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Walk the plank, you landlubber …

Ahoy! Stab me, shiver my timbers, welcome on board Alexandrina! Life on the ship is on unsteady ground. Take a look around – perhaps you can find your way up to the wheel, and help me steer out to the Seven Seas in search of the hidden treasure. Check the situation from the lookout barrel, or clamber up to the ship’s upper deck and scan the horizon for land. Only an inquisitive and imaginative sailor will find the Captain’s key for the treasure chest and hidden diamonds on board. If you explore the Captain’s cabin, you’ll find the treasure map and compass that will give you a clue to the whereabouts of treasure island. In the galley, the pots are bubbling away, ready for real pirate feast, but hurry, a crab is about to slip away. Down in the bowels of the ship are all the prisoners – watch out! ­Perhaps you’ll have to walk the wobbly plank, where the ravenous sharks are waiting … Yes, life aboard LEDON’s pirate ship is a vivid tale packed with play and imagination … Welcome on board!


… Ready, pirate, go!


The magic of play Play possesses a magical power that enables us as human beings to develop and acquire new skills to become citizens in our modern society. In LEDON’s pirate world, we create an environment in which children can live out their imagination and explore the magic of play. Through play, the child acquires experiences and the skills they need throughout their lives – so there’s much more to play than meets the eye. The series has therefore been developed together with play experts – the children. This way, we guarantee play experiences that provide the best opportunities for children’s play and development.


No compromises have been made with children’s play – and nor with quality or safety. The series is made of 100% recyclable materials that require very little maintenance. The series complies with the European EN 1176 safety standard and is certified by TÜV SÜD – your guarantee that children using the equipment are perfectly safe.

Why invest in LEDON Pirates?

• Developed in collaboration with children. • Can be infinitely expanded with ships, treasure islands and suspension bridges.

• Ships in many different price ranges. • Ships can be combined with play systems from LEDON’s other theme worlds.

• Unique playground in modular set-up.

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LEDON A family-owned company for three generations

When Leo Donbæk founded LEDON in 1969, he was driven by a desire to make a difference: He wanted to create fun and stimulating high-quality playgrounds that were durable and where safety was second-to-none. Since 1984, Leo and his son Tom Donbæk have developed and technically transformed production so that today all the playground equipment supplied by LEDON is manufactured using technical programs, software and CNC machines. Craftsmanship and quality are still of paramount importance, and all details are meticulously cut by hand, and all product assembly is also performed by hand.


Since 2012, Tom’s daughter, Simone Donbæk, has been employed in the family business. In fact, she has been involved all her life, first as a child, then she had an after-school job working in the warehouse – and now she is marketing manager.

Sharing the same passion and ambition We are three generations of the same family, and we are all driven by the same passion and ambition: We want to create the best play experiences for children, and we want to do so in the right way. This takes dedicated employees, extensive know-how and an optimised and high-quality production line. Therefore, all of LEDON’s production takes place in Denmark, where we have quality-controlled production facilities for manufacturing products that help children around the world experience the joy of play.

Why play? Play is essential for human development and for ­becoming an active member of society. By creating play equipment together with children and experts, we develop play experiences that both support and contribute to children’s development.

All our play equipment is produced in Denmark and sold in more than 40 different countries.

Values Play value We create play experiences that are inherently playful. Experiences that awaken children’s imagination and which encourage them to develop. It is the value of playing that drives us. The play value of our products is always tested by children, and the results decide the composition of our play environments.

Quality and safety Quality and safety are prerequisites for good play experiences. We use the best materials, assemble the components by hand and maintain strict quality control. Our products are approved according to the European EN 1176 standard and are certified by TÜV SÜD.

Sustainability Our focus is children. In addition to giving them the best possible play experiences, we are dedicated to passing on a better world to them. We do so by thinking sustainably. For example, our polyethylene boards are largely made from recycled plastic.

Know-how At LEDON, we have been creating play experiences for children for 50 years. We know what it takes, because we understand children and possess extensive knowledge about child development. We know how to design playgrounds to ensure the highest possible levels of play value, durability and safety.

