennedy lollipops Zachary Collwell candy canes Lane Elsie lollipops Sydney McNeil skittles

Legacy Prep’s National Honor Society Chapter Launches First Community Project of the Year By James Coggins


egacy Preparatory Christian Academy is having its first-ever National Honor Society (NHS) project. They are collecting baby items for the Pregnancy Assistance Center North, which is a non-profit organization. You can donate items to help single mothers and their babies. Some of the items they are collecting include: diapers, rattles, wet wipes, bottles, formula, pacifiers, bibs, and anything baby-related. You can drop your donated items off in Mrs. Bryant’s room (238). The Lions family is looking forward to helping NHS make their first project become a huge success. Later in the school year, NHS will have more projects to come. NHS would be grateful to have your help. PFT

Lucas Hynes lollipops Andi Evrard lollipops Ginger Freeman jellybeans Hannah Irving jellybeans Megan Grimm skittles Ainsley Kuykendall cheerleader lollipops Emmy Lilja cotton candy Eliza Alman cheerleader lollipops RJ Hass candy corn Addisyn Hofseth Lollipops Avery Faulk chocolate Sutton Moyer chocolate Joshua Hulbert chocolate Sebastian Unger candy corn Benjamin Fleming Reese’s pieces NOVEMBER 2012

Saige Maddison’s Spanish classes went on a field trip to the Miller Outdoor Theater. Brendan Miller, Isaac Beeman, and Sam Spinler got a little taste of Dia de los Muertos, a traditional Latin American holiday that celebrates loved ones who have passed. “Although they didn’t get to participate in the traditional dances, I could tell they wanted to,” said Ms. Maddison. PFT 4

Hailey’s a Rodeo Cowgirl By Keller Houston


egacy second grader, Hailey Hass, competes in rodeos. She has already won multiple awards. Hailey started riding ponies when she was about three. She entered her first local rodeo at the age of four. Then she anxiously awaited her fifth birthday, when she was able to get an official National Little Britches Rodeo Association membership. Since then she has traveled all over Texas and even to Colorado, competing in barrel racing, pole bending, goat ribbon pulling, and flag racing. In 2010, she and her family purchased a amazing pony, which Hailey named Cocoa. She and Cocoa have finished first in quite a few rodeos and qualified for Nationals in both pole bending and barrel racing. For this 2012-2013 rodeo season she’s riding two awesome horses. Together they have started off with a bang, with two first place finishes. Every run so far this year has landed in the top five of her age division. Hailey says she plans on continuing to ride and rodeo for her whole life because it’s the talent God gave her. She is excited about learning goat tying and breakaway roping and she is planning on helping people along the way. Last week Hailey walked up to her mother and said, “Mama, can I race for the people who need food?” Her mother said, “Of course, that sounds like a great idea!” Hailey told her mother that she had prayed about it and has decided that this year all the money she wins from barrel racing will be given to The Food Pantry that her Grandma manages. PFT

2nd Grade Poll

What is Your Favorite Restaurant? By Madyson Conley Carly Wagner Benihana Matthew Moss Domino’s Pizza Shailey Laycock Olive Garden Emma Little Eden Cafe Kyle Curl Black Eyed Pea Lanah Burkhardt Fuze Garden Hassyn Carrico Subway Tyler Kvien Golden Corral Richard Lewis Spring Creek Addy Polk Tokyo 1 Annabelle Ovaitt Red Lobster Gabe Tharp BJ’s Jacob Heckt Papa John’s Layla Faysal Papa John’s Madison Steed Benihana Macey Raines Chick-fil-A Samantha Palmer Golden Corral Emilie Carlson Subway Ryan Robinson Rico’s Anna Kruppstadt Longhorn Steakhouse Jackson Phillips Chick-fil-A Tucker Ming Domino’s

Addisyn Hofseth, a kindergartener in Mrs. Slater’s class, recently had a very special lunch. Thanks to a visit from relatives who live in California, Addisyn was part of four generations at the same table! This incredible example of God’s blessings included Addisyn (front and center), her sisters Emree and baby Quinn with their mother Rachel Hofseth (far right), Great Aunt Peggy Langston (far left), Great Grandma Jean Kaiser (second from left), and Grandma Patti Kitchens. PFT


