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2009 SEA Panels The goal of “Industry Insight” is to offer real world experience and solutions for up and coming artists and industry people. All of our panels are free and open to the public, and we want all attendees to leave with ideas and knowledge that they can implement in their own careers immediately upon leaving the event. Knowledge is power, but only if you enact upon what you have learned. Coordinated and organized by industry veteran, Wendy Day, she has combined panelists at all levels of their careers for you to learn from and network with…at this event and beyond.

Thursday, March 19, 2009 Open to both men and women, Thursday’s panels are devoted to women in the urban music industry. This tribute to women is the brainchild of SEA Co-Founder Janiro Hawkins, and his appreciation for the contributions of what many women have brought to the industry.

2 to 3:45pm Making Your Career Dreams Come True In this male dominated (and often misogynistic) industry, if you want to experience success, you will need to plan, focus, and work towards your goals every day. Our panel of strong, successful women will tell you what they have done to move their careers forward. You don’t need to “sleep you way to the top,” and we will prove that! Setting goals, developing a plan, and executing that plan leads to success! These women have created lanes for themselves while paving the way for others to come up behind them. MODERATOR: Wendy Day, Founder, Rap Coalition/CEO PowerMoves/Co-CEO In The Know Seminars --Kim Ellis, Editor, Street Report Magazine/Co-CEO, In The Know Seminars --Janie Jennings, President/Owner, Industry Works/ President/Owner, Pandemos Inc. --Ms Blessed --Jen “Ms. Rivercity” McKinnon, Media/PR/Promotions, Ozone Magazine 4 to 6 pm Women In Hip Hop Women in Hip Hop have helped build numerous careers in urban music. Let’s look at the accomplishments women have made in the urban music industry including radio, artists’ lives, record labels, management, etc. Our focus will be how to catapult artists to the top and how to build stars. MODERATOR: Wendy Day, Founder, Rap Coalition/CEO PowerMoves/Co-CEO In The Know Seminars --Christal Jordan-Mims, Enchanted PR --Christina Clarke --Big Sue, WHRK 97.1 Memphis --Miss B, Recording Artist

Friday, March 20, 2009 Noon to 1:45 How To Make Money In The Music Industry

Let’s look at the numerous ways artists can get money in today’s economy from selling music, to sponsorships, to endorsement deals, etc. There are many ways artists can get paid with their art form: TV, film, video games, digital downloads, ringtones, selling CDs, mixed tapes, mixed DVDs, endorsement deals, touring, selling beats, starting a label and putting on other artists, film scoring, royalties (performance, sales, synch fees, mechanicals), etc. If you aren’t supporting yourself with music, it’s just a hobby! MODERATOR: Wendy Day, Founder, Rap Coalition/CEO PowerMoves/Co-CEO In The Know Seminars --Ron “Tricky” Montgomery, Producer --Young Buck, Recording Artist --G.I. (Young Buck, Tech9yne), Touring Consultant/Personal Assistant to Young Buck --Money, Recording Artist 2 to 3:45 So You Want To Be A Producer Making money as a producer, selling tracks, collecting royalties, keeping your ownership and publishing, doing work on spec, indie vs major projects, how to build a lasting career, contracts and paperwork, production deals, etc--we will discuss all aspects important to a producer’s career. There are currently more producers in urban music than there is work, so we’ll talk about how to stand out, how to market yourself, and build a buzz that attracts artists and labels to your production. --Cha-Lo (Lil Wayne) --Joe The CEO (Franchise Boyz, Chopper City Boyz, Chrome, Frazier Boy, Yo Gotti) --Drumma Boy (Young Jeezy, Plies, Rocko, T.I.) 4 to 6 What The DJs Are Thinking DJs are the backbone of the music industry. This roundtable discussion will allow you to get into the mind of the DJs. What do they look for in music? Do they still break records? Are they all about the money? How do they make enough money to survive? And after they are done DJing, what’s next in their careers? How do they build a career in radio, or as a club or mixed tape DJ? --DJ Bigga Rankin --Tony Neal --DJ Drop --DJ Chuck T

Saturday, March 21, 2009 Noon to 1:45 Finding and Reaching The Urban Consumer

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2009 Sponsors o Hang Em High Productions o Rap Coalition o DV8 Magazine o BCD Distribution o Alpha Worldwide o Down Magazine o Euphratez Flow Records o Everise Media o Fleet DJs o Hip Hop Friends o Homebase Promotions o Keep It Moving Records o Kink Magazine o Lady Mirage Models o Liquid Thoughts Publishing o Luv Entertainment Group o Mafia Life Entertainment o Money Graphics LLC o Ozone Magazine o Phat Apples o Pierce Management & PR o Platinum Bound Records o Profitable Productions o Project 8 Entertainment o Rane / Serato Scratch o South Streets DVD o Status J o Street Report Magazine o Wet Dymes o Word On The Streets Magazine o

SEA Staff President/Co-Founder: Jesse “Dj Infamous” Johnson E-Mail:

In a marketplace where reaching the consumer is growing more and more difficult, we will analyze the different ways to effectively reach the masses. Whether marketing or promoting music, or just building a serious buzz, we will discuss the best ways to spread the word. As sales are declining, it’s more important than ever for artists to build a movement and interact directly with the fans. We will discuss how the digital and internet world are changing the face of music forever. --DJ Scorpio --Big Swoll, The Definition, Inc/Streets On Swoll --PapaDuck, Recording Artist --OG Ron C, DJ/President, Go DJs (Houston) --Amir Boyd, VP Promotions, Grand Hustle --DJ Chuck T --Damon, VP Go DJs (Houston)

Vice President/Event Coordinator/Co-Founder: Janiro Hawkins II E-Mail: twitter: Phone: 615-397-7827

2 to 3:45 Roccett To Success Building a strong buzz is the most important aspect of building a career. We will look closely at the career of an up and coming artist, Roccett, and share knowledge that other artists can apply to their own careers in order to sky-roccett to success. This panel will offer real world advice to anyone trying to build a successful career with a limited budget and limited support. MODERATOR: Wendy Day, Founder, Rap Coalition/CEO PowerMoves/Co-CEO In The Know Seminars --Roccett , Recording Artist --Rick Edwards , Manager/CEO Green Up Records --Jen “Ms. Rivercity” McKinnon, Media/PR/Promotions, Ozone Magazine

Conference Director (conference inquires ONLY!): Wendy Day E-Mail:

4 to 6 pm Radio! Play My Song!! Every artist feels they are better than what they hear every day on the radio. Are they? How do artists get radio spins? What do radio stations look for in urban songs? Do you have to pay for play? What value does urban radio play in this marketplace? What steps can artists follow to increase their chances of getting added to radio? What part do clubs and the streets play in radio spins? What relationships does an artists’ team need to approach radio? Are connections and relationships enough to get spins from the DJs? We will offer practical advice to those who are serious enough to listen and take notes! --Devin Steele, Program Director, WHRK 97.1 Memphis --Mista Maine, MixShow, WRBJ 97.7 Jackson ] --Lester Pace, Set The Pace/Interscope --DJ Bigg V, Core DJs --Amir Boyd, Grand Hustle --Big Sue, Mid-Days Personality, WHRK 97.1 Memphis

Co-Founder/Audio/Visual Director: Brent “Dj Outlaw” Buford E-Mail:

Awards Ceremony Producer: Dwight Pope E-Mail: Sponsorship/General Info/Mailing Address (send all material here): Hang Em High Productions PO Box 331695 - Nashville, TN 37203

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STAFF CREDITS PUBLISHER - Desmick Perkins Staff Writers - Marquita Gonzalez, Krystal Hardy

DEVIATE PUBLISHING Projects include...



DESIGN/LAYOUT - Jorge Leandro Rodrigues


Contributing Photographer - Derick Ross WEBSITE - MYSPACE - TWITTER - Deviatepub


For more information on DV8 Magazine call 1.877.605.1976 or email us at

Table of Contents SEA Panels 4 Itinerary 5 Nominees 36 - 45 SEA Staff/Credits 4 Sponsors 4

Features Atlantis Music Conference 6 B. the Great 6 Cash Capital Clothing 7 Cheddar DVD 7 D.W.I. 24 Da Buz DVD 8 Dee Dee Cocheta-Williams 8 Destiny Raine 9 DJ 2Mello 11 DJ Aaries 11 DJ C Dub 12 DJ Dimepiece 13 DJ Finesse 14 DJ Ike G Da 15 DJ Lady Blaze 14 DJ Lil Bee 9 DJ Murk 16 DJ Rage 16 DJ Teknikz 17

DJ Wheezy 17 Don Diva Magazine 18 Down Magazine 18 Hater Proof – City Sleepers 28 Hip Hop Friends 19 It’s Cool to be Smart 19 J.HAR American Royalty 21 JAWAR 20 Little Kids Rock 21 Loose Conduct Modeling 21 Mr. Mack 23 Ms Rivercity 22 Myspace 26 Mz. Trinity 26 Nesha Lashay 23 NextUp Promotions 18 Nique – City Sleepers 28 Ozy Reigns 27 P Dog/James M 27 Raw – City Sleepers 15 Taste of the South 33 – 35 Tears for Hope Foundation 31 Texas Summer Music Conference 31 The Morton Sisters 22 TroubleSum 32 Vanessa Phan 32 Young Cartoon – City Sleepers 30 YUMS 46

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B. the Great Exclusive Designs

B. the Great Exclusive Designs was founded in 2003 by designer Becky Russell. In the beginning, the company was under the name Futureairbrush, managed by Grass from Futurekicks in Queens, NY. Becky was hired to design custom t-shirts for his custom shoes. A year later, she branched out on her own and designed custom apparel for clients in the local music scene. By the middle of 2005, “Becky the Great” had become a household name. She conquered the local rap scene and all the major Nashville rappers were on her clientele list. Through word of mouth, she caught the attention of major recording artists as well. She has designed for artists such as Young Buck, Anthony Hamilton, Ray Cash, The Kickdrums, 50 Cent, Lil Scrappy, Eminem, Rick Ross, Block (founder of Boyz N Da Hood), Nappy Roots, Yo Gotti, DJ Don Cannon, DJ Scream, Katt Williams, and David Banner, and even the legend “Crazy Leggs” of the infamous “Rock Steady Crew”. She has also designed for NFL players such as Mr. & Mrs. Culpepper, Clint Hart and Roman Oben (San Diego Chargers). In 2008, she was awarded “Clothing Line of the Year” at the Southern Entertainment Awards, while up against major clothing lines. She has taken over the “Custom Design” industry and set the bar much higher for those in her field. Being a single mother, she has overcome many obstacles to get where she is and did it all alone with no help from a street team, managers, staff or partners. All has been done solely through word of mouth. It is important to mention that she feels she is bringing back the real defintion of “Original” due to the fact that her customers never have to worry about their design being duplicated without permission. She is nominated once again for the 2009 Clothing Line of the Year, and if you are still not convinced she earned it again, take a look at her page, read her story, and feel free to look at her 200+ pics.

The purpose was to become the greatest platform for the discovery of new talent. Over the past decade, we have seen a myriad of changes within the Music Industry. The days where an artist MUST be signed to a label to be successful are over. That’s not to say you shouldn’t aspire to be signed, that is still very much a dream for many artists; it’s just not as exclusive. With vast new outlets for music, the average person is exposed to more music than ever before; which in return has paved the way for DIY artists. As the industry has evolved, so has Atlantis. Atlantis recognized early on, that by providing access, as well as education and opportunity through demo critiques, multiple panels and A&R exposure, artists were experiencing immediate results and going home with more than they had when they arrived. Knowledge became the key factor in bridging the gap between being good to being extraordinary! Now, here we are on our tenth year, showcasing 95% of the best unsigned talent from all over the world! We have something to celebrate and we want you to be a part of our biggest year yet! For the Artist who wants to be discovered and the industry that wants to discover the artist, Atlantis provides the tools that make that happen. The Atlantis Music Conference & Festival is the premier music event that continues to bring the industry executives, musicians, and music enthusiasts together!

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With the manic influx of urban entrepreneurs invading the urban music industry, a handbook on how the hip-hop hustlers gained their success was needed. Cheddar DVD Magazine is that handbook. It has all the street grittiness of The Source Magazine, while delivering sound business knowledge like Black Enterprise. The cherry on the top is that Cheddar delivers an exclusive eyeful of the industry’s most seductive, alluring ladies. Cheddar DVD is hip-hop’s premiere video magazine dedicated to promoting, entertaining, and educating the new urban entrepreneur. Being the originator of the first DVD magazine to showcase entrepreneurs, Cheddar DVD is dedicated to giving our audience an in-depth look at what it really takes to be a true entrepreneur. You will be entertained and educated with provocative, mindblowing footage ranging from today’s most influential chiefs in the hip-hop game, to the street’s most innovative urban hustlers all across the country. Check out our VIP access to celebs such as Russell Simmons JimJones, Pimp C, and more!!! Cheddar DVD Magazine is an industry boss that delivers admission into star-studded events such as the OZONE Awards, the Source Awards, and Justo Faison’s Mixtape Awards. Cheddar DVD strives to give our viewers celebrity status entry into the cribs and establishments of the young and rich. Each volume chronicles the struggles and successes of the entertainment industry’s elite, while revealing the blueprint to their success. Cheddar also prides itself on being a stage where only the hungriest street soldiers can earn their lyrical stripes. With that being said, where else can you get a chance to see money and hip-hop mesh so ingeniously...

Cash Capital Clothing

Cash Capital Clothing (C3) is a designer custom apparel company based in Florida whose market is worldwide! We are unique because we give our customers the opportunity to customize all of our apparel bling designs as well as the ability to design their own tees and apparel. Whether you purchase tees from the Cash Capital Collection or your own original design, each designer bling t-shirt is its own unique, oneof-a-kind piece. PLUS! You get the opportunity to choose your own t-shirt size, t-shirt color, t-shirt design and bling color. is your online destination for the hottest in designer custom bling tees and urban/hip hop streetwear.

Deshawn White

Deshawn White was born in Johnson City, TN and raised in Carver Projects. As a child growing up, he saw and became accustomed to violence and witnessed many people who were close to him die. As Deshawn was writing down a few of his thoughts one day, he noticed that these thoughts and his lifestyle would be perfect lyrics for a song. Deshawn’s goal was to become better and better at what he did, and as the years passed, he eventually gained respect from old school hometown rappers. Several small labels wanted him to sign but he decided to sign with JKA Records and stayed with them from 2000-2004. During his time with the label, he joined a group called the Ndividuals where he made a local buzz for himself. Deshawn left JKA Records for a while and came back to join the new chapter to JKA Records also known as “Full Grind/Cash Money Records”. Deshawn would like to give all of his fans a message, Respect life and respect the things you value because the good Lord will take them away.