Advice & guidance There are many things to consider when planning to buy new playground equipment. Which equipment matches your needs, how much space is required, and what sort of safety surface do you need etc.? We help find the perfect solution to suit your requirements and budget.

Co-creation Our play environments support play in every detail. We collaborate with children during the entire development phase to ensure we are creating play experiences for them – in terms of their play, learning and development.


Product development ­together with children A child-centred approach guarantees the best play ­experiences We take a child-centred approach to designing play products because we know children are the ultimate creators of play. Therefore, we invite children into the design process, and allow them to use their imagination to initiate play and, not least, develop it further. We don’t just use children to test and validate our products, but also as active co-creators throughout the entire playground design process. Our design work and innovation activities are child-centred, because children are creative by nature, and because their mindset is usually not as constrained as that of adults. By involving children in our development work, we receive input, inspiration and ideas far beyond what we could have come up with ourselves. This can lead to questions being answered that we didn’t even know needed asking, and which can contribute to some of the most valuable and innovative knowledge in a ­development process.


Children are play experts We use elements from the designer’s toolkit to explore and test solutions through prototypes and co-creation sessions with children. We play with children to learn, and because we are curious about why they do what they do and how they interact with the world around them. This gives us direct insights into the universe for which we are designing. In this way, we ensure that our playground equipment designs are not based on our own assumptions about children and their lives, but on real children and how they experience the world.

We make children’s dreams come true A child-centred approach not only helps to ensure that we end up with the best possible equipment, but also lays the foundations for the best possible play experiences. Play equipment only encourages play if it is used

– which is why it is crucial that it is interesting and relevant for children. It must stimulate their natural curiosity, enquiring nature and creativity, and strengthen and support their natural development. We recognise that children are experts at play, and that it is collectively that we can create the best play experiences. In a slightly broader perspective, we are seeking to design a better world, where we make children’s dreams come true and support their development through play.

We play with children to learn Søren Skøtt Head of Design LEDON



Value flower Through play, children acquire important skills. Play trains children in many aspects of human life, and play gives them an important foundation for being able to develop into responsible citizens. To ensure that our playground equipment and play environments support children’s development in the best possible way, we base our work on what we call the ‘value flower’. This is scientifically based, and defines five areas in which children can develop through play.

Physical development Children are stimulated into actively using their entire body through play and movement.

Creative development

Each item of play equipment usually addresses one or more of these development areas, and the playground as a whole should cater for them all. This requires that the play equipment is carefully designed. We use the value flower because we believe that good playgrounds contain all five elements. Through being aware of the various development areas, we ensure that all five leaves in the value flower come into play. Ultimately, this means that the playground supports the child’s natural development in the most appropriate way.

Children are encouraged to be experimental and creative and to use their imagination.

Emotional development Children learn to understand and manage their emotions. CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT

Social development Constructive play teaches children to socialise and respect each other. This provides children with basic communication and social skills.



Cognitive development Play promotes children’s understanding of the world.




Ship variants All LEDON’s pirate ships are available in different variants, with different combinations of rope ladders, steps, open slides as well as tube slides. The specific combinations depend on the individual ship. Visit our website for all products and specifications. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call us on +45 7482 6565 or to send us an email at info@ledon.dk

Symbol explanation Age group The product is recommended for the following age groups (guide).

Maximum fall height Indicates maximum fall


height to the underlay.

Floor height Indicates the height between the floor and underlay.

Size Indicates the product size in length, width and height.


Space requirements Indicates how big the product is incl. safety area.


Bonus-info Extra information about the product e.g. hidden functions.


100% Danish designed and produced


Sally Mini pirate ship From 2 years (H) 20 cm


(LxWxH) 189 x 80 x 91 cm !

(LxW) 489 x 380 cm


For both indoor and outdoor use


Raft From 3 years (H) 44 cm


(LxWxH) 117 x 101 x 44 cm !

(LxW) 417 x 401 cm



Christian Small pirate ship with stairs and slide From 3 years (H) 90 cm


(LxWxH) 413 x 347 x 191 cm !

