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College Map See where all your fellow graduating seniors are headed to in the fall as college bound freshmen.

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June 2012

Top Academic Achievers

Senior Confessions

MavLife examines ten academic super stars from the Class of 2012.

Seniors finally let out the secrets they have kept over their high school careers.

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MavLife La Costa Canyon High School, One Maverick Way, Carlsbad, CA 92009

Senior Issue

Class of


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Volume 6 Issue 7


Senior Issue

MavLife 2011-2012 Staff Editor-In-Chief: Brenna Lyles Managing Editor: Tara McQueen Features Editor: Hanna Beyer Opinion Editor: Raquel Zilberman News Editor: Kiana Jackson Sports Editor: Courtney Utsler Entertainment Editor: Cameron Gurley Design Editor: Will Jones Copy Editor: Grant Goodstein Staff Writers: Rikki Backus, Jennie Barnes,Tiffany Brock, Kenya Caines, John Mark Carlson, Alex Condos, Kelsea Critin, Ana Diaz, Gage DiRoberto, Savannah Dukes-Samala, Maddy Fitzgerald, Anthony Fregoso, Karlee Fuller, Grant Goodstein, Claudia Mathews, Megan Mineiro, Zach Pownell, Julian Sanz, Shanoah Souza, Meg Shepro, Nicole Walters, Victoria Zamora, Rebecca Zilberman

Top Ten Academic Achievers MavLife profiles some of the school’s top students


n a graduating class of 568, academic talent at LCC is strong and competition is as tough as ever. Although LCC does not publicize its students’ academic rankings, MavLife was allowed access to an unranked list of the ten male and ten female seniors who have accumulated the highest GPAs over the course of their high school careers. In a process of random selection, MavLife chose ten of these academic achievers--five boys and five girls--to highlight in particular, allowing a glimpse into the lives of the people behind the impeccable grade point averages. MavLife explores the dreams, aspirations, interests, and unique qualities of ten Mavericks who are truly more than just the numbers.

Progress Report: A+

Advisor: Suzi Van Steenbergen


avLife is the student newspaper of La Costa Canyon High School. LCCHS student media products are public forums for student expression. Students are responsible for their work in print publications, online content and video broadcasts, as well as in other products, none of which are subject to administrative approval. Students make all final content decisions. Media programs follow Scholastic Press Association, Journalism Education Association, and Student Press Law Center standards. In addition, student media programs work to follow all copyright laws and avoid libel, slander, and infringing upon the rights of others. Unsigned editorials represent the opinions of the editorial board, while opinion columns represent the writer’s perspective. Advertisements do not necessarily represent the newspaper’s views.