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DA BUZ DVD magazine

Recognizing a void in the urban and hip-hop media resource outlet market, specifically in the south “DA BUZ” DVD magazine truly provides a refreshing perspective of urban journalism at its best. “DA BUZ” DVD magazine gives the consumer all the up-to-date entertainment reports they crave along with information vital to the urban community as a whole without the inconvenience of migraines from trying to focus on the fine print, the hassle of page turning, or the frustration of having to hunt for the one story you want to read. “DA BUZ” DVD magazine has made it virtually effortless for the consumer, providing via its contents, instant access to whatever story or feature peaks their interest. In addition, it provides the consumer with a feature a regular magazine can’t offer, the personal up-close “realness” one can’t interpret by just simply reading. With tons of bonus features, including behind the scenes footage, impromptu performances, exclusive interviews and exclusive world premier video,s it blows the traditional “paper-back” magazine away. The world should prepare itself for what “DA BUZ” DVD magazine has in store. “FROM DA STREETS TO THE SUITES” “GET STUNG”

Dee Dee Cocheta-Williams

President of A.B.C. Associates Entertainment Firm (

Ms. Cocheta lives by her hometown -- NIKE’S motto “Just Do It, balancing all of her passions - realizing her seven life goals that she set forth at the age of 11. Indigenous to the Yakama Tribe, a HipHop enthusiast and culturist, Dee Dee is widely known as the “HipHop Mama,” a 20year entrepreneur and veteran in the entertainment industry, who tries to maintain balance in her life between her seven children, husband of 20 years and as an owner of her own PR & Marketing - A.B.C. Associates Entertainment Firm (dba A.B.C. Publicity) based in Atlanta, GA with an office in NY. Dee Dee first made her mark in the entertainment industry in 1985 as a hair show model for Paul Mitchell while in high school. This is when she became enthralled in beginning to build a career booking artists, promoting concerts, developing community relation campaigns and fundraising efforts for non-profit organizations. At the time, she had no idea what she was doing, yet knew it would match with her goals in life. She went on to be the first in her family to receive a college degree and graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a BA in Marketing where she honed her marketing skills at Radio One’s affiliate Magic 107.5 as a Marketing Director creating multi-million dollar promotions. As most careers in entertainment and radio specifically shift with the dials changing; she was let go. Recognizing her own inner “guerilla marketing” entrepreneurial spirit, Dee Dee set out to launch A.B.C. Associates Entertainment Firm. Since 1999, Dee Dee has consulted, coordinated publicity efforts for music events, conducted media training, and developed public relations strategies for hundreds of indie artists that have included Killer Mike, DJ Benny D, KRS One, Tony Terry, Producer Isaac “Ike Dirty” Hayes, III, Rudy Currence, Cherish and Chuck D’s

Slamjamz roster to name a few. The company has done media relations and consulting for: BET Hip-Hop Awards, Turner South, Hosea Feed The Hungry, Tanqueray Soul Suite, Playwright – Nedra Simone, National Black Arts Festival, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Foundation, Atlanta HipHop Film Festival, Ryan Cameron Foundation, Fashion Stylist – Kim Maxwell and UniverSoul Circus. Dee Dee’s clients have received exposure in every media outlet category from internet, TV, radio, to print. Specifically, receiving routine coverage in Vibe, XXL, Source, BRE, Billboard, Black Enterprise, Jet, Essence, Honey, Upscale, Sister 2 Sister, Women Sports Illustrated, Parents, Movie Makers, Salon City and Rolling Out UrbanStyle Weekly. Through her relationships and perseverance, Dee Dee’s clients and products have been extended invitations to appear/be heard on BET, MTV, VH1, FOX News, TV One, CNN, Montel Williams, Tom Joyner Radio Show, Yolanda Adams Radio Show, Michael Baisden Radio Show and BET Awards to name a few. Additionally Dee Dee is the Atlanta/SE Network Advisor for NABFEME (National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment) and serves as an Advisory Board Member to SOFRAS (Society of Future Recording Artists & Songwriters) and one of the Founding Board Members of Black Music Month Foundation. Furthermore, Dee Dee’s passion and inspiration is to continue empowering upcoming artists who wants to make a difference in not only their lives but others. Dee Dee doesn’t like the word activist and prefers to be called a ‘change agent’ - fundamental as a mentor - listening, consistently supporting others and lending sound advice. Additionally, Dee Dee speaks to numerous organizations and schools about life goals and purpose, leadership roles, entrepreneurial direction and being a mother Dee Dee’s motivation, you may ask? She looks to her mentor - THE MOST HIGH to assist her in ultimately assist in combating social ills to help move this nation forward. On her path of goal setting, Dee Dee’s final three objectives are to write a book (11 years in the making), direct a film and create an Educational and Business Development Center focusing on teaching the youth to become leaders and entrepreneurs. She’s been on her own since the age of 15 and thus has acquired the knowledge of how to hustle for food and shelter, insight that she now applies to her everyday business life. Dee Dee declares, “There are no time for failures and no excuses. Faith is not just knowing but doing and I am a living my movement.” For more information on Dee Dee “The HipHop Mama” Cocheta or A.B.C. Associates PR & Marketing Firm: or

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Destiny Raine DestinyRaine began her modeling career in 2006 under the name of Destiny. During this time she didn’t think much of modeling and continuing higher learning in college. After reviewing and researching the model industry, due to an assignment given by a teacher at school, she decided to really pursue her interest in modeling. In late 2007, her model name was changed to DestinyRaine as an evolution of Destiny. Since then, she has had a great pleasure in working with several photographers within Nashville, Memphis and Atlanta. DestinyRaine calls herself “the model with 1000 arms” because she has her hands in everything from modeling in videos to being a cheerleader/dancer for a Semi-Pro team. DestinyRaine remains humble and has not allowed her local fame to go to her head. While she is grateful for everything, she can’t wait to see what 2009 has in store for her and looks forward to graduating in the spring.


The hottest DJ on the ones and twos representing Durham (Bull City), North Carolina is the one and only Bryant Russ aka DJ Lil Bee, also know as the Blendspecialist. He has been making music since 1988, he created his first mix tape, that was over 20 years ago and he is still going harder than ever. DJ Lil Bee is one of the real DJs. His undeniable love for music and his community and his children keep him grounded and making music for you to bounce to. He still scratches, and that is why he is the blendspeacialist. He has put out over 60,000 mixtapes. He is most recognized mixtape was 20 Years Later, The Year of the SWAGG, hosted by the legendary Big Daddy Kane. He has joined forces with artist like Blood Raw(CTE),Platinum Producer Kenoe(No Limit),B.G., Lil Flip and Huey(Hits Committee). He was recognized and was featured on MTVs Mixtape Monday. Lil Bee has also been nominated two years in a row @ the southern entertainment awards 4 best blend mix tape. While continuing to rock the party wherever he goes, DJ Lil Bee plans to do more for his community. He would like to give the inner city youth something to look forward to. He wants them to know that they can be anything they want to be as long as they put their minds to it. He created some artist that you are sure to hear in the 09. The sky is the limit!

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DJ 2Mello

After having spent years in Jamaica as a young boy, following the likes of such sound systems as Stone Love Movements and Killamanjaro, DJ 2Mello dreamed of one day becoming a deejay and having an ability to hold a crowd in the palm of his hands like they did. Early in adulthood that was not to be as the everyday necessities of life took their toll and DJ 2Mello was forced to put his dreams on hold. In 2003, DJ 2Mello decided after much thought to get back to his first love, music. He then purchased 2 belt drive turntables and a mixer and in the basement of his home in Baltimore he began to hone his skills as a deejay with the help of his cousin and brother for guidance. After having gained the confidence it takes as a deejay to rock venues, DJ 2Mello ventured into the club circuit with his first residency coming in 2004 at The GreenMount Lounge in Baltimore City. He then went on to play at several different clubs in the Baltimore/Washington area for the next 2 years. In 2006, DJ 2Mello found that he could reach a wider and more varied audience with the use of mixtapes as his tool and that summer Undercover RnB his signature mixtape series was born. Since then DEEJAY 2Mello has been interviewed by such websites as,, blakmarket. net, and He has also appeared in several issues of Ozone Magazine’s Top 20 Mixtapes and also has had featured mixtapes on MTV Mixtape Mondays. In January of 2008, DJ 2Mello was rewarded for his consistent efforts in putting out quality mixtapes with a Southern Entertainment Award in the category Best Dance/Party Mixtape and was also recognized for those efforts again at the Justo Mixtape Awards with a nomination for Best RnB Mixtape DJ. DJ 2Mello’s dream as a young boy has become reality, he has garnered the respect of his peers in the industry and gained worldwide acclaim within the mixtape art form and as always the love he has for music will continue to fuel his desire to always be the best!


DJ Aaries got his start out as a DJ doing college, high school, and house parties. Those experiences started out as him opening up for other DJ’s, but progressively grew week by week to the point where he was hosting parties himself all over South Carolina. “I like having the people participate, it ain’t just me playing the music, and people dance” when asked what contributes to his early success as a DJ. As his name grew in South Carolina as one of the biggest DJ’s, DJ Aaries decided to relocate West to Atlanta to put himself into a better position to be able to expose artists. Moving to Atlanta seemed like an easy move due to the amount of Hip-Hop that was in the city, but coming from a slower paced area such as South Carolina proved to provide minor problems. “It was so crazy because I didn’t know any of the music. When I got here I was still playing songs that was dated for the clubs that were here.” He began to work with Atlanta independent artists, with some receiving radio play, award nominations, and going on to become a success. While all of that was happening with the artists, his name continued to cultivate throughout Atlanta and in the South. With the growing popularity as a DJ, DJ Aaries has managed to be a part of BET’s “Rap City” multiple times and is one of the new faces of Roc-A-Wear with the “I Will Not Lose” campaign. He also started “Hood Hard TV,” which currently airs in eight markets and the internet. The show is based around providing advice to artists and in a sense is similar to the classic TV show “Yo! MTV Raps.” He also co-organized with Word On The Streets Magazine the “Hood Hard Day Conference,” which is free to DJ’s and Media. The conference has had attendees such as DJ Kid Capri, Remy Martin, and Wendy Day. DJ Aaries also takes enormous pride in creating the Hood Hard DJ’s, an alliance of 150 DJ’s. They do not service music like record pools, but actually are more hands on with artists. To date the group has had their hands on in breaking records such as Nappy Roots “Good Day” and V.I.C.’s “Get Silly” which was their first official record as Hood Hard Hitmakers.

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SEA - 11

16/3/2009 17:11:35

DJ C DUB First, giving honor to God who is the head of my life. It all started at the age of 16, working his first job at the Rivergate Skate Center where he began learning about different genres of music. There he started deejaying for the kids and old school skate parties. Corey “DJ C-DUB” Gray is a 22 year old senior at Tennessee State University with a concentration in Mass Communication. He is an intern at 92Q WQQK where the program director, Kenny Smoov, teaches C-DUB the knowledge of radio. C-Dub is a part of the programming department at WTST campus radio. He also does a live mix-show Mon-Fri on to get your day started and motivated. Constructing mixtapes, participating in DJ battles, hosting parties, traveling, and attending DJ/Music conferences are just some of the things he does to stay focused on his goals. He has also had the opportunity to be a part of the professional public relations showcase (PPR 101) and conference acting as a judge on the panel to give the perspective of a DJ. DJ C-Dub is a 2009 nominee for Southern Entertainment Award (SEA) for Mix-tape Rookie. DUB Entertainment Foundation is a non-profit organization he started to help educate and promote safe sex and HIV/AIDS awareness. Volunteering at the community centers, deejaying for the kids, and going to middle schools are just some of the community service projects he’s involved in. C-Dub has been on the road doing shows on the Bow Wow tour and concert shows for Young Buck, “Rip” Cashville Ace, and The-Dream. DJ C-DUB is a true humbling example of what it takes to make it in this industry!

DJ Diamond Kuts

12 - SEA

SEA 1.indd 12

Skill is defined as the ability, coming from one’s knowledge and practice, to do something well. Diamond Kuts is the first and only female mixer to have a slot on Philadelphia Radio. Her Saturday night show on Power 99 from 9 pm to 2 am caters specifically to the crowd headed to the clubs and her mix does just that. She has also, been added to Philly’s number one morning show on Power 99 to get the people of Philadelphia moving in the mornings, along with Friday nights at 8pm. Recently Diamond has just been hired at BET to co-host the new hip hop show titled “The Deal” which will take the place of Rap City on BET’s network. Born Tina Dunham, a native of Philadelphia, DJ Diamond Kuts always had an affinity for music. However, it wasn’t until her father gave her a DJ starter kit for Christmas that she knew just how she was going to leave her mark on the entertainment industry. Before her radio career took off, Kuts put a series of mixtapes out that caused the streets of Philadelphia to take notice. “I started to get my buzz by dropping mixtapes when I was in school. I felt that the only way to keep my name out there was to drop tapes every month.” People would line up to get one of her mixtapes and she turned that hustle into a career. With influences like Cosmic Kev, Coca Chenelle, Jazzy Joyce and Beverly Bonds, DJ Diamond Kuts decided to perfect her craft and make it her life’s work. After practicing in her basement and hanging out at Armand’s Records with DJ Fat Cat, Diamond starting DJing at a local sneaker store in Philadelphia called Sneaker Villa and spinning in 21 and over clubs at the age of 18. In July of 2005, Diamond got her big radio break spinning on Power 99’s Mix Master Weekend for the first time. “After I spun for the Mix Master Weekend I got a call from my APD, Kashon Powell. She called me in for an interview and a week later I was hired at Power 99.” Diamond’s first position at the station was a 2 to 3 am slot on Saturday mornings until her PD, Thea Mitchem, was convinced that she should be placed on a more prime time slot and gave her the 9pm to 2am slot on Saturday nights. Diamond Kuts is the official tour DJ for Lil Mama on Jive Records. She started touring with Lil Mama in March 2007 and has traveled all over the world including just coming off of the Chris Brown Tour. Diamond Kuts won the DJ Jazzy Joyce Award at the 2nd Annual Beverly Bonds, “Black Girls Rock Awards” and has appeared on BET’s Rap City, 106 & PARK, and MTV’s Total Request Live. She has appeared at the Author Ashe US Open telecasted on CBS and Diamond is also a member of the very influential Murda Mamis, a clique that consists of some of the most talented women in the entertainment industry. Many say Diamonds love for music is equal to her fathers love for Hip Hop. Diamond Kuts’ father was legendary Philly MC and hip-hop pioneer Grand Tone, who was a member of the Grand Masters of Funk. When asked about her career as a female DJ, she simply replies, “I want to be a good DJ, period. A lot of female DJs are satisfied just with being called a female DJ but, I want to do the same things the guys are doing. I have accomplished so much thus far, My next move is to release my album and get radio syndication. I never wanted to be a local DJ. I learned how to get out of the city and be bigger than that.” DJ Diamond Kuts wants to take the world by storm and that is exactly what she is going to do!!

