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Lea Valley High School Newsletter Spring 2010 Dear parents and carers The term started well with a personal invitation for me to attend a reception at 10, Downing Street to meet the Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Education. There were 120 headteachers present from schools all over the United Kingdom. This was to commend the school’s significant progress over the last few years. It was a great honour and welcome recognition of the work of all of the staff at the school who always go the extra mile to ensure a quality educational provision for our students. Life at Lea Valley continues to be as busy as ever. As we end the Spring Term we have a great deal to look forward to. The senior boys’ and senior girls’ football teams are making last minute preparations for their Easter trip to Chicago. The fundraising has been very successful with over £5500 being raised as sponsorship. It has also served to bring together the school and parents in a joint community project culminating in a very successful Tapas and Salsa evening. We have been well represented in the Mayor’s Awards this year, with Tice Mehmet gaining first prize in Public Speaking; Angelina Rowntree gaining second in the Award for Sports Volunteering; Andrew Davies, Rio Sully, Ali Guzel, Lee Heaney, Alexander Kyriacou gaining third for Enterprise and Tim Williams gaining third for Science. There are two changes on which I would like to consult with you. The first involves introducing biometric scanning for student attendance. This would mean that each student would have their finger print scanned as the means to register them in every class. The impression of the finger print is not retained but converted into an algorithm, which is an individualised mathematical formula. This process would also have the benefit of being used for paying for school meals and borrowing books from the library. Many schools are now using this new technology and the benefit for parents is much quicker attendance reporting through our learning gateway. The second change is a modification in the structure of the school day. This will mean that we start school fifteen minutes earlier and finish five minutes later. Please refer to page 15. Any parent views on either of these changes are very welcome. Please address your comments to or by post by 23rd April 2010. Although it has not yet been announced we anticipate that in addition to local elections the school will be used as a polling station for the General Election. School therefore will be closed on Thursday the 6th May for the majority of students. Students sitting examination courses may be required to attend. Thank you for your continuing support, I wish you a happy Easter break. Janet Cullen Principal

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Lea Valley High School Newsletter


LVHS continues to provide a wealth of enrichment activities for its Able, Gifted and Talented cohort. Year 10 have been practicing their debating skills through taking part in ‘Debate Mate’, with the first term of the programme, seeing London School of Economics Students delivering weekly workshops, it was a brilliant success. The students will soon start debating against other schools. Thank you to Mr. Collins for supporting

Lea Valley is celebrating another year of Public Speaking success after wining – yet again - the Mayor’s award for Enfield! The success is due to the hard work and energy of some very talented students. Since November, all students have been participating in the School’s Public Speaking Competition in their English lessons; planning and delivering short speeches. The winners from each class performed their entertaining and informative speeches in Year Assemblies. The winners for each year group were: Year 7: Aoylid Hossein Year 8: Daniel Dyer Year 9: Daniel Obobi Year 10: Tice Mehmet The students from years 8 to 10 went through to the Borough semi-finals and after a day of training and competition, Aoyid and Tice made it through to the final. The Final was hosted by Lea Valley High School on 25th February. Competition was fierce, but the outright winner for key stage 4 was Tice Mehmet with her fantastic speech; ‘Don’t let the sky be the limit, LET’S go beyond that. Rachel Connell Able, Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Helping our gifted students to reach the best universities Last year, Lea Valley became involved in the City Challenge’s Gifted and Talented Education Strand (City G.A.T.E.S). This scheme, now in its second year, is centred around a series of workshops intended to follow a group of Able, Gifted and Talented students from Year 10 through to Sixth Form. The scheme is designed to help, support and encourage these students to apply to and enter into Higher Education. With academic mentors attached to the group from a variety of London Universities. A group of ten Year 11 students were invited to Crystal Palace Football Club for an all day

