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LPCA exists to cultivate parental involvement in the educational process of their children, to instill students with a biblical worldview and the passion to stand firm and articulate boldly in defense of their faith, to prepare them for the rigors of college to guide them into independent learning, and to train our students to always give themselves fully to the work of the Lord, because their labor will not be in vain. Truth is revealed by God through Christ “in Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3

JANUARY 2013 • Volume VI • Issue IV

Red Dawn a Hit By Joshua Micheletti

an Bradley, director of Independence D Day, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, and so many more, just released a new

Wilson Uses Student Council Position to Help Others in Need By Adisyn Mickan


lex Wilson, eleventh grader, is a member of Legacy’s student council. What does the student council do? Alex explained, “To be in the student council means you help out a lot with the community and the school.” Katherine Beeman, another eleventh grade member of the student council, and Alex launched their first community project earlier this year. They collected baby items for the Pregnancy Assistance Center North (PACN), a non-profit dedicated to helping mothers and their babies. They are still taking donations, so if you’d like to help the cause you can drop off your donations in Mrs. Bryant’s room. Alex was very honored that he was nominated to student council. “I can’t wait to help out more with the community and the school,” he said. PFT

Be sure to check out the PFT staff at JANUARY 2013

film called Red Dawn. The movie shows the start of World War III in America as North Korea attacks the United states. As the attacks are up and down the western and eastern seaboards, the scenes in this movie take place in the state of Washington. One Saturday morning, Matt and his brother, Jed Eckert, who is a marine, awake to the rattling of the desk in their bedroom, and find that they are being invaded by North Korea. They hopped into their car in a hot pursuit to their cabin that they stayed in for a while. After gaining a few friends and some guns, the group manage to make little skirmishes amongst the North Koreans to try to stop the invasion. Legacy seventh grader Adisyn Mickan says her favorite scene in the movie was when Jed asked for the gun that a kid was holding and the kid refused, so Jed threw him on the ground. “I liked the movie in general because Chris Hemsworth was in it,” she says. Seventh grader Seth Wiley’s favorite scene was when the boys were trying to get the communicator device from the North Korean general. He says, “I really liked the movie because of all the action that was involved.” I personally loved this movie because of the action warfare that took place. I would recommended it to anyone who enjoys an action-packed movie. Red Dawn is rated PG-13 due to the violence and mild language. PFT

Lions Sports p.8

And the Lord said, “Whom shall I send? Who will go for me?” And Isaiah replied, “Here am I. Send me!” Isaiah 6:8

Paws for Thought The Official Student Newspaper of

JANUARY 2013 Volume VI • Issue IV

Rappers Bring God’s Word

Audra May Executive Editor Daron Jones Managing Editor

By Jay Mondick


GEN Radio recently put on a concert featuring Christian rappers KB and Tedashii, with special guest Suzy Rock. The event occurred December 1st in Houston at the Warehouse. I attended the concert and I thought it was great. The rappers praised God and not only rapped about Him, but preached His word. The concert was two-and-a-half hours long. There were some problems. It was standing room only, which meant standing for a long time. Other than that, everything was great. The tickets were regular $15 and $30 for VIP, which allowed early access to the concert and first in line for autographs. This concert was appropriate for all ages. I would recommend these Christian rappers to everyone who likes that style of music, because their testimonies about God reach to your heart. Be sure to look out for KB’s new album, called Weight and Glory, and Tedashii’s new album, Blacklight. PFT

10th-11th Grade Poll

What’s Your Favorite Clothing Brand? By Adisyn Mickan

Matt Wenstrom Hollister

Editors & Photographers Bobby Cruthirds Alex Gibson Parker Primm Daniel Stiff Cassie Sweebe Natalie Thibodeaux 7th Grade Editors & Photographers James Coggins Brennan Cone Madyson Conley

