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Aberdeenshire Events Website Guidance for Headteachers Note: It is important that we receive the approval/refusal before the closing date of the event (usually one week prior to the date of the event).. Once the event has closed, our default position will be that the request has been refused. At this point, final numbers will be given to the course organiser and the venue. In response to requests from Headteachers, improvements have been made to the . We have added email addresses for primary, secondary and special schools into the system, together with the financial code for each establishment. When school based staff apply for courses which may have an impact on a school budget, an email will be generated to advise Headteachers and to request approval. 1. Member of staff applies for a course on events website. 2. Staff member will receive following email

3. School email address will receive following email.

4. Click on the course detail on the email to be taken to the website, where you will be able to view the nature of the course and any associated costs. Forward the email with your approval/refusal to the email address listed or click on ‘Reply with history’. A brief approved or not approved will suffice but please make sure you have the ‘history’ included.

5. Your staff member will either receive an email approving their place on the course (usually 2-3 days after the closing date) or they will receive the following email as soon as we are able:

At this point we will also delete the application from the event list.

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