Tice receives her award from the Mayor of Enfield, Councillor Eleftherios Savva. The limits of you life are the limit of you imagination’. As I ended my speech, I felt instant elation, I’d imparted my message to the people around me, all I could ever ask for. It took a long time for me to ever reach the stage where I felt the confidence to stand up and speak in front of so many people. Yet my teachers inspired me with their amazing belief in me - the student. Often I’d stay late after school, practicing my speech with Mr Turner, Ms Connell and Mr Collins. The fact that we never gave up as we watched my speech progress from a tiny clueless seed to the fruit of today, just added to the feeling I felt as I heard I’d done my school, friends, teachers and family proud. I guess practice and self belief really does help because the opportunity I have had will stay with me for life. Tice Mehmet 10MJ

workshop entitled ‘What are my choices?’ The sessions included a mixture of interactive games, group discussions and individual reflection, as well as strategies for independent learning, revision and self-analysis. The students receive guidance and support on choosing the right University, what University like is like, how to apply and funding your degree. As these students have been selected based primarily on their academic potential, we fully expect these students to apply to the top institutions! “I strongly believe that City GATES Progression programme has a true purpose. It is not only beneficial but fun, motivating and engaging” Turan Kaya 11DL


The last week of half term was Enrichment week, most students in the school had the opportunity to go on a residential visit and Year 7 enjoyed a day in of team building in Epping Forest. “Our Year 7 Epping Forest trip was full of mixed emotions. The Great British weather didn’t help much but that still didn’t dampen our spirits! Together, in groups, we performed a range of activities, having a laugh along the way! I think we can all agree that this was a fun experience as well as one that has brought us closer to nature.” Nikita Ramrattan 7TW

“It was a good trip! The activities were fun and I really enjoyed the 50 metre 3G swing!” Jack Donovan 9DL

The Year 9 team took 63 students to the Isle of Wight where they participated in a tailored programme of activates designed to promote self esteem, problem solving and team work. It was an exceptional trip with students enjoying a range of activates including; quad and go carting, indoor and outdoor climbing, archery, fencing, abseiling, an assault course and a high ropes course. Sam Fox Director of Year 9 “It was a once in a life time opportunity!” Moise Manzumba 9SR

As Year 9 came home, ferries crossed as forty two Year 8 students spent the weekend at the Kingswood Centre! The students had a thoroughly enjoyable and enriching experience whether they were caving through pitch black tunnels underground or hurtling down zip lines. Our students were given the opportunity not only to take part in activities they had never experienced before but also to undertake feats that challenged their sense apprehension and adventure. After Go Carting, 3G swinging and taking on team challenge exercises there were cries from the students to stay for the whole week and together with a good attitude from year 8 and fantastic facilities it capped a very successful residential for our students. Paul Turner, Acting Director of Year 8

Lea Valley High School Newsletter

On Monday 8th February 2010 we went to Brussels for three days with Ms Cullen, Mr Woodville, Mr Siaw and Ms Wilkins. The students were there to gain experience for their subjects: Travel and Tourism, Economics, ICT and Business. Therefore we had the opportunity to plan this residential trip as part of our coursework, it helped us gain a wider understanding of our subjects. We visited Autoworld, where we had the chance to tour the factory and gain an understanding of how different car designs have improved over the years. On the Tuesday, we visited Duval Bruxelles Chocolate Factory where we saw how chocolate is made .

“As well as active revision for our exams we had the chance to do things I never thought I would like the 3D swing and caving which was great!” Georgina Morgan 11DL “Undoubtedly the residential was fun and compelling. However it wouldn’t have been possible with out the hard work and input from tall the staff, especially from Ms Tate. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you on behalf of the whole year group.” Turan Kaya 11DL Dates for your Diary - Proposed Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions, 2010 Friday 23rd to Saturday 24th April – Bronze practice expedition. Debden Campsite, Epping Forest. Friday 7th May to Sunday 9th May – Silver practice expedition, South Downs Monday 28th to Wednesday 30th June – Silver qualifying expedition,. Wales or Derbyshire Thursday 1st July to Friday 2nd July – Bronze qualifying expedition, Screens Park Campsite, Chelmsford.