Brandon Davies Grimmaldi’s Brock Belanger Raising Cane’s NOVEMBER 2012


By Lisa Railey, Dean of Family Ministry



ur culture values connections. Take a moment to think about all of the groups you connect with on a daily or weekly basis – family, school, church, friends, sports, and other activities. Students access homework on laptops and keep up with the latest music, movies, games, and news on smart phones, iPods, and notebooks. We follow each other on Twitter and connect on Facebook, text and email. Being connected is important, but in staying connected, we can find ourselves disconnected from the One who really matters. A few weeks ago, some squirrels helped me see how disconnected all of my connectedness had made me. Yes, squirrels. Our internet connection was down and we tried everything we could think of to fix it. We finally ventured to the attic to check the wiring and found a family of squirrels had chewed on the wires and pulled them apart. Those squirrels were in mortal danger – we now had been without the internet for several days and were not amused. Home days without the internet sent us back into the dark ages of encyclopedias, dictionaries without “.com” in the title, and Bibles with paper pages. After one particularly long day, I sat down to veg for a few minutes after

everyone had gone to bed. Our TV is wireless, too, so I reached over to grab my Bible – the one with an actual cover. “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” That was certainly true. It hadn’t been the best day. We had checked items off our list, but I didn’t feel like the bearer of spiritual fruit. “If you do not remain in me, you are like a branch that is thrown away and withers.” Withered. And beaten down, and tired. We had made it through the day, but my attitude hadn’t been right. “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” Help me, Jesus, to remain in you! Turn my thoughts to your words from the Bible even during the busy day. “If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commands and remain in his love. I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete. My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” Thank you for reminding me that my responsibilities are important, but your commands are more important. Remind me to fix my eyes on you when the race seems long. Show us how to love each other as you have loved us. We want


Family Ministry Focus

Home days without the internet sent us back into the dark ages of encyclopedias, dictionaries without “.com” in the title, and Bibles with paper pages.



your joy – your perfect, complete joy. “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.” Thank you, Lord, I ask in your name. Help me to bear fruit that will last by staying connected to you – the most important connection of all. Makin’ It Happen Action: Take moments throughout the day to connect with Jesus. Listen to your favorite praise song, read your Bible, or turn your thoughts to all that Jesus has done for you. Straight to the Source: Read John 15:1-17.These verses talk about abiding in Christ. Some translations, like the NIV, call this “remaining in Christ.” This sounds like a choice to me. I can choose to abide/remain in Christ, or I can choose to forget He’s there. Memorize: “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5) Pray: Ask Jesus to help you follow His command to love each other by praying that His love for others will be in you. Parent Connection: Sabbath rest helps us stay connected to the Vine. Make a plan for spending time disconnected from the world and connected to Jesus each week. Focus on the Family recommends a “Sabbath Box,” where hand-held devices can be laid aside voluntarily as a way of “disconnecting” for a while and reconnecting with Jesus. Don’t wait for squirrels to visit your attic! PFT

Mrs. Seamans’ 9th grade English class recently did a unit on To Kill a Mockingbird. Part of the assignment called for them to make a “Character in a Box” to represent one of the book’s characters with objects. Caroline Shook made these soap carvings (shown at right) to represent the character of Boo Radley. 9th Grade Poll

What is Your Favorite Movie?

By James Coggins

Brooks Hutton Act of Valor

Casey Taylor The Valor

Ryan Gibson Hunger Games

Garrett Chevalier The Avengers

Brandon Milles We Bought a Zoo

Amber Condley The Notebook

Brooklyn Fredricks Tangled

Sam Spinler Harry Potter

Maddie Crowder The Proposal

Cole Howden The Avengers

Caroline Shook Thor

Chandlyr Mickan The Little Mermaid

Tray Wright Act of Valor

Emily Kotlarz Fast and Furious

Emily Slater Top Gun

Garrett Declaris Care Bear Star Pony Power Travis May Act of Valor Ben Bargainer Act of Valor


