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Makes even the tiniest dream come true ‌

A safe environment for tots and toddlers to romp and play …

LEDON MiniPlay is designed for children, with a host of features and striking colours to tickle their curiosity. In MiniPlay, play is central to creating learning environments that support children’s well-being, learning and development.

One of the main strengths of the series is the play-based activities that stimulate a range of gross and fine motor skills and competencies, cross-coordination, linguistic, social and emotional development as well as logical and abstract thinking. LEDON MiniPlay has been developed with particular focus on age-appropriate activities and motor skills for children aged 0-4 years. All the activities in the series have been carefully developed and tested in close collaboration with children and childcare professionals, including occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

MiniPlay is the best playground ­equipment for the youngest children:

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LEDON MiniPlay has been specifically designed for children aged 0-4 years Ensures natural development through play Developed in collaboration with children and ­childcare professionals

Low maintenance

Made in Denmark

Short delivery times

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LEDON A family-owned company for three generations When Leo Donbæk founded LEDON in 1969, he was driven by a desire to make a difference: He wanted to create fun and stimulating high-quality playgrounds that were durable and where safety was second-to-none. Since 1984, Leo and his son Tom Donbæk have developed and technically transformed production so that today all the playground equipment supplied by LEDON is manufactured using technical programs, software and CNC machines. Craftsmanship and quality are still of paramount importance, and all details are meticulously cut by hand, and all product assembly is also performed by hand.


Since 2012, Tom’s daughter, Simone Donbæk, has been employed in the family business. In fact, she has been involved all her life, first as a child, then she had an after-school job working in the warehouse – and now she is marketing manager.

Sharing the same passion and ambition We are three generations of the same family, and we are all driven by the same passion and ambition: We want to create the best play experiences for children, and we want to do so in the right way. This takes dedicated employees, extensive know-how and an optimised and high-quality production line. Therefore, all of LEDON’s production takes place in Denmark, where we have quality-controlled production facilities for manufacturing products that help children around the world experience the joy of play.

Vision & mission Mission Our mission is for our playground equipment to help create opportunities for play that develop children physically as well as developing their language and social skills in a safe environment.

Vision Our vision is to support and inspire children in their physical, communicative and cognitive development.

Values Play value We create play experiences that are inherently playful. Experiences that awaken children’s imagination and which encourage them to develop. It is the value of playing that drives us. The play value of our products is always tested by children, and the results decide the composition of our play environments.

Quality and safety Quality and safety are prerequisites for good play experiences. We use the best materials, assemble the components by hand and maintain strict quality control. Our products are approved according to the European EN 1176 standard and are certified by TÜV SÜD.

Sustainability Our focus is children. In addition to giving them the best possible play experiences, we are dedicated to passing on a better world to them. We do so by thinking sustainably. For example, our polyethylene boards are largely made from recycled plastic.

All our play equipment is produced in Denmark and sold in more than 40 different countries.

Know-how At LEDON, we have been creating play experiences for children for 50 years. We know what it takes, because we understand children and possess extensive knowledge about child development. We know how to design playgrounds to ensure the highest possible levels of play value, durability and safety.

Advice & guidance There are many things to consider when planning to buy new playground equipment. Which equipment matches your needs, how much space is required, and what sort of safety surface do you need etc.? We help find the perfect solution to suit your requirements and budget.

Co-creation Our play environments support play in every detail. We collaborate with children during the entire development phase to ensure we are creating play experiences for them – in terms of their play, learning and development.


Product development ­together with children A child-centred approach guarantees the best play ­experiences We take a child-centred approach to designing play products because we know children are the ultimate creators of play. Therefore, we invite children into the design process, and allow them to use their imagination to initiate play and, not least, develop it further. We don’t just use children to test and validate our products, but also as active co-creators throughout the entire playground design process. Our design work and innovation activities are child-centred, because children are creative by nature, and because their mindset is usually not as constrained as that of adults. By involving children in our development work, we receive input, inspiration and ideas far beyond what we could have come up with ourselves. This can lead to questions being answered that we didn’t even know needed asking, and which can contribute to some of the most valuable and innovative knowledge in a ­development process.


Children are play experts We use elements from the designer’s toolkit to explore and test solutions through prototypes and co-creation sessions with children. We play with children to learn, and because we are curious about why they do what they do and how they interact with the world around them. This gives us direct insights into the universe for which we are designing. In this way, we ensure that our playground equipment designs are not based on our own assumptions about children and their lives, but on real children and how they experience the world.