Photo by Meg Shepro

Photo courtesy of Tavish Smith

Photo by Meg Shepro

@MavLife Photo by Meg Shepro

& hanna beyer Staff Writer and Features Editor meg shepro

Photo by Meg Shepro

Gunsoo Kim Activities: Played basketball for LCC freshman and sophomore years. President of NHS and the Vice President of the Tutoring Club. “I volunteer with the Athletic Director for the Encinitas Girls & Boys Club, and this year I coached the Ocean Knoll elementary basketball team.” Favorite LCC Memory: “I think the football and basketball games were definitely my favorite memories, just because our fan base was so big and unified.” Motivation: “My mom is my biggest motivation just because she’s sacrificed so much of her life to bring me here from Korea when I was in second grade.” Favorite Teachers: “Mr. Vice was my biggest influence, just because he was the most caring teacher and he always showed that he wanted us to get something more out of his class than just learning history.” Future plans: “Next year I’m going to Berkeley as an Econ/Pre-Business major, and I’m hoping to apply to their business school junior year.” Tavish Smith Interests: “Traveling the world, having fun, playing sports, spending time with family and friends.” Activities: “I play volleyball, surf, play beach volleyball and enjoy gaming (retired Major League Gaming player). I’m also an Eagle Scout and Leader of Venture Scout Crew, I volunteer for Vistans R.O.C and at homeless shelters, volunteer at my sister’s ballet company New West Ballet, and do lots of volunteer work through my church since I’m Mormon. And I sing and play the trumpet.” Favorite LCC Memory: “Being able to go to school with my amazing twin sister Madeleine.” Motivation: “I try to succeed and accomplish all that I can, I also strive to make my parents proud.” Favorite Teachers: Ralston, Park, and many others. Favorite Class: “I enjoyed Mr.Park’s Physics class because it piqued my interest in physics and engineering.” Future plans: “I am studying computer science and electrical engineering at MIT and then working with artificial intelligence.” Casey Getz Interests: “Learning programming and computer tech things and drawing.” Activities: Tutoring at the tutoring center. Favorite Class: “I really liked AP Chem because I felt like the class was interesting and there was a lot of lab stuff we could get done in the double period.” Favorite Teachers: Mrs. Lax, Mr. Emmerson, Ms. Schildhouse Future plans: “Going to Berkeley and studying electrical engineering and computer science. I either want to work in software engineering or possibly do more work with hardware.” Nik Gorishek Interests: Playing guitar, pole vaulting in track and field. Activities: Track, Cross Country, Academic Team, Leo’s Club (community service club outside of school) Motivation: “Thinking about the future.” Favorite class: “I enjoyed Music Theory because its so different and I like music.” Future plans: “I’m going to Berkeley. I want to get into the business school so I’m just going to do whatever I can to get accepted.” Walter Thavarajah Interests: “Part-time job of sarcastic commentary, reading the first chapter of a book, then becoming bored.” Activities: “Tutoring club and raising the school’s API score.” Motivation: “I hate everything so I want to be better than IT, as well as Asian parenting.” Favorite LCC Memory: “My memory is terrible and I can only remember that one time when I tried to remember my favorite memory.” Favorite Teachers: “Mrs. Lax because she is the one English teacher that I’ve felt truly cares for her students. And Ms. Schildhouse because she lets me get away with saying really dumb stuff in AP Bio.” Future plans: “Going to grad school, sleeping two hours a night and having blood that is 50% amphetamines.” *Walter is attending UCSD with a major in Bioengineering and Biotechnology.


Senior Issue

Progress Report: A+ Photo by Kiana Jackson

Neela Mohan Interests: “I like to play pretty much every sport and work out. I also like to cook and travel to places around the world and learn about different cultures.” Activities: “I have played soccer for LCC all four years.” Motivation: “I am super competitive, so whether I’m competing with my friends or myself, I always try to push myself and get better. I set goals for myself and I don’t like to fall short of my standards.” Favorite Teachers: “Mrs. Wanczuk... she taught me how to think critically and encouraged me to better my writing skills. Mrs. Lax because she always supported me and was always there to lend advice when I needed it, and she taught me a lot about english and life. And Mrs. Anderson has been a great math teacher and has managed to make me like calculus, plus I love her happy dance! Favorite LCC Memory: Winning CIF my sophomore and senior years for soccer, and participating in all of the school events, going to the sports games, watching the assemblies, lunchtime activities in the student center, and all of the other little things that have made my four years at LCC special. Future plans: “I will be attending Georgetown next year to study. I am also getting the opportunity to play soccer for them, so I am very excited.” Emily Lutz Activities: “I swim competitively, president of the computer science club (that she founded junior year), church youth group, tutoring, and a part of many other clubs on campus.” Favorite Class: “AP Physics because physics is extremely interesting.” Favorite LCC Memory: “The swim team because we are always supporting each other and have become pretty close over the years.” Future plans: “Going to UC Berkeley with a major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.”