We also had the chance to taste the chocolate and two students took part in a challenge to see who would make pralines the quickest. We all bought lots of chocolate in the factory shop as it was Valentine’s Day a few days later! We had a special tour of the Palais de Justice (Crown Courts) and we had the opportunity to attend two trials and saw the judges and barristers at work. That was very interesting and inspirational. Afterwards we visited the National Bank where the euro was devised. We learnt how money and currency was invented and implemented in the ancient world. All the excursions were very educational as well as enjoyable as we were experiencing something new and different. We all enjoyed the trip and learnt something new. It will be a few days that will be remembered for a long time. From the students who went on the trip, we would like to thank the staff who came on the trip and organised it for us. Emma Hayward Deputy Head Girl

UCAS—University Applications All UCAS applications have been completed with 62 students’ out of a possible 71 applying for University courses. It is strongly recommend that students apply for student finance as soon as they have made their choice of University. In previous years there have been problems experienced with the student finance offices, the earlier the application the better. The school will be running a number of seminars after half term to assist them with the process. Ben Siaw Assistant Principal, Sixth Form


At around 8:30am on Monday 8th February, 36 GCSE Geography students arrived at school complete with suitcases, wellies and cagouls in tow! We were all departing for Overstrand, North Norfolk to help us with a piece of coursework: Does the North Norfolk Coastline need protecting from Erosion? So, we boarded the coach and set off on our 3 hour journey. Oh, and it was snowing! Upon arrival at the Kingswood Centre, we were taken on a 3 mile hike which was character building for the students to say the least. It was great fun to see everybody trying to negotiate the mud and the narrow paths and even the wind – it had stopped snowing by this point but it was still bitterly cold! Before dinner we took part in an activity called ‘Nightline’; a blindfold, some woods and the dark were involved!! The next day we had an early start fueled by a nice breakfast. We were off to visit five different sites on the coast to look for evidence for erosion and its impacts. This was a great opportunity to see the geographical features in real life that we had only talked about in class. The students had great fun learning how to use ranging poles and clinometers and it really became clear how the sea can impact the land and what humans can do and have done to help protect it. After a tiring day we returned to the centre and got freshened up ready for dinner and more learning! During the evening session, everybody had a chance to analyse their data they had collected during the day, which was great because everything we had been looking at became even clearer. The leaders worked us hard and we all went to bed feeling very proud of ourselves. The corridors were eerily quiet for a group of 14 – 16 year olds, but we were all so tired that we fell asleep almost as soon as our heads hit the pillows.

We loaded our things and bid farewell to the staff at the Kingswood Centre – they had been kind to us! All in all we had a fantastic time away and really worked hard. We have returned to school in an excellent position to complete the final piece of coursework. I would like to thank all the staff who made this trip possible, especially Tamsin Robinson, Vicki Fielder and Tom Hawkins.

“Ma’am, I’ve had loads of fun and want to stay longer. Can’t you make it snow?” Faith Taylor, Year 10. Lauren Samat, Director of Subject - Humanities

Mayors Award For Enterprise This year’s competition highlighted the enthusiasm, vision, competitiveness and desire to succeed of all the students who participated. In truth the winners were the students that showed self confidence, developed their oratory skills and exploited their entrepreneurial talent to produce sound and inspiring business plans. Our team’s project involved selling recycled carton packaging to external businesses, utilising the available teen work force in the Sixth Form. The concept in itself was extremely creative while meeting the social and environmental pressures of the local community. As a team the pressures of competition and the knowledge gained will definitely help our students in their preparation for their AS Business Studies examinations this summer. Lea Valley High School was placed third. The team comprised of the following students:

Andrew Davies Rio Sully Ali Guzel Lee Heaney Alexander Kyriacou

Lea Valley High School Newsletter

Ethnic Minority Achievement Team (EMA Team) EAL students worked very hard this half term and our after school clubs were very successful. Our Year 8 reading club has been well attended. 8 to 10 students meet twice a week every Monday & Thursday in the Welcome Centre to participate in extra reading & comprehension activities. Our KS3 & KS4 students meet after school to improve their reading, grammar, homework or coursework. The EMA Team would like to thank you for your continued support and if you feel that your child would benefit from extra English help, please encourage them to come along. All students are welcome! Alena Demcakova Subject Leader EMAT

Art Design and Technology have an open door policy for revision and enrichment on Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday.