(LxW) 713 x 599 cm

” 14

In order to maintain our high quality standards, all our play equipment is produced in Denmark

100 cm Scale 1:200

100 cm Scale 1:200


Nathalie Medium pirate ship with stairs and slide From 3 years (H) 90 cm


(LxWxH) 466 x 406 x 191 cm !

(LxW) 766 x 658 cm



100 cm Scale 1:200

Medium pirate ship with stairs and tube slide From 3 years (H) 90 cm


(LxWxH) 466 x 483 x 191 cm !

(LxW) 766 x 733 cm



Elisabeth Large pirate ship with rope ladder From 3 years (H) 140 cm


(LxWxH) 727 x 246 x 380 cm !


(LxW) 1026 x 546 cm

100 cm Scale 1:200

Approved in accordance with EN 1176 and certified by TÜV SÜD


Victoria Large pirate ship with stairs and slide From 3 years (H) 140 cm


100 cm Scale 1:200

(LxWxH) 727 x 488 x 380 cm !

(LxW) 1026 x 738 cm



Olympia Giant pirate ship From 3 years

100 cm Scale 1:200

(H) 190 cm


(LxWxH) 861 x 335 x 436 cm !


(LxW) 1187 x 661 cm

See 360° views of all models online


Atlantic Giant pirate ship with slide From 3 years (H) 190 cm


(LxWxH) 861 x 512 x 436 cm !

(LxW) 1187 x 763 cm

100 cm Scale 1:200


The flexible pirate ship The flexible pirate ship allows you to gradually expand the pirate ship universe, so the playground investment will extend over a longer period of time. Another advantage of the flexible pirate ship is that it can be expanded to cover a larger area, allowing more children to play on and around it.





Large bow section with mast and rudder

Small bow section From 3 years (H) 58 cm


100 cm Scale 1:200

From 3 years (H) 58 cm


(LxWxH) 241 x 220 x 193 cm !


(LxW) 541 x 520 cm

(LxWxH) 385 x 220 x 285 cm !

(LxW) 685 x 520 cm

100 cm Scale 1:200

100 cm Scale 1:200


Merkurius Large bow section and wheelhouse From 3 years (H) 140 cm


(LxWxH) 778 x 458 x 285 cm !

(LxW) 1078 x 708 cm

All materials are 100% recyclable




Suspension bridges and treasure islands Our pirate universe offers more than just eye-catching pirate ships. With swaying suspension bridges and treasure islands, you can expand the universe, for more children and over a longer period of time. The suspension bridges also open up the possibility of combining the pirate ships with other LEDON themed play systems, for example LEDON Explore and LEDON Castle. The treasure islands and secret cave can also function as small independent play environments, where treasure chests, swinging huts, rope ladders, lookouts and fireplaces with realistic flames set the scene.


Dina Suspension bridge for giant pirate ships From 3 years (H) 275 cm


(LxWxH) 318 x 119 x 282 cm !

(LxW) 692 x 519 cm

100 cm Scale 1:200



Cathrine Suspension bridge for large pirate ships From 3 years (H) 225 cm


(LxWxH) 379 x 168 x 232 cm !

(LxW) 710 x 494 cm

100 cm Scale 1:200

All floors have non-slip surfaces


100 cm Scale 1:200

Sofia Suspension bridge for giant pirate ships From 3 years (H) 275 cm


(LxWxH) 326 x 204 x 282 cm !

(LxW) 699 x 519 cm

100 cm Scale 1:200


Helena Suspension bridge for giant pirate ships From 3 years (H) 275 cm


(LxWxH) 379 x 253 x 436 cm !

(LxW) 775 x 584 cm


Fireplace lights up when the sun shines through the flames

100 cm Scale 1:200


Little treasure Island From 3 years (H) 90 cm


(LxWxH) 267 x 120 x 196 cm !

(LxW) 558 x 420 cm


Robin Island From 3 years (H) 90 cm


(LxWxH) 365 x 235 x 202 cm !

(LxW) 663 x 531 cm

100 cm Scale 1:200

How have children been involved in developing LEDON Pirates?



The Cave

100 cm Scale 1:200

From 3 years (H) 90 cm


(LxWxH) 263 x 120 x 222 cm !