Chris Bingle Aeropostale

Becca Schardt Nike

Adele Mouna American Eagle

Sarah Cruthirds Nike

Gabe Locke Hollister

Katherine Beeman American eagle

Kyle Maiz Hollister

Alex Wilson Guess

Branson Fredricks Hollister


8th Grade


Macey Crowder Sami Evrard Keller Houston Adisyn Mickan Jay Mondick Ben Schardt

LPCA exists to cultivate parental involvement in the educational process of their children, to instill students with a biblical worldview and the passion to stand firm and articulate boldly in defense of their faith, to prepare them for the rigors of college to guide them into independent learning, and to train our students to always give themselves fully to the work of the Lord, because their labor will not be in vain. Truth is revealed by God through Christ “in Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3

Mane Event Raises the Roof

By Bobby Cruthirds


egacy Prep held its annual Mane Event fundraiser at Faithbridge Church on December 7, 2012. It was kicked off by emcee Mike Davis, Legacy parent, and included performances by pre-K, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, the praise band, and the junior high choir. Toward the end of the evening, Legacy founders Brandon and Audra May spoke about how proud they are of our school. They talked about how beautiful the performances were, and thanked Legacy’s Fine Arts Director, Mrs. Rebecca Cone. (continued on p.4)



6th Grade Poll By Natalie Thibodeaux What Chore Do You Hate the Most? Anna Marie Thibodeaux Returning recycle bin to garage Emma Wilson Pulling weeds Anna Catherine Holcomb Unloading the dishwasher Hannah Neal Laundry Katie Fornero Sweeping the floors Taylor Davies Unloading the dishwasher Samuel Mouna Cleaning the cat litter Anna Rosa Peterson Unloading the dishwasher Chandler Stevenson Doing the laundry Cameron Hogan Unloading the dishwasher Brooke Chevalier Folding clothes Michael Kelly Taking out the garbage Abbie Powell Laundry Bailee Cano Unloading the dishwasher

(Mane Event continued) Mr. and Mrs. May thanked Heather Elsik and Therese Thomas for coordinating Mane Event, and Faithbridge Church for allowing us to use the building. They also talked about the ongoing capital campaign and how we need to raise money, but how we need more participation from our families. Last but not least, Mane Event was very successful as a fundraiser. The silent auction raised close to $10,500, and the raffle tickets raised close to $31,700, for a grand total of around $42,000. The Legacy Board handed out vials of dirt from the land where our new building will be built. The idea is to pray with the dirt over this new chapter in our school’s history. If you did not get one at Mane Event, there are still some dirt vials available at the front desk. Grab one and join the Legacy family in this prayer vigil. Overall this year’s Mane Event was very successful. We raised lots of money so our school can add activities now and hopefully even more soon in our new building. PFT

Noah Lightfoot Laundry Allison Byrd Unloading the dishwasher Jack Regh Taking out the garbage Brooklyn Bryant Laundry Julia Lewis Folding laundry and putting it away Jaron Spinler Picking up dog poop


Get your vial of Legacy’s own dirt to pray over!


New Family Spotlight

Ungers Find Home at Legacy Prep By Daniel Stiff

Darren and Jennifer Unger


ots of new families have come to Legacy this year (including mine). One of the new additions is the Ungers, including Madison (fifth grade), Abigal (third grade), and Sebastian (kindergarten). “The most obvious difference is the coteaching and having so much more time with my children,” said Mrs. Jennifer Unger. “I have never felt so involved in my children’s education before. I have always felt involved in my children’s education, but at Legacy I feel that I am an integral part of their education. At Legacy I am not just “involved” on the outskirts, I am a partner in teaching, and I love it.” The Ungers attended a classical Christian school before Legacy. They began looking for different schools last year and came across Legacy’s website. “At first I didn’t even consider it as an option, but God began to lay it on my heart to keep an open mind,” said Mrs. Unger. “About two weeks later, we felt positive affirmation that we were to go ahead and apply at Legacy.” Their favorite part of Legacy is, without doubt, the heart of the people here. Mrs. Unger says, “We see the joy of the Lord, we see the hands and feet of Jesus, and we see the students here becoming true worshippers here. From day one we have been warmly welcomed here, and as I see my children grow in wisdom and love these past few months at Legacy, I know without doubt that this is the place that God has for us to be.” PFT

The Unger children

3rd Grade Poll by Cassie Sweebe

What’s Your Favorite Character?