16/3/2009 17:11:38

raw By Krystal Hardy

Every rapper seems to step on the scene with the same back story; growing up in the inner city, experiencing a rough childhood, being in trouble with the law and rapping to make it out. Florida native, RAW, made the same positive change after racking up serious offenses before he even made it to high school. After serving three years in jail for the possession of cocaine and battery charges, Raw decided to take on rhyming seriously. Mr. 386 Raw was born when the rapper decided to pursue a solo career in music after the group he previously recorded with took a different direction. The baby-faced rapper, whose Myspace music profile is just shy of 800 hits, still has room for growth in the music game. Mr. 386 shows some promise with Money Over Everything, the heavy hitting southern joint that is sure to be a strip club favorite. Raw, is still trying to make a distinct name for himself like his musical influences, Nas, Jay-z and fellow Florida native Rick Ross, but his lyrics, drawl and beats are sure to gain cross-over appeal. Be on the look, but until then catch him at

SEA 1.indd 13

16/3/2009 17:11:44

DJ FINESSE On the streets of Queens, NYC (Corona/East Elmhurst to be exact), a mixtape star has risen up to claim the R&B crown, and his name is FINE$$E. DJ FINE$$E was given his smooth moniker due to the way he quickly learned and “finessed” the art of DJing. It was back in 1996 that FINE$$E began to learn about the art of DJing from an old time pro, his father (Sounds of Pleasure). His father bought him his first set of DJ equipment and taught him how to utilize that equipment in the most impressive way. FINE$$E learned how to mix and blend on the turntables, customize his own speakers, and hook up his equipment to get the best sound. Three years later, inspired by such blend mixtape DJs as ONPOINT, BOO DA BARBER, and K-BLACK; FINE$$E took a stab at creating his own blend mixtape. By January 2001, his name began to gain recognition in the streets. This pushed him to capitalize on his newfound success and look into doing other types of mixtapes as well. FINE$$E eventually decided that R&B was the way to go. However, instead of just copying the R&B mixtape style that was already out there, he decided to forge ahead with his own take on the slow jam scene. That first foray into the R&B mixtape world was so successful for FINE$$E, that he quickly followed up with another. Soon enough, DJ FINE$$E was known for dropping an R&B/Blends mix CD every month. He was officially a fixture in the mixtape world. In September 2001, FINE$$E introduced his fans to the highly successful slow jam CD series entitled “Platinum Slow Jams”. The intense demand for these particular CDs prompted his decision to only focus on making slow jams/R&B CDs going forward. Just two months later, in the fall of 2001, FINE$$E was nominated for “Best R&B Mixtape DJ” for the first time in his illustrious mixtape career. Other nominations followed in 2002, and again in 2003. FINE$$E finally had his day and won the “Best R&B Mixtape DJ” award in March of 2004 at the 9th Annual Justo’s Mixtapes Awards Ceremony. That highly deserved award began to open many other doors for FINE$$E. His dreams were finally being realized as he appeared on BET for the “Rap City Memorial Day Special” that same year. In 2006, FINE$$E began to expand his DJ empire overseas. His travels have now taken him all over Europe to DJ parties and shows for various clients. January 2007, FINE$$E won the award for “Best Slow Jams Mixtape DJ” at the Southern Entertainment Awards and again in 2008. DJ FINE$$E now holds 4 mixtape awards and has dropped 100+ CDs circulating worldwide during the course of his short career… He has definitely earned his title of “The Untouchable R&B Mixtape King a/k/a The Ladies Choice”. For parties and updates www. and

dj lady blaze

14 - SEA

SEA 1.indd 14

Born in Washington DC, DJ Lady Blaze was raised in music. She grew up around her talented father that was not only a DJ, but also a sound engineer. Growing up, Lady Blaze was not into music much. This lady was very quiet and to herself. She didn’t discover a real love for music until the age of 19. Strongly influenced by her dad amongst other DJ’s, this lady learned the skills of djing by watching and listening to others. Today, DJ Lady Blaze is an all around entertainer. Not only does she DJ, she owns a company called “RockSolid” Entertainment where she is an audio engineer, song writer and artist. Aggressive enough to hold her own in a dominated man’s world, this lady does so with looks and skills. Music is her life and she strives to be the best at whatever it is she does. On the scene, DJ Lady Blaze has been a working force doing numerous events. Currently, she is planning to take the world by storm. With a modeling career underway, mixtapes circulating, a heavy buzz in the streets, and collaborations with many publications and other entertainers, she is getting a lot of exposure. With the backing of the “Fleet” DJ’s, she is destined for the top!

16/3/2009 17:11:47

DJ Dimepiece Making her way quickly to the scene, DJ Dimepiece has continued to make her mark as the South’s premiere female deejay. Hailing from the sunny state of California, Dimepiece came to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue her college career at Fisk University. Always desiring to get into radio, Dimepiece began interning at the university’s radio station, 88.1 WFSK. By her sophomore year, she hosted an R&B midday shift and soon landed a weeknight shift. To supplement her show with the hottest music, Dimepiece would purchase mix cds and mixtapes from Nashville’s well known music store, Platinum Bound Records. The store owners, DJ Infamous, DJ Outlaw and Janiro Hawkins, would always encourage Dimepiece to learn the craft and start making her own mixtapes and cds. With that in mind, Dimepiece made it a priority to become a deejay. She began to practice on the university’s turntables, hanging out at the city’s clubs to spin with deejays and soon opening for one of Nashville’s known deejays, Derek Jurand, who Dimepiece also claims as her mentor. Meeting Derek Jurand at 92Q, sister station of Blazin 106.7 where she interned, Derek saw the grind and hunger in Dimepiece and took her under his wing. Derek introduced her to one of the biggest DJ organization, Tech.Nitions where Dimepiece later became drafted in September 2003. From then on, she has been making noise in Nashville, getting her first time to shine on commercial radio and dropping her 1st mixtape within that year. In 2004, Dimepiece went from interning at Blazin 106.7 to landing a part time position as an on air personality/DJ. In addition, she joined Huntsville, Alabama’s number one hip hop and R&B station, Power 93.3 part time. Topping the year with a Southern Entertainment Award, “Female DJ of the Year” for 2005, the sky is the limit for Dimepiece. She is now an on air personality and Mixshow DJ for 101.1 The Wiz and Sirius Hot Jamz Channel 50. Definitely be on the lookout for major things from this female spinstress.

DJ Ike G Da Armed with a dynamic personality and infectious energy, Isaiah Griffin—known as DJ Ike G Da A.K.A The Carolina Trendsetter B.K.A Mr. Ciroc—has been DJ’ing and entertaining for more than a decade. His cousins, DJ Tony Tone of San Francisco and DJ Thunder Child of Cincinnati, first inspired Ike G Da to DJ as they used his natural ability and attraction to music to draw him away from the streets. Legendary DJs Jam Master Jay, Grand Master Caz, Jazzy Jeff and DJ Scratch also influenced him. Since 1995, when he first began DJ’ing, Ike G Da has emerged as one of the Carolina’s most sought after DJs working as the tour DJ for a host of artists including SRC/Universal artist Grandaddy Souf, DTP/Def Jam artist Small World and Mogul Group artist J Bully. He has also gained the position of on-air personality and mixer for Trendsetter Radio WCCG 104.5 in Fayetteville, North Carolina as well as a mixshow DJ for Core DJ Radio on Sirius Hot Jamz 50. Although Ike G Da is a gifted DJ and on-air personality, he is not limited to simply DJ’ing. He is the CEO of Tarheel Promotions and Marketing, a company that has a roster of past and present clients such as Jive Records, Roc A Fella, Loud, SRC/Universal and Paramount Films. As the Core DJ and Nitram Knarf DJ member continues to expand his reach in music and entertainment, he is simultaneously gaining increased recognition for his work and accomplishments. In 2008 alone, Ike G Da has been voted North Carolina’s DJ of the Year for The Carolina Music Awards; has received the Core DJ’s Jam Master Jay Award; and has been nominated for the 2009 North Carolina Underground Music Awards for “Radio DJ of the Year.” He has also been nominated for the 2009 Southern Entertainment Awards in two categories—“Best Skills on a Mixtape” and “Club DJ of the Year.” DJ Ike G Da’s passion and drive have contributed to his longevity in the music industry and will continue to serve him as he prepares for another 10 years of doing what he loves.

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16/3/2009 17:11:50

DJ Murk (Mixtape Hitman) (born Joe Ebony Duncan on July, 26 1984 in Dallas) is now one of the official certified members of the I AM A GO MUSIC GROUP for, but he is most well-known for his achievements in the mixtape game, producing the popular “Tales from the hood”, “Hello Kitty” and many other mix tape series. He went to high school in Duncanville and Texas Southern University in Houston. DJ Murk in the process of landing a “long term, worldwide” deals with the majors on the distribution of many of his mixtape series. In 2008 Murk independently released sixteen of his twenty southern based mix tapes, featuring acts such as Alfamega, Rickie Lee, Flossa, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Webbie, Fat Pimp, and The Candy House. He’s also one of many elite DJ’s in the highly productive I Am A Go Dj Music Group with OG Ron C and DJ Hi-C. In 2003, I Am A GO DJ Music Group inked album breaking deals with many major label clients. He will be releasing the album “Tales From The Hood” 1st quarter 2009. He also made a cameo appearances in indie movies as himself, performing at a party, as well as appearing in Big Tuck Video “Tussle”, and Slim Thugs Video “3 Kings”. DJ Murk has done over 12 Different mixtapes series with major artists like Alfa Mega, Fat Pimp and locals such as Ricky Lee, B.I.G. and many more.

DJ Rage DJ Rage, the son of prominent Milwaukee DJ, Larry K. Myles, first showed an interest in deejaying at the age of 15 at house parties held in Nashville, TN. In 1995, DJ Rage relocated to his hometown of Milwaukee, WI and continued to service house parties while shadowing various Milwaukee DJ’s such as Tony Neal & Doc B. DJ Rage successfully became a member of DJ Tony Neal’s “Another Level Record Pool”. In 2002, DJ Rage found himself back in the ‘Ville shadowing DJ’s Derrick (“The Big DM”) Mason, Darryl Jaye, C-Wiz, C-Lo, Bryant D and DJ team Dolowite & Scooby (from 101.1 The Beat Jamz). In 2003, after a sizable investment, DJ Rage established himself as a member of the only DJ crew in Nashville, TN- the “The Hitplayaz” and is also a member of DJ Whoo Kid’s(50 Cent’s DJ) DJ Collective The Shadyville DJ’s, Slip-N-Slide DJs, and Futurestar DJ’s. DJ Rage is known for his impeccable spinning styles, professional attitude and friendly disposition. He has a great knowledge base of professional mixing and blending of music to keep audiences moving nonstop. DJ Rage possesses the most up to date and old school vinyl music transferred to his Serato Scratchlive System and uses his deejaying know-how to read the audience and produce the music guaranteed to crowd any dance floor. DJ Rage aspires to become a Worldwide Tour DJ and a member of the highly successful Heavy Hitters or Aphilliates. He also plans to participate in the rise of upcoming labels Urban Thought Entertainment Based in his hometown of Milwaukee, Wi. Rest assured he will always be dedicated to mixing quality hits for his audiences. 16 - SEA

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16/3/2009 17:11:54

DJ TEKNIKz DJ Teknikz started deejaying as a hobby back in 1997. Due to his love of the art form, his hobby quickly progressed into a career. His passion is raw, his skills are unquestionable and his style is definitely ingenious. Teknikz stands out due to the immutability of his style influenced by his heritage and exposure to different genres of music but his love of hip hop overcomes all. With his rookie series of mixtapes in heavy circulation not only in the South but nationwide and overseas, he moved on to set higher standards with his well known “Georgia Muscle” series which has been trendsetting not only for the south but for the mixtape game as a whole! Teknikz has a star studded resume, working with the likes Diddy, Block, Grand Hustle records, C.T.E. records, Gorilla Zoe, Playaz Circle, Jody Breeze, Yung Berg, Deuce the mouthpiece, Bang Squad, Bizzy, Mean Mugg and many more! He was recognized at the 2006 Southern Entertainment Awards as “The Rookie Of The Year” while racking up 13 other nominations in the same year. In 2007, he stepped it up by winning “Best Rap Mixtape” of the year and “Best Gfx on a Mixtape” while being nominated in 11 other categories. Teknikz is also the official DJ for Block Ent/ Bad Boy South recording artist Gorilla Zoe. Asked how he manages to juggle his mixtapes, being on tour and club gigs his response was simply “I do it for the streets”.

DJ WHEEZY “YESTERDAY IS HISTORY, TOMORROW IS A MYSTERY BUT TODAY IS A GIFT FROM GOD, THAT’S WHY WE CALL IT THE PRESENT,” is 22-year old DJ WHEEZY’s grind motto since his DJ career. DJ Wheezy started his entertainment career as a student at Tennessee State University promoting parties for his fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma. Soon after DJ Wheezy realized that the DJs in Nashville were not on top of the new music in the South, and Nashville was behind on new music. Moreover, he always thought to himself “If I did that mix, I would make it better.” Therefore, after purchasing his equipment in December 2007, DJ Wheezy got on the grind and started teaching himself how to DJ from playing by ear. With the help of TSU’s campus radio station’s DJs, DJ Wheezy was able to pick up the pace faster than he thought and I got his first gig only after 2 weeks of practicing. Born in Memphis, but currently residing in Nashville, TN, DJ Wheezy quickly raised Nashville’s night life level to the extremes. Deejaying in Nashville’s nightclub scene since December 2007, DJ Wheezy has made a true name for himself as one of Nashville’s top Deejays in the short amount of time that he has been on the scene. After his first gig at a house party in December 2007 and making his first DJ performance in a club January 2008, DJ Wheezy knew that nightlife was his lifestyle and passion to be. Having quick learning curves to moving up in the industry, he has already deejayed for major artists and celebrities such as Young Buck, Black of Flavor of Love 3, Bootz of Flavor of Love, and Kinfolk Thugs, just to name a few. In Addition DJ Wheezy, along with his business partner DJ Tuk and Mack ‘I Got Beats’ Cox, started his own music/entertainment group called AList Entertainment. A-List falls in the areas of DJ Services, parties, promotions, event planning, special events, and music production/engineering. Instead of just DJing parties, DJ Wheezy throws his own parties and even puts together major events like TSU Homecoming, ATL Football Classic, John A. Merritt Classic, and the Southern Heritage Classic, just to name a few, for his own university that generates massive people capacity and income. Therefore, DJ Wheezy holds the same cards the club owner has when it comes to throwing parties. DJ Wheezy released his first mixtape “Get Familiar” Volume 1 after only 4 months in the music industry. Known for his catching “Get Familiar” motto and mixtape series, his accomplishments have allowed him to be in the nominations for the 2009 6th Annual Southern Entertainment Awards, which is held at the Grand Casino Resort in Tunica, Mississippi. DJ Wheezy is being nominated for “Slept On DJ of the Year,” “Best Intro on the Mixtape.” DJ Wheezy has deejayed and hosted some of the top parties in Nashville such as the D@mn Near Naked Jam w/Phi Beta Sigma, Nashville’s Battle of the Half-Timers, Thursday Night Network, Sold Out Saturdays, different types of Fraternity/Sorority functions, and house parties, just to name a few. . As of March 2008, DJ Wheezy became the house Club DJ on Saturday Nights for the Rhythm Kitchen’s Sold Out Saturdays. DJ Wheezy is now a prominent member of the nationally known, most influential, Hustle Squad DJs based out of Texas and Future Star DJs. Mixtape promotion and breaking new music and artists is not a problem with access to DJs all over the country. Despite his seemingly never-ending commitments, DJ Wheezy finds much joy in his new passion and continues to strive for more in the music industry.

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SEA - 17

16/3/2009 17:11:58

In 1999 Don Diva Publishing set out to create a publication with a mission: to provide a raw and uncut look into the phenomenon that has become known as ãStreet Culture.ä From fashion, music, entertainment, relationships and more importantly legal and social issues that affect today’s urbanite- Don Diva would encompass all aspects of the urban street lifestyle. Nine years later and Don Diva has accomplished its mission and so much more, evolving into a credible and respected multimedia enterprise to include web commerce, dvd’s, mixtapes, books and apparel. Don Diva Magazine is delivering to its readers valuable content that is relevant to their lifestyle.

