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An Introduction Why does JCG have a Foundation?

Learning and Curriculum Development - to ensure JCG remains at the forefront of educational innovation and learning by extending students’ range of skills to meet the challenges and opportunities of living and working internationally.

The JCG Foundation, which incorporates the original JCGA Old Girls Association, has been set up as the fundraising arm of JCG to support current and past students. The Foundation also raises awareness of JCG within the local, national and international communities.

Island-wide Learning - The JCG Foundation is committed to provide innovative educational projects and events that benefit all Jersey students.

The Foundation’s 5 Key Areas of Focus

The JCG Foundation Funding Programme supports the JCG 6 year strategy commitments 2014 – 2019.

Alumni - to strengthen long-term connections with the JCG Alumni, creating a sustainable network of support and advocacy for the JCG Community and increasing the sense of belonging.

Why give a gift to JCG? JCG needs funds to provide bursaries for able and deserving students. We also need funds, not only to maintain the fabric of our historic buildings, but to upgrade the facilities of College to keep pace with technological and curricular advances. These developments are costly and cannot be provided through fees and Education Department grants alone.

Student Support - to increase funding available for scholarships and needsbased financial support for students so as to enable any student offered a place at JCG to be able to accept it, irrespective of financial background. Capital Projects - to invest in state-ofthe-art facilities which inspire and enable our students and staff to flourish and excel.


She will be thoughtful, open-minded and be able to lead.

Our vision for our Students A Student leaving JCG at the end of her studies will enjoy life to the full, value her friendships and achieve balance in her life.

She will be conscious of the advantages she has enjoyed and of the opportunities and obligations such advantages should bring.

She will have a thirst for knowledge and already possess a broad understanding of the cultural, historical, geographical and scientific events and ideas which have fashioned her island and her world, and an eagerness to discover more.

She will want to have a positive impact on her community and the world. She will have happy and lasting memories of her time at College and an admiration for those people who have nurtured and shaped her learning.

She will have a good range of hobbies and interests including the Arts and sport.

This is our aspiration and we hope yours. These ideas bring our values of ‘Aspire, Inquire, Excel and Belong’ to life.

She will be a rigorous and imaginative thinker. She will leave us with an excellent record of achievement for an academically-demanding course at university or employment which will lead to a stimulating career. She will have the ambition, motivation and staying power which will equip her to study independently and successfully at either. She will apply for internships, work experience and voluntary work in her holidays. She will have grown as an individual who is happy, well-mannered and able to find fulfilment in her service to others. 3

Your Investment for Young Minds To support each student, your support is invaluable to help us invest in activities beyond the classroom designed to extend experience and learning.

Every Penny Counts… 50 gifts of £5 a month x 5 years = £15k 50 gifts of £10 a month x 5 years = £30k 50 gifts of £25 a month x 5 years = £75k 50 gifts of £50 a month x 5 years = £150k 50 gifts of £150 a month x 5 years = £450k

Unlike many other schools, JCG does not have an endowment fund to draw from to supplement College activities and programmes. We rely on the generosity and support of like-minded people; those who share our commitment to academic excellence and wish to see College thrive in the twenty-first century. Your support makes a real difference. Every gift, no matter how small, counts. Some may ask why our projects are not financed by the States of Jersey. We have all read about the current economic position in which the island finds itself. Projects which we consider essential for our students, while supported by the Education department, cannot be a funding priority for the States. We understand that and that is why we are so fortunate to have our Alumni and our Foundation to assist us in achieving our projects for our students of today and the many generations of tomorrow.


Recognition of Gifts All great schools throughout centuries have grown and flourished through the philanthropy of individuals who care about their future. The JCG Foundation strongly believes it is important to acknowledge and thank every donor who decides to support the College. A creative public acknowledgement of gifts, in keeping with the College’s character and ethos, will be revealed during the latter stages of the Fundraising Campaign. Future naming rights will be available once the various projects are complete, such as furniture, equipment and landscaping for the new areas.