Modern Foreign Languages There will be after-school revision opportunities with the Spanish Team on Mondays and Thursdays and with the French Team on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We look forward to seeing you then! In addition, Students are encouraged to go on to Fronter to access resources to help with exam preparation.


Maths The New Year has been a busy start for the Maths Department! Year 10 and year 11 received their modular results, many students have been on a maths trip and revision has started! Also special congratulations to Dr Quilter who received his PhD from Edinburgh University. A further 8 students in year 11 achieved an ‘A’ Grade in January, doubling our total to a whopping 8% of the year group. Year 10 also did extremely well in their Unit 1, with 16 students achieving an A or above and 43% achieving a C or above. This exam equals 20% of their total GCSE so these results are an excellent start to achieving good grades in their GCSE. A group of 25 AG&T students from across the year groups have been selected to compete in the prestigious UK Maths Challenge aimed at the top third of students in the country. Good luck to all those involved! Key Stage 3 News All year 7 students have been issued with a numeracy booklet to use during registration. This resource is an excellent way for parents to support students at home as well. SATs preparation: Year 9 will be doing their SATS exams in the first week in May. Please ensure that all students are fully equipped and prepared for these examinations with a calculator and full maths equipment. Resources are available from the library and practise papers can be found electronically at: http:// After half term a revision programme will be launched with the timetable advertised in the maths corridor. Level Up Club also runs on Wednesday lunchtimes in MA1 for ALL Key stage 3 students. Key Stage 4 News Revisions sessions are up and running. The sessions are as follows: A-A* is Monday and Wednesday after school B grade is Tuesdays and Thursday lunch. C grade is Tuesday and Thursday lunch. D grade is Thursday and Friday lunch. Speak to your teacher to see which session is appropriate for you. Check the Key Stage 4 Notice board in the maths corridor for rooms and times. Your first exam is 7th June 2010. “Don’t count the days make the days count.” Lauren Edwards Director of Subject, Mathematics


A group of Year 11 and Sixth Form students spent their Saturday in Chelmsford Crown Court taking part in the prestigious ‘Bar Mock Trial’.

The Friends of Lea Valley High School are a group of staff and parents who help organising events for students , staff and parents, providing refreshments at school events and raising funds to support our school. We recently held a Valentine disco for year 7 & 8 - the evening was a great success, all tickets sold out and the students partied to the sounds of DJ’s Kyle Kenny and Mr Woodville! We also raised over £300 for the Chicago 2010 fund. To avoid disappointment, buy your ticket early for the Easter disco on Wednesday 31st March .

They donned wigs and gowns and acted out ‘real-life’ court cases, playing barristers, judges and defendants! Our students were commended for their fantastic acting skills! Rachel Connell

Year 7 & 8 Valentine Disco

We are really pleased that our fundraising has recently allowed us to contribute materials to help introduce the teaching of Mandarin as an after school activity. We meet once a half term, on the second Monday from 6.30—7.30pm. New members are always welcome to attend, we also have a group of parents who are not able to make these meetings but are still very involved helping out at events. If you would like to become more involved with the Friends, please either contact me through the school or email Helen Powell, our staff representative Alison Cole, Chair, Friends of Lea Valley