Jacob Heckt Garfield

Shailey Laycock Bugs Bunny

Macey Raines The smurfs

Abigail Unger Tweedie bird

Hassyn Carrico Dora the Explorer

Carly Wagner Jiker Bell

Timothy Ming Ninjago

Emilie Carlson Smurfs

Lanah Burkhardt Pooh Bear

Emma Little Mable

Jackson Phillips Bugs bunny

Madison Steed Tweedie bird

Addy Polk Garfield

Kylee Curl Charlie Brown

Brock Belanger Epic Mickey

Layla faysal Tom and Jerry

Matt Moss Keldeo

Gabe Tharp Bakugan

Brandon Davies Epic Mickey

Ryan Robinson Scooby Doo

Annabelle Ovaitt Smurfette

Samantha Palmer Bugs bunny

Anna crubstat Daffy Duck



Johnny Football is Johnny Heisman

By Bobby Cruthirds


he NCAA awarded the 78th Heisman Trophy to Johnny Manziel in Times Square, New York City, on Saturday December 8, 2012. Known as “Johnny Football,” Manziel was the first freshman to ever win this coveted award, and the first Heisman winner from Texas A&M in 55 years. Manziel has always loved football since he was a little kid. In his Heisman speech he said he could remember playing in the backyard with his dad, pretending he was Doug Flutie, Heisman winner in 1984 and longtime CFL and NFL quarterback. Manziel played high school football at Kerrville Tivy High school in Kerrville, Texas, where he averaged 412.9 yards and 16 points per game. Like every high school stud, Manziel had multiple coaches looking at him, including Mac Brown of Texas. Manziel had always dreamed about playing for the Longhorns, but after a visit to the school, they showed no interest in him and never took the time to talk with him. Brown did the same thing with Robert Griffin lll, last year’s Heisman winner from Baylor and current Washington Redskins QB. Discouraged and upset, Griffin and Manziel both went to find other schools. While RG3 went to Baylor, Johnny had other ideas.


At first, Manziel verbally committed to Oregon. But after much thought, he decided to go to Texas A&M. This is the second time in as many years that Mac Brown has let a stud slip off his radar and go on to win the Heisman at another college. This makes me wonder if Texas will keep Mac Brown after all his screwups these past couple of years. In 2007, Tim Tebow became the first sophomore to ever win the Heisman. Just five years later, freshman Manziel put up the numbers to convince the voters that there is, again, a first time for everything. There are six sections of the nation in the Heisman voting, and Manziel won five. The only section he lost was by three votes. Manziel became the frontrunner of the race shortly after A&M, with new coach Kevin Sumlin, took down No. 1 Alabama 29-24. Manziel accounted for over 320 yards of offense against an Alabama defense that was only giving up an average 253.6 yards at that point in time. The last winner of the Heisman from Texas A&M was John David Crow in 1957. The last winner from the SEC (SouthEastern Conference) was current Carolina Panthers’ QB Cam Newton, out of Auburn University. Newton was also the previous SEC total offense record holder, with over 4,300 yards in 13 games in 2010. Manziel had broken that record after just 10 games this year, totaling 4,600 yards this season. He is 6

