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structure and form



Dear Readers, It’s your Co-Editors here and we want to welcome you to the Summer Edition of Leam-O-Zine, an independant Zine based in Leamington Spa. As History of Art students at the University of Warwick, it has, at times, felt like an uphill struggle for the Arts to be appreciated. By taking over Leam-O-Zine, we hoped to continue to provide a creative outlet for students at the University. This issues’s theme is Structure and Form, where we have received a range and depth of content that has been nothing short of impressive. Issy Snailham’s graphic designs are of particular note alongside photography by Michael Erhardt. The zine itlsef has been curated by the both of us, with the layout designed by Eva. We hope you enjoy this issue. Thank you, Eva and Isabel


‘What is poetry? A thought within an image’ were the wise words written by Goethe. Indeed, the image brings a thought and a thought creates an image.

We are surrounded by memories shaped by the media around us. ‘By Photography



described as a media but I prefer to call it art.

slicing out this moment and freezing it, all photographs testify to time’s relentless melt’ and thus leave their imprints in society for generations

‘The most grandiose result of the photographic enterprise is to give us the sense that we can hold the whole world in our heads—as an anthology of images.’ This notion is precious to the understanding of my project. We need to take our time. Look around us. That what’s and who is around is meaningful and could open our minds to treasurable ideas. ‘EYE THINK’ is not only a travel album, it is an invitation to some breathing space while trying to be an eye-opener on our hasty way of living.

EYE THINK is inspired by the little magazines and denounces the need to come back to a more open-minded and supporting society. It also invites the reader to travel and discover new places and cultures. It incites to take our time and redefine oneself. It is also the story of those that I’ve met during my trip and a glorification of the city of Montreal.

WHAT IS POETRY? There are three eyes representing the three friends walking by my side. I put them on the bus to come back to my idea on the importance to travel, meet people and the notion of movement. Moreover, the symbol of the bus represents the voyage.

China Town

The China Town shot represents the social mix and the significance to accept each other. The eyes “The picture with the four shades was taken during a walk by the port�.

are situated on the gate epitomising the need to welcome everyone in our existence, to have a new perception of our world and its people. It invites the reader to focus and look deeper in the picture. Indeed, the road signs and the snow prove that it is not in China but in Canada. It demands to take our time and sit down regarding our environment.

A THOUGHT WITHIN AN IMAGE The picture of the ice asks the reader to be attentive since the eyes are small. It is a photograph that incites to sit back and observe each detail, to admire the outstanding beauty of nature. It is bringing back the reader to the natural beauty which clashes


here with the disordered towers at the back.

Mary Poppins

The Mary Poppins’ picture was taken at first for my sister. This film has always been a symbol of our childhood together and by looking at it I felt nostalgic. However, the eye looks like an ad, where it seems to look for the people crossing the streets, wondering what are their origins and where they are heading to. It highlights the link between the iris and the persons; the fact that the eye is so specific to oneself. By juxtaposing the group of people and the eye, I tried to show that the eye is the mirror of one’s soul relating it to memories (hence Mary Poppins).


Zoe Noibleau, 19, History An exploration into the structure and form of the human body through simple lines and blocks of colour

By Holly Raidl


Michael Erhardt, 21, History Exploring the structure and form of archictecture on 35mm B&W film



“It can just ‘hit’ you, that is why we say ‘shot’ a picture. It is merciless and a ‘snapshot’ can just make you feel heartbroken. . .

Clelia Furlan, Philosophy and the Arts Zagreb Airport Terminal, Croatia, Summer 2017

Izzi Wilkinson, 21, English and Italian Photograph of the ackstreets of Florence in Spring

. . . In this sense, the aim of ‘the use of the photograph’ is ‘to awaken desire and to awaken conscience’ and when I feel emotions while looking at something, it becomes art.” - Bertille

VENICE Playing a massive role in my university experience, Venice is the key inspiration behind these works. The drawing of the crumbling wall in the Central Pavilion once again reflects a structural, practical purpose, yet ironically, I found it to be more interesting than the contemporary art work it was housing. I find myself drawn to architectural features as they are not only telling of the building’s history, but also of Venice’s make up as a city.











Venice; the first is an observational drawing of a column in the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute from late 2016, and the second was drawn from a photograph taken in the Central Pavilion at the 2017 Art Biennale.

Both Venetian strtures have different puroses and hold different works, yet both are equally as intriguing. The grand, 17th century marble column in keeps with the beauty of the Basilica whilst also being integral to the structure itself.


Issy Snailham Exploring the human form though photograhy and digital illustration


Issy Snailham, 20, English Literature

Exploring the human form though photograhy and digital illustration

Zoe Noibleau An exploration into the structure and form of the human body through simple lines and blocks of colour


Society claims more and more that truth is subjective, and that individuals create their own realities from personal perception and opinion. Created from India ink using just finger prints, this piece asks whether it is dangerous for there to be no right answer.

By Issy Snailham


A creative zine providing a platform for artistic expression at the University of Warwick.


A creative zine providing a platform for artistic expression at the University of Warwick.