Lea Valley High School Newsletter

What an amazing and potentially life changing opportunity for our senior boys’ and girls’ football teams! They are the only British team to have the opportunity to travel to America to compete in the Puma Cup, a soccer showcase visited by talent scouts from Universities from all over America, scouting for talented young people to be awarded fully paid scholarships to American Universities! Such a scholarship could be worth up to £150, 000 to a young person from Lea Valley. There is certainly enough talent in our top teams to impress any talent scout; the Girls being the current FUTSAL Champions (the National Girls’ Championship Cup) and the boys now the defending champions and finalists, second year running in the Middlesex Cup. As well as playing competitive football, the teams will experience life at an American University, staying in University accommodation and attending a college lecture on American History. There will be time between matches to soak up American life style and culture in Chicago! Getting a contract as a professional footballer is a dream for so many of our students, but a reality for so few. Injury can also shatter the chances of a professional career. This opportunity of playing competitive football whilst studying for a degree keeps the dream alive whilst providing a solid academic passport to a wide range of exciting careers. These opportunities do not come cheaply. Students’ families are paying half the cost of the trip, but we need to raise the rest. Can you help us, as part of the Lea Valley Community, to make this a reailty for our students?


Fundraising All the Chicago Students are busy raising funds but they need your support.

On 19th March 90 parents and staff had a fantastic fun-filled evening enjoying tasty home cooked tapas prepared by Mrs Powell, Ms Francis and Ms Balmer. Most guests could not resist taking the floor and learning to salsa under the expert tuition of Jonathan Golding and his salsa-stepping friends. It was fantastic to see so many people enjoying them selves and the students who were hosting the evening not able to resist joining in too! They were just as cheerful and, incredibly, still dancing at 11.30 while still washing up! A fantastic evening raising, £1000 for the Chicago fund and great fun too! Thank you to all students, staff and parents who were involved in organising such a successful event. Helen Powell Assistant Principal


What this opportunity means to us For me it could be a life changing trip. If I’m realistic, the chances of me getting signed by a top club and playing professional next year are pretty slim. I have to think about my future, so focusing on getting to university is now my main goal. But if I can do that and play football everyday—what more could I want? Doing this in America is just that sweet bonus. So ever since this trip was announced, I have been so determined to make sure I get to go to Chicago, to open these doors, to change my life! Sammy Locker-Townsend Year 13 Team Captain

I can’t wait for this trip to Chicago. I play for Watford at the moment and like the boys, I take my football very seriously and it is something that helps me stay focussed. As a girl there are not many professional opportunities in England— America is the Place to be. Whether it be winning a scholarship or playing professionally, for me the sky is the limit. I’m so excited, I just can’t wait to be given an opportunity to play against and if I have my way to beat the American girls!! Paige Logie Year 11 Team Captain

Help us to help them to make their dreams come true. Support the Chicago 2010 fundraising activities Sammy, Daniel and Sarah, hoping to earn a scholarship to an American university

End of Term Raffle

Thank you to all the businesses who have donated to the Chicago 2010 appeal: Odeon Cinemas’ Joan Ryan MP Maze Restaurant, Oakwood Paradise Park’ Merlin Entertainments Chelsea and Tottenham football clubs Sponsors who have bought an advertisement space in the Newsletter are displayed on the next page.

Fantastic raffle prizes have been donated to raise funds for the Chicago 2010 Appeal, towards the end of term your child will bring home books of raffle tickets with exciting prizes, please support us by buying some tickets and selling them among your family and friends.

It’s not too late! If your business would like to show your support in the next newsletter, please contact Linda Williams at Lea Valley High School by26th March

The London Eye have supplied 4 flights in the Eye for another lucky raffle winner.

A Special thank you to: Linbrook Services Who have most generously sponsored one of our students to travel to Chicago - if your company would like to make a similar contribution, please contact me at the school or by emailing Helen Powell, Assistant Principal

Thank you for your support 4* Gore Hotel, Knightsbridge who have supplied

There are many more exciting prizes You have buy a ticket to win!! Tickets have been sent home with students but more are available from the Library and school

Lea Valley High School Newsletter


Lea Valley High School is grateful to the Following companies for their Donation And Support of the Chicago 2010 Appeal

The Old Maltings, Brewery Road, Hoddesdon, Herts. EN11 8HF Tel: 01992 445544 Fax: 01992 449181

EVERITT FLORIST OF ENFIELD 551 Hertford Road ,Enfield, Middlesex, EN3 5UQ Tel: 020 8804 1560