Photo by Meg Shepro

Photo by Kiana Jackson

Photo by Rachel Provenzano

Kasey Fontaine Activities: “I swim every day. My whole life I’ve been swimming and I help out at battered women’s shelters.” Motivation: “Probably my parents, just because they have expectations that I can do it and my friends are all pretty dedicated to school and sports so they motivate me to keep going.” Favorite Teachers: Ms. Anderson, Ms. Cooper, Ms. Lax Favorite LCC memory: “Whenever we beat Torrey Pines, in any sport and probably when the girl’s swim team beat them (for the first time in four years) this year.” Future plans: “I’m going to UCLA. I’m probably doing bio or some type of life science. Maybe be a doctor. I want to try rowing maybe, or join the water ski team. I’m obsessed with water.” Alyssa Chan Faverite LCC Memory: “LCC has really brought me out of my comfort zone, being shy and from a small private school. I really love all the friends that I have made here.” Activities: “O2 for Life and STAND which are both community service oriented clubs on campus. Outside of school I play the piano, teach the piano, tutor, work in a lab at UCSD, and used to play soccer.” Motivation: “My family, definitely. I really want to do well to make my parents proud of me and my sister has always been my role model. She is four years older than me and did really well in school, so I always wanted to be like her.” Favorite Class: “Social Justice freshman year because it really opened my eyes and showed me a lot about the world that I knew nothing about. It is part of the reason that I got into so many clubs here on campus. AP Chemistry was also another favorite because Mr. Emmerson is just a great teacher and I want to do something involving chemistry.” Future plans: “Going to Harvard in the fall. I want to go to graduate school and get either my PHD or MDPHD and hopefully do scientific research in chemistry or physics.” Kelsey Klein Interests: “Music, dance, fashion, and wake boarding.” Activities: “I work with Study Buddies and am apart of the Recycling Club.” Motivation: “I do well for myself, not for my parents. I like working hard and seeing all the benefits that come along with it.” Favorite Teachers: “Mr. Vice because he was always so supportive and encouraging.” Future plans: “I am going to UCLA to study Business.”

Photo by Meg Shepro

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Shattered Records Student atheletes break school records

Senior Issue Hurdles

Julian Todd-Borden ran the 110 hurdles in 14.09 seconds and the 300 hurdles in 37.95 seconds.

Nicole Walters Staff Writer


Darren Fahy has broken the school track record for the 1600 with a time of 4:08.15 and the 3200 with a time of 8:54:51.

LCC Student Special

Erik Magnuson is LCC’s first football player to become a US Army All-American.


Maddy Goss broke the Optional Floor Record for gymnastics with 9.625 last month.

Complete Fitness

3 - One Hour Sessions for $59 Sports Specific Training Personal Training Certified Trainer Linda Chemaly 760-822-9322


Offer Expires: September 1, 2012

Girls Volleyball

Girls volleyball has won a record eight consecutive CIF San Diego Section championships. Congrats to the team’s seven seniors: Natalie Bausback, Lisa Kramer, Karlee Fuller, Blair Boyer, Brooke Shupryt-Knoop, Molly Witzmann, and Carly Cady.

Mens Lacrosse

Brendan Gaughan, on varsity lacrosse, had a total of 136 points (goals and assists) in his career. He was also selected to the Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Senior Team.

Senior Issue

While We Were Seniors A look at what happened in the world during our senior year


Savannah Dukes-Samala Staff Writer

ow that our last year of high school has come to a close, us seniors can reflect back on the events that occurred during the 2011-2012 school year:

What happened in school... •Pooja Somasundaram and Ryan Reffitt won Homecoming Queen and King. •Brendan Gaughan was crowned Prom King and Kennedy Gilbert was crowned Prom Queen. •Ms. Schildhouse won Teacher of theYear and Ms.Wease won Staff Member of the Year. •The Challenge Day program came to La Costa Canyon for three days. •During STAR testing week, students participated in a Challenge Day rerun ran by student leaders. •LCC won 11 team CIF San Diego Section championships. •Students came together to support Mr. Gold’s class in the “It’s Good to Be Me” Fashion Show. •MavFest was held to support Brea Ramskill and her fight against MS.

What happened in science... •NASA’s Messenger spacecraft successfully entered orbit around the planet Mercury, becoming the first probe to do so. •Filmmaker and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, James Cameron, completed seven mile dive in the Deep Sea Challenger to Mariana Trench. •HIV Prevention: The antiretroviral drugs used to treat HIVinfected people also dramatically reduced HIV transmission rates, a finding that may influence the strategies used by health advocates and policymakers to battle the disease. •Scientists proved that cell phones do not actually cause brain cancer, but brain deterioration over time.

What happened in music... •One Direction was made famous by its song “What Makes You Beautiful.” •Carly Rae Jepsen hits the charts with her single “Call Me Maybe.” •Justin Bieber makes a comeback with “Boyfriend.” •The Wanted top the charts with “Glad You Came.” •LCC students attended the 93.3 Summer Kickoff Concert on May 11, 2012.

What happened in technology... •New apps came out (Temple Run, Instagram, Snap Chat, Draw Something). •iPhone 4S and the new iPad went on the market. •Skyrim and Modern Warfare 3 became available. •Tumblr and Twitter became popular at LCC.