(LxW) 546 x 413 cm

See all ship variants at www.ledonplay.com/pirates

Primary school children from Brændkjærskolen in Kolding, Denmark, are some of the children who have been closely involved in developing LEDON’s pirate universe. Through workshops with brainstorming sessions as well as model-building and prototyping, we learned how children aged 7-8 years envisage the world of pirates. For example, it is important that a ship has a captain and a helmsman, but also that there is room for a ship’s cook, because otherwise “the pirates won’t get anything to eat” (says Jonas, aged 7). This is also why our biggest pirate ships have a captain’s cabin with treasure maps, but also a galley featuring a ‘red crab’ in a pot. Involving the children in the design process has proved extremely valuable, and their input has frequently resulted in changes being made to the design of the ship and several play activities, for example the anchor chain, wobbly planks, cargo holds and hiding places. Their direct input has been used by LEDON’s product development team to create a playground packed with play value, where children can act out their pirate dreams.


Play value Physical play and motor skills Roleplay Role-play All the theme-based play activities on and around the ship will stimulate children’s curiosity and imagination and encourage role-play. Role-play allows the child to imagine being another person or character. Here, everything is possible, and new actions and boundaries can be tested without risk – after all, it’s ‘just’ play. Consequently, the child gets to know themselves and the world around them better. Read more about role-play on page 34.

Secret spaces Around the pirate ship there are secret spaces to be found behind rubber hatches, below deck and inside the prison. Children love dens and hideaways where they can immerse themselves in their play. Being given the opportunity to spend time in peace and quiet and play alone is a prerequisite for concentration, perseverance and endurance.


When children play, the body moves in a myriad of ways: walking, jumping, crawling, running and climbing. These are all expansive movements which support the child’s proprioceptive understanding while giving them a good sense of space. Sensory impressions from the body and gravity are necessary for developing motor skills. The more children play, sense and test themselves, the more they develop. Try, for example, the wobbly plank, the angled climbing net, the slide or the climbing wall panel.

Moving parts The ship features many play activities with moving parts, for example ship’s wheel, keys and rubber hatches. These all stimulate children’s fine motor skills as well as their eye-hand coordination, which are both important for child development, including learning ability. Read more on page 30.

Windows, domes and holes The windows, domes and holes stimulate children’s curiosity and imagination when viewing the world from different perspectives and in new colours. The tinted windows inspire new type of play when the sunlight casts coloured patches on the ground. All the openings and windows also encourage greater interaction between children. When children play together, in their own fantasy world, they practise their social skills. Imagination, for example, helps to develop empathy and understanding and trust in others.

Play zones Each pirate ship is divided into four smaller zones. This allows several groups of children to play simultaneously without disturbing each other. The zones have different play activities that all support children’s natural development. Read more about the zones on the following pages.


Play zone


Find your way into the secret hold, look out for land with the movable telescope, heave up the anchor, or balance on the pirate ship’s figurehead. The pirate ship’s bow will test children’s gross and fine motor skills, as well as their balance. Good balance and motor skills give children the courage to explore everything else the body can do, such as running, hopping and jumping. It also gives them the confidence to engage in play with other children, which strengthens their social relations. During play, children test and overcome their own boundaries, and it also supports their psychological development while developing courage and self-esteem. Having a good sense of balance also helps the eyes to focus when learning to read. Or when children are learning to negotiate the traffic.


Short delivery times

When a child balances and coordinates his movements, it trains the cerebellum. This part of the brain tells us which muscles to use, for example to lift a box, write with a pencil or climb stairs. It is an ability that we use hundreds of times each day, and which therefore needs to be mastered.


Play zone


The midship can be accessed, for example, via the wobbly plank, through the rubber hatches in the bow or from the cabin. The midship has several moving parts: the ship’s wheel, bell, compass and diamonds as well as the concealed rubber hatches for keeping an eye on the prisoners. The wheel is a particular children’s favourite in the midship. All the moving parts help to stimulate fine motor skills, which are a vital aspect of child development. Fine motor skills enable us to perform small, precise movements, for example with our hands, eyes, mouth and feet. These skills are also used to hold and control tools, such as when learning to draw or write.