DOWN Magazine is the only print and online magazine that is truly “Dedicated to Southern Hip-Hop Music & Culture.” DOWN is your premiere source for all the latest news, styles, and cultural trends regarding your favorite southern hip-hop artists, labels, producers and designers. No other magazine works harder to showcase the often overlooked skill of southern hip-hop artists and the distinctly unique flavor of southern hip-hop culture Journee started her music career at the age of fifteen, learning the art of deejaying from well-respected artists in the Charlotte area. Although, at the time it was a hobby for her, she would later lean on those skills. She attended North Carolina A&T, earning degrees in Communications Radio Broadcasting, African-American Studies and African-American Literature. It was at A&T where she found her way onto the college radio station, WNAA, 90.1. Throughout her college career, WNAA helped to build the foundation for a strong communications background. After finishing her studies in Greensboro, North Carolina, she returned to her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina (God City), where her company Next Up Promotions was born. The company was founded to give up-and-coming artists an opportunity to showcase their work, talent, merchandise, performance, etc., a vision that soon became a movement, known simply as The Unsigned Movement. She quickly rose to the top of her field, becoming the top female Indie hiphop promoter in G.C. During this time, Journee joined forces with two college friends: DJ Complexx and DJ Sweet 16. Together, they formed a crew affectionately named T.F.U. (The Fuck Ups). As a group, they created a dynamic soundtrack for the movement, titled The Unsigned Movement: Volume 1, which was nominated for Tightest Mixtape of the Year, a Great Em Magazine award. Journee, always evolving, started to shift her company towards personal promotions, catering to the needs of the artist as an individual. Some of the first artists to join the company with its new direction were Bishop (of Charleston, South Carolina) and rapper, Ozy Reigns, another South Carolina native. Not far behind were others who recognized the great opportunities associated with Empress Journee and Next Up Promotions: Charles Herron, I.K.E., Turnah, and Supastition to name a few. Journee focused on album releases and other celebration events for artists on her promotion team. During this time, she was nominated for Promoter of the Year, a Southern Entertainment Award, which she won in January 2008. Recently, the Empress teamed up with DJ Yahtz of the Fleet DJ’s to create a new net radio station “BANGNAT RADIO” dropping soon... Needless to say, Empress Journee is a driven young woman, who has no intention of stopping. Truly the greatest, she is only moving onward and upward! 18 - SEA

SEA 1.indd 18

16/3/2009 17:12:01

In today’s Hip Hop community, if you were to ask what HipHopFriends, (HHF) does, the answer would be…EVERYTHING! HipHopFriends is a TRUE Independent. HHF controls all aspect of the business ranging from Distribution, Record Label, Radio, Artist Development, Licensing and the list goes on. HHF owns and operates the number one web cast radio with 40 Top Record Breaking DJ’s and 10 million listeners Worldwide. HHF also exclusively distributes the record label Among Friends Records which roster consists of E&J Blood Brothaz, B-Locks, G.P. Louis and M.U.R.D.E.R Internash. The executives’ team of HHF is lead by Feygens “ChuckieBigBux” Saint-Joy Jr., President, Erick “Dirty Dread” Saint-Joy/ Director of Operations and Burt “Mr. Burnz” Orilas/ VP of Marketing. Chuckie and Dirty Dread are also members of the group The E&J Blood Brothaz. HipHopFriends has released two groundbreaking mix-albums in the past year. One with Fear Factor Music and DJ Smallz entitled “Operation Overlord: HHF D-DAY!” and the other with DJ Bigga Rankin entitled “We Building A BIGGA Brand”. Branding is what HHF does BEST! The HHF logo, products and services are seared in the minds of the music industry powers that be and the Hip Hop consumers. HHF is considered to be a “No-Coast Imprint” because they operate in various cities throughout the Northeast, Midwest, South and West. When ask to explain their GRIND, HipHopFriends reply was “Patience, Dedication, Humility and Proper Business Ethics Paves the Way to Success”. As the old saying goes, HipHopFriends is “Major without a Major”. For more information visit:


Cool Smart to be

Founded in 2000, IT’S COOL TO BE SMART is a mentoring program for teenage girls that has touched the lives of more 3000 youth across the country, including cities such as Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, DC, Philadelphia, New Orleans and Chicago. The program’s mission is to empower young girls to become future business leaders by creating mentorship opportunities with influential young women in the entertainment industry throughout the nation. In local and national partnerships with youth organizations across the country since 1997, It’s Cool To Be Smart — a charitable [501c3] organization — generates national media attention for educational and enrichment programs for teen girls within the target age group of 14-19. Movie Director/ Screen Writer, Antwone Fisher (Antwone Fisher Story), Camille Winbush (Bernie Mac Show), Keke Palme (Akeelah and the Bee) Anwan Glover(HBO “The Wire”) and musical icons such as the late Gerald Levert, Lil Jon, T.I., Grammy Song Writer Sean Garrett, Lyfe Jennings, Yung Joc, Mr. Colllipark, have supported the organizations’ community efforts for teen girls.

SEA - 19

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JaWar is a Motivational Speaker, Author & Business Consultant. He speaks and consults on personal achievement, Internet marketing, monetizing (making money online) your Internet presence, SEO (search engine optimization), book publishing and the music business. He has authored and published over 20+ paperback, audio and ebooks including the Music Industry Connection Book Series, while maintaining over 60+ websites, blogs and social networking profiles. He has spoken and appeared in over 50+ conferences, seminars, workshops, radio shows and publications. JaWar believes you may will your destiny into existence when you THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE! Schedule JaWar as a Featured Motivational Speaker and a Business Consultant call 678-887-4656 or 800-963-0949.

20 - SEA

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Jackson Harlem Jackson Harlem, 23, is an author, spoken-word poet, journalist and the designer and CEO of J.HAR, a luxury menswear brand. Growing up in Jackson, MS, he developed and expanded his immense passion for music, martial arts, and literature. Through years of vocal and martial arts training, Harlem also developed a high level of discipline and an even more determined, artistic spirit. In the summer of 2007, Harlem began turning his innovative and creative juices to constructing his self-titled menswear collection J.HAR. Along with two published collections of poetry, My Southern-Fried Affair (2006) and Black Boy Juice (2008), this indomitable entrepreneur is destined to be a household name.

s d i K e l t t i L ROCK

Little Kids Rock knows that music is a critical component of a first-rate education. We inspire children to express themselves through music, building the creativity, confidence, and self-esteem that are critical to success in school and beyond. We accomplish this by: • Pioneering innovative teaching methods that are rooted in children’s knowledge of popular music forms such as rock, rap, blues, hip-hop etc. • Preparing practitioners such as teachers and youth workers to offer classes utilizing our methods and materials. • Providing free musical instruments and trained instructors to children, especially to those children who do not receive music education.

Loose Conduct Modeling better known as The Ladies of Loose Conduct is a modeling agency providing top quality models and promotional staff based out of Oklahoma City, OK. Our company exceeds all expectations and achieves results of high quality with diverse models. We manage models that are personable as well as talented and beautiful and pride ourselves on being professional, prompt, and enthusiastic with all our clients. LCM works hard to satisfy all of our clients. We offer a broad range of talent in the form of: Runway, Fashion, Print, Promotions, Commercial, Radio and Film. At LCM our goal is to help every individual that is a part of LCM to believe in yourself and be as successful as you can be by offering them advice, critique and support.

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SEA - 21

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The n o t r o M s r e t s i S

Hailing from Jacksonville Florida, The Morton Sisters, Paris Jontae-23, Brittony-22 and Ashley-21 are the newest trio to take the Urban Modeling Industry by storm. Given their diverse heritage from African-American and Indian parents, the exotic beauties boast distinct features, perfect bone structure and statuesque figures that most aspiring models would die for! The sisters were born and raised in Jacksonville & have recently relocated to Atlanta Georgia to pursue their dreams in the modeling & entertainment business. You may remember Paris in 2005 as a featured model in BET’s Annual Spring Bling runway show. She later went on to be Miss December in the 2006 Fantasy World Calendar as well as appearing in music videos for Artists such as Yo Gotti and Nelly. Additionally, she’s graced the pages of Riding Big, ACE and Smooth Girl Magazines. Brittony and Ashley started modeling a year later. They too have shot for Riding Big Magazine as well as the cover of ACE magazine for the Core DJ’s retreat. You can find these burgeoning stars in the Young Cash video “That X” presented by Bigga Rankin. The ladies have also been featured in several hair shows and have done extensive promotional work. Only recently did the three sisters decide to combine their star power and started working together. As one, these spokesmodels are nationally known to the modeling industry and the world of entertainment as “The Morton Sisters”. They have accomplished much in amazingly little time. The ladies hosted a BlackMen Magazine party with Marcus Blassingame in Jacksonville. They’ve done promotional work for Young Joc and most recently scored The Glamagirls & Fantasy World 2008 Calendars out of Atlanta. The Morton Sisters have also shot for Vansilk’s New Titaniumgirlz Magazine in New York City. The Morton Sisters are motivated by both the aspiration of success & the desire to make a difference. “What drives us is the ability to be able to be successful women and speakers. To help people around us that may have been through similar life situations. Being able to provide for our loved ones and the people that are loyal to us is what moves us.” -

Ms. Rivercity

Jennifer McKinnon (a.k.a. Ms. Rivercity) has spent several years gathering knowledge of the music industry in order to help others get their foot in the door. In fact, she earned her moniker by being involved in all the events in and around Duval County (a.k.a. the Rivercity). She’s assisted many artists and DJs with their P.R. and promotions needs. Some of her past associates include G-Mack, Haitian Fresh, Spark Dawg, Swordz, Young Cash (SRC/Universal), Shot Out, DJ Black (H.C.P.), Street Executive DJs, DJ Smallz, DJ Scream, Bigga Rankin and numerous others. After gaining a reputation for getting things done, she landed freelance writing positions with several magazines including HooD, Duval Streets, Iceberg and OZONE. Ms. Rivercity is currently a guest editor and street rep coordinator for OZONE Magazine. In addition to reviews, interviews and music related articles, Ms. Rivercity also specializes in writing artist bios and press releases. Her future plans include continuing her successes in the media business and eventually working in radio promotions. “I want to cover all the bases. I want to be that person you can go to for any and everything.” 22 - SEA

SEA 1.indd 22

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Mr. Mack Since 1998, he has released a handful of mixtapes and independent albums, selling them from home and out of the trunk of his car. “If you’ve got CDs, you’ve got money. Keep hustling and grinding, and somebody is gonna want it”. For the most part of eight years, underground and do-it-yourself distribution has been the principal way of getting local hip-hop and rap music on the streets. Commercial hip-hop outlets in Knoxville Tn did not exist until late 2002. Fast forward to 2006….. “Where You From” topped Knoxville’s HOT 104.5 FM rotation for five weeks in June & July 2006. Two months later, the remix featuring Yo Gotti, AllStar and D-Cooley also reached top levels of rotation. During the BOOM in Knoxville, stations in Chattanooga and Johnson City also began to chant “865”. Getting local and regional recognition in a market that did not embrace his style was a David vs. Goliath kind of street fight. David (aka Mr. Mack) won, and attracted attention from Atlantic, Epic, and universal Republic records. But the “localized” theme of the hook got in the way of a national record deal. All companies asked if the “865” could be changed to become more international. Rather than destroy East Tennessee’s new local anthem, he chose to stay true to his roots, hit the studio, and develop something new. Something to show the “White Collars” in NYC what “country slang” is all about. Enter stage left….. “So Fly”. With its twangy bass guitar lick, nostalgic throwback vibe, and a couple of high pitched kids chanting the hook, Universal Republic decided they didn’t want to miss this lick. In September 2007 Mr. Mack signed his first single “So Fly” with Universal. “This does not and will not end the days of Street Hustling your product” Now, more than ever, Mr. Mack has been forming alliances in different parts of the country. While most have been profitable and beneficial, Mr. Mack knows when he has a hit or a miss. ““My Thang” ft. Sam was a direct hit before it hit Tennessee airwaves.” says Mack. He immediately took the finished product to the Knoxville radio station, and it hasn’t stopped spinning yet! With a label like Boiler Room Ent. and partners like Sam, the saga of a man who started his career in the trunk of his car will continue. AND he will always have CD’s in the trunk of his car!!

Nesha Lashay

At only 19 years of age, South Carolina native, Nesha Lashay, born as Danesha Moon, is certinly making a name for herself in the world of modeling. She was born on April 11, 1989 in Alexandria, VA and soon moved to a small town called Saluda, South Carolina after being only 2 weeks old. As she began to get older, she realized the attention she was getting and that people often commented her on her looks. She had many people tell her that she needs to pursue a modeling career but she never took it seriously until she met her former model management team and decided to work with them so she could get her foot in the door. After her first photo shoot, everything took new heights for her. Over the next several months, she was being featured on numerous websites and magazines. She attended and graduated from Saluda High School. Her interest includes working out, singing, modeling, traveling and learning new things. She now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina and plans to become a massage therapist. In the future she hopes to continue her modeling career, pursue singing or acting, try hosting a television show, and have her own night club. She is definitely a young lady to reckon with, so keep watching because she is a star in the making. SEA - 23

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Deal Wit It (D.W.I.) This southern rap group from West Memphis, AR has been taking the music industry by storm. Deal Wit It aka D.W.I., has been Grinding within the industry since 2004. Rapper Mareo “Young Yo” Perry would do tracks with his cousin Brandon “Big Paper” Gates, as well as Doug “Low Key” Johnson. After producing many tracks together, the three combined to form the group known as Deal Wit It. They began working on tracks in many local recording studios around town and produced their first underground album titled “A Long Time Coming”. D.W.I began to work with producers such as Headz and Tailz Productions and CKB records and completed a mixtape titled “Still Underground” selling a combination of 10,000 copies throughout Arkansas and the Memphis, Tenn. area. D.W.I traveled to promote their music and performed at local shows. At the same time, the group created a buzz throughout the south, leaving local recording labels a lasting impression of the group with an undeniable talent. While D.W.I worked hard to promote their music, High Rize Recordings CEO, Corey “Thuda” Mills noticed the group’s talent, drive, and commitment. He admired their effort and pursued interest in the group. In 2007, Deal Wit It signed with High Rize Recordings. They eagerly began recording in the studio and produced their hit single and popular dance, “360”. The group traveled around the south promoting the “360” dance and performing at shows creating a fan base in many states such as Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia. During the fall of 2007, D.W.I dropped their second mixtape “Get Wit It or Deal Wit It”, distributing over 100,000 copies on the streets stretching from Florida to Texas. Following D.W.I. released two hot singles “Fresh As I Wanna Be” produced by Montana Trax and “Nothing” produced by Young Juvie. The group is currently working on a new album self titled, “Deal Wit It” which will be released in fall of 2009. The new album includes tracks produced by major producers such as Montana Trax, J Dav, Heads and Tailz, Young Juve and Swizzo. The group has recorded tracks in studios such as Low Key Studios in Jonesboro, Arkansas, V.I.P. Records in St. Louis, Missouri and Patchwork in Atlanta, GA. Deal Wit It has a compilation of songs that entertain all types of audiences. Opening for acts such as Kinfolk Kia Shine, Gucci Mane, Rocko, Baby, Lil Wayne, 8-Ball & MJG, Lil Boosie, Lil Webbie, Pleasure P, Pretty Willie, Young Joc, Bow Wow, Chris Brown, Soulja Boy, Ne-Yo, Shawty Lo, Huey, Rich Boy and Yo Gotti. D.W.I. is now currently recording their debut album and preparing to release two of their hottest mixtapes to date! Check out new releases at DEAL WIT IT! 24 - SEA

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SEA 1.indd 25

16/3/2009 17:12:24

MySpace is an online community that lets you meet your friends’ friends. Create a community on MySpace and you can share photos, journals and interests with your growing network of mutual friends! See who knows who, or how you are connected. Find out if you really are six people away from Kevin Bacon. MySpace is for everyone: • Friends who want to talk Online • Single people who want to meet other Singles • Matchmakers who want to connect their friends with other friends • Families who want to keep in touch--map your Family Tree • Business people and co-workers interested in networking • Classmates and study partners • Anyone looking for long lost friends!

