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TTA President's Message

Forward Momentum

Reflecting on the past two years as President of our Association, I find it difficult to imagine a more unconventional set of circumstances to navigate through leading us back to this year’s TTA conference in Murfreesboro.

Undoubtably, the challenges for everyone’s personal and professional life have been significant, but I for one would like to acknowledge the solid role our advisors, Board of Directors and Executive Director have performed during this time. Without their time and input, our association would not be experiencing the forward momentum we see today.

Equally as important, I must thank our membership for their steadfast support during this time. With your participation in last year’s teleconference and maintaining current membership, our association is positioned strongly as we head into this year’s conference.

With that being said, I hope to see all of you in person at this year’s 56th Annual TTA Conference and Tradeshow. With several interesting additions and modifications to the traditional lineup, we hope to better educate, enlighten and increase social interaction among all attendees.

Finally, as my term as President comes to a close, I would like to express my gratitude to the association for the opportunity to serve in this position. It has truly been a rewarding experience working with all those involved with the TTA and the product it provides to our profession. I must say, it’s been a memorable time that I will always be thankful for.

Again, I appreciate your support and hope to see all of you at the conference on January 10th.

Doug Ward

TTA President