What happened in pop culture... •Snooki got pregnant. •Kim Kardashian divorced Kris Humphries after 72 days of marriage; she is now dating Kanye West. •Dick Clark died at age eighty-two due to a massive heart attack. •Beyonce and Jay-Z gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter. •Singer Whitney Houston died at age 48. •Hunger Games helped fuel a net profit of $15.1 million for Cineplex, Inc.. •Contestant Phillip Phillips won American Idol Season 11.

What happened in sports... •NBA and NFL lockouts took place, meaning the NBA season was shortened to 66 games. •NewYork Giants defeated New England Patriots at Super Bowl XLVI. •Johan Santana threw the first no hitter in the Mets’ 51 year history, leaving the Padres as the only team without a no hitter. •Roger Federer came back from a two-set deficit for the seventh time in his career and beat Juan Martin del Potro 3-6, 6-7 (4), 6-2, 6-0, 6-3 at the French Open to reach his record-tying 31st Grand Slam semifinal.


Senior Issue


Senior Issue

Most Influential Teachers

kiana jackson

News Editor

MavLife asked students about the most influential teacher they had in high school.The teachers here were named most often.

Mrs. Lax

Mr. Vice

“She’s one of my inspirations for wanting to become a high school teacher in the future, and has helped me discover my passion for English. I’ve learned so, so much about literature and life in general thanks to her class. She’s such an influential teacher and always knows how to make a class special!” Anna Strenk

“She taught me endless things that helped me become a better writer, reader, and friend. She was always there for me when I needed her, and I felt like I could tell her everything! I loved having her as a teacher twice and I will miss her very much!” Kady Barthelemy

“She allowed me to grow as a reader and writer and learn a lot about myself and forming bonds with other people. Without Mrs. Lax or her English class, I probably would not have been so interested in pursuing a major in English.” Sarah Newcomb

“Mr. Vice was always there for me. If I had an issue, he was “Mr. Vice was my academic team “Mr. Vice taught us extremely understanding. I had coach freshman year, my AP US History more than history. He him for APUSH, and he was just so teacher junior year, and my cross taught us how to be good passionate about what he was country coach senior year. He has been people with high sets of teaching. It’s so much easier friendly, supportive, and encouraging morals. He genuinely to put a lot of effort into a class throughout my high school experience. cared for each one of when the teacher loves what Above all, he has taught me to ‘be the his students.” they’re teaching. He made my best person that I can be, every day, Gunsoo Kim American history experience for the rest of my life.’” such a fantastic one.” Kevin Yei “Mr. Cunningham did things Rachel Provenzano “Mr. Cunningham helped me to differently...He taught us how see enjoy the subject of English in my the deeper meanings in books much tough junior year of high school. His more easily through things such as “He made me realize what class was fun, while we still learned group discussions and meaningful is really important in life and a lot. Cunningham treated us like projects....He’s a funny and brilliant how to focus my energy. He adults and his classroom was a place guy, with a sense of humor that can showed me to see through all where I was always comfortable very politically incorrect at times, the superficial things in life being myself and sharing my opinions making it all the better...He also and how to see what really without judgement.” matters.” inspired me to pursue my interests Kara Bonilla Katie Fogelstrom in creative writing.” Mark Hilton “She pushed me harder “Ms. Schildhouse bridged the “I felt as though I could than any other teacher gap between my aspirations and what really connect with her and I’ve ever had. Her faith in I felt I was capable of; she made me she made me really enjoy her me gave me the confidence really believe that I could pursue class. She was always very and motivation to work up a medical career. Ms. Schildhouse understanding and easy to to her expectations...She always answered my questions no talk to...I’ll always remember is not only a great teacher, matter the topic or complexity her bright personality.” but also a trustworthy advisor.” and led me to believe that I was Austin Gout truly a smart individual.” Miad Hadeagh Chris Novak

Mr. Cunningham

Ms. Schildhouse

Mr. Etheridge

Mr. Teague

“ M r . E t h e r i d g e a lway s makes our class laugh and his techniques of teaching the AP Psych course make the class enjoyable and unforgettable. Mr. Etheridge’s humor also make the class unlike any other... he is one of the teachers I will never forget.” Nicole Walters

