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“bringing teddies to life�

meet the

family “bringing teddies to life” As sociable teddies, we are keen to show our faces at every available opportunity, from sports shops and hotel pillows to company Christmas goodie bags and health spas. Because we´re always out and about, what we wear is important, so we have a huge selection of beautifully tailored clothes designed exclusively for us. Perfectly fitted and stylish, these garments ensure that we can always dress to impress.

t? t makes Mumbles n a e h r e f f i be a r s d W Every member of the Mumbles family is special, and while we are not boastful bears, it is the little details that make us stand out from the teddy crowd. Look for our distinctive ‘Buzzing Bee’ ear pin, proudly worn by each one of us. All teddies are good-natured, and Mumbles bears have a lot to be happy about, so we think that you will find our infectious grins especially hard to resist.

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We are made from the finest quality materials and are stringently tested, ensuring that we always comply with EN71 European Toy Safety Standards. Although we love children, some of us are not suitable for little ones under the age of 36 months because we have small parts.

meet the

family MM03 Brumble MM01 Bracken Available in three sizes and sporting a fetching white and blue tartan ribbon, Bracken is the most popular member of the Mumbles family. It’s not hard to see why – his traditional features and unbelievably soft light brown plush fur make him a firm favourite. Everyone wants to be Bracken’s friend! Size: S M L Height (cm): 20.5 30.5 40.5

The colourful medium sized Brumble quintuplets are a bunch of sociable creatures. Available in size medium in five colours and light brown also comes in size small, they like to make sure they’re invited to every event! Size: Height (cm):

S 22

M 33

Medium: baby blue, light brown, emerald, baby pink, navy Small: light brown

MM04 Bertie With a concealed hand clip in his left paw, small Bertie bear is the Mumbles family’s messenger. He’s always willing to help and loves delivering notes and messages from one bear to another! Size: S Height (cm): 20.5

MM02 Monty Cute Monty is available in two sizes. He’s incredibly shy and often hides behind his long rust-coloured hair, but his jolly red ribbon and adorable features ensure he never gets ignored! Size: S M Height (cm): 20.5 30.5

MM05 Otis Otis is the most sensitve Mumbles member, which makes him the confidant of the group. With his incredibly soft, high quality oatmeal coloured fur, everyone wants to cuddle up to him. Combine this with his matching brown tartan ribbon and huge infectious grin and you’ll want to tell him all your secrets too! Size: S M Height (cm): 20.5 30.5

meet the

family MM07 Stanley The newest member of the Mumbles family, Stanley the showman is always cracking jokes, making sure that the others are kept amused! Because he´s often centre stage, he needs to look his best – and his luxury plush mocha coloured fur and blue tartan ribbon ensure that´s always the case. Size: M Height (cm): 30.5

MM11 Lenny King of the Jungle Lenny is always roaring ready for adventure, and his feisty personality ensures he’s permanently the centre of attention! Size: M Height (cm): 30.5

MM12 Golf


Golfing players and fans alike will love our Golf Tiger bear. He´s smartly turned out in a coloured contrast tee, matching cap and trousers and all set for the green with his realistic golf bag and clubs! Size: Height (cm):

M 34

meet the

family MM21 Honey Honey bear has got a really sweet tooth which means he´s always making cakes and biscuits for the others – though his rounded tummy reveals where they often end up instead! Hungry Honey´s younger brother is a smaller but no less goodlooking member of the gang! Size: Height (cm):

M 28

L 38

MM22 Benson This efficient medium sized bear, who comes pre-dressed in a smart business suit, is the group’s organiser – they wouldn’t get anything done without him! His work as group secretary is also aided by the hand clip he cleverly conceals in his left paw. Size: M Height (cm): 30.5

MM23 Binx Being the babies of the group often means you’re not allowed to do things the others can, but luckily the Binx twins have invented ingenious ways to ensure they can be kept quite safe. New Binx magnet will attach himself to any magnetic surface – ensuring that messages on his presupplied tee will stick around for a long time! Tiny Binx keyring, on the other hand, likes to be taken around wherever you´re going, so clip him to your keys and he´ll hang on tight!

MM23 Binx keyring

Size: Height (cm):

MM23 Binx fridge magnet

XS 10

what to



teddy jumper This acrylic jumper, with colours and sizes to suit every bear, is perfect for adding an extra layer of warmth! Two new colours (baby pink and baby blue) have been added this year at the request of some of the bears wanting to wear their favourite colours!


teddy t-shirt


With 7 vibrant colours available in size medium and 3 in sizes small and large, there’s a teddy t-shirt to suit each and every one of the Mumbles gang!




Small: cream Medium cream, navy, red, baby pink, baby blue Large: cream, navy, red

Medium: white, red, navy, burgundy, baby pink, baby blue, bottle green

MM85 teddy

Small and Large: white, navy, red

outdoor fleece

To ensure that teddy stays as snug as a bug, dress him in this cosy zip neck fleece! Large: navy

MM76 teddy

layered t-shirt

For the more fashion-conscious bear, this funky 100% cotton layered tee is spot on. Choose from 2 colours and sizes, both with contrast neck binding and sleeve layers. Small and medium: white/navy and white/pink

MM86 teddy duffle coat When it’s cold outside, wrap your teddy up in this smart navy mock-felt duffle coat, and make sure the toggles are tightly fastened to keep him warm! Medium: navy

MM77 teddy

rugby top

The teddy who’s always on the go needs a t-shirt to suit his sporting nature, and this rugby shirt with twin contrast colour stripes on the sleeves does just that! Small and medium: white/red and white/royal

MM87 teddy

dressing gown

For the teddy who loves to relax, this towelling dressing gown with a tie cord is perfect for a sleepy Sunday morning Medium: white

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Mumbles 2009 Brochures  

Mumbles 2009 Brochures