Gabby Hogan Coraline Miranda Herman & Kasen Jones Spider-Man 3 NOVEMBER 2012

Lions Junior High Football Lions 43, Alvin Living Stone 0 By Brennan Cone On Friday, October 12th the Lions remained unbeaten with their fifth win of the season, defeating Alvin Living Stone 43-0. Leading the offense, Landon Davis threw for 70 yards and three touchdowns, two to Seth Wiley, who had 61 yards receiving. Ryan May led the team in rushing with 116 yards and two touchdowns. His brother, Jared, had 51 yards and one touchdown. Wiley also had two extra points. On the defensive side of the ball, Alex Gibson, Ryan May, Logan Mace, and Brennan Cone led the team in tackles. Issac Beeman got the only fumble recovery of the game. Cone got the only sack of the game. Lions 52, Brazosport Christian 6 By Alex Gibson On October 19, the junior high Lions beat Brazosport Christian 52-6. Ryan May, James Coggins, and Malik Manning each had two touchdowns. Alex Gibson was a defensive maven for the Lions, leading with four solo tackles, three assisted tackles, and two fumble recoveries. Seth Wiley also recovered a fumble for a touchdown. This game was not only a great victory but our Green Out game! Thank you all who came to support your Legacy Lions. Lions 79, Brenham Christian 6 Head Coach Miles Freeman saw his junior high squad dominate another game, winning 79-6 in Brenham. Quarterback Landon Davis led a fine passing attack, going 5-9 with 64 yards and three TDs through the air. The Lions were just as strong in the ground game, led by Jared May’s 42 yards and a TD on 11 carries. Ryan May added 17 yards and a TD, and Seth Wiley and Malik Manning also scored TDs. James Coggins retuned a punt 53 yards for a score. Bobby Cruthirds led Lions receivers with two catches for 36 yards and a TD. Jay Mondick and Jared May also had TD receptions. The Lions’ defense was stout, led by Brennan Cone’s three tackles and a safety. Casen Hutton had an interception, and both Alex Gibson and Keller Houston recovered fumbles for scores. Lions 48, Belville Faith Academy 0 RECORD 8-0 Remaining Game Nov. 10 at Orange Community Christian - 10 am NOVEMBER 2012


Lions Junior High Football



Lions High School Football Lions 45, Faith Christian Pasadena 0 By Joshua Micheletti In the Lions’ 45-0 win over Faith Christian Pasadena, quarterback Kyle Maiz passed for a total of 35 yards. Gabe Locke received the ball two times for a total of 50 yards. Ben Bargainer rushed for a total of 62 yards. Ben also made six tackles on defense. Branson Fredricks and Travis May both had two sacks. Alvin Living Stones 63, Lions 13 By Bobby Cruthirds The Legacy Lions varsity football team fell to Alvin Living Stones 63-13 on October 12, 2012. Ben Bargainer was a bright spot, leading the Lions rushing attack with five attempts for 42 yards. QB Travis May was eight for 25 passing for 88 yards. Gabe Locke was May’s favorite target, with two receptions for 43 yards. On special teams, Garret DeClaris led with three returns for 26 yards. The Lions’ defense had 23 total tackles, led by May and Bargainer with five tackles each. Brazosport Christian 66, Lions 37 By Bobby Cruthirds The Legacy Lions played their seventh game of the season at home against Brazosport Christian on October 19, 2012. The Lions had a good first half but, due to a concussion suffered by Travis May late in the second quarter and various other issues, lost 66-37. Kyle Maiz was nine of 25 in passing for 107 yards and three touchdowns. May, despite not playing the second half, led the team in rushing with seven attempts for 106 yards and two touchdowns. Gabe Locke, the team’s leading receiver thus far, had two receptions for 54 yards and two touchdowns. On defense the Lions held strong going into halftime but struggled after only giving up six points in the second quarter. The team had 20 total tackles, two interceptions, and one forced fumble. Tray Wright led the team in tackles with five and one fumble caused. May and Locke combined for a pair of interceptions.