The brain’s help centre for language and the area governing right-hand fine motor skills lie right next to each other. Consequently, linguistic development is positively influenced when you stimulate righthand fine motor skills.


Play zone

Aft deck

You climb up the steps to the lower aft deck, where you can ring the bell, keep an eye on the treasure island through the telescope mounted on the lookout barrel, or crawl down into the Captain’s cabin. The climbing wall panel and the large climbing net provide access to the upper aft deck, where the ship can be steered with the ship’s wheel. It is also from the upper aft deck that it is possible to attach suspension bridges and tube slides onto the pirate ship. The large climbing net from the upper aft deck is fun, but also very challenging for both gross motor skills, balance and cross-body movements. When children perform cross-body movements, it stimulates neural activity between both sides of the brain. And it is this interaction which is brought into play when learning to read, where the left side of the brain sees every single letter, while the right side composes the letters to form words and meanings.


Playing pirates is also good training for the frontal lobe of the brain. While the child is devising a strategy for not getting caught or is trying to act out the game, the frontal lobe is collecting and processing all the impulses from the body and brain, which are then used to execute the desired action – for example run away or hide. In fact, the ability to concentrate is also placed in the frontal lobe, and is therefore also trained while playing on the ship.


Play zone


The treasure map, compass, a hidden chest, dungeon, the underwater dome and the galley with the free-roaming crab set the scene for playing in the Captain’s cabin. The large windows also ensure that adults can keep an eye on everything without disturbing the play activity. All the play activities in the Captain’s cabin help to trigger the children’s imagination and role-play. Playing with other children allows the child to train his or her social skills. It is here the child learns to communicate his thoughts and feelings. This is important so that they learn to express themselves and say no, and develop the ability to understand and empathise with others. At the same time, the child also learns many different skills, for example how to argue, compromise, negotiate and to resolve conflicts. Children also experiment with role-play in a figurative sense, i.e. by being the funny one, the sweet one, the silly one, or the evil pirate. Through roleplay, children process their experiences and emotions. In fact, it is healthy to play ‘the evil pirate’. When children play, they know it is fun and games, but it helps them to unburden their feelings, for example anger or fear. Like other role-play, it can give children the sense of mastering something and building self-confidence.


Playing on the pirate’s ship also trains their sense of space. Spatial intelligence lies in the right hemisphere of the brain, and is important when a child is learning to assess the size of objects and their relative positions to one another. It also comes into play later when the child is learning the fundamentals of mathematics, physics and chemistry.


Materials A synergy of safety and functionality …

Polyethylene All polyethylene boards have been specially developed for LEDON to ensure the highest possible quality. The material is maintenance-free and extremely hardwearing – and it also has a black core made from recycled plastic. We recycle all waste material from our polyethylene boards to ensure our production is as sustainable as possible. The boards are non-toxic and comply with the European EN 71 standard (toy safety testing directive), parts 1-3. Moreover, the boards also comply with the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as set out in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 21, Section 177.1520 for olefin polymers. We supply polyethylene boards in 11 different colours with a black core. Both the materials and colours of the boards are UV-stabilised, so we are able to provide a five-year guarantee against significant fading.

Nut covers All our nuts and bolt ends are capped with nut covers to protect children from sharp edges and the playground equipment against unwanted dismantling. Like LEDON’s other fibre parts, the nut covers are made of nylon (PA6), so that they do not fade in the sunlight and are impact-resistant at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +100°C.


Transparent polycarbonate The transparent domes and windows are made of transparent polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is extremely impact-resistant at temperatures between -40°C and +120°C, which basically means that it is unbreakable. The material is UV-protected, so that the wind and weather do not affect its appearance, nor will the board fade despite being exposed to many hours of sunlight.

Fibre parts – nylon All fibre parts are made of nylon (PA6) to prevent fingers sticking in freezing conditions. The handles are rounded and shaped to provide a good grip, which minimizes the risk of eye and dental injuries. All parts are maintenance-free, and both the raw materials and colours are UV-stabilised to prevent fading. The fibre parts are thus impact-resistant at temperatures ranging from -40°C and +100°C.

