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LEEF Brands

California, United States

LEEF Brands is a leading North American cannabis company that stands out for the breadth of its brand portfolio, as well as its ability to excel in every stage of production, from research and manufacturing to sales and distribution. The California-based company has demonstrated a sophisticated approach to supply chain issues, including the recent purchase of a 187-acre ranch in Santa Barbara County that will yield the harvests needed to supply existing brands and extend the company’s market penetration and geographic reach. LEEF Brands has established partnerships with more than 200 cultivators, and maintains a genetic library that allows it to ensure the purity and diversity of the plants it grows. Its Willits, California manufacturing plan is one of the most advanced in the industry. The facility handles the current production rate of approximately 1.6 million pounds per year, and is capable of quickly scaling-up operations to extract and process yields that will soon be grown at the Santa Barbara ranch. The company’s brands are sold at more than 400 stores, and include some of the best known names in the industry. LEEF Brands has also attracted top sports talent as shareholders, including Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat, Davis Bertans of the Charlotte Hornets, Rudy Gobert of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Jerami Grant of the Portland Trailblazers, Ian Mahinmi, formerly of the Washington Wizards, and James Shields, a former baseball All-Star. Providing the strategic vision for LEEF Brands is CEO Micah Anderson, a serial entrepreneur with a depth of experience in the industry. He has enhanced the company’s success by attracting a world-class leadership team and forging key partnerships, including distribution relationships, company acquisitions and access to capital. He continues to pursue accelerated production, higher margins, and greater market share for his portfolio of popular cannabis products.