Major benefactors donating £100,000 or more may be interested in dedicated naming opportunities. For more information please contact the Foundation Office. Tax Refunds The Foundation can claim the tax back on annual gifts upwards of £50. The donor must pay Jersey income tax for this to be possible.


Capital Investment Programme 2016 - 2020 Project one: Playing Field

Project three: A new building comprising a Dining Hall, two science labs and a Porter’s Lodge

A key project for the Foundation is to raise funds for the creation of a muchneeded playing field. JCG has no green playing field space. Such a facility is not only essential, it is much overdue. A field, currently planted with potatoes, has been identified. It borders our Prep and looks out east to the St. Clement shoreline – quite a stunning setting.

The existing provision and size of our current dining hall is inadequate for our needs. We do not have provision to deliver all Science lessons in our seven laboratories. Overall numbers in Science have grown considerably and the achievements of our students has been excellent with many students going on to study science-related degrees.

Timeline for completion: 2017 Estimated cost: £150,000 Project two: Extension of Music Facilities

Changes need to be made to the North entrance of the campus to create a Porter’s Lodge to improve site security and safeguarding.

The success of our music provision has meant that we have outgrown our existing facilities. The current space restricts access for students and prevents further growth in this hugely important area of our students’ cultural education.

Timeline for completion: 2020 Estimated cost: £3m

A site has been identified on the JCG Prep campus. This is currently being used as staff accommodation. The plan is to convert this into additional practice rooms and classroom space specifically for music. Timeline for completion: September 2018 Estimated cost: £150,000 6

JCG Foundation Bursary Programme “We are thrilled to have been able to provide JCG Foundation’s first Bursary to a Year 7 student until she leaves in Year 13. It is wonderful to receive the reports about how well she is progressing with her education endeavours at JCG. We are also delighted to learn that two more Foundation Bursaries are soon to be available and would thoroughly endorse supporting a student through the JCG Foundation Bursary scheme.” Family T.

Estimated cost: £6,000 per annum The Foundation Bursary is made up of a personal donation of £4,500 per annum and completed with a tax rebate of £1,500. However any donated amount can be specifically allocated to the Foundation Bursary Programme. JCG - An Aspiring Environment At College, our students are given every opportunity to strive beyond conventional thinking. We know from experience that a rich diversity of ideas stimulates greater creativity, innovation and new ways of thinking. By enriching our classrooms with girls from a range of backgrounds and with different perspectives, we are fostering new approaches to problem solving and encouraging students to challenge and consider alternative views to their own. Our ability to offer these places is limited only by available funding, which is why we need your support.

One of our five areas of focus is to increase our ability to offer a bursary to students who would otherwise not be able to attend JCG. The JCG Foundation Bursary Programme provides a ring-fenced fund to enable the College to offer places to the brightest and most promising students, regardless of their circumstance. Without such help, many students would find it impossible to study at the College.


PTA Trust and JCG Scholarship Fund PTA Trust Fund

JCG Scholarship Fund

This bursary was created by the JCG PTA to assist in the short-term payment of school fees or expenses connected with the College for current students. When there is a sudden change in a family’s circumstances, this bursary can ensure there is no additional disruption to our students’ education. There has been a significant increase in the number of students supported by this fund in recent years. Any amount donated to this fund will enable to support students through difficult times.

There are two student awards of £250 per year for the duration of their course (i.e. a total of £750 to each student). The criteria for the award is based on a combination of: Level of academic achievement at A level Contribution made to the College during their A level years There is no stipulation on how the awards may be used by the former student but they are usually used to defray some of the costs of studies and purchasing books for their course.

“Our family went through an unexpected and very difficult time. It was a huge relief to know that our daughter’s education continued uninterrupted especially during her GCSEs. Without this support I don’t know what we would have done,” Family B.

“It was a great surprise and honour to be awarded this scholarship. I used the funds to purchase much-needed and expensive texts books for my university course,” Student R. If there is a bursary you would like to provide or a scholarship you would like to support, please do contact the Principal.


JCG Foundation Successes

super suite of brochures to explain what the Foundation’s objectives are if it wasn’t for these corporate partners.