“He inspired me because when he was my teacher, he was taking college classes, raising a daughter, and teaching four Spanish classes. He did all this without complaining, and he even took the time to help me with questions I had.” Brendan Gaughan

“He was the first teacher whose class I’ve ever looked forward to going to.” Brooke Shupryt-Knoop

“Mr. Teague helped me a great deal with learning Spanish, but also taught me a lot of useful knowledge about real life situations. He is a great teacher because he understands the different ways in which different people learn. You can also tell that he really cares about his students and wants to get to know them and have them succeed.” Kylie Capps

“He made me realize there are teachers out there who actually love to teach and care about their students. He is actually enthusiastic about teaching.” Andrea Luce

Mr. Giuliano

“He made coming to school enjoyable, he made students laugh all the time, he understands how much we are dealing with, and he doesn’t put too much pressure on us. He is genuinely interested in what is going on in our lives and he makes sure that we know that.” Brooke McKenzie

“He taught me so much information not only about history but about life as well. Always fun class to go to and learned a lot. Great guy and a great teacher.” Sam Dudeck

“He was the most down to earth teacher at the school. He was serious about teaching but also knew how to have fun and connect with students. I think he had a really good combo of both.” Jason Garland

“He showed me the importance of hard work and showed me how the knowledge of the ocean can help. He influenced my decision to train and try out to be a lifeguard with the city of Encinitas.” Nick Scoggins



Oregon State University Analyssa Quaranta Daniella Durant Portland State University Katie Gillespie Reed College Will Jones University of Oregon Danielle Arman Emma Veprin Morgan Gensler Rachel Grant Sean Helmer

Washington Gonzaga University Sarah Newcomb University of Washington Allee Bradford Kara Bonilla


Boise State University Amber Williams


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Brandon Facon Cameron Gurley Carly Cady Hayley Brown Jackson Knight Jan Bernard Karlee Benner Kennedy Gilbert Lauren Hallner Seamus O’Connor Trevor Lowe Cal State Long Beach Katelyn Tadayon Cal State Los Angeles Nataly Medrano Cal State Monterey Bay Fletcher Holst Cal State Northridge Jovonte Scott Cal State San Marcos Ashley Lewis Catherine Chambers Kaitlin Lee Nick Scoggins Rebecca Sykes Ryan Hershey Sharai Mendez California Institute of Technology Kevin Yei Chapman University Jaycie Rowe Rochelle Zelenka Chico State University Emily Kerr Hailey Willingham Kristy Ryan FIDM Ally Greven Horizon School of Evangelism Nicole Walters

Colleg e Senior Issue

Loyola Marymount University Claire Timm Danny Birmingham Jamie Reaves Musician’s Institute of Los Angeles Ricky Sentina Mira Costa College Adriana Guzman Alexandra Villanueva Andi Kunzik Bryce Isaac Charles Gower Collin Myers Jacob Jones Joseph Fischer Juan Castillejos Justice Parman Kenzie Cleary Mac Solomon Mark Hilton Nikole Barnes Sarah Hamm Sergio Villegas Shannon Wright Sharron Jackson Stephanie Daily Susana Varela Taylor Knight Walker Panek Northwestern Preparatory School John Console Palomar College Abbygail Soriano Andrea Luce Andy Vasquez Cameron Woodring Elida Chales Max Torres Patrick Priest Ryan Somers Tanner Gage Point Loma Nazarene Alyssa Forber Jacqueline Kessel San Diego State Anya Tugucheva Brianna Haeckl Brooke McKenzie Connor McKeon Emme Strickland Gianluca Pesaresi Hunter Christensen Isaac Maquet John Hester Kenya Caines Kyle Hogencamp Kylie Capps Matt Shrigley Samuel Lea Thomas Wehsener San Jose State Colby Cambra Shannon Bernatz Santa Barbara City College Bronson Young Connor Novy Jose Perez Josh McMahon Robby Schupp Rosemary Dresser Sam Dudeck Santa Clara University Ashley Doyle


