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january 2010 | classic bike of the year | Buy a Bmw k1 | upgrade your oil filter | project harris ridden issue #360

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Tri2t on Norton 9 9 BSA 6 50

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january 2010

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1959 Tri2ton Built By

Peter andrews From: Surrey Other bikes: A Tribnor Triumph engine, Norton gearbox, BSA frame Previous restorations: Lots. Mainly Cafe racers Club: Triton Owners’ Club of Great Britain

Q Why this bike? a I’ve been wanting to build this for 40 years. I have seen twin-engined drag bikes, but I’ve never seen one on the road. And a friend of mine had found a stretched Norton

52 january 2010 Classic Bike

frame in a garden. It had been extended by six inches – I don’t know why. It had the remains of one engine with it, and some engine plates. Q How did you tackle the job? a I had to make up two engines and get a Norton gearbox. I made up the engines with no internals, then arranged everything in the frame. I made up engine plates in cardboard, then did them again in plywood. I did them four or five times before I got them exactly how I wanted them. They had to be right. Then I started building it. My ‘mission’ as my friends called it. I did a dry build with the engines but nothing else. I added a cross

tube to the frame between the engines with an engine plate supported from underneath to stop the engines drooping. I made a cardboard pattern for the oil tank and then got Exactweld to make it up for me; it holds 15 pints. They also modified the fuel tank. As long as the engines and gearbox are in line its no problem sorting out the primary drive. They’re belt drives with a Kubota alternator driven from the front engine pulley. It’s got decompressors on the front engine and separate switches for the magnetos. You start the rear engine first and then let that one start the front. The frame is from 1959, the engines are both 1960 with a ’59 AMC ’box.

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