also a versatile player, leading the Aggies not only in passing but also in rushing. Last season, Texas A&M announced they were moving to the Southeast Conference (SEC), known as America’s toughest conference. Everybody thought this was a terrible move, even me, considering that we had been struggling in the Big 12. I started to come around when I heard that Mike Sherman was fired, and his replacement was going to be Kevin Sumlin, former University of Houston head coach. Sumlin is a superior play caller and better recruiter than Mike Sherman. When people started to see the talent of not only Manziel, but the entire A&M offense and defense, many more opinions changed. A&M had an excellent offensive line this year, including All-American Tackle Luke Joeckel, an exceptional running back, and an astounding corps of wide receivers led by veterans Ryan Swoope and Uzoma Nwachukwu. On defense the Aggies presented ability nobody would have ever predicted. The D-line, led by All-American defensive end Demontre Moore, got penetration this year on offensive lines and wreaked havoc in the backfield. Overall, A&M this year had many stars, but the one who ended up shining the brightest was Heisman winner Johnny “Football” Manziel. PFT

Fifth Grade Elections L

ions fifth graders recently enjoyed reading The Kid Who Ran For President. The book helped the US presidential election process come alive and relevant. Their project was to write and deliver a campaign speech titled, Why I Should Be President. Each student also made a campaign poster. Gracie Phillips was elected president of the Language Arts A class, and Grayson Murphy was elected in the Language Arts B class. “The fifth graders greatly exceeded all expectations and did a fantastic job,� said Mrs. Wenstrom. PFT

9th Grade Poll By Macey Crowder

NAME YOur Favorite Shoes! Garrett DeClaris Sperry

Emily Slater Converse

Brooklynn Fredricks Toms

Maddie Crowder Toms

Casey Taylor Vans

Brendan Miller Nike

Kasen Jones Toms

Emily Kotlarz Guess

Sam Spinler Nike

Amber Condley Toms

Cole Howden Nike

Chandlyr Mikan Toms

Travis May Nike

Garrett Chevalier Nike

Tray Wright Nike

Gabby Hogan Sperry

Ryan Gibson Nike

Caroline Shook Converse

Ben Bargainer Sketchers

Miranda Herman Tom

Brooks Hutton Nike



High School Boys Hoops



High School Girls Hoops



Junior High Girls Hoops



Junior High Boys Hoops



5th Grade Poll

What is your favorite thing about New Years? By Madyson Conley Grayson Murphy Watching the ball drop Harrison Shook News Years party

Thai Cottage Perfect for Lunch or Dinner By Parker Primm


ecently, I went to an Asian restaurant called Thai Cottage. It is fairly close to Legacy on College Park Drive. Inside of the restaurant it was filled with Asian culture like fountains and paintings. It had a very soothing atmosphere with quiet Jazz playing and dim lights, the perfect place to just relax after a long day of work. The menu definitely is not like the menu at McDonald’s. For an appetizer they have food like the Chicken Crispy Rolls, which are fried rolls filled with chicken and Vegetables. Another appetizer is Steamed Dumplings, which is a rice tart filled with chicken and vegetables, served with a spicy black soy sauce. For an entree they offer many Asian dishes like the Chili Basil, which is stir-fried choice of meat with fresh basil, carrots, bell peppers, green beans, onions and mushrooms. Also, they offer a variety of food, like their Seafood Delight, which has assorted seafood sauteed with vegetables like bell peppers and fresh basil. If you ordered the Luncheon Special you would get the

Brayden Hill Staying up late Mason Little Running around my neighborhood

dish you ordered with steamed rice, a vegetable crispy roll, and your choice of the soup of the day or a salad. If you order an item from the dinner selections you only get the dish you ordered and a side of steamed rice. All of the entrees were served with a plateful of vegetables and a good amount of meat if it was in the dish. For dessert you could order things like fried banana, or sweet rice and coconut ice cream. The service at Thai Cottage was nice and friendly. The servers often visited us to see if we needed anything and always did it with a smile. The only thing she did not do is tell us her name, but other than that the service was superior. An item from lunch can cost around $7, while dinner can cost from $8 to $14 per meal. Lunch is definitely a better deal than dinner, but dinner is still wonderful. Overall the dinner was very wellrounded with the taste of the food and the looks of the place. The whole experience was great. I will definitely go back and I am sure that if you go you will enjoy it as much as I did. PFT