9 150

1 14

7 1

Sonoma State University Chelsea Fletcher Connor Griffith Edison Espejo Johns Parker Phillips Monica Rodriguez Summer Mayne UC Berkeley Bryan Chiou Erica Dorr Gunsoo Kim Hiromichi Yamamoto Jacob Leonard Jake Schulz Jameson Lyon Peter Norton Shannon Snowden Tom Riis UC Davis Brenna Lyles Bridget Moore Max Berg Megan Hill Natalie Ford Robert Bruce UC Irvine Aravind Sankar Bryan Rodriguez Cameron Samii Nigel Pierce Yu-Ting Chen UC Los Angeles Austin Gout Cameron McVeigh Daniela Hattman Kasey Fontaine

UC San Diego Andrew Hinkle Elianna Dowe Nathan Cohen Raquel Zilberman Ryan Ermert Walter Thavarajah UC Santa Barbara Anna Strenk Constantine Gasseholm Daria Pavlova Emily Marquis Eric Stern Jason Garland Kristina Stodder Lauren Mercier Madison Souter Michelle Klausenstock Monica Farinelli UC Santa Cruz Gaby Leon Michael Liber Stephany Christie University of San Diego Chris Novak Lisa Karmer Nicole Drago University of San Francisco Megan Marabella University of Southern California Adam Brandon Kendyl Stewart

4 Utah

Brigham Young University - Provo Creed Orme Gracie Platt Hannah Mcfarlane Jamas Wible Lauren Greenwood Matthew Meiling Scott Baylon Shelly Harris Tailor Ford University of Utah Christian Ball Grant Gorman Jake Jackson Jenny Randle Utah State University Sara Armbrust


Northern Arizona University Alex Kestler Alex Sawyer Bryce Schmuckle Devon Reilly

University of Arizona Janie Heyer Lisa Mazzone Nick McAdoo


Baylor University Juan Mejia Texas Christian University Hanna Beyer Rachel Provenzano Tara McQueen


University of Oklahoma Harrison Hodson Mike Nunez


Coe College Thomas Grisafe


Maryville University Aleksandra Curic


Senior Issue Most Popular Intended Majors

b o un d 3


1 1


2 1 1






Seniors reported what type of major they plan on pursuing in the Class of 2012 senior survey.

1. Business 14%

9 2

2. Engineering


3. Biology

8% 4. Communications

5% 5. Physical Science


4% 6. Psychology

4% 7. Education

4% 8. Premedical


University of Louisiana Taylor Robichaud


The University of Chicago Ashley Daniel Jin Deng


University of Michigan Brendan Gaughan Erik Magnuson Grant Goodstein Taylor Grothe Zach Beery


Butler University Daniel Oepkes


Ohio State University Nick Michels


University of Alabama Molly Mauldin

South Carolina

University of South Carolina Christine Shuman


University of Virginia Natalie Bausback

Washington D.C.

American University Kyle Svendsen Georgetown University Darren Fahy Neela Mohan US Naval Academy Sean O’Donnell


Massachusetts New York Boston University Meg Shepro Paige Griffiths Harvard University Alyssa Chan Lesley University Hayley Wirth Massachusetts Institute of Technology Julia Heyman Tavish Smith Smith College Pooja Somasundaram University of Massachusetts at Boston Blair Boyer Molly Witzmann


Colgate University Brooke Shupryt-Knoop NYU Kiana Jackson Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Andrew Pla

9. Political Science

3% 10. Mathematics/ Computer Science

New Jersey


Princeton University Ethan Vasquez Stevens Institute of Technology Sarah Chamberlain

11. English

Pennsylvania State University Maddison Goss

12. Economics



Yale University Andrea Barragan Karlee Fuller

This map is not a complete list of all college-bound seniors. The map and intended majors statistics were compiled from the responses to the MavLife senior survey.

2% Other





Senior Issue


Senior Issue

The Thrifty Maverick Mavy provides some very helpful

shopping tips for college bound seniors What to buy: Twin XL sheets Where to buy: PB Teen,Walmart,Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond What to buy: Mattress pad Where to buy: Walmart, Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond

What to buy: Fridge/microwave combo (check what your school allows) Where to buy:You could buy one gently used off of Craigslist for a lower price; make sure it’s in good condition though! Some schools offer rentals, so do your research.

