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Information Meeting

Winery Amenity Referendum October 16, 2013 - 7:00pm Penticton Indian Band Community Hall

Skaha Hills Masterplan - as of August 2013

Skaha Hills - First Phase Design Layout

Skaha Hills - Billboards (4 Locations)

Progress Report on Skaha Hills • $1,000,000 funds raised to date from various Government sources for Engineering and Planning • Name Change to “Skaha Hills” effectively implemented August 1, 2013. Trademark registration in progress • Four Billboards installed • Masterplan Completed and first phase surveyed and designed • Skaha Hills LP formed with current structure of 80%-Greyback, 20%- PIB with option for band to acquire additional 20% • Detailed design of sewer water utilities complete • Predesign for first phase subdivision 50 homes complete •

Progress Report on Skaha Hills • Entry Road completed and gravelled • Entry feature completed and going to tender • Show home planned for November/December 1st, 2013 construction start • 6 Home designs completed • 170 registrant interested in purchasing at “Skaha Hills” • 9-Hole Golf course negotiation in progress • Proponent for 2-acre winery and up to 40 acres of vineyards identified

Skaha Hills Entry Feature

Skaha Hills House Design *1 of 5 designs

Winery at Skaha Hills

Survey of Head Lease Lot 523

Winery Amenity at Skaha Hills Lands - LOT 523 - with an area of 2 acres and as per attached plan Location Location - Adjacent to Lot 455 “Skaha Hills” Facts • Lease Term: The 2-acre winery lands would be leased for 99 years • Proposed Use: The development will be a winery and associated uses of a winery including but not limited to a restaurant, tasting room, food services, living quarters for owners in the winery and a retail shop • Rent: Rent for the 2-acre winery site will be determined by appraisal and not be less than $10,000 per acre per annum with 5 year rent reviews as determined by appraisal. • 12-14 acres of vineyards • Proposed Lessee: Stage West Hospitality Group

Developers - Stagewest Hospitality (

• Stagewest Hospitality has worked with many First Nation Communities over the years, and has developed a deep respect and admiration for the First Nation People in Canada.

• In 2005, Stagewest Hospitality started working with the Stoney Nakoda First Nation and the three bands it represents; Bearspaw, Chiniki and Wesley, to develop and apply for a casino license on their lands just east of Canmore in the Bow Valley corridor

• Through donations and fundraisers from Stagewest Hospitality, the Stoney Nakoda Resort and working with the Stoney Nakoda Nations economic development board and the Provinces First Nation Development Fund, Stagewest Hospitality has participated in numerous economic development projects and initiatives.

• From pre-work training schools that have graduated 100s of candidates, onsite training of Nation members and mentorship programs to fundraisers for schools and job development.

• Stagewest has worked closely with the community to ensure that everyone is benefiting from the property and our relationship with the Stoney Nation

Benefits • Training and Employment on the vineyards, winery,retail and hospitality job sectors • Revenue to the Band in the form of lease payments, taxation, utility revenues • Opens up Skaha Hills to one of the most successful Hotel and Casino operators in Canada – Stage West Hospitality • Opportunity for future expansion by Stage West into Bed and Breakfast and possible Hotel and Casino operations • Provides an outstanding architectural building on Skaha Hills raising the awareness that PIB is open for business

A “Positive Vote” means • Construction on the infrastructure can begin within a few months to provide water to the site. • Government grants are more available for commercial projects and a winery/ vineyard development will be favorable for funding from AANDC. • Construction of the water for the vineyard and winery will provide an opportunity to provide water to the Channel lands as we build the water reservoir. • Construction on the winery a $ 2.5 million dollar structure could begin early next year. • Layout and planting for the vineyards could also begin early in 2014 for planting in May of next year.

A “Positive Vote” means • Construction, vineyard and infrastructure work for Band members will be possible. • Revenues for the Band in the form of lease payments will begin in 2014 – a major commercial success for the Band. • The Region and the Province will see that Skaha Hills is a real project and residential sales will begin shortly after. • The vote will show that Penticton Indian Band is “Moving Forward” and the business community will be more responsive to other business opportunities.

Ballot Question • Are you in favour of a lease of a 2-acre site, identified as Lot 523 on the plan attached to this Ballot, upon the following terms: • 1.  the lease term will be 99 years; • 2.  the permitted uses of the site will be a winery and associated facilities, including but not l i m i t e d t o a r e s t a u r a n t a n d accommodation; and • 3. the rent payable under the lease will be fair market rent, determined by a rent review process approved by Council every five years, with the annual rent for the first five years of the term being no less than $10,000 per acre per year?

Voting Day • Upon Band Council Resolution the Advanced Polls set for October 12, 2013 from 9:00am – 8:00pm • Vote Day for this project is scheduled to be October 16, 2013 at the Penticton Indian Band Community Hall from 9:00am – 8:00pm. (**This is the same day that all mail-in ballots are due) • **we are in the process of getting Chief and Council approval to allow online voting. Please provide us with you email address, if you wish to be included on this list.

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Skaha Hills Winery Presentation  
Skaha Hills Winery Presentation