We make children’s dreams come true A child-centred approach not only helps to ensure that we end up with the best possible equipment, but also lays the foundations for the best possible play experiences. Play equipment only encourages play if it is used – which is why it is crucial that it is interesting and relevant for children. It must stimulate their natural curiosity, enquiring nature and creativity, and strengthen and support their natural development. We recognise that children are experts at play, and that it is collectively that we can create the best play experiences. In a slightly broader perspective, we are seeking to design a better world, where we make children’s dreams come true and support their development through play.

We play with children to learn Søren Skøtt Head of Design LEDON

Value flower Through play, children acquire important skills. Play trains children in many aspects of human life, and play gives them an important foundation for being able to develop into responsible citizens. To ensure that our playground equipment and play environments support children’s development in the best possible way, we base our work on what we call the ‘value flower’. This is scientifically based, and defines five areas in which children can develop through play.

Physical development Children are stimulated into actively using their entire body through play and movement.

Creative development

Each item of play equipment usually addresses one or more of these development areas, and the playground as a whole should cater for them all. This requires that the play equipment is carefully designed. We use the value flower because we believe that good playgrounds contain all five elements. Through being aware of the various development areas, we ensure that all five leaves in the value flower come into play. Ultimately, this means that the playground supports the child’s natural development in the most appropriate way.

Children are encouraged to be experimental and creative and to use their imagination.

Emotional development CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT

Children learn to understand and manage their emotions.

Social development Constructive play teaches children to socialise and respect each other. This provides children with basic communication and social skills.

Cognitive development





Play promotes children’s understanding of the world.



NOA From 0 years MAX

(H) 50 cm (LxWxH) 92 x 75 x 134 cm (LxW) 392 x 375 cm



ANNE From 0 years MAX

(H) 58 cm (LxWxH) 190 x 117 x 172 cm (LxW) 440 x 417 cm



From 0 years MAX

(H) 58 cm (LxWxH) 231 x 86 x 177 cm (LxW) 481 x 386 cm



JONAS From 0 years MAX

(H) 58 cm (LxWxH) 310 x 266 x 177 cm (LxW) 610 x 516 cm


ELLA From 0 years MAX

(H) 58 cm (LxWxH) 259 x 201 x 177 cm (LxW) 559 x 451 cm



OLIVIA From 0 years MAX

(H) 58 cm (LxWxH) 259 x 198 x 172 cm (LxW) 559 x 448 cm



ASTRID From 0 years MAX

(H) 58 cm (LxWxH) 345 x 300 x 177 cm (LxW) 645 x 600 cm



FILIPPA From 0 years MAX

(H) 58 cm (LxWxH) 308 x 269 x 177 cm (LxW) 608 x 569 cm


JONATHAN From 0 years MAX

(H) 58 cm (LxWxH) 518 x 310 x 177 cm (LxW) 818 x 610 cm



BRUM From 0 years MAX

(H) 30 cm (LxWxH) 138 x 45 x 72 cm (LxW) 438 x 345 cm



ALFRED From 0 years MAX

(H) 25 cm (LxWxH) 127 x 113 x 143 cm (LxW) 427 x 413 cm


Play value and movement for the smallest

Play and development Play helps to develop the child’s basic abilities, such as learning social rules and gaining an understanding of the world at large etc. All MiniPlay’s play activities support the child’s

MiniPlay has been specifically designed for the youngest children, so that the play equipment supports the development that occurs between birth and 4 years of age in the best possible way.

natural development through movement, mood icons, sloping bridges, domes and more. Read more about the various play activities on page 18.

EN 1176

Safety is paramount To ensure that the smallest children can play safely, MiniPlay features non-slip flooring. The series is made of polyethylene, which is approved according to US food safety standards, so it does not matter if a child sucks or bites the material. The entire series is, of course, approved according to EN1176-2018 and certified by TÜV SÜD.

Safety and closeness At age 0-4 years, it feels much safer being close to an adult. The height and size of MiniPlay has therefore been designed so that an adult can quickly step in and support a child when playing if a helping hand is needed. The child is thus able to explore and try things out in a safe setting.

Materials MiniPlay is largely made from maintenance-free polyethylene. The posts are hot galvanized to prevent corrosion and then powder-coated. This highlights the beautiful colour of the posts and makes the surface extremely scratch and impact-resistant while ensuring that little fingers don’t stick to frozen metal.


Different ages – different heights Some towers have one step up, which challenges the motor skills of children who have just learned to walk. For children who are in control of their balance, they can continue up to the slightly higher towers, where the floor height is 58 cm. The towers are designed so that an adult can, if necessary, support the child when playing. See more under “Safety and closeness”.

Experience bridges In MiniPlay, a bridge is more than just a connection between two towers. It is an experience, and a ‘journey’ that is designed to stimulate the child’s curiosity, gross motor skills and balance. The playful bridges thus distribute maximum play value to the entire play environment. Read more about the butterfly bridge on page 18.