26 - SEA

SEA 1.indd 26

Mz.Trinity is one of the most lyrical hard-edged female MC to hit the scene today. With her catchy phrases, outstanding word play and hardcore attitude, she most defiantly can hold her own on the mic. Mz.Trinity was born Chemeika Spencer in Houston, TX in 1982, and started rapping at age 10. Straight out of Elementary School, she began rapping on 97.9 The Box 5:30pm Roll Call on Madd Hatta’s afternoon show. The “Roll Call” was where people could call in and display their skills live on the air. Becoming a regular on the “Roll Call”, she had a chance to be heard and develop her skills battling other callers live on air. Before she knew it she was battling MC’s in contests and just for the love of it. After graduating High School in 2000 she slowly stopped rapping on the “Roll Call”. Not knowing what was in store for her future, she decided to attend The University of Houston Downtown for a Communication Degree. However, little did she know that would be the places where she would meet T. Farris, A&R of Swisha House Entertainment. They knew each other from Middle School and High School but never really talked about music until they crossed paths again in college. Soon T. Farris introduce her to G-Dash, co-owner of Swisha House Entertainment and after meeting him she had a chance to feature on Choppin’em Up 6, Straight To Tha Room pt2, and The Day Hell Brooke Lose pt2. Since then she has featured on a number of projects and worked with a number of well known artists from Houston. She came out with her first underground mix tape entitled “The Madness Begins”. Talking shit should have been her middle name because on that mix tape she was not playing around, the madness did begin. On December 17, 2006 she graduated from college and received her Degree in Communication. Then she came back with her second mix tape entitled “No Nuts No Glory”. In January of 2008 she received a Southern Entertainment award for “Slept On Artist Of The Year”. Then it was time for the world to wake up and see what she was all about. She came back and dropped her 3rd mix tape entitled “The Madness Never Ends” hosted by DJ Michael “5000” Watts. -

16/3/2009 17:12:27

Ozy Reigns

Ozy Reigns has blazed a musical path that stretches from his hometown of Columbia, South Carolina to Atlanta, Georgia where he attended College. It was also in Atlanta that Ozy met up with talented producers such as Illastrate and Koda to begin molding a unique sound for himself. It was by Koda and Illa’s beat ingenuity that the foundations for Ozy’s highpowered tracks “OZ,” “Staywitchu,” “ALB” and “FireFly” were laid. “ I make music for music lovers. I wanna take Hip Hop music beyond where it’s ever gone and replenish the edge and the soul that it had before it was a billion dollar industry,” says Ozy. Between show dates and radio airplay in S.C., N.C. and ATL, Ozy and Jus Cuz(Nefarious and SinSkyy) with their label MOONDOX, Ltd.(est. in 2002) maintain a growing buzz. As an individual, Ozy will conquer not only the music industry but the world of film as well. He studied film at Clark Atlanta University following a note worthy history in the drama program at Richland Northeast High school back in South Carolina. During and since college, Ozy has acted in, written, directed and composed music for several projects. Some of which can be found at video stores nationwide. Excelling in multiple arts, including music production, he can only be labeled an artist. From his first rolls in grade school plays, to leading songs in the church choir, and local club performances around Columbia and Atlanta, Ozy has stayed on it. In his own words “Me and my fam have starved long enough. I gotta feed generations with my raps so in my eyes I gotta blow! No question!” In any crowd, Ozy stands out like a sore thumb. Maybe it’s because of his laser beam focus on his goals, which was evident in the communications department at Clark Atlanta. Ozy was a 4-year member and eventually became president of 4-Reel Productions, a popular film organization at the university. Success through leadership has always been in the cards for him. Even as a 4-year old belting out his own renditions of hits by Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5, and New Edition Ozy, or Corey Gillens as his parents named him, knew his destiny. His quote worthy lyrics give him a presence that is rare in today’s beat driven market and the soul that he brings to the game is paralleled by none. After the huge success of The Spade’s South Carolina hit “Incredible SC,” Ozy prepares his yet untitled solo debut album. With several projects in the works, and “The Last Dragon” mixtape, hosted by Hood Hard’s DJ Aaries, smashing the streets he will solidify himself as a music legend and further secure that his destiny will be fulfilled.

P. Dog James M Out of Nashville, TN, P Dog & James M are highly driven, music minded business men. They want nothing more than to be heard, understood and their craft respected. P Dog & James M have been labeled as lyrical masterminds by many greats among the southern underground music scene. Having done music with many dedicated and talented artists their name has began to buzz. In 2007, separately they found themselves with Damnit Boy Productions where their lyrical grittiness was complimented by the new age production of Big John. After making several changes & moves, P Dog bought a studio to help them & others pursue their dreams. This is where P Dog & James M grinded day and night to make this 09’ SEA nominated mix tape. In 2009, it’s a new year, new mind state, new goals and new paths to take for the duo. P Dog & James M have personally revamped themselves, business minds and game plans. Now with everything falling in place, they are more focused than ever! With new mixtapes in the making, much anticipated solo albums on the way & various court dates 09’ will be a busy year. P Dog & James M have a mission and a goal in mind with a hunger that is comparable to children in 3rd world countries.

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SEA - 27

16/3/2009 17:12:30


By Marquita Gonzalez Nique’s impeccable swagger hails from the Far Rockaway section of Queens New York. His story reads like Anne’s hard knock life but through hip hop, Nique made his statement. The gritty vibe of street battles and the legendary on wax battles of the 80’s influenced a young Nique to purse a hip hop career. Nique credits the legendary battle of KRS, who is from the Bronx and Mc Shan of Queens the fuel that sparked the flame to his own lyrics. A self proclaimed “everyday guy”, Nique’s down to earth attitude gave him the neighborhood “baller” title on and off the court. His locate freestyles amongst friends in the playground showed off his venomous lyrics. Nique starting recording at a local studio and began his career at the age of 15 through the encouragement of a childhood friend. Nique’s constant struggle with the shady music industry helped him create Rockstreet Entertainment. Nique and business partner/ Co-CEO Brooklyn producer Sick 6 founded the company. Rockstreet’s underground buzz and Nique’s steadfast approach have multiple the size of Rockstreet Entertainment. The company continues to grow with a real music movement in mind. Nique’s musical talents landed him on several nationally and international mix tapes. His distinctive flow represents his unique life experiences and his borough. Nique is definitely going hard in the rap game and proves to the haters that he stands out more like King among his counterparts. Check him out on his Myspace:

HateR Proof

By Marquita Gonzalez

28 - SEA

SEA 1.indd 28

Caution: If you are among the “haters”, this is not for you! Quenton Barnes better known as HaterProof is here to let those haters know where to put it. His strong conviction to keep the haters away is heard in his distinctive voice and music. Currently, HaterProof resides in Nashville, Tennessee a.k.a. (Cashville, Tennakey) and is blowing up on the Underground Street Circuit . HaterProof is a CEO and the forefront artist of his label M.H.P (Meadow Hills Posse) Entertainment. He has released a mixtape titled Something 2 Ride 2 Vol. 1 and coming soon the mixtape Living Truth. With the help of his aggressive street team and his own power moves, HaterProof focuses on giving his fans what they want to hear. HaterProof’s “Dirty Dirty” lyrics give me an edge in the hip hop community. Something you haven’t quite heard recently. His raw delivery and realistic message puts him on top of his game. For more information check him out on his official Myspace page:

16/3/2009 17:12:35

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YOUNG CARTOON Though he comes across as being upbeat with a colorful personality, Young Cartoon’s coming-of-age experience was far from animated. While his story is seemingly similar to most rap artists today, from coming up in a broken home to making bad choices to earn money, one would never know it by listening to his music. “I make ‘feel good music;’ because I like to make people feel good, no matter what they are going through,” explains the twenty-two year old rapper. Randy Kelly can recall the reason his parents began to grow apart. His mother worked hard to accomplish her goals as an entrepreneur, while his father grew closer to God and became a devoted Christian. Wanting his children to have a strong religious upbringing, his father was determined to raise all six of them while his mother went on to pursue her dreams. Kelly recounts, “I was hurt, but I also understood why my mother had to leave. My father’s choice to maintain a secure relationship with the church was putting a strain on his relationship with our family.” Growing up under his father’s rearing, Kelly was restricted from listening to any music with the exception of Gospel. “Although I love all kinds of music, Gospel didn’t make sense to me at the time. It didn’t reflect what I was seeing on the streets and in the faces of the gangsters in my neighborhood,” Kelly recalls. The exposure of Hip Hop came by Young Cartoon easy. With the influences surrounding him at school and finding his brothers’ secret stashes of mixed tapes under their beds; he was certain to start bucking the rules of the household. Soon, he began to grow weary of his father’s strict polices. At 16, Kelly left home and took to the streets. To keep his mind off current decisions of surviving the street life, he would freestyle with people in his circle. He was not on the streets too long before he convinced his father to enroll him into Job Corps. There, he calculated moments learned from his father’s home, the streets, and his mother’s sprit and realized that he could put all that energy into his hobby. Using the nickname given to him by his mother, Young Cartoon started his first rap endeavor in a group with his cousins, Sedy Sed, and Kellz Ozborne called Young TKS. Although they were gaining popularity as a group, they were heavily influenced by their mentor, DJ Rhymer to become solo acts. The short-lived group took his advice and disbanded. While Young Cartoon stepped back from the mic to reevaluate rapping as a solo artist, he formed an entertainment company called Scooter Entertainment. Running a fulltime promotions company in South Florida and booking local DJ’s would soon be beneficial to both Scooter Entertainment and Cartoon’s career as a solo artist. His underground testimony can be heard in the streets of Miami, Carol City and Hollywood, Florida were his following is strong and his singles, ‘Shawty What’s Your Name’ and ‘Shawty, I’m …’ are dominating the club and mixed tape circuits. Outwardly fusing the worlds of Hip Hop, Pop, and Dance, Young Cartoon is the epitome of a Florida artist. “Even though the streets of Florida are corrupted with killings, drugs and prostitution, my music is uplifting. It makes you want to dance and have fun.” – Young Cartoon

SEA 1.indd 30


/toon m o c . e c a p www.mys


WWW.YOUNGCARTOON.COM 16/3/2009 17:12:41

Tears for

HOPE Foundation Tears For Hope Foundation is a 501c3 foundation with our permit from the state of Georgia making the foundation a legal foundation/charity. Tears For Hope Foundation was started by Founder/ Chief Creative Officer Victoria Smith over 4 years ago. What would make a woman want to start an HIV/AIDS foundation when in fact Victoria could have started any other business, but decided after thinking really hard this is what she wanted to do? The vision started while researching the stats when it comes to HIV/AIDS since 1980’s to current. It wasn’t long until Victoria Smith knew there was something missing and that’s a warm heart, open arms for hugs, many tissues to wipe the tears that ran down the faces of people who she knew was HIV positive. “Tears For Hope Foundation is a foundation that helps premature babies, HIV babies, HIV mothers, and currently MSM (Men Sleeping with Men) in which the stats are the highest among African American/Black men and Latinos are not far behind. “One of our goals is to open a statistical data center to help track the numbers and stats when it comes to the African American/Black and Latino communities. It is not as easy to get people to come forward and let the world know they are HIV positive, but with the proper understanding and knowledge, many will come to seek the answer to an age old question. A question that has surface not here in the United States, but around the world. The question is how do we bring not only the communities together, but how do we bring the

CDC, communities, and for that matter the world together to help understand each other and to find common ground to a growing epidemic.” says Victoria Smith, Founder/Chief Creative Officer. “The current stats as we see them today are not correct, and are based on the year 2006 with research done in 33 states, but yet having people thinking this is for the whole United States and it is not. This is why I have started Tears For Hope Foundation to help in getting the numbers correct and see just how many people we are looking at that are HIV positive.” says Victoria Smith, Founder of Tears For Hope Foundation. Currently Tears For Hope Foundation has programs that are on going, (1) Collecting 3,000 brand new Baby Bottles, (2) Feed one, But feed all is an on going program to feed the homeless, (3) Collecting pampers for premature and HIV babies, (4) Mothers helpers is a program for mothers that are HIV positive who needs help in getting the proper items for their new born babies and the mothers also. For more information on these programs, please send an email to For more on Tears For Hope Foundation, please visit or Want to make a donation? All donations can be made online by way of and the account name is

The Texas Summer Music Conference began in 2003. Serving as an outlet to educate aspiring urban music artists, producers, dj’s models and all lifestyle related affiliates on the entertainment industry, the event has provided this audience with access to exclusive networking opportunities. SEA - 31

SEA 1.indd 31

16/3/2009 17:12:44


TroubleSum is the most dangerous weapon the Hip Hop world has seen in years! With an effortless delivery of lyrics written by this living, breathing, walking paradox, she’s certain to alter the hip hop scene. TroubleSum (Born Tabitha Grant) was raised as a “Preacher’s Kid” and knew very little about the world of rap. At just 9, TroubleSum attended her brother’s high school functions where he would mix and perform which introduced her to Hip Hop music. Taking an interest in this new scene, she began to write and perform Christian raps at her Father’s church. After a life-altering event at the age of 13, this young lady learned the streets rather quickly. What used to be going to church Wednesday and Sunday was now hanging out on the block free styling Friday nights. “I remember it like it was yesterday, we would stand on the corner and listen to screw and just freestyle, I would be the only girl rapping with a group of hustlers.” Making a name for herself by entering in freestyle contest around her hometown, Houston, Texas, she felt rap was her true calling. TroubleSum is featured on such collaborations as the album “Ghetto Classic’s” with such songs as “Gimme that Thang” and “Trouble in this World”, featured on Grammy Award Winner, Chamillionarie’s Texas Extended Remix of “Won’t Let U Down”, Music World’s Lil J Xavier on the song “We got Next” which became the ANTHEM for the WNBA’s Houston Comet’s, the underground mix tape “GO DJ’s Presents: The Movement Vol. 1”, Trae tha Truth’s “Streets of the South”, Cory Mo’s “Houston’s Most Unknown” hosted by DJ Smallz. An impressive performance by the ONLY female on the roster of the nationally distributed “HIP HOP LIFE” DVD (In stores NOW!!!!!!! ) lead her to be the opening act for Young Jeezy, Fat Joe, Trina and Rick Ross. Her inspiration includes such artist as Tupac Shakur, Jimmy Hendricks, and the Gospel group The Clark Sisters. These artists influenced her writing ability, and like them, she strives to reach her own legendary status. “I will hold stead fast to my vision, and never comprise myself respect.” With a distinguished sound and intimidating lyrics, you know Trouble is on the way and what you see isn’t always what you get!