Library Repatriation


The library was originally gifted to the school to mark the College’s 50th anniversary and much to the sadness of our Old Girls was left in the old building after the school relocated to the Mont Millais site in 1999. Thanks to the JCG Foundation, the oak-panelled library which is over a century old, has been given a new lease of life after, the Jersey Development Company agreed to fund and organise the relocation of the library to its new JCG home. The work involved the painstaking dismantling of the original panels and columns, restoring the antique oak and period features and reinstalling the library panelling at Jersey College for Girls at Mont Millais. This would not have happened without the tenacity of our Old Girls, who were supported by the Foundation.

The Foundation/JCGA Spring Reunion is an event enjoyed by many of our past students. We also organise reunions for specific year groups and plan to reinstate a London event. Hawksford Debate The Hawksford Debate Series has been created by the JCG Foundation to encourage public speaking, to voice opinions and to create a bridge between today’s leaders and those of tomorrow from all local schools. The Debate Series focuses on a key theme, and brings together leading individuals from the realms of business, society, education and culture to look at the trends, issues and opportunities that might affect the world’s future. The Hawksford Debate Series was launched at a reception at the House of Commons in October 2012.

Corporate, Legacy and Gift Brochureware

Rathbones Prepare Revision Academy

We are very grateful to new corporate partner Viberts for sponsoring our Legacy Brochure, Infrasoft for sponsoring the production of our Corporate Partner brochure and Minerva for our Gift campaign documentation. Creating and publishing such quality documentation is expensive and we would not have such a

Prepare is designed to provide active, structured and intensive revision opportunities in key subjects to Island students preparing for GCSE and A Level examinations during the Easter holidays.


JCG Foundation Successes

Brewin Dolphin Poppy Bank To commemorate the 100th Year Anniversary of the First World War, the JCG Foundation, in partnership with Brewin Dolphin, created the JCG Poppy bank as a small token of remembrance of this important anniversary for both young and old JCG students.

Creative Inspiration for Young Minds Programme JCG students had the pleasure of meeting Rory Mc Cann on a JCG trip to Madagascar in 2011. Rory and his brother Finn, a Professional Adventurer, focus on topics such as overcoming great physical and emotional challenges in life through their various student workshops.

Philanthropy The inaugural Philanthropy event was held in 2015. The Foundation now hosts a Philanthropic Lunch Series throughout the year encouraging Philanthropic discussions to support education in Jersey.

Rory and Finn returned to work with JCG and 19 other local schools in 2013. The feedback from Head Teachers and students was incredible. Local schools are now self funding programmes with the McCanns, following the initial introduction by the JCG Foundation.

Minerva Trust & Corporate Services Minerva Trust and Corporate Services kindly came on board as a JCG Foundation corporate partner to sponsor JCG’s Women of Substance event in March 2015. On the back of this sponsorship Minerva co-ordinated a competition for JCG students with the winners being invited to Minerva’s Female Focus Event in London. A huge honour for our students and a fantastic link with a local but global corporate partner. Everything we do has to be self-funded so we are very grateful to Minerva who continue to support the Foundation by sponsoring the design and production of our Gift Campaign brochureware.

Stonehage Fleming The JCG Foundation has partnered with Kris Hallenga, founder of www.coppafeel. org and the campaign to raise awareness amongst Jersey students. In two years we have reached 2,000 students in 5 local schools.


Minerva = Community Minerva is a leading independent provider of trust, corporate and fund administration services, focused on internationally active clients located in sub Saharan Africa, India, the GCC and Europe. Over the last 35 years we have developed a reputation for providing bespoke services to a diverse range of private families and corporates.


Minerva is a global business, but remains family owned, Jersey based, and with a very strong sense of family values at its core. Philanthropy and giving back to the communities in which we operate are high amongst our values. We wish the Foundation every success with the launch of this valuable initiative.

Jersey \ London \ Geneva \ Dubai \ Mauritius \ Singapore \ Amsterdam Affiliates: Kenya \ India \ New Zealand

Minerva is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.


“No one has ever become poor from giving.” Anne Frank


JCG Giving Campaign  
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