Ropes and nets All ropes and nets are made of Taifun combination rope with six strands with eight steel strands in each – i.e. a total of 48 steel wires. This provides a tensile strength of 4500 kg, and the rope is therefore highly resistant to vandalism. The rope does not rot, and will also not stretch with use. All climbing nets are put together with joints of impact-proof nylon (PA6).


Bolts and nuts All LEDON products are assembled using maintenance-free bolts, lock nuts and specially designed aluminium bushes. This ensures the strongest construction which requires no maintenance or tightening-up. All bolts are made of hot-dip galvanised or stainless steel.

” 40

Fittings All fittings are hot-dip galvanised to prevent corrosion. The fittings are designed with rounded edges, so that children can play safely and securely without cutting or scratching themselves on sharp edges.

Rubber The series requires low maintenance

LEDON’s new rubber membrane does more than guarantee hours of fun. The membrane incorporates several layers of microfibre, making it extremely hard-wearing and protecting it from vandalism.

Non-slip polyethylene The non-slip safe-tec polyethylene board is coated with 3 mm cubic grain rubber. The specially designed cubic grain pattern ensures the best grip, even in rain and frosty weather. The non-slip safe-tec panels are used for all LEDON’s seats and floors.

Metal posts All metal posts are hot-dip galvanised to prevent corrosion and then powder-coated to highlight LEDON’s attractive colours. The powder coating is of the highest quality, and results in highly scratch- and impact-resistant surfaces. The coating process is solvent-free, and residual materials from the powder coating process are reused to ensure that the process is as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

Springs LEDON’s springs are made of 18 mm special steel that can be bent in all directions. After the coiling process, the springs are treated with zink and phosphor and then covered with an impact-proof polyester lacquer. The springs are made so no fingers will be pinched, and our patented spring fixing with self-locking nuts allow for the spring to be fixed at one point only in each end. This ensures a long operating life with a very low risk of a breaking spring. The springs are delivered with a cover for the bottom part.




Product overview LP080

Sally (H) 20 cm


Halifax (H) 90 cm




(H) 90/140 cm


Victoria (H) 90/140 cm





(H) 90/190 cm






(H) 90 cm


(H) 90 cm


(H) 90 cm






(H) 90 cm

(H) 90 cm

(H) 90 cm


Maria (H) 90/140 cm




Juliane (H) 90/140 cm



(H) 90/140 cm


Atlantic (H) 90/190 cm

(H) 90/140 cm


Alexandrina (H) 90/190 cm


(H) 30/58 cm


(H) 30/90/140 cm





(H) 40 cm


(H) 90 cm


(H) 90 cm





(H) 40/90 cm


(H) 40/90 cm

(H) 90/140 cm




Robin Island

Little treasure Island

The Cave

(H) 90 cm

(H) 90 cm

(H) 90 cm


Stepping stones (H) 30-60 cm


Crocodile (H) 25 cm




(H) 58 cm



Raft (H) 44 cm

See info on all products at: www.ledonplay.com/pirates







20-year warranty

5-year warranty

• HDPE panel parts • Steel posts and top beams • Steel floor beams and frames • Other galvanised structural parts • Stainless-steel components

• Painted metal parts • Springs • Ropes and nets • Transparent polycarbonate domes and windows • Rotation molded PE tube slide tubes

10-year warranty

• Other galvanised fittings • Injection-moulded components PE and PA6 components

2-year warranty

• Movable metal and plastic parts

All products approved according to EN 1176

EN 1176

At LEDON, safety has a high priority, and therefore all our LEDON MiniPlay play ­equipment is, of course, checked and approved in accordance with the European EN 1176-2018 standard. Certification is carried out by TÜV SÜD. TÜV approval is given for products which comply with strict requirements for safety, reliability and quality.


Sales, marketing and product development:

Production and ­administration:

Nordkajen 21, DK-6000 Kolding

Vestergade 25, DK-6510 Gram

All information subject to misprint and product changes. +45 7482 6565 www.ledonplay.com info@ledonplay.com

Product images are protected by copyright and must not be used without LEDON A/S’ permission.

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