Photos this page by Natalie Thibodeaux

Brenham Christian 55, Lions 49 Head Coach Rodney Manning’s Lions squad dropped a 55-49 heartbreaker in Brenham. The Lions came up just short late in the game, but had a spirited offensive effort led by quarterback Kyle Maiz’s 88-yard passing performance. Ben Bargainer had the best game of his young Lions career, with 22 carries for 250 yards and six touchdowns. Garrett DeClaris added 56 yards on the ground with one TD. Gabe Locke had four catches for 68 yards and one TD. Bargainer also had a huge defensive impact, leading with eight solo tackles and eight assists. Locke and DeClaris added six solo tackles apiece. Tray Wright had the Lions’ only interception. Lock, Matt Wenstrom, and Garrett Chevalier each recovered fumbles. Wenstrom also had a fine night punting, averaging nearly 30 yards per punt. Belville Faith Academy 45, Lions 0 RECORD 2-7 Remaining Game Nov. 10 at Orange Community Christian - 11 am NOVEMBER 2012


Lions High School Football

Photo above by Bobby Cruthirds

Photos below by Alex Gibson



Career Day for 6th & 7th Graders By Parker Primm


his month in Mrs. Kuehn’s math class, the sixth graders had career day project. The students presented what they wanted to be when they grew up. The students were required to dress up as their chosen career, and also include pictures, facts, the salary, a description of the job, and much more. The students presented their projects in front of the class on October 10th. The project revealed how each of us have certain gifts and talents that God gave us to use. Romans 12:6 says: “We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.” PFT



Pumpkin Crazies! Photo Gallery by Keller Houston



7th Grade Poll By Bobby Cruthirds What is your favorite type of music? Casen Hutton - Country James Coggins - Opera Jay Mondick - Rap Ben Schardt - Rap Isaac Beeman - Rock Brennan Cone - Rap Logan Mace - Love Songs Jared May - Hip Hop Cody Centilli - Christian Rap Adisyn Mickan - Country Pop Sarah Havemann - Rap/Pop Abigail Kruppstadt - Country Madison Hatcher - Country Sami Evrard - Country Macey Crowder - Country Keller Houston - Rock Hudson Railey - Rock Malik Manning - Rock Spencer Berglund - Karaoke Jacob Campbell - Jazz Seth Wiley - Country Madison Conley - Pop


Tenth Graders Explore Spanish Cultures By Natalie Thibodeaux


rs. Moyer’s tenth-grade Spanish Two students have recently been studying different Spanish-speaking countries. Gabe Locke, Branson Fredricks, and Rebecca Shardt had the option of either making a poster about a Spanish-speaking country or creating a book with a short story at the end written in Spanish. Gabe did a poster on Costa Rica. Rebecca did a poster on Bolivia. Branson chose to write a book and a short story in Spanish. Part of the requirements to the project were that they had to include interesting facts about the country, and try to get the feel of the country’s culture and citizens to see what life would be like there. Mrs. Moyer says, “Understanding the country and culture will help the students as they build relationships with Spanish speakers in order to share their faith.” This project was a good tool to teach the students about different kinds of people so when they interact with others they will be prepared to start a conversation in their native language. PFT

Lady Lions Hoops Junior High Lady Begins High School Era Lions Ready for New Season By Ben Schardt


his year will be Legacy’s first season of high school girls basketball. Mrs. May says she is looking forward to leading the group of Lady Lions. “In high school, the level of play gets a bit more serious,” said Mrs. May. “I am also excited to see the girls take their talent to the next level.” Mrs. May will be the head coach of the high school squad, assisted by Coach Ford. This year’s Lady Lions high school roster includes Sarah Cruthirds, Rebecca Schardt, Emily Kotlarz, Brooklyn Fredricks, Maddie Crowder, Chandlyr Mickan, and Amber Condley. Coach May’s expectation for the team is that they’ll compete until the buzzer sounds. “It’s the first year in this district and each team is a mystery to us. With only freshmen and sophomores on the team, we may be a bit outmanned, but we’ll make up for that with heart!” The home games will again be played at Faith Bible Church on Research Forest. Check the calendar at for the basketball schedule. PFT 14

By Bobby Cruthirds


he Legacy Lions junior high girls’ basketball team is kicking into full gear with a new assistant coach. Saige Maddison is joining the coaching staff this year, along with Head Coach Audra May and assistant Leah Ford. “Coach May and I always have goals for the team, as well as each player. The junior high teams goals for this year are to learn the game and learn to work as a team,” said Mrs. Ford. This year’s junior high players are Natalie Thibodeaux, Brooklyn Bryant, Kaitlyn Fornero, Macey Crowder, Anna Rosa Peterson, Makaila Bender, and Adisyn Mickan. Legacy is very proud of these girls and we hope they can produce a productive season. We will be behind them 100% the entire way. PFT