Vanessa Phan

Vanessa Phan was born in the wintery city of Syracuse, Newyork. She then moved to the Florida’s sunshine state in her teen years. Residing in government housing with a Vietnamese nationality, growing up was not easy. Surrounded by drugs and crack houses, the desire to work harder soon became a priority, in order to get out of the hood. Vanessa’s curvy body and full lips, she was deemed an outcast and labeled “The Ugly Sister”. She was always being compared to her two, smaller figured sisters. She did not realize the nature of her beauty until the age of 18, when she was scouted by an agency based in Orlando, Florida who were amazed with her look. Vanessa then took advantage of the opportunity and branched out into different avenues of modeling and entertainment. She created a look and taste of how she wanted to brand her new alter ego. Currently working in music, television and fashion,Vanessa can be seen in videos, magazine covers, mixtape covers, independent films, and event hosting. Her talents also include songwriting and choreography. She built a name throughout the east coast, Canada, and Asia which earned her a spot as a Core Model. Vanessa Phan is definitely a Jack of All Trades. 2008 is her first year nominated for Model of The Year and Impact Model of the Year for the SEA awards. She has definitely earned her position, and many of her fans and supporters agree. Her growth and progress throughout the years have helped her push harder and further. Be sure to catch her in the new upcoming “One More Drink” video with Ludacris ft. T.Pain.

32 - SEA

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Alesha Paulette

Location: Atlanta, GA - Stats: 5¡¦ 6¡¨ 130lbs 34-24-40 - - Status: none - Age: 27 Site: & Booking:

SEA 1.indd 33

Ava Samone

Location: Atlanta, GA - Stats: 5¡¦9¡¨ 145 34-28-40 - Status: Single - Age: 24 Site: Booking: 404.200.8787 or

SEA - 33

16/3/2009 17:12:52

Ebony Doll

Location: Oklahoma City, OK - Stats: 5¡¦8¡¨ 34DD-25-40 - Status: Single - Age: 25 Site: Booking:

Keara Tha Truth

Location: Baton Rouge, LA - Stats: 34-28-42 - Status: Single - Age: 22 Site: Booking:

34 - SEA

SEA 1.indd 34

16/3/2009 17:12:55


phis, TN Location: Mem 5lbs 36-24-32 12 ¡¨ ¦7 5¡ Stats: LOL ƒºe , but still nun-ya ed olv Status: Inv Age: 20 2fyne06 Site: www.mys rz_2fyne06 /m m Booking: www. & www.prodiva s Morgan riu et m Photo: De

SEA - 35

SEA 1.indd 35

16/3/2009 17:12:59

36 - SEA

SEA 1.indd 36

#1 DJ IN THE SOUTH Bigga Rankin DJ Aaries DJ B Lord DJ Barry Bee DJ Bobby Black DJ Chuck T DJ Drama DJ Howard Q DJ Jelly DJ Khaled DJ Nasty DJ Scream DJ Smallz DJ Teknikz OG Ron C

SLEPT ON DJ OF THE YEAR DJ Big Swoll DJ Blaze (Florence, SC) DJ Blazinhell DJ Dacick1 DJ Dee Bee DJ Dollar Bill DJ Jonasty DJ Kool.Laid DJ Ksmoove DJ Mixx-Tenn DJ Purfiya DJ Ryno DJ SureShot DJ Swatts DJ Wheezy

MIXTAPE DJ OF THE YEAR Bigga Rankin DJ 5150 DJ Bobby Black DJ Chuck T DJ Dollar Bill DJ Drama DJ Finesse DJ RPM DJ Scope DJ Scream DJ Sir Swift DJ Smallz DJ Teknikz Dutty Laundry Trapaholics

FEMALE DJ OF THE YEAR Brandi Garcia DJ Chela DJ Diamond Kuts DJ Dimepiece DJ Dimples DJ Gloss DJ Kaye Dunaway DJ Lady Blaze DJ Legacy DJ Mami Chula DJ Mami Fresh DJ Southern Belle DJ Storm Princess Cut (Atlanta) Princess Cut (Dallas)

OLD SCHOOL DJ OF THE YEAR Carebear (Memphis,TN) Derek “Bigg Dm” Durand DJ C-Wiz DJ Finesse (Jackson, MS) DJ Howard Q DJ Jelly DJ Mixx-Tenn DJ Phingaprint DJ Pillzbury DJ Rage (Nashville,TN) DJ Rob Storm DJ Spanish Fly Lawbreaker (Nashville,TN) Shekeese Tha Beast Smooth Denali

Allstar & Young Buck - B.O.A.T. (Starbucks) DJ 007 - All Work No Play DJ 32 Degreez - Texas Massacre Part 13 DJ Bobby Black - Crack Addiction (Jay Z & Barack Obama) DJ Burn One - Gucci Mane: Chicken Talk DJ Chuck T - Down South Slangin Vol 49.99 DJ Coolbreeze - Clash Of The Titans DJ Drama - Ludacris:The Preview DJ Folk - The Shield Gang: All Eyes On Us DJ Raj Smoove - Lil Weezy Ana Vol. 1 DJ Rell & Gucci Mane - Wilt Chamberlain-The Mixtape DJ Scream & MLK - Big Kuntry King:Cocaine Kuntry DJ Smallz - Yo Gotti:Cocaine Muzik DJ Teknikz - No Bitch Ass Ness Evil Empire - Interstate Trafficking Part 6

IMPACT DJ OF THE YEAR Bigga Rankin DJ Aaries DJ Chuck T DJ Demp DJ Drama DJ Freddy Hydro DJ Khaled DJ Lil Larry DJ Montay DJ Q-45 DJ Scream DJ Smallz DJ Teknikz DJ Troy 2 Da Vent Tony Neal

DJ CREW / FAMILY OF THE YEAR Aphilliates Bum Squad DJs Cool Runnings DJs Core DJ’s Worldwide Def DJs Down South DJs Fleet DJ’s Future Star DJ’s Go DJ’s Hittmenn DJ’s Hood Hard DJ’s Hustle Squad DJ’s Legion Of Doom Shadyville DJ’s Slip n Slide DJ’s


BEST ART/GRAPHICS ON A MIXTAPE DJ 2Mello & - Summer Breeze DJ 5150 & The Empire - Goon Music DJ Bobby Back - Crack Addiction (Andre 3000 & Jeezy) DJ Cannon Banyon & DJ Dyce - Three 6 Mafia Special Ed. DJ Cashis Kay - Blends For That Ass 5 DJ Chief Rocka - Throwin Bows 5 DJ Coolbreeze - Lil Wayne As Hancock (Super Hero Ed.) DJ Dollar Bill - Unstoppable (Diamond & Princess) DJ Hella Yella - Lavish R&B 4 DJ Herc - Spring Break Ya Deck DJ Obscene & Lil C - Big Money Heavy Weights DJ Rah2K & DJ Racks - Plies & Trina “F**k Friends” DJ Scream - Soulja Boy:The Teen Of The South DJ Smallz - Smokin R&B 13 (Gucci Edition) Evil Empire - Interstate Trafficking Vol. 6


16/3/2009 17:13:02

MIX-TAPE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR Deshawn White DJ A-Smooth DJ C-Dub DJ Crisis DJ Decko DJ Karizma DJ Merk DJ Murk DJ Prime Def DJ Ron (Nashville) DJ Southern Belle DJ Spinatik DJ StuPac Mz Unique (Tulsa,OK) S. Dott

MIX-TAPE ARTIST (MALE) OF THE YEAR 2 Deep Allstar Donnie Cross Gorilla Zoe Gucci Mane J. Jizzle Jokaman Mr. Mack Mr. Wiredup OJ Da Juice Ozy Reigns Playa Fly Shawty Lo SoundChild Crew Yo Gotti

BEST HOST ON A MIXTAPE B.O.B. Bigga Rankin Block (Block Ent) Da Ryno DJ Aaries DJ Ames DJ Bobby Black DJ Chuck T DJ Dee Bee (Big 6 Ent) DJ Drama DJ Scream DJ Shekeese The Beast DJ Southern Belle DJ Whitey Hezeleo

BEST MIX-TAPE (DUO/TEAM) Dirty Dix DJ’s DJ 2Mello & DJ Cashis Kay DJ Bobby Black & DJ Mars DJ Bull & DJ Luis DJ Cannon Banyon & DJ B-Lord DJ Chuck T & DJ Set It Off DJ Demp & Exclusive J DJ Hella Yella & Street Pharmacy DJ Scream & DJ Cuttz DJ Sureshot & Soundchild Crew DJ Whut It Dew & DJ Scrill Juice & Yellaboy P Dog & James M Southern Style DJ’s Tapemasters Inc.

MIX-TAPE ARTIST (FEMALE) OF THE YEAR Black Frost Da Ladie Gangsta Boo Khia La Chat Lady Legacy Lil Buna Ms. Re Da Boss Baby Ms.Honeysiccle Nicki Minaj Nicky 2 States Nina Ross Rasheeda Riskay Da Drama Queen TroubleSum

BEST SKILLS ON A MIXTAPE DJ B-Nasty DJ Burn One DJ Chief Rocka DJ Decko DJ Dollar Bill DJ Frogie DJ Grind DJ Hotsauce DJ Houston DJ Ike G DA DJ Jelly DJ Mixx-Tenn DJ Panic DJ Rapid Ric DJ Trick


BEST FREESTYLE (ON A MIXTAPE) 2 Deep Black Frost Bohagon DG Yola Dirty Mike Dizzy aka Raw D.I. FINE$$ Hezeleo Mesha Mz.Trinity Nino Blac Ricky Prince Soundchild Crew Sparkdawg Yung Texxus

BEST INTRO ON A MIXTAPE DJ Cuttz DJ Joe Pro DJ Karizma DJ King Pin DJ Panic DJ Pillzbury DJ Princess Cut DJ Rapid Ric DJ Rob Storm DJ Slikk DJ Southern Belle DJ Splash DJ Wheezy DJ Whitey DJ Whut It Dew

DJ Black - Lean & Kush DJ Blazinhell - Wrek’d & Slurped Vol.2 DJ B-Nasty - Screwed Tales 12 DJ Bull, Dj Luis & Chalie Boy - Late Night Creep #31 DJ Digga - New Orleans Nightmare 9 DJ Herc - Spring Break Ya Deck DJ J Jizzle - Between The Sheets Vol. 1 DJ Princess Cut - Sip-A-Lot Classics DJ Rapid Ric - Whut It Dew Radio:Cash On Deck Ed. DJ Whut It Dew - Sippin On Screw Juice Michael Watts - Benjamin’s & Grant’s 2K8 Michael Watts & Swishahouse- Still Smokin’ OG Ron C - F-Action 50 Pollie Pop Tha DJ Presents: Wet N Da Mood 10 Screw Sessions - Old School R&B

SEA - 37

SEA 1.indd 37

16/3/2009 17:13:05

BEST BLEND MIXTAPE DJ 2 Mello & DJ Cashis Kay - Power Play RNB Part 4 DJ Blazita – Sex & The City DJ Bnasty – King Of Blends 14 DJ Cashis Kay – Blends For That Ass 5 DJ Chief Rocka – Afterparty 3: Get Naked Edition DJ Chuck T & DJ Set It Off – Down South Slangin Blends Vol 3 DJ Frogie – Who Run It Vol. 11 DJ Jelly – Crunk And Sexy DJ Joe Pro – Vol. 80: On My Grustle DJ Joe Pro – Vol. 81: Unfukwitable Part 6 DJ Lil Bee – The Best Blend Award Goes…Vol 2 DJ Rapid Ric & DJ LL – Me & My Drank DJ RPM – The Texas Takeover: Dallas Edition DJ Skillz – Party Like A Rickstar Part 2 Mista Rello – Hard Body Blends Vol 8


DJ 4Sho - Southern Slaughter Series DJ 5150 - N.O. To The B.R. Series DJ Bobby Black - Crack Addiction Series DJ Chief Rocka - Rocka Radio DJ Chuck T - Down South Slangin DJ Daaone - Dozen Roses Edition DJ Drama - Gangsta Grillz DJ Grind - Grind Now, F*** Later Series DJ Howard Q - Industry Mixtape Series DJ Purfiya - Welcome To Flawda Series DJ Ron Don - Volcal / Singing Series DJ Sure Shot - Target Practice Series DJ Smallz - Best Thing Smoking Series Southwest Connection - Mix-Tape Series Will Hustle & DJ Knowledge - Whatahustler Series


Bali - The Come Up Vol. One DJ 31 Degreez - Texas Massacre Part 13 DJ 5150 - Gucci Mane & Yo Gotti: Gucci & Gotti DJ Barry Bee - Dirty Business 12 DJ Blazinhell - Southern Slice Of Hospitality DJ B-Nasty - King Of Blends 13 DJ Bobby Black - Down & Dirty 31 DJ Demp & Exclusive J - Cash Flow DJ Drama - BG: Hood Generals DJ Joe Pro - Unfukwitable Part 6 DJ Rapid Ric & DJ LL - Me And My Drank DJ Scream / MLK / DJ Spinz - Hoodrich Radio Part 11 DJ Teknikz - Must Be 2 Sides Hevehitta - Southern Royalty Part 2 (UGK & Scarface) Will Hustle & DJ Knowledge - Whatahustler Vol 4



Chinese Assassin - Those Were The F**king Dayz Dexterity - Deadly Silence (Hip-Hop Reggae#11) Dexterity - Strictly Vocals 3 DJ Jamsha - Reggaeton Most Requested DJ Jelly & Mc Assault - Rude Boy 4 DJ Kingdom - Wet & Warm Vol 1 DJ Kool Kid - Wicked Reggae Mix Vol 4 DJ L - Gully Sin Tim Part 7 DJ Ron Don - Dancehall Reggae #49 DJ Ron Don - Reggae Instrumentals Vol 12 DJ Scope - Reggae Picks 15 DJ Sin-cero - Reggaeton Rotation Vol 4 DJ Unexpexted - Every Shade Has A Story: Jamaica Selecta Renegade -Renegade Sound - Kings Of Miami 2 Suge White - Original Shottas 2

DJ Barry Bee - Gentlemens Club DJ B-Nasty - 90’s Flash DJ Cannon Banyon - Back In Da Day Booty Shakin DJ Chuck T - Slangin Countdown Vol 10 DJ Cuttz - Under The Influence 4 (5 Star Edition) DJ EFX - Got Hits Vol 3 DJ Finesse & Sounds Of Pleasure - Take It Back...Old School Part 4 Streetpharmacy & DJ Hella Yella - iDance DJ Houston - Dam I’m Sexy DJ Jelly & Mc Assault - Crank Da Party DJ Mic Tee - Class Is In Session: 90’s Hip Hop Part 1 DJ Pillzbury - Grandmaster Pillz 90’s Radio DJ Skillz - Party Like A Rockstar (Blendz) DJ Slikk - At The Crib 14 DJ Yahtz - Burn Volume 1


BEST EXCLUSIVES ON A MIXTAPE 24hr. Grind DJ 2-Mello DJ 31 Degreez DJ B-Lord DJ Bobby Black DJ Chuck T DJ Drama DJ Finesse DJ Purfiya DJ Rapid Ric DJ Scream DJ Smallz DJ Teknikz Dutty Laundry Trapaholics

DJ 2Mello - Who’s The King Again 6 DJ Barry Bee - Sex And Tha City DJ Cannon Banyon - Shootin The Breeze Vol 6 DJ Chuck T - Sexxxplicit 38 DJ Dyce - Dirty R& B Vol 1 DJ Finesse & Sounds Of Pleasure - Platinum Old School Jams (Part 4) DJ Hella Yella - Lavish R&B 4 DJ Jelly & MC Assault - Freaky Tales DJ King Nade - Infatuation Part 4 DJ Pillzbury - GS5000 Grown & Sexy R&B DJ Scope - RNB Overdrive 27 DJ Smallz - Smokin’ R&B Vol. 14 DJ Teknikz - Executive R&B (Part 10) Mark Xclusive - Xclusive R&B Part 24 Smooth Denali - R&B Classics Vol 15 (80’s Baby Part 1)