Entry for crawlers and walkers The crawling ramp has been developed for the smallest children so they can practise their gross motor skills and balance. Read more on page 19. For the older children, the steps are designed with an appropriate number of treads, a strategically positioned handrail as well as movable flowers, which offer increased play value while also training fine motor skills.

Extra benefits MiniPlay is the perfect play environment for tots and toddlers. The equipment can be erected inside or outside due to the low fall height, and can

Dialogue with adults

be installed directly on grass. The play environments

The first two years of a child’s life are key to their

are available in different sizes with one to four tow-

speech and language development, and through

ers, and ensure fun and developmental play even

play and being together they practise their first words and phrases. MiniPlay therefore incorporates many colourful elements, which prompt dialogue

when there are many children. MiniPlay has been developed from 100% recyclable materials.

between child and adult. The animals, shapes and colours spark creative play with words.


Selected play activities Rotating animals Car/bee The car has a key, steering wheel, gear and ‘speed control’ in the shape of familiar animals – the tortoise and the hare. The key hangs from a galvanised metal chain, which stimulates the senses and fine motor skills, and makes this panel perfect for little fiddly fingers. On the other side of the panel is a beehive and a moving bee, which can fly from flower to hive. The height and the meandering track both test children’s fine motor skills and their sense of movement.

Sand play Water and sand are very popular with children. Playing with sand chutes and the movable box provides space for concentration and an understanding of cause and effect. The movable flower, butterfly and bee train both hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The rotating animals are particularly good for encouraging discussions and language training. The four creatures represent different colours; the bottom two creatures crawl, and the top two fly. This soon prompts exchanges about animals and colours, and guessing where the creatures have hidden. At the same time, the game exercises the children’s fine motor skills, cognitive development and language skills.

Mood/weather The iconic faces can be used for language training or as a topic for discussion as part of the child’s cognitive and social development. The panel can also give rise to in-depth exchanges about how the child is feeling. The bee, which can be rotated towards a particular ‘mood’, gives the child something to personify with, so that you can ask “Is the bee feeling happy today?” This makes it much easier for children to express their feelings. The other side of the play panel is designed to encourage discussions about the weather. Here, the red arrow can be moved round to point at the different weather symbols.

Butterfly bridge The butterfly with the coloured wings stimulates both the child’s curiosity and imagination, and encourages the child to go exploring. When the sun strikes the coloured polycarbonate wings, they light up.


Crawling ramp The crawling ramp has been developed for the smallest children. The holes in the ramp act as climbing grips, as well as drainage for water and sand. The sides provide support, and can also act as handles when the child practises standing up. The small steps are carefully designed to support the child’s natural development in the best possible way.

Shop In the shop, the small handle is used to sound the bell, while ‘goods-in’ are received through the rubber hatch. Both activities strengthen the child’s motor skills and encourage role-play and social interaction. The children are kept busy interacting and negotiating, while acting out familiar episodes from their daily lives. The shop is always placed at a low height, enabling shopkeepers and shoppers to communicate easily with each other and swap places irrespective of age.

In the treetops The world can be seen from a new perspective from the treetops. The impact-resistant polycarbonate dome window ensures that you can safely view the world from above – you can even look out and down thanks to its round shape. At the roots of the tree is a secret cave.

Slide The slide is perfect for the youngest children: Going down the slide leaves them reeling with excitement, smiling from ear to ear, and at the same time it trains their gross motor skills and balance while teaching them about gravity, distance and speed. The slide has two handles which are positioned to provide an extra sense of security before launching off.

Further informations www.ledonplay.com/miniplay


All information subject to misprint and product changes. Product images are protected by copyright and must not be used without LEDON A/S’ permission.

20-year warranty

5-year warranty

• HDPE panel parts • Steel posts and top beams • Steel floor beams and frames • Other galvanised structural parts • Stainless-steel components

• Painted metal parts • Springs • Ropes and nets • Transparent polycarbonate domes and windows • Rotation molded PE tube slide tubes

10-year warranty

• Other galvanised fittings • Injection-moulded components PE and PA6 components

2-year warranty

• Movable metal and plastic parts

All products approved according to EN 1176

EN 1176

At LEDON, safety has a high priority, and therefore all our LEDON MiniPlay play ­equipment is, of course, checked and approved in accordance with the European EN 1176-2018 standard. Certification is carried out by TÜV SÜD. TÜV approval is given for products which comply with strict requirements for safety, reliability and quality.

LEDON A/S Sales, marketing and product development:

Production and ­administration:

Nordkajen 21, DK-6000 Kolding

Vestergade 25, DK-6510 Gram

+45 7482 6565 www.ledonplay.com info@ledonplay.com

0320 English

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