Sixth Grade Poll What WORD DESCRIBES YOURSELF? By Brennan Cone Noah Lightfoot Smart Jaron Spinler Creative Keenan Kelly Cool Chandler Stevenson Mental Sam Mouno Unordinary Jack Regh Genius Taylor Davies Creative

First Graders Bug Out By Sami Evrard


ecently Mrs. Phillips’ first grade class studied the life cycles of bugs, such as silkworms, caterpillars, beatles, and milkweed bugs. They studied these creatures by observing each stage of the bug’s life cycle. They learned that some life cycles are different than others, and that God is in control of time. They now know that God’s time is way more important that our time. The students even learned that the Chinese got their talent to spin silk from the magnificent silkworms. ”God made all of these creatures to be useful and beautiful in their own time. They are on God’s timeline and not ours,” Mrs. Phillips said. “We have had to postpone and move up lessons because the insects were moving through their life cycle before the lesson plans could catch up! We have had to postpone lessons, being patient with our silkworms as we waited for their eggs to hatch. God is in control of every detail!” PFT

Abby Powell Unique Hannah Neal Quiet Bailey Cano Outgoing Katie Fornero Loud Anna Catherine Holcomb Fun Julie Lewis Nice Brooke Chevelier Nice Emma Wilson Neat Anna Thibodeaux Tall

Allison Byrd Logical Brooklyn Bryant Blonde Cameron Hogan Awesome Anna Rosa Peterson Amazing



Board Inquiry Each month one of Legacy’s Board of Directors will update you with what’s happening in the boardroom. If you have a question for the board, email By Mark Furber Meet and Greet Thanks to the parents who came out to the first Board Meet and Greet. I hope we answered your questions and put some faces to our names. Much of the discussion was focused on our building plans, which I will cover more here. Our next meet and greet will be at the State of the School in the new year. We are looking forward to meeting each one of our families as the year progresses. Feel free to approach us if we are around. Quick Financials We are here for you. You can also reach us (as of Sept 30): with our new Legacy email accounts, Balance Sheet Assets Current...................$519,267 Fixed...................$2,808,181 Other..........................$8,780 Total Assets..............$3,336,228

Capital Campaign As of October 20, 2012, we have total commitments of $1,878,443 and have collected $799,658. Our participation has increased since last month; we are now at four Lead gifts, five Board, 13 Staff, Liabilities: 30 Parents, eight Grandparents, and Current....................$517,706 two Friends. With these funds, we have Long-Term.............$2,075,313 paid for the land down payment, land Equity.......................$743,209 Total Liab & Eq.........$3,336,228 mortgage note, surveys, architect fees, building permits, and many other land preparation costs. Profit and Loss We are asking for your prayers that Total Income.................$387,284 Total Expenses............$352,242 the families who have not given toward Total Income..................$35,042 the campaign to make a commitment by November 15th. These funds are going to be critical in determining what level the banks will fund for the new building. We can service the majority of the debt after the initial down payment by combining our current land payment with the rent we pay at Woodlands Place. We just need the down payment by December. Current plans are for the banks to present their financing proposals by mid- to late-November and then break ground mid-December. We are asking for approximately $4,000,000 for school construction and land preparation. This means we need about $800,000 for the down payment. We can use what we have paid for the land (approximately $580,000). We need the rest to come from our capital campaign. If we can break ground in December we can be in the school for August of 2013. Board Offsite October 20th was the annual Board offsite meeting. We had a full day and came away energized and excited about the prospects for our school. One of the more time intensive discussions was our five-year growth estimates. Some changes were proposed to plan for our expansion of the school plans. We also discussed the many options we have should the financing not pan out (not in any order): • Build a scaled down version of the school with gym and offices along with portables. • Clear the land and set up portables. • If the building is not ready for August move in, open negotiations to stay at Woodlands Place for the fall semester. Thanks to all of you for your support of our school. God bless you and your families. PFT NOVEMBER 2012


Ninth Graders Become Expert Map Makers By Cassie Sweebe


rs. Evans’ ninth grade class recently finished their first major project of the year. They had been studying about the geography of Texas. All of the students were required to study and research different types of maps. After studying the different types of maps, they then made their own maps, which included the climate, vegetation, government and properties of Texas. This individual project was long and tiring, but they enjoyed it and everyone’s project was at its best. PFT

Congratulations to October’s Lions’ Lunch students, who were were nominated by their teachers for demonstrating character and leadership in their classrooms! Way to go, Lions!

