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Enjoy this Research Issue

Tufgrass research evokes images of dimly lit rooms lined with shelves packed with bottles. Those bottles are filled with varying shades of viscous green fluids. Scientists wearing green-stained lab coats hover over Bunsen burners. Large beakers filled with the green contents from various bottles are being brought to full boil.

To be honest, I have never seen such labs or persons in my years of working with the VTC . Instead, Virginia’s tufgrass industry is blessed to have a dedicated band of experts at Virginia Tech. These professionals tirelessly work with our industry. They design research studies, plant and maintain field trials, plan conferences, speak around the world, arrange one-on-one consultations, ask hardhitting questions, and even spend time in labs.

By tradition, this issue of the Turfgrass Journal is dedicated to research. Articles contained on its pages are just a sampling of the reams of paper that would be needed to publish all the yearly output from the Virginia Tech Turf Team. We are truly privileged to have such a group of dedicated scientists working for our industry.

The VTC works hard to ensure turfgrass researchers have resources they need. We meet with legislators, attend committee hearings, and carefully track bills and regulations that affect them.

Please do enjoy this research issue and be sure to thank one of the Virginia Tech researchers the next time you see them – or even drop them a written thank you note.

Tom Tracy, Ph.D., VTC Executive Director