Suppliers of flowers for all occasions to

LYONS SCHOOL SHOP 242 Hertford Road Enfield , Middlesex, EN3 5BL Tel: 020 8804 3627

Waterstones Booksellers, Piccadilly, LONDON

Tel: 020 7851 2400

Suppliers of discounted books to Lea Valley High School


On the evening of Wednesday 27th January, over 45 women from a diverse range of careers from large businesses and commercial companies such as Bovis and Proctor and Gamble, representatives from the law and a range of medical and health service careers, retail, design, the arts and business women all travelled to Lea Valley High School to talk to our girls about their ca-

“Thank you for organising an evening like this, it was really useful being able to talk to such a wide range of women with successful careers who were prepared to give up their evening to help us” The students ‘speed dated’ the delegates, spending five minutes talking individually, gathering information about their career area and finding out how to be successful! There were also a wide range of career workshops, for our students to learn essential skills for success: ‘Presenting yourself positively’ by PriceWaterhouse Cooper, ‘Setting and Achieving Goals’, ‘Exploring Careers’ by Teach First and two workshops designed to help with the University application process and then to make the best of University life kindly provided by ‘Into University’ and Cambridge University.

The Women were inspirational to our students who said the evening was very useful and that they received good advice.

One Student commented that the speed dating gave her an idea for her dream job! In turn, the delegates said they had been very impressed by the positive and mature attitude the students had demonstrated towards their future careers. One delegate with over 20 years experience in business praised the ideas the girls had articulated and the amount of thought they had already given to their careers. Thank you to all the staff who helped organise the evening, with special thanks to Rachel Connell for her tireless work. Thank you to all our delegates who contributed their time and knowledge to encourage our girls to achieve their potential. Helen Powell Assistant Principal

Lea Valley High School Newsletter


Lea Valley High School is committed to improving attendance. Our aim is to help you make your child’s school life a happy and enjoyable experience. To support your child’s education you have an important role to play and we therefore ask you for your assistance and co-operation in the following: Attendance Attendance and attainment are closely linked. Students should attend school unless they are ill. On the first day of any absence please ring the school on the attendance line – 01992 704646 or get a message to the SWC for your child’s year group to let them know why your child is absent. Punctuality Punctuality is an important life-skill for students to learn. It is important that your child arrives at school on time. Arriving late can be very wasteful of children’s school time – just 10 minutes lateness each day is the equivalent of over 6 full days in a year. Regular attendance including punctuality helps your child become reliable and organised – two qualities valued by employers. All students MUST be in school by 8.45am everyday.

Students who attend school regularly achieve better exam grades. Make sure your child beats their 95% attendance minimum target.

Learning Gateway This is a new website which allows Parents and Carers to obtain live information about their child’s learning at Lea Valley High School. The system enables you to see a vast array of information including: • Morning/Afternoon attendance information • Lesson Attendance information • Behaviour and achievements • Timetable information • Contact details held for you and your child

The system will grow over the coming months and become a vital way for you to engage with your child’s learning. If you would like to gain access to this system please complete the form on the website or contact me at school, You will then be posted a username and password to enable you to access the system. Jason André Information & Communications Manager


At Lea Valley High School, there are three different councils. LEARNING COUNCIL • Students aim to help make learning enjoyable and relevant. • Students act as role models in how to take responsibility for their own learning. • Students help to plan and lead lessons. SPORTS COUNCIL • As a Sports College, it is important that students have a say in sporting activities within the school. • They act as sports leaders within the school. • They represent the school at sporting conferences and events. SCHOOL COUNCIL • Each year group has its own council. Within these two people are nominated to represent their year group at School Council. Aims of the School Council are: • To represent the student voice on whole school issues. • Improve school life for everyone. • To represent the school externally

We are pleased to announce the results of the elections for the student School Council Year 13 Year 12 Year 11 Year 10 Year 9 Year 8 Year 7

STUDENT HEADSHIP TEAM: Head Boy David Buckle Head Girl Asli Guzel Deputy Head Boys Kyle Kenny, Tommy Thompson Deputy Head Girls Rhea Calvert Jordan, Emma Hayward Hi! We’re Asli and David and were recently interviewed and appointed Head Girl and Head Boy at Lea Valley. Our job is to represent the Student Voice within the school. If you have any concern, or an idea to improve the school for us all, please come and speak to us.