DJ Bull, Dj Luis & Chalie Boy - Late Night Creep 31 Dexterity - Cum Shots #3 DJ 2Mello & - Summer Breeze Slow Jams DJ Biz - Pillow Talk 8 DJ Blazita - Sex & The City Part 1 DJ Cannon Banyon - Shootin The Breeze (Bumpin R&B) DJ Finesse & Sounds Of Pleasure - Always & Forever DJ Finesse & Sounds Of Pleasure - Platinum Slow Jams Vol 34 DJ Jelly & MC Assault - Take It To Bedroom 2008 DJ Joe Pro - Volume 79 (Southern R&B Part 3) DJ Smallz - Smokin R&B DJ Storm - Best Of Mary J Blige Michael 5000 Watts - Straight To The Room #9 OG Ron C - F Action 50 Smooth Denali - Good Bye Love: Classic Slow Jams 6

24hr Grind - On The Grind:Smoke One 4 Your Brother (Devin The Dude) DJ 2Mello - Soul Brothers DJ 31 Degreez - Louisana Boyz (Lil Wayne,Lil Boosie,BG) DJ 5150 - Gucci N Gotti (Gucci Mane & Yo Gotti) DJ Aaries - Precise Music: Album For The Streets (Dat Boy Tragic) DJ Burn One & Jackie Chain - Who Am I DJ Cannon Banyon - Plies Vs Boosie DJ Certified Kingpen - Confessions Of A Choppa City Legend (Soulja Slim) DJ Dollar Bill - Ball Till I Fall (Best Of Lil Wayne) DJ Scream - I Am Atlanta (Gorilla Zoe) DJ Spinatik - Greatest Mixtape Ever Sold (David Banner) Jaywerks - Princess (of Crime Mob) - Class in Session Kingpin Skinny Pimp - Street Mix Volume 1 Mr. Sche & Nasty Nardo - We From Memphis Trapaholics - Andre 3000 (Alter Ego The Mixtape)

38 - SEA

SEA 1.indd 38

16/3/2009 17:13:08

RADIO STATION OF THE YEAR 92.7 WKRA (Holly Springs, MS) 92.9 WBLX (Mobile, AL) 94.1 WQBT (Savannah, GA) 95.7 WBHJ (Birmingham, AL) 97.1 WHRK (Memphis, TN) 97.7 WRJH (Jackson, MS) 97.9 KBXX (Houston, TX) 100.1 WXBT (Columbia, SC) 101.1 WUBT (Nashville, TN) 103.5 KVSP (Oklahoma City, OK) 103.9 WHXT (Columbia, SC) 105.3 KJMM (Tulsa, OK) 106.7 KPWT (San Antonio, TX) 107.1 KXHT (Memphis, TN) 107.9 WHTA (Atlanta, GA)

DJ Dap (WWLD 102.3-Tallahassee, FL) DJ Ekin (WBTP 95.7-Tampa, FL) DJ Frosty (WXBT 100.1-Columbia, SC) DJ Greg Street (WVEE 103-Atlanta, GA) Dreesey Baby (WWLD 102.3-Tallahassee, FL) H-Dub (WHXT 103.9-Columbia, SC) Jus Borne (KXHT 107.1-Memphis, TN) Kwasi Kwa (WRJH 97.7 Jackson, MS) Mark Gunn (WGZB 96.5-Louisville, KY) Mike Evans (WHRK 97.1-Memphis) Nephew Tommy (Steve Harvey Show - syndicated) Rickey Smiley (syndicated) Ryan Cameron (WVEE 103-Atlanta, GA) Tino Cochino (KPWT 106.7-San Antonio, TX) Waleed Cayote (WJMH 102-Greensboro, NC)


#1 FEMALE PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR Big Sue (WHRK 97.1-Memphis, TN) Brandi Garcia KBXX (97.9-Houston, TX) Chi Chi (KPWT 106.7-San Antonio, TX) Coka Lani (WMIB 103.5-Miami, FL) Egypt (WQBT 94.1-Savannah, GA) L Boogie (WWLD 102.3-Tallahassee, FL) Lady K (KXBT 104.9-Austin, TX) Maria More (WHTA 107.9 Atlanta, GA) Mizz. Shyneka (WHTA 107.9-Atlanta, GA) Neek (WHXT 103.9-Columbia, SC) Pamela Aniese (WUBT-Nashville, TN) Powda ( Ramona (WVEE 103-Atlanta, GA) TK (KXHT 107.1-Memphis, TN) Venom (WXBT 100.1-Columbia, SC)



Al Weedon/AL MY-T (WBLX-Mobile, AL) Brian Douglas (WJMH-Greensboro, NC) Chuck Jones ( Denise Brooks (WZLD-Hattiesburg, MS) Devin Steel (WHRK-Memphis, TN) Eric Sean (KPWT-San Antonio, TX) J Blaze (WWLD-Tallahassee, FL) Jay Alexander (WBTF-Lexington, KY) Kenny Smoov (WQQK-Nashville, TN) Kwasi Kwa (WRBJ-Jackson, MS) Mary K (WBHJ-Birmingham, AL) Mike Tech (WZFX-Fayetteville, NC) Mo Better (KXHT-Memphis, TN) Pamela Aniese (WUBT-Nashville, TN) Reggie Rouse (WVEE-Atlanta, GA)


Charlamagne The God (WHXT 103.9 Columbia, SC)

DJ Hollywood ( DJ Mic Tee (WHRK 97.1-Memphis, TN) DJ Rob Storm (KXHT 107.1-Memphis, TN) Jus Borne (KXHT 107.1-Memphis, TN) Kylan (WHRK 97.1-Memphis, TN) Lee Money ( ML6 (WEUP 103.1-Huntsville, AL) Mz Linda (WRFG 89.3-Atlanta, GA) Nu York (WBHJ 95.7-Birmingham, AL) Princess Ivori (WQQK 92.1-Nashville, TN) Rashan Ali (WHTA 107.9-Atlanta, GA) Spanish Fly (KXHT 107.1-Memphis, TN) Valencia (KBBT 98.5-San Antonio, TX)


Charlamagne Tha God (WHXT 103.9-Columbia, SC)

Devin Steel (WHRK 97.1-Memphis, TN) DJ Daddy King (WBTF 107.9-Lexington, KY) DJ Raw (WQBT 94.1-Savannah, GA) DJ Storm (WWLD 102.3-Tallahassee, FL) H-Dub (WHXT 103.9-Columbia, SC) Lil Bankhead (WVEE 103-Atlanta, GA) Mixx Maestro (WJZD 94.5-Gulfport, MS) Neek (WHXT 103.9-Columbia, SC) Prescott (WHRK 97.1-Memphis, TN) Prop Joe ( Scott Wright (KVSP 103.5-OK) Venom (WXBT 100.1-Columbia, SC) Young Gee (WJMH 102-Greensboro, NC) IMPACT PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR

AG (WUBT 101.1-Nashville, TN) Big Sue (WHRK 97.1-Memphis, TN) Big Tigger (syndicated) Boogaloo (KXHT 107.1-Memphis, TN) Brandi Garcia (KBXX 97.9-Houston, TX) Charlamagne Tha God (WHXT 103.9 Columbia, SC) DJ Chill (KPFT 90.1-Houston, TX) DJ Ekin (WBTP 95.7-Tampa, FL) DJ Hollywood ( Egypt (WQBT 94.1-Savannah, GA) Kiki J (KKDA 104-Dallas, TX) Maria More (WHTA107.9 Atlanta, GA) Ebony & D’Lyte aka On Air Divas (KKDA 104-Dallas, TX) Porsche Foxx (WVEE 103 Atlanta, GA) Superman (KXHT 107.1-Memphis, TN)


Baka Boyz (syndicated) Big Boy’s Neighborhood (KPWT 106.7-San Antonio, TX) Damage Control Radio (KPFT 90.1 Houston, TX) Devin Steel Afternoon Show (WHRK 97.1-Memphis, TN) Durtty Boyz (WHTA 107.9-Atlanta, GA) Get Crunk Show ( Mike Evans In The Morning (WHRK 97.1-Memphis, TN) Ridin Durty Show (WRFG 89.3-Atlanta, GA) Show & Tell w/ The Phenomenal Gifts (

Steve Harvey Morning Show (syndicated) Stripper Radio (DJ Funky & DJ X-Rated-XM 66 RAW) The Buck Wilde Morning Show (WBHJ 95.7-Birmingham, AL) Thunderstorm w/ Dolowite & Scooby (WUBT 101.1-Nashville, TN)

Wendy Williams Experience (syndicated)

SEA - 39

SEA 1.indd 39

16/3/2009 17:13:11

RADIO DJ (MIXER) OF THE YEAR DJ B Lord Dj Brratt DJ Daddy King DJ Eddie Brasco DJ Ezone DJ Finesse DJ Frosty DJ Funky DJ Fuyal DJ Jonasty Dj Spinatik DJ X-Rated Dolowite Mix Squad Triple A

AFTERHOURS CLUB OF THE YEAR 1919 (Dallas, TX) Body Tap (Atlanta, GA) Boss Night Club (Memphis, TN) Cave Nightclub (Atlanta., GA) Club Dubbs (Lexington, KY) Club Unity (West Memphis / ARK) Da Bomb (Atlanta, GA) Delta Grand (Opelousas, LA) Ebony Club (Huntsville, AL) Faded (Nashville, TN) Harlem Knights (Houston, TX) Hush (Columbia, SC) Iniquity (Dallas, TX) Juice Bar (Nashville, TN) K.O.H.A. (Orlando, FL)

INDIE ALBUM OF THE YEAR ABN - It Is What It Is Allstar - Starlito’s Way II Anthony David - Acey Duecy Baby D - A-Town Secret Weapon Big Unk - Tolerated But Hated Bohagon - Crunk In HD C-Loc - Anybody Can Get It Darnell Levine - Journal Entries EP Devin The Dude - Smoke Sessions Vol. 1 La Chat - Da Hood Homegirl Paisley Hill - The Mixtape Experience Paper - Paper View Pistol - Fed Material Webbie – Savage Life 2 Young Bleed - Once Upon A Time In Amedica

NIGHTCLUB/VENUE OF THE YEAR Club Crucial (Atlanta, GA) Club Fuze (Austin, TX) Club Mirage (Tampa, FL) Compound (Atlanta, GA) Freelon’s Bar & Groove (Jackson, MS) Level (Houston, TX) Ora Ultra Lounge (Miami Beach, FL) Parkwest (Miami, FL) Platinum Night Club (Birmingham, AL) Plush 3000 (Memphis, TN) Silver Spoon (Memphis, TN) Studio 72 (Atlanta, GA) Tha Platinum Nite Club (Okolona, MS) The Place (Nashville, TN)

CLUB DJ OF THE YEAR DJ 2 Freaky DJ Beni Boom DJ B-Lord DJ Chill (LA) DJ C-Lo DJ Crisis DJ Finesse DJ Fuyal DJ Houston DJ IKE G DA DJ Joe Pro DJ Ksmoove DJ Unpredictable DJ Xmas DJ X-Rated

BEST INDIE RAP ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2 Deep - Against All Odds 8 Ball & Devius - The Vet & The Rookie ABN - It Is What It Is Allstar - Starlito’s Way II Baby D - A-Town Secret Weapon Bohagon - Crunk In HD Boo Rossini - #1 D-Boy Devin The Dude - Smoke Sessions Vol. 1 Kamikaze - Draft Day 2 La Chat - Da Hood Homegirl Mr. Sche & Nasty Nardo - We From Memphis Paper - Paper View Pistol - Fed Material T-Rock & Mr. Sche - Vendetta Young Bleed - Once Upon A Time In Amedica

ADULT CLUB OF THE YEAR Body Tap (Atlanta, GA) Club Illusions (Fayetteville, NC) Club Laroice (Columbia, SC) Club Nikkis (Charlotte, NC) Dallas Gentlemen’s Club (Dallas, TX) Ebony Club (Triana, AL) Harlem Knights (Houston, TX) Magic City (Atlanta, GA) New York New York (Memphis, TN) Onyx (Houston, TX) Pink Monkey (Houston, TX) Platinum Rose (Memphis, TN) Platnium 21 (Atlanta, GA) Pure Passion (Memphis, TN) Strokers (Atlanta, GA)

CLUB PROMOTER OF THE YEAR 207 Entertainment - TN 250 Inc Promotions AG Entertainment CJ (CJ Entertainment) CSR Promotions - FL DJ Joe Pro Eminent Modeling & Promotions – TX Hot Girlz Promotions - GA Hustle Fam Marketing - TX Steve & Lisa Rogers – TX Shunn Gunn - TN Steletto Squad - NC Twinz-N-Control Entertainment - TN Urban Professionals - TN Urbaneyes Music & Marketing Agency - FL

BEST INDIE R&B ALBUM OF THE YEAR Amore’ Rayne - Journey Anthony David - Acey Duecy Billy Cook - Kiss Tha Cook Cleer - So Good EP Conya Doss - Still D.L. Wilson - Lost Chronicles Of D.L. Wilson Darnell Levine - Journal Entries EP Jaipee - I Ain’t Got No Time Justice - Your Reflection Paisley Hill - The Mixtape Experience Roi Anthony - True Soul Skai - The Skai Is The Limit Southern Keys: Keys To The City Sy Smith - Conflict Zain - From The Streets To The Booth

Plush Entertainment Complex (Jacksonville, FL)

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16/3/2009 17:13:14

INDIE ARTIST OF THE YEAR Allstar B.O.B. Big Meech Da Don Calico Jones GMB Jackie Chain Jody Breeze Kaneri Diamond Kingpin Skinny Pimp Playa Fly Ricco Barrino Sheri Hauck Sonny Rich Yo Gotti Yung Texxus

BEST INDIE R&B ARTIST OF THE YEAR Coline D.L. Wilson Jaipee JC Kena Cherelle Maria More Mario Moore aka Rio Mi-Tyme Quante’ Robin Raynelle Skai Taitan-O Tone Yates X-Plicit Zain

EPT ON ARTIST OF THE YEAR 3 Fingaz Amore’ Rayne Big Stacksss Colo Korinne Jaymall Kace Jones Lil Juan Lonestar Mario Moore aka Rio Mz. Unique Paper Ricco Barrino Smoke (TX) Young Calico Zero Armada

INDIE GROUP OF THE YEAR 334 M.O.B.B. Albino Gorillaz (JabbaJaw) Common Folk Get Money Movement Green City Kinfolk Thugs Nappy Roots P.N.G. (Partnaz N Grind) Peach Candy Soundchild Crew Stockholdaz Streetz & Young Deuces TMI Boyz Vistoso Bosses X-Plicit

INDIE PRODUCER OF THE YEAR Bangladesh Beat Mechanix Beatz By The Blizz Broadway DJ Montay Drumma Boy Fate Eastwood Manbeast Productions Marvelous J Mgeezy & Da Beat Squad Midimarc Montana Traxx Mouse Noki Swazay Zaytoven

IMPACT ARTIST OF THE YEAR Baby D Billy Cook Bohagon Ms. Flawless Jackie Chain Jacob Latimore Jr Kamikaze Lonestar OJ Da Juiceman Quanie Cash RIP “Cashville’s Ace” Riskay The Drama Queen Trai’d Yo Gotti Zedzilla


PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR B.O.B. Billy Cook Fuzion Dance Troupe JohnsonBoy1 Krystel Lil Tre Mesha Miss India Ms. Honeysiccle Mz. Trinity Playa Fly Ricky Prince Shelly B Treal Yo Gotti