Praise T Band Keeps Growing

By Daniel Stiff his year the Legacy Prep praise band has gained a lot of new members, including me. There are now three bands instead of just one because there were so many new members joining in. New vocalist Meagan Fornero says, “I love the people, and, I get the chance to praise and glorify God through my talents.” Macey Crowder says, “ I love to praise God and share His word using our talents.” Currently, the members of the first band are guitarist/vocalist Ryan Gibson, keyboardist Joshua Micheletti, and vocalist Sadie Micheletti. In band two there are vocalist Macey Crowder, keyboardist/vocalist Brooks Hutton, vocalist Malik Manning, and me on guitar. Band three features guitarist Sam Chutter, keyboardist Matt Wenstrom, and vocalists Brooklyn Fedricks, Meagan Fornero, and Sarah Havemann. If you are interested in playing in praise band, we are looking for experienced drummers and bass players. Just email Mr. Jones at if you are interested. PFT

11th Graders Tackle Scarlet Ketter

Christina Seamans’ 11th graders, Katherine Beeman and Alex Wilson, depicted the symbolism throughout studying the novel, The Scarlet Letter, by creating these fantastic transcendentalist art pieces. PFT



4th Graders Dropping Eggs off the Balcony? Egg-zactly!

Mrs. Tharp’s fourth-grade science class had to develop ways to insulate eggs so they would not break when dropped from the gym balcony. Let’s just say some of them worked, and some of them didn’t.



Upper Schoolers Dance, Dance, Dance!



The Kiss the Cow winners were Mrs. Wenstrom and Mrs. Bobos.

Green Out Pep Rally Leads to Kidnappings!



7th Grade By Ben Schardt ecently Ms. Seamans’ seventh grade Texas history class made maps of Texas. The stuR Mission dents used the maps of Texas as game boards Spanish mission games out of them. Games are andAllmade the students had a fun time playing the ! games in class, making it a fun way to study. Fantástico! Casen Hutton said, “I thought that the proj-


ects were very creative, though they were tough to make. They took time, but it was fun to get to play all of them.” Ms. Seamans said, “Spanish mission games are fantastico!” The class also had a visit from Native American Pastor Robert Soto, who showed them how he preaches the gospel using Indian rituals and dance. PFT


Kindergarteners Have Fun with Hats By Joshua Micheletti


ecently at Legacy the Kindergarten class has been making hats with words that rhyme with “at” from Dr. Seuss’s The Cat and the Hat book. Mrs. Pirkle says, “We were learning the “at” word family, so we read The Cat in the Hat and made hats just like the cat in the book.”

Student Council Welcomes New Lions The 2012-2013 Student Council Representatives for grades 7-11 are as follows: 7th: Malik Mannining 8th: Natalie Thibodeaux 9th: Brooklyn Fredricks 10th: Becca Schardt 11th: Katherine Beeman and Alex Wilson Congratulations to this year’s representantives. PFT