Illustration by Raquel Zilberman and Brenna Lyles

Seniors Take Charge

Senior Mavericks need to make smart choices for the future

What to buy: Fun decorations-dry erase board/tack board, iHome radio, fun lighting, frames, wall stickers, etc. Where to buy: Wherever your heart desires-PB Teen has some cute stuff, but also check out Target and Walmart. Some “artsy” stores places might also have cute decoration stuff, such as Anthropology or Urban Outfitters, but prepare yourself for higher prices! What to buy: Laptop Where to buy: Already have a laptop that is in pretty good condition? Use it! Mavy recommends waiting until Black Friday to find a cheap deal on a laptop! There are usually great deals on Amazon or at Best Buy. Don’t have a computer that you could use for a few months? Mavy recommends that you take advantage of the fact that you are now going to be a college student! Many stores, such as Apple, offer deals for back to school. When you show your college ID, you get a discount on Apple Care as well as free goodies. The Apple Store, in the past, has given away free iPods with the purchase of a laptop! How awesome is that!? What to buy: Towels Where to buy: Costco,Target,Walmart, or Bed Bath and Beyond What to buy: Coffee maker/electric tea kettle Where to buy: College is a stressful time, and everyone loves caffeine! Mavy recommends that you buy either a coffee maker or an electric tea kettle.You can shop at Macy’s, Target, Walmart, or Costco for either of these useful appliances. What to buy: Tupperware Where to buy: Having containers for food is important! It is smart to get a set of eight or ten pieces, in all shapes and sizes, so that you can use it when storing food. The Container Store is a great place to find sets of containers, but Mavy would also recommend Target, Walmart, or Bed Bath and Beyond. What to buy: Textbooks Where to buy: Check Chegg for new and used books! You can rent new books, or buy used books that have annotations that will help you! It’s much cheaper than buying it through the school’s bookstore. What to buy: Toiletries/shower stuff Where to buy: Target, Walmart, or Bed Bath and Beyond


Raquel Zilberman Opinion Editor

eniors, now is the time for all of us to start a new part of our lives.We are closing the pages of this chapter and beginning a new one. No more STAR testing or AP testing, no more late starts or spirit days. We will soon enter the “real world.”We have to start to learn how to be more independent and thrive in new atmospheres, away from home and away from friends. We must remember the people who have supported us along the way, but also open ourselves to meeting new people that will change our lives.The next few years of our lives will be impactful and shape who we become and who we want to be. In college, or wherever our future will take us, it no longer matters what social group you were part of in high school. It doesn’t matter if you had tons of friends, went to parties every weekend, or had the nicest clothes. Now, we are going to be in the real world.You need to be yourself, and not the person who everyone wants you to be. Life isn’t easy; it’s going to be challenging. Being yourself will help you get through it. Remember that the way you treat others shows what kind of person you are. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Yes, we all learned the “Golden Rule” in kindergarten, but it is more important now than ever. I’ve noticed that people treat others disrespectfully, not realizing how much their words can hurt.We are all equal, and no one should be bullied or picked on. As graduating seniors, we should show

each other respect.We are all mature young adults, so let’s act like it. It’s not nice to call each other bad names or talk down to our peers. No matter what you are choosing to do after high school, no matter what college, no matter what summer job, you are not inferior or superior to anyone. It is important that we realize that we are no longer children. Our parents will no longer be there to help us out of trouble or to protect us. They will always be there for support and guidance, but it is up to us to make smart choices on our own. We must realize what is appropriate and what is not without a helping hand. Making smart decisions will only help us lead better lives. We will look back and remember all the experiences we had in high school. Some of them good, and some of them bad. We all have learned valuable life lessons, and we are ready to step into the world. While we enter the world, we may remember some mistakes we have made over the years, or wish we had spoken up instead of remaining quiet. Thinking about graduating is scary, but then when I realize that many of the people I have seen everyday for the past four years I will most likely never see again, I begin to wonder, am I happy with my high school experience?Yes. I have no regrets. I accomplished my goals, and I met wonderful people that have shaped me into who I am. While I’ve lost friends, and seen many cloudy days, I managed to overcome the struggles of high school, finding myself and learning a few things along the way. I am happy with who I am, and I believe I am ready to go to college. Seniors, we can make a difference in the world. We are slowly climbing a ladder of success. It is completely up to us whether we make it to the top.We are now beginning our journey. Congratulations, Class of 2012, on all your hard work and achievements! I personally wish you all the best of luck!

