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LDOC Issue 08.01

free art Monday, May 2, 2016

Meditations on Time Photographs by Philip Dembinski Childhood Poetry by Natalie Unger

Vectors When you find yourself straining to see the footprints a year left on your face, or entwining with the smooth mahogany surface of the grandfather clock, or barring the doors so you are confined with three sick convicts: “May as well,” “Should be,” “By now,” or noticing a black bird claw at your chest and screech in your ear when you lay idly, or crumbling up the breathtaking swirls of your imagination – a pragmatic trade; Remember, you are a vector, not a stone.

Progress Progress.

The slow movemen then the other. The resounds through y swing two cement l what feels like the t looking down on th filth, the astounding floating like feather

The acquiescence o moves like a split w craters and cement by a two ton rubber lights and connect i a murky brain.

The quiet pleading bargains with shaky as two feet shuffle a floor toward the du butcher’s block. The as point hits memb burns a moment too tongue ‘til the hung

The easing of a sing twisted spine aroun when a gentle hand that back like a pile the shore. The force breath and the dod eyes. A heart that w Progress.

nt of one limb, harsh truth that your bones as you legs over the edge of tallest city scraper he grey, the cold, the g pattern of humans rs about their days.

of a tired frame that worm through the city t terrain to be pressed r stamp of fluorescent its listless hands to

of an empty gut that y fingers and a stiff jaw across an unswept ull knife on the e laborious breathing brane and iron o long so soot hits the ger is gone.

gle notch on a nd a burning chest d touches the small of e of sand too far from ed smile and the deep dged contact with two was dulled is now pounding.

Philip Dembinski is a portrait and documentary photographer based out of the Humboldt Park neighborhood in Chicago, IL. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2008 from Columbia College Chicago. He has shown work internationally including, Flak Photo’s 100 Portraits, 100 Photographers traveling exhibit, and is part of Catherine Edelman Gallery’s Chicago Project. His inspiration comes from chance encounters, disquieting landscapes, and subtle expressions. Additionally, Philip is a teaching artist at the Marwen Foundation where he leads both digital and analogue photography classes for Chicago’s youth. Natalie Unger is a writer residing in Chicago. She first began writing poetry when she was 13. Natalie has read her poetry at various events throughout Chicago, including Salonathon and the Moonlight Owl Collective. Most recently, she wrote on-the-spot, improvised poems for the Chicago Art Department’s annual fundraiser. For Natalie, poetry is a tool of empathy and a pathway toward deep introspection for all people. She hopes to go back to school for her MFA and one day work with women to empower them to tell their stories through writing. Natalie regularly writes customized “Five Minute Poems” on her typewriter for anyone who submits a theme to her blog. LDOC is a free photography and creative writing publication featuring a new local artist and writer each month, creating an installment-based experience for the Chicago commuter. Find LDOC in red newspaper boxes at the following Red Line stops: Howard St., Belmont, Sox-35th, and 69th. LDOC is also distributed by volunteers at the downtown Red Line Lake stops every first and third Monday evening of the month.

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LDOC Issue 08.01  

LDOC Issue 08.01 / Artist - Philip Dembinski, "Meditations on Time" / Writer - Natalie Unger, "Childhood"