Speak to your representatives, at year group and council level. Answer student surveys during tutor time. Put your suggestions in the suggestion box in the library.

Learning Council

Head Girl, Head Boy and Deputies lead School and Learning Councils Maxine Meadway Alex Kyriacou Daenelle Dawkins Ryan Bartrop Khyber Khan Mihaela Volosciuc Ashlea Thurlow Chloe Hughes-Cullinan Ellis Palmer Francesco Montagnino Moise Manzumba Alan Markwell Goldie Willett Molly Whitton Sophia Challis Aaron Whittern Raoul Gomez-Morill Jodie Hankin Michael Agboola Lulu Nevill

Regina Gul Melisa Kose

Sports Council Daniel Cole Angelina Rowntree Jack Hopkinson Wendy Danso Theo Jones Nikesha Hatton John Holt Hannah Parker Damani Ekeama Holly Hockley Aman Ekeama Ornella NdongalaMalambi Reece Grundy Sophie Aymer

Lea Valley High School Newsletter



Leadership Academy: Our outstanding sports leaders have been enrolled on this years Leadership Academy. Daniel McLoughlin, Amber Hayward, Tiffany Kelly, Nikeisha Hatton, Jack Hopkinson, Laura Gibbings, Rachel Christodolou, Alex Kyriacou recently spent an afternoon at Middlesex University registering with the ‘Step into Sport’ programme and learning more about what the programme entails. This opens the opportunities for them to attend various coaching courses such as Sports Hall Athletics, Tag Rugby, Football and Golf. Lea Valley High School hosts a Sports Career Fair on Thursday 18th March with a focus of “Widening Horizons” giving the these and other students the opportunity to speak to a range of organisations about future pathways in the world of sport. This might be as a career, through an university course or a volunteering opportunity.

Playground 2 Podium: Lea Valley and Enfield School Sport Partnerships have begun a scheme at Edmonton Leisure Centre aimed at Gifted and Talented students who have a disability. This includes students at the number of Special Schools around the Borough as well as students with a disability who are in mainstream school. The programme is designed to give students a taste of a variety of sports activities such as Trampolining, Boccia and Athletics with a view to talent identifying students and possibly seeing them develop into the Paralympians of the future!

Our Competition Manager, Ms Chick is working on competition in new sports in Enfield such as Badminton, Table Tennis and Volleyball. Traditionally there has been little in the way of competition in sports like this but there is now a National Framework for competitions which is looking to develop some of the less previously popular sports. Lea Valley High School hosted the first very successful Volleyball tournament. Well done to Boys winners; Enfield Grammar and Girls victors; Chace. Inter House Sport: This year we are organising a proper programme of Inter House Sport at Lea Valley High School. Miss Boyce, along with a committee of students from the school Sports Committee, have arranged a programme that will run from March to the end of the summer term. There are competitions in 5 a side football, Table Tennis and Dodgeball. The points from the competitions will be added up and contribute to the overall House trophy, the Thomas Mensah Trophy. We started with an Indoor Rowing Competition last week for Year 8, the points totals were as follows: Sally Gunnell 9 points, Tiger Woods 8 points, Pele 7 points, Steve Redgrave 6 points. Well done to all the students who took part. Tim Perkins Partnership Development Manager

Tag Rugby: The latest round of the Lea Valley Tag Rugby League went extremely well on Tuesday 2 February. Students on the Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership once again did a great job in warming the students up on a cold and wet day! The league has one more set of fixtures to go. The current league standings are below: P








Forty Hill










Capel Manor



























Prince of Wales



























Level 1 Sports Leaders after working with local Primary Schools at the Tag Rugby League.