Legacy Prep Allowing Mid-Year Enrollment BY Audra May, Head Administrator


n the past weeks we have had many phone calls regarding mid semester enrollment from families in the community. While we usually find this to be a tough transition for incoming families, we have decided that we will make a concerted effort to interview, placement test and properly train incoming families who might be interested in attending Legacy before the 2013 Fall semester. We have placed an announcement on our website with information about how this process will work. We will open enrollment to families for the Spring 2013 semester (Jan - May) beginning November 7th, for students entering grades 5th - 11th only. On November 7th at 10 am, we will have only one informational meeting. This meeting is mandatory for any family wishing to enroll in January. Following that meeting, we will interview and conduct placement tests on November 14th and 26th. Families should bring all necessary documentation: report card, drivers license, etc. to the info meeting to expedite the process. Please tell your friends who might be interested that this is an option. Of course, if you have siblings that you wish to bring, they will be served first. These are exciting times. Thank you for being part of it! To Parents of 8th to HS Students I want to urge you to take the time to encourage your child’s teacher this month. We often tend to take them forgranted, but I just wanted to make sure you remember what wonderful teachers we have. They are the best I’ve seen at Legacy! I usually don’t publicize the goings-on of teacher meetings, but after a recent meeting with them I sense they are feeling a little discouraged. They have worked so hard to help establish a balanced workload for your students and I know they’d like to hear a positive word from you if this has made a difference in your home day (and perhaps, life!). Personally, my family has felt the change and I have let the teachers know that their hard work has been a blessing to me. Would you please take the time to do the same? As you can imagine, a teacher may only hear from you when something is wrong or there is a concern. Send them a little something that can be filed away in their “happy” file... yes, those do exist. I have one! Thank you for taking the time to do this. As partners, we have to build one another up and encourage each other to keep on keeping on. I appreciate you, and I know you appreciate your teachers! PFT

LPCA News & Notes SPRING REGISTRATION: All students are basically re-enrolled for the Spring Semester. Grades PK-4th will automatically roll over without any needed changes. The only thing needed is if you are intending on enrolling in Friday Electives. Grades 5th-8th, there will actually be a registration form for you to select Spring electives. Core classes will automatically roll into Qtrs 3 and 4. More detailed information along with registration forms will be sent out on Wednesday. If you are not intending on returning for the Spring semester, please notify us at your earliest opportunity. STAY AND PRAY: Wed., Nov. 7 @ 8:45-9:30, upstairs youth room (room 232). This has become a very special time for those who have been attending. We’d love for you to join us! Preschool children are welcome but MUST BE SUPERVISED BY YOU at all times. We may go outside depending on number of children attending. Contact Lisa Railey at lrailey@ with questions.


OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD: Return boxes to the school this Wednesday and Friday. A great project to do together!

MORNING DROP-OFF: Students attending a pre-scheduled, supervised meeting or Bible study prior to 8am MUST enter through the front door by the front desk. Please help us ensure the safety of your children by keeping them with you until carline begins at 8am. We have no staff available to watch unattended students prior to 8am.

REBELUTION: Rebelution is this Friday at 7:45am for middle & high school! Meet in the gym for a time of worship with our praise band, an update on Legacy’s building for next year, a great message, donuts and fellowship. Remember your offering for mosquito nets!

GRANDPARENTS’ DAY COUNTDOWN: November 19, early release at 11:30am. Elementary performance schedule: PK/K @ 9am, 1st /2nd @ 9:45, 3rd/4th @ 10:30.?Middle/high school open house 9-11:00am. Middle/High School Volunteers: We’ve created opportunities for students to join the team and practice servant-leadership by greeting grandparents, handing out programs, praying during elementary performances, and reading Scripture. Please talk with your child about participating and visit this link to sign up: www. Parent Volunteers needed! Thank you so much to those who have

“DON’T EAT LUNCH OUT” Nov 14th: instead, make a contribution (no matter the size) to the Building Our Legacy Capital Campaign and receive a Chick-fil-a “sack-lunch” as part of our gratitude! Parents, students and staff can sign-up with a contribution by Nov 7th (print & return form attached) and pick up their lunch on Nov 14th (students and staff will receive the lunch during their lunch period and parents can drive thru our lunch carline to pick up theirs between 11:30-1pm). Every donor and dollar makes a huge difference!


signed up. We’re still in need of 2 volunteers to help set up, 5 to bring cookies, and 2 to help clean up. We can’t do it without you! Please sign up at go/20F094CAAAC2DA57-grandparents. Early Release/Carline: Students will be released to grandparents when they visit classrooms for open house. Those without a grandparent or parent in attendance must be picked up in carline at 11:30am. Please begin making arrangements now so that your child will be picked up on time. ?Paper Invitations: Extras are available at the front desk. VIRTUAL HOLIDAY MARKET: Support our new school building all while getting your Christmas shopping done. Shop our “Virtual” Holiday Market by November 16th. Spread the word about this opportunity to everyone you know. Go to: and scroll down to “Virtual” Holiday Market, or try this link: PFT

November 2012 Paws for Thought  

November 2012 Paws for Thought