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Leanne Warren   AS  Induc.on  photo’s  

ISO Priority  Photo’s  

ISO=800Sunny Weather  condi.ons  Shu<er   Speed  1/40  

ISO=400 Sunny  Weather  condi.ons  shu<erspeed   1/40  

ISO 800  Sunny  Weather   condi.ons  Shu<erspeed  1/40    

ISO =1600  Sunny  Weather  Condi.ons   Shu<erspeed  1/40  

ISO =200  Sunny  Weather  Condi.ons   Shu<er  speed    1/40  

ISO =200  Sunny  Weather   Condi.ons    shu<er  speed  1/40  

Fast Shu<er  Speed  Photographs  

Slow Shu<er  Speed  Photographs  

Shallow Depth  of  Field  Photographs  

Very Deep  Depth  of  Field  (Trick   Photographs)  

Bulb SePng  Photographs  

Light  Photographs  

Dungeness alternate  photo’s  

Photography Induction Presentation  

All of my Induction work that's needed for my A.S. Photography course.

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