Congratulations Class of 2012, from the MavLife Editorial Staff


Senior Issue

Senior Issue

What’s Your Confession?

As part of the senior survey, MavLife asked students to share a confession from their high school experience


was really going on in my life during “IfeltseniorthatyearI hadbuttoinhidethe endwhatI realized that if I had just told everyone that they would have been completely supportive. My senior confession is that throughout the past two years I have been in liver failure and was placed on the transplant list in order to get a new liver. I feel like I never truly got to experience senior year because I’ve missed the entire second semester but in the end it’s just high school.


letting my phone go to voicemail so I can replay Dr. Ruggles’ ‘Go Mavs!’ send off. I giggle every time.

“ Ikissed a girl and I liked it. ‘marked my territory’ “ Ihave in several places across the campus.When you stay after 9:00 p.m. all of the campus bathrooms close and you are left with one option... to embrace the wild nature of his majesty Bear Grylls.

“Iclimbed the theater.

two years of parking in the parking lot without “ Survived a parking sticker. Not one ticket.

“ Ispit in a teacher’s drink. “ I’m A... “ y guilty pleasure is

“ Ihad too much swag.


? “



Well, I’m Glad That’s Finally Over


Cameron Gurley Entertainment Editor

have written this to announce the end of an era. I just can’t see myself doing this every weekend, cramped and sweaty, dancing the night away to the latest dubstep. I had some good times. A lot of bad times. And I have always told myself that if I stopped loving the game, even for a second, then it would be the correct time to step away. I also just don’t fit in anymore, literally. The rumors are true. My party bus career is over. This retirement is real. There comes a point in one’s career where a man needs to change the environment in which he works. I promise you, I am neither Brett Favre, nor Michael Jordan, nor Dr. Dre.There will be no comeback.This, my friends, is goodbye. Today, I am prepared to take this retirement a step further. Along with my disavowal of party busing, I will discontinue living at home, eliminate adherence to a curfew, and terminate my high school enrollment as a whole, effective June 15. These practices are no longer conducive to a person with my incredible maturity. As the year comes to a close and my teachers stop assigning homework and start showing movies, I have realized the transition I am making in my life and the freedoms that I will have. There are many things I will look back fondly upon, but these are not among them: • Asking a teacher to go to the bathroom • Holding in my pee to get extra credit • Smuggling underclassmen off campus • Hitting my head on the ceiling of a party bus • Calling myself in sick to go home and watch TV • Sweating through my shirt at a school dance in the gymnasium • Reading James Joyce • Having class at 7:40 a.m. • Writing HAGS in an acquaintance’s yearbook • Worrying about my desk having a “foot tray” • Taking Yoga P.E. as a senior because I didn’t have enough P.E. credits • Getting dropped off at school by my parents • Driving 90 miles per hour to get back on campus in time after lunch • Braving the LCC parking lot • Watching movies for three consecutive weeks after AP testing • Putting in effort before school to look my best • Showering every day


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Senior Issue

What was your favorite high school event?

What are your summer plans?

What was your favorite school year at La Costa Canyon?

What was your least favorite part of the college application process?


Senior Issue

When I’m 30

Seniors share where they see themselves in the future

“ Having ten babies.

-Molly Witzmann ranch home with a beautiful “ Iverynwifea successful and two kids. I hope to be and keep in touch

married with one kid so far, “Hopefully and living somewhere in California.

And a job!

to really exotic places and “ Traveling breeding litters of puppies.

-Sean Helmer

with friends from high school.

-Natalie Ford

-Bryce Schmuckle

opefully performing improv in LA and “H writing for a sitcom. If not, I guess I’ll still be the janitor at my dad’s office.

-Danny Birmingham

to be a writer for some type of sitcom-esque TV “Ihope show, along with producing and directing. If that doesn’t

orking in a lab, getting two hours of “W sleep a night and living off Top Ramen and instant coffee.

work out, I want to be doing something with psychology and research, something related to helping people.

-Walter Thavarajah

-Pooja Somasundaram

camels in Morocco. “Riding -Kennedy Gilbert

“ You are attending a

community college that not only supports

your academic

career, but also you

as a student. And with the various amounts of offered at MiraCosta College,


you are set for

the future.� Elise Cruz

2011 communication graduate, transferred to National University

Cardiff / Oceanside / Online


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