Dear Parents/Carers Re: CHANGING THE SCHOOL DAY Since the opening of the new school building in 2004 Lea Valley High School has been steadily growing in the number of students in all year groups. The significant increases in 5+A*-C grades including English and Maths examination results has placed us in the top most improved school in the country. This has increased our popularity with higher numbers of year 7 selecting us as their first choice of school and significantly more students staying on in the sixth form. We expect to be full in every year group in September 2010 and also wish to increase the size of the sixth form beyond 240 places. In order to accommodate the larger numbers we are proposing that we offer a staggered lunch hour, so KS3 and KS4/5 will have their lunch at different times. This proposal should give all students better access to specialist rooms and Information Technology for their learning. The new structure of the day gives us the opportunity to review the use of tutor time giving a longer tutor period of 30 minutes in which we will focus on improving literacy skills. The school anticipates the introduction of new fingerprint recognition technology to record attendance and punctuality. This will also replace the student cards that are used in the canteen and the library. Below is the model that we are proposing. The current model is included for comparison. Current Model

Proposed Model

8.45 – 9.05

Tutor time

8.30 – 9.00

Tutor time

9.05 – 10.05

Period 1

9.00 – 10.00

Period 1

10.05 – 11.05

Period 2

10.00 – 10.20


11.05 – 11.25


10.20 – 11.20

Period 2

11.25 – 12.25

Period 3

11.20 – 12.20

Period 3 /Lunch KS3

12.25 – 1.15


12.20 – 1.20

Lunch KS4 / Period 3

1.15 – 2.15

Period 4

1.20 – 2.20

Period 4

2.15 – 3.15

Period 5

2.20 – 2.30


3.15 – 3.25

Tutor time

2.30 – 3.30

Period 5

Lea Valley High School Newsletter



Yr9 boys basketball team went one step higher this year and won the Enfield Borough League Final against St Ignatius. The boys have been consistent all year by winning all their fixtures and finishing top of the league in the north of the Borough. They played Southgate School who finished second in the other half of the league in the semi final and only just won that game after two extra periods by four points. The final against St Ignatius on Monday 1st February was close in the first half with Lea Valley leading 17-10 at half time. The boys then stepped up a gear and won convincingly 38-18. I would like to thank the two new coaches Grant and Adam who have given a lot of their time to both the boys and girls teams this season. Kim Goddard PE Technician

Hearts For Haiti Thursday 1st April

Buy a heart sticker and wear it with Pride all day



Stickers on sale for a generous donation


Thursday 11th March

Year 9 Parents Evening 5.30pm

Friday 19th March

Salsa Evening 7.30pm

Wednesday 24th March

Year 8 Parents Evening

Wednesday 24th March

HPV injections Year 10 & 11

Tuesday 30th March

Friends of Lea Valley Lower School Disco

Wednesday 31st March

HPV injections Year 8 & 10

Thursday 1st April

End of Term Students dismissed 3.25pm

Monday 19th April

Summer Term begins 8.50am

Thursday 22nd April

Year 7 Parents evening 5.30pm

Monday 26th April

Friends of Lea Valley Meeting 6.30pm

Monday 3rd May

Bank Holiday - School closed

Tuesday 4th to Friday 7th May

End of Year Exams for Years 7, 8 & 9

Monday 17th May

Public Examinations begin

Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June

Half Term

Monday 14th June

Friends of Lea Valley Meeting 6.30pm

Wednesday 23rd June

Sports Day

Monday 28th June to Friday 2nd July

Enrichment Week

Monday 28th June to Friday 9th July

Year 10 Work Experience

Wednesday 7th July

Year 11 & 13 Graduation Ceremony 7.30pm

Thursday 8th July

Year 11 Prom

Friday 9th July

INSET Day school closed to Students

Monday 12th July

Timetable rollover to new academic year

Monday 19th July

Friends of Lea Valley AGM

Friday 23rd July

End of Term


March 2010 Newsletter  

Lea Valley High School March 2010 Newsletter

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