BEST INDIE RAP ARTIST OF THE YEAR Big K.R.I.T. Emeka King David King James Lil Ru Ms.Re Da Boss Baby Novakane OJ Da Juiceman Paper Sonny Rich Stix Izza Trai’D Webbie Yung Texxus Zedzilla

B.O.B. - Haterz Everywhere (By DG Ribah) Big Kuntry - The Baddest (By Shawty Redd) Bun B - You’re Everything (By Mr. Lee) Jackie Chain - Rollin (By Block Beaters) Lil Wayne - A Milli (By Bangladesh) Plies - Who Hotter Than Me (By Midnight Black) Pop It Off Boyz - Crank Dat Batman (By Lil Action) Rick Ross - Maybach Music (By J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) Rocko - Umma Do Me (By Drumma Boy) Rock-O Da Don - Dis Morning (By Marvelous J) Shawty Lo - Foolish (By DJ Montay) Trai’d - Gutta Chick (By Dough Boy,T-Magic & Joe Blow Da CEO) Yo Gotti - Let’s Vibe (By Seneca Zaphanef & Marlon “Reign” Smith)

Young Jeezy - Put On (By Drumma Boy) Yung La - Ain’t I (Remix) (By Ben Frank)


SEA - 41

SEA 1.indd 41

16/3/2009 17:13:17

SONG OF THE YEAR Baby D - I’m Bout Money Boo Rossini - That Come Back

Collard Greens - I’m Clean Jackie Chain - Rollin Lil Ru - Nasty Song Playa Fly - Moolah Plies - Who’s Hotter… Rocko - Umma Do Me Shawty Lo - Foolish Soundchild Crew - Crank My Music Stockholdaz - Don’t Know How 2 Act Trai’D - Gutta Chick Yo Gotti feat Pleasure P - Let’s Vibe Yung Texxus feat Yung Joc - Buss It Open

INDIE RECORD LABEL OF THE YEAR 3rd Degree Entertainment 8 Ways Entertainment Alkatraz Productions Big 6 Entertainment Chopper City Records Collipark Music Double Crossa Records Fedtyme Records Gimisum Productions Monopoly Records N.V.US Entertainment OneLife Productions Poe Boy Entertainment Slip-N-Slide Records Stockholdaz Entertainment

INDUSTRY SERVICE OF THE YEAR 1-Stop Graphics & Distribution, L.L.C. Enchanted PR GME Agency / Entertainment KE Consulting & Marketing Solutions M.I.N.D. Management Nancy Byron (OG PR) Nitram Knarf One Love Group Plush Blue Entertainment Publicity Stunt, LLC S.E.V.E.N. Promotions Soundload Music Cards Southern Beauties Models Status J TJs DJs

RECORD PROMOTER OF THE YEAR Bigga Rankin C Wakeley Cory Sparks CSR Promotions DJ Merk Greg Street Interstate Promotions Lindsey (Onelife Productions) Mercedes Streets Miami Mike Nick Love One Love Group Platinum Visions Popachris & Ringo Promotions T.J. Chapman

INDUSTRY EXECUTIVE OF THE YEAR Billy “Big 6” Hughes C. Wakeley Charlie Braxton Greg Gates Greg Street Kim Tumey “The Celebrity Broker” Leita Wesley Mercedes Streets Mike Clarke Sam Crespo T.J. Chapman Ted “Touche” Lucas Tesha (Melted Management Inc) Tony Neal Wendy Porter Benson (Assistant To The Stars)

INDUSTRY POWER PLAYER (MALE) Bigg V “The Doughman” Billy “Big 6” Hughes Derek “The Bigg DM” Durand DJ Aaries DJ Freddy Hydro DJ Hollywood DJ Toomp Dollar Bill (D.M.G.) Feygens “ChuckieBigBux” Saint-Joy JaWar Jay Classik La Dre (Sucka Free Records) Ricardo Hunter Robert “Kaspa” Smith TJ Chapman

STREET TEAM OF THE YEAR 207 Entertainment 31 Flavurs AJ Promotions Basshead Street Team CSR Promotions Enfamous Entertainment Hunter Promotions Kingpin Productionz OneLife Productions Plush Blue Entertainment Pyro Management/Marketing S.I.T. Marketing Steletto Squad Strictly Streets Marketing Venom’s Vixens

INDUSTRY EVENT OF THE YEAR Atlantis Music Conference & Festival Core DJ’s Retreat Crunkfest Gainesville Music Summit Hood Hard Day Hustle Squad Dj Retreat Midwest Urban Music & DJ Conference

INDUSTRY POWER PLAYER (FEMALE) 1st Lady EL Christal Jordan-Mims DeAnna Jo ( Dee Dee Cocheta GoDilox Jennifer “Ms. River City” McKinnon Julia Beverly Kim Ellis Linda Robbins (1st Lady Promotions) Mercedes Streets Mocca “Underground Queen” Rovella “Themverses” Williams Shera Bass (The Niche Carolina Magazine) Sweetness (Sweetness Enterprises)

Charlamagne Tha God - Hood Hard Reloaded

Ozone Awards & TJs DJs Tastemakers DJ/Music Conference

PR 101 (Divadend Ent.) Rap it Up Tour SMES Music Summit South Carolina Music Awards T.H.U.G. Awards Tampa Music Conference Texas Summer Music Conference

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16/3/2009 17:13:20

GRAPHIC DESIGNER OF THE YEAR Artigraphs Digicreativ Dlux Designs Durdy Work Multimedia Graphics Fiestalab Graphics Kingz Designs Miami Kaos Moody Graphics N’tense Designz Rich Boy GFX Tansta Team MOB Gfxs Toxic Graphics Upscale Graphix & Printing Viper GFX


URBAN MAGAZINE OF THE YEAR Center Stage Magazine Concrete Magazine Down Magazine Got It Magazine Hood Magazine Hush Adult Magazine Hustler’s Report Magazine King Magazine New Power Magazine The Niche Carolina Magazine Omigawd Magazine Ozone Magazine Real Talk Magazine Show Magazine XXL Magazine

INDIE DVD/FILM OF THE YEAR All Access - Sugababz Edition Cocaine City DVD - Volume 11


IMPACT MAGAZINE OF THE YEAR Black Men’s Block 2 Block Magazine Concrete Magazine (Memphis) Culture Shock Magazine Don Diva Magazine Down Magazine F.E.D.S. Magazine Got It Magazine Hip Hop Weekly Hot Block Magazine Ozone Magazine Play Magazine StreetWize Magazine Urban Curves XXL Magazine

INTERNET HUSTLER OF THE YEAR Cherese (Pro Diva Elite) DJ Chuck T DJ Vlad Empress Journee Kevin Hill Kingpin Productions Lady Nicole / Queen Kong Lindsey Cope - Net Promotions/Onelife Mocca “Underground Queen” Morton Sisters Oz (GH Entertainment) Pat McGurn (Street Wize Mag.) Upstart Entertainment & Record Pool Wandering Star Management


Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustlin With The Godmother

Dipsexxx Tryouts - Pro’s Versus Amateurs Gucci Mane - Trap-A-Holic (No Pad No Pencil)

Hood 2 Hood Part 2: The Blockumentary Hood Survivor TV Vol 2 Hoodz - All Star D-Boyz Kingpins - The Freddie Myers Story M.I. Yayo (The Movie) Raw Report - Bun B For Life (Special Ed.) Street Bangazz Sub O - Strip Club Edition The City Is Mine (Patrick Pierre Film) Welcome To D.F.W. (Dallas / Fort Worth) MIX DVD OF THE YEAR Bedroom Burner Videos Volume 1 DJ B-Nasty - Blend TV 9 DJ EFX - Got Videos? #6 DJ Jelly - R&B Crunk 4 DJ Jelly & DJ Hotsauce - Quick Flip #2 DJ Joe Pro - Still Crunk:Extra Crunk

DJ Juice & DJ Seductive - Video Blends Vol 69

DJ Rah2K & DJ Ruben R - Young Jeezy Liquid Crack Videos 5

DJ Souljah - A Million Air: R&B Spring 2000 Ed.

DJ Souljah - Primecuts Well Done DVD Vol 4 Mix Source Videos - Out Of State Vol. 21 Rooftop Radio Vol. 3 Rooftop Radio Vol. 4 Screwed Video Mix 13 Screwed Video Mix 14

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16/3/2009 17:13:22

DVD MAGAZINE OF THE YEAR All Access As Is Cheddar Da Buz Game 101 Hood Affairs TV Hoodz Hush Adult Nitram Knarf Raw Report Smack South Streets Street-Cred Streets Talk Underground Kings

MODEL OF THE YEAR Ashlee Ford Candi Scott Collins Twins Gizelle The Stallion Glenn Twins Kami 2 Hot Ky Styllionz Morgan Jolly Morton Sisters Ms. Juicci / Shan B Nesha Lashay Pebbelz Da Model Sexy Vanna Black Vanessa Phan

NEXT TOP MODEL OF THE YEAR Alondus Angela Iris Ashley Collette Ashley Monae Black Anjels Chivon Chandler Jacqueen Arrington Kiara B Kisheology Mesha Model Ms Asia Ms Shica Dixon Nesha Lashay Shawna Michelle Tamioko (Phat Apples Brand)


Cleve Harrison Photography Deshun Smith Photography Julia Beverly Keisha Williams (J’Adore Magazine) M. Rubin Photography Monica Holder Photography Mr. Boguard Photography Ms Rivercity Teddy (Wright Touch Photography) Terrence Tyson Tier Drop Media Tiffany Chiles Tim Lewis (Tru Flair Photography) Vroom! Photography Young Holla

IMPACT MODEL OF THE YEAR Briana Loyd Brianna Amor Collins Twins Cristal “Serious” Gizelle The Stallion Glenn Twins Ky Styllionz Malayasia Carter Morgan Jolly Morton Sisters Ms Asia Ms Shica Dixon Shawna Michelle Vanessa Phan Venom’s Vixens

MODEL AGENCY OF THE YEAR 504 DYMES Block Dymez / Carolina Honeys Core Models Dark Secrets Modeling Dimension Models Diva Day International Fyne Dymez Models Honeysiccle Models Loose Conduct Modeling Pro Divas Elite Models Real Muzak Vixens, LLC. South Models LLC Venom’s Vixens

RECORD STORE OF THE YEAR Backstage Music Be-Bop Records Big Oomp Records DBS Sounds Disc Exchange DJ’s Music James Records & Tapes Jumpstreet Records Manifest Disks Music Depot Music N More Pirahna Records Sounds Familiar Underground Sounds

SLEPT ON MODEL OF THE YEAR Cherese Chivon Chandler Destiny Raine Heaven Ivy Cohen Jacqueen Arrington Jessica Rochelle Jocelyn “Myss J” Watts Lakisha Patterson LaShonda Denise Lenzi Lee Nadia Marie Soncerae “The Ultra Model” Sparkle Seay Tango Rae

CLOTHING LINE OF THE YEAR ALGIERZ GEAR B.A.R.K. Ltd. Clothing Becky The Great Exclusives Cash Capital Clothing Edwin Mackey LLC Gino Green Global Gullee Originals Holla Fashions J.HAR American Royalty Kashi Kicks M8KNGEEZ Clothing Co. Pero Fashion Stockholdaz Apparel Swag Apparel Y.U.M.S. shoes

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16/3/2009 17:13:25

CLOTHING STORE OF THE YEAR 904 Fashions Algierz Gear Cash Capital Clothing City Gear Dress Code End Zone Fashion Freestyle Clothes Hang Time Fashion Man Alive O City Source Phat Kaps Skyline Stax Tasty Tayst Fashion LLC

COMMUNITY ACTIVIST OF THE YEAR Brotha’s Keepa Compound Foundation H.I.P.H.O.P * E.T.H.E.R. Foundation (Community Outreach)

Heal The Hood Inc. Inspire University

It’s Cool To Be Smart / Music Mentor Program For Teen Girls

Little Kids Rock M.A.P Coalition Music For A Cause (MFAC)

North Dallas Shared Ministries (

Power Of Visions Product (RED)

Sistas Makin Money / Black Business Owners Network

Tears For Hope Foundation Youth Against Poverty

ROLE MODEL OF THE YEAR Audra Green (Music For A Cause) Babiboi (HMF Community Outreach Center) Big Gates & Plies (Power Of Visions) Connie Donell David Banner (Heal The Hood Inc.) Dwann Holmes Olsen Grand Prix Kamikaze (M.A.P Coalition) Michael Baisden Michael Eric Dyson Michael R. Williams (Humble Hearts Foundation)

Ne-Yo (The Compound Foundation) Trick Daddy (Trick Luvs Da Kids Foundation) Victoria Smith (Tears For Hope Foundation) William Sizwe Herring / Earth Matters Network

SEA - 45

SEA 1.indd 45

16/3/2009 17:13:30

By Krystal Hardy

It’s time to retire the Timbs and step your sneaker game up for the Spring/Summer 09’ seasons. Fresh kicks have been popping up in the hottest music videos and campaign advertisements and it’s all about being overdone! High tops, low tops and a wide spectrum of colors, Yums Shoes, with its signature twisted smiley face, is the latest brand of sneakers and apparel influenced by one of the four elements of Hip Hop, Graffiti. Created by Tex, a southern-bred rapper and graffiti artist, Yums quickly found its way to some of Hip Hop’s biggest names. Sporting sneakers, oversized t-shirts, fitted caps or other Yums brand apparel are some of our favorite artists such as Lil’ Wayne and Snoop Dogg. Sneakers and apparel are not exclusively for the fellas, just check the fly, bubble gum-pink sneakers that Mike Jones’ leading lady rocked in his video, Next To You. Certified hot chick and Atlanta recording artist Rasheeda, is also making sure the ladies stay fresh in her Yums ad campaign as she rocks the red Yums fitted hat and Yums Girly Red Tasty fitted tee. Women’s shoes come in a variety of “flavors” like Blueberry, the all-blue suede sneakers or Lemon-Lime, the green and yellow combo sneaker- all donning the smiley face keychain attachment. GS Boyz even had chicks doing the Stanky Leg and swaggin’ out in cut-up Yum tees and leggings. To further establish Yums as a household name, the brand has made a few crucial business moves in partnering with New Era, with the signature Yums face on the front and New Era logo on the side of the baseball caps. And while other celebs are rocking Yums sneakers, only one has his own signature shoes with the Block Star line. Soulja Boy Tell’Em can be seen making television appearances, on music videos, YouTube. com and more sporting Yum apparel and shoes with the graffiti bottoms. The Southern rapper even big ups Yums in “With My Yums On”, a Yums shoes and apparel anthem. He raps “fresh Yums with the hat back, get like me!”. The partnership between Collipark Music (Interscope Records) and Yums is another beautiful marriage of urban fashion and music. Soulja Boy “Block Star” Yums kicks are the first venture of many in the multi-year deal between the rapper and the designers of Yums. JP McDade, co-founder of the Yums shoe brand, describes the brand perfectly, “the shoes and clothing line allow the wearer to express his or her personality because each shoe is an individual piece of art. “ True indeed, as the colors may remind you of a David LaChappelle photograph or a train tagged in NYC with graffiti. Visit to check the hottest music, view celeb photos or even watch videos of YUM events. Visit to see what new YUMS apparel or shoes are on deck—but whatever you do, step that sneaker game up!

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16/3/2009 17:13:33

SEA 1.indd 47

16/3/2009 17:13:36

SEA 1.indd 48

16/3/2009 17:13:40


SEA MAGAZINE, special issue

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