CYT O P ENING SCH OOL–H OUS E ROCK Legacy’s own Samuel Irving and Julia, Grace, & Richard Lewis will be performing in Christian Youth Theater’s upcoming performance of School-House Rock at the Crighton Theatre in Conroe. Performances run January 24-25 at 7 PM, January 26 at 2 PM and 7 PM, and January 27 at 7 PM. Tickets are $12 online, and $15 at the door. There is a Group Discount available for blocks of 20 tickets or more. For information, email Michelle Irving PFT JANUARY 2013


Justin Centilli Having a party Thatcher Crowder Eating fondue Jeremy Heckt Lighting fireworks Samuel Irving Having a scavenger hunt Cole Carrico Counting down to the ball drop Reagen Mace Food Gracie Phillips Staying up late Abbey Jenkins Fireworks Hayley Ming Fireworks Kaylee Hill Staying up late Grace Lewis Having a party Madison Unger It’s three days before my birthday Annaleise Parsons Fireworks Addie Beck Fireworks



By Lisa Railey, Dean of Family Ministry


Family Ministry Focus

New Purpose!

common theme in books thing, when you got a bad grade? and movies is the purWhat made you feel better? pose of life - what will Jesus said, “But seek first the you live for? Some charkingdom of God and His righteousacters live for an ness, and all these important cause, things shall be Even though we know we like fighting for added to you” our country in (Matthew 6:33). need a new school building, Johnny Tremain. The purpose of and we’re working hard to Some live for our hearts and make it happen, we have faith other people, like lives is fully Bella in Twilight. that Jesus will provide for discovered when Some live to be seek first God’s our school. Why should we successful, like kingdom. As we worry? Our heavenly Father Rod Tidwell in choose to live for knows what we need and He is Jesus, we’ll find “Jerry Magufaithful to answer our prayers. that the cares of ire.” But what happens if you this world, its lose the war, if busyness and all someone hurts you, or you don’t win its demands, will become less imthe game? portant. We’ll know why we’re here, Think for a moment about what where we’re going, and that we have you focused on in 2012 by asking everything we need to get there. yourself the following questions: It’s like what Mr. Schardt said at What was your priority? The Mane Event. Even though we know word “seek” indicates going after we need a new school building, or looking for something. What was and we’re working hard to make it that something for you? happen, we have faith that Jesus will To find out, look at the investprovide for our school. ments of your heart. What did you Why should we worry? Our heavspend most of your time thinking enly Father knows what we need and about? What did you want most? He is faithful to answer our prayers. What gave you assurance? What So as you think about your New made you feel secure? How upset Year’s Resolutions for 2013, instead did you get when someone hurt you, making a list of things to change when you weren’t the best at someabout yourself, consider asking


yourself just one question: “Who will I live for?” When we choose to live for Jesus, He provides everything we need to reach our goal. He’s the author and supplier of New Beginnings. What a relief! Makin’ It Happen Action: Spend some time thinking about your main goal for 2013. Will you live for a cause, for people, for acceptance, for success? Or, will you live for Jesus? Straight to the Source: Read Matthew 6. These verses give wisdom for living straight from Jesus! Memorize: “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33) Pray: Ask Jesus to help you put God’s kingdom first, above the cares and busyness of this world. Parent Connection: Have you ever noticed that the more you work on your to-do list, the longer it seems to get? Taking care of the “urgent” needs often tends to move Jesus and our family to the bottom of the list. In Search of Balance by Dr. Richard Swenson is helpful for understanding how our lives become so busy and what we can do about it. It can be downloaded as an ebook at PFT JANUARY 2013

Legacy’s Swimming and Diving Team Needs You! The TAPPS Swim/Dive Regional Meet is fast approaching. Do not let lack of training stand in your way. If you love to swim or if you love gymnastics then you should join the Legacy Swim/Dive Team.

The meets are fun and anyone interested can compete. Many of the other students competing are beginners as well. Points earned by swimmers are combined with points earned by the divers for your schools overall totals. · Registration for the February meet is fast approaching and practice time is limited. Swim/Dive Meets are 9-12 grade only, but we would love to have any interested 6-8 come for the meeting. · Anyone interested in diving will train at the natatorium by the Magnolia High school. Swimmers training location TBD. · TAPPS Diving is only on the one-meter spring board. · Swimming includes all styles! We are sure there is a place for you! If you would like more information please contact Mrs. Bryant ( by Monday, Jan 13. We will also have a brief meeting Wednesday, January 16 from 3:15 - 3:30 to pass out registration packets and go over fees for anyone interested.

What’s Your Favorite Fairy Tale? Pre-K Poll by Sami Evrard

Logan Hoss Superman

Jenna Hulbert Cinderella

Kyle Holcomb Batman

Chase Scheler Batman

Addyson McBride Snow White

Addison Smith Cinderella

David Ovaitt Batman

Jacob George Batman

Brady Belanger Superman

Tess Herridge Cinderella

Trenton Phillips Batman

Colson Harms Spider-man

Gracie Shelton Little Mermaid

Brody Murphy Spider-man

Kinsey Kvien Cinderella

Hudson Ming Batman

Ella Rubli Belle

Kadyn Curl Spider-man Jacob Timm Batman Daniel brown Batman Ethan Osborne Spider-man JANUARY 2013


Jaikin Schneider Spider-man Justin Grimm Tractors

Fifth Graders Visit Channel 13 By Brennan Cone rs. Carlson and her fifth grade M science class recently took an exciting trip to the Channel 13 tele-

vision studios to see how a weather forecast is done. The students got to meet a meteorologist and learn how that job works. The fifth graders got to use the green screen and learn how to use it. Mrs. Carlson said the kids were very good on the field trip and were excited to learn. The field trip was a great learning experience for the students. “The field trip was to prepare the students for a project on making their own weather newscast. It was great because the students got to see and learn how to do one by a professional, in person,” said Mrs. Carlson. PFT

Middle School Math Masters

Legacy Middle School students recently competed in the American Mathematics Competition. The winners were: Seventh grade 1st place were Ben Schardt and Malik Manning, second place was Hudson Railey. Sixth grade first place was Hannah Neal, second place was Samuel Mouna, and third was Allison Byrd. For fifth grade and overall, first place was Cole Carrico. Second for fifth grade was Annaleise Parsons, and third was Mason Little. Congratulations to all of our AMC participants, and thank you to Mrs. Dana Spinler for her help in organizing this event for our middle-schoolers! Registration for the High School AMC is ongoing. The competition will take place in February. See Mrs. Carrico to sign up. PFT Legacy’s own Becca Ashley is an accomplished feis dancer, part of traditional Gaelic arts. She and her friends were honored to perform at The Woodlands Mitchell Pavilion as part of a program with Barney. Here is Becca on the big stage dancing to a song called “Dancing Above The Rainbow.”

Rolls Fly at Potatoe Patch By Ben Schardt


ecently, I went to the Potatoe Patch, located at 2020 FM 1960. They are open seven days a week, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. The Potatoe Patch is a friendly environment and a good place to go to and have a fun time. For appetizers the waiters go around throwing rolls and different kinds of muffins to everyone. They also give you fried green tomatoes and fried okra while you are waiting on your meal. On their menu they have pretty much everything, such as soups, salads, potatoes, sandwiches, burgers, steak, and seafood. All of these courses are all prepared perfectly. For dessert they have pie, cake, ice cream and banana pudding. I would recommend any of these dishes because they are all excellent. PFT



January 2013 Paws for Thought  

January 2013 Paws for Thought

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