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Mon 28th Feb 7.30 pm

Finance Committee

Mon 28th Feb 7.30 pm

Gordon Yates - Birdlife through 40 Pennine Years. Gordon’s 30th consecutive visit to Bamford Chapel

Thurs 3rd March 7.30 pm Elders Meeting Sat 5th March from 1.30 pm Two Sisters and a Funeral. Spend the day with the composer Roger Jones with a performance at 7 pm Sun 6th March 10.30 am

Family Worship with Holy Communion led by our minister Revd Richard Bradley

Sun 6th March 6.00 pm

Evening Worship led by Ken Greer

Mon 7th March 6.30 pm

Bamford and Oakenrod Area Forum

Wed 9th March 7.00 pm

Ash Wednesday service led by our minister Revd Richard Bradley 1

Sat 12th March 7.00 pm

Quiz Night - see notice board for details

Sun 13th March 10.30 am Parade Service led by Revd Geoff Tolley Sun 13th March 6.00 pm

Evening Worship led by our minister Revd Richard Bradley

Sun 20th March 10.30 am 2011 Gift Day Family Worship led by our minister Revd Richard Bradley Sun 20th March 6.00 pm

Evening Worship with Holy Communion led by our minister Revd Richard Bradley

Sun 27th March 10.30 am Family Worship led by our own young people Sun 27th March 6.00 pm

Evening Worship led by Joanne Shaw

Sun 3rd April 10.30 am Mothering Sunday

Family Worship with Holy Communion led by our minister Revd Richard Bradley

Sun 3rd April 6.00 pm

Evening worship led by Joan Warner 2

Message from the manse I am sure all who saw the recent production of Oliver will share my view that it was an excellent production with some amazing talent from all involved both front of stage, those behind the scenes and those with the musical talent to lead the music as well. The success was not just the talent, but the nine months of people coming to the church to rehearse. Had the actors only spent two weeks rehearsing and not bothered learning their lines it would not have been the success it was. I wonder what we can learn from the success of Oliver for our daily lives of faith? We could talk about how important it is to read our Bibles which is important for our daily spiritual lives (perhaps similar to learning lines in a production). We could talk about how important it is to come to church and worship God together with our brothers and sisters in Christ (a bit like coming together to rehearse. I am sure it is more difficult to rehearse when one is not with fellow actors). I realise there are limitations to how far the analogies can be drawn with our walk of faith and rehearsing for a production but I think the analogy helps to a limited degree. What I do feel is important is something that I was honoured to be asked to do during the two evenings of Oliver and that was to pray before each production. Steven and Clair asked if I would be willing to come through at 6.50 and pray with all who took part. At 6.40 the room near the coffee lounge was virtually empty and at 6.50 people were called to come and pray and the room filled up with cast members and the team behind the scenes. Prayer is such a vital part of being a church and also a vital part of our faith journey. And yet it is something often we are most reluctant about sharing in in a group setting. We perhaps don’t feel comfortable praying out loud because of what others might think about how we pray, the words we use etc. 3

I want to encourage each one of us in this article to think about prayer. Jesus often went off on his own to pray, he taught once that people should pray in private as the only person who needs to hear our prayers is God. And yet, I and I am sure others, find it quite a powerful experience when the people of God come together to pray for the needs of the world, the church and ourselves and those for whom we have concern. I want to say that people would be most welcome to come on a Monday night when the prayer meeting gathers in the coffee lounge. I can assure you there is no pressure to pray out loud; there is no one listening to how well you pray. The audience and the recipient of our prayers is God. Prayer is so important and it should underpin everything we do as a church. I want to encourage people to come along to the prayer group and offer your prayers whether spoken prayers or prayers offered in the quietness of your heart. The invite is there and the door is open. The meeting is every Monday evening at 8pm until 9pm. Please give this some thought. God Bless Richard

News of the family Concerns continue to be expressed for Bob Gate, Molly Curran, Tracy Scoresby, Patricia Lapworth, Peter Sutton, Michelle McLaughlin and Margaret Entwistle. We remember Glenda Brisk’s sister, Beryl, and rejoice with the family that her recent operation was a success. We pray that she will continue to recover. We also think of the Sturrock family, especially Matthew, 4

beginning his search for a new job. We remember also Margaret Frain and Christine and Bethany Hopkins as Christine moves into her new home. Please remember Ruth and Ian Watson and family in your prayers, as Ruth tries to juggle her studies, placement work and home life, which she would be unable to do without the loving support of her family, especially Ian. As we pray for those who are ill we must also think of the people who are caring for them, at home within the family, in hospitals and at doctors’ surgeries. Our thoughts and prayers are with them too and we give thanks for their love, dedication and skill. We offer our congratulations to Eric Marquis, who recently celebrated an important birthday, and also to Steven Gooding who has celebrated his 40th birthday. Congratulations to Joanne and Robert who have become engaged, and to Charlotte Anderson who has given birth to a baby boy. We send our best wishes to Jenny Platt who is looking for accommodation in Bristol. Perhaps by the time you read this she will have settled down in her new home and her new job! In your prayers please remember our sponsored children in the Lebanon. Fadle and Vanna are also part of our church family, through your financial support both on the second hand book stall and your collection of pennies, for which we give thanks. Last weekend, 5th and 6th February saw the production of “Oliver!� at Bamford Chapel. It was a fantastic show in every way. Many thanks to all who took part in whatever way, but especially to Steven and Claire for all their hard work. 5

Quiet Time Included Inside His arms Inscribed with His name Inseparable Incomprehensible love Incredible peace Indescribable joy Indestructible riches In touch with truth Increased in faith Infused with hope Incarnate strength Instructed to serve Inspired to live In endless praise In Christ! Susan Lenzkes © 1999. Used by permission of CWR Shared with us by Ray Atkins

Thank you from Lesley and Peter Sutton for flowers, cards, hospital and home visits, gifts of all kinds received during Peter’s recent illness. We pray the addition of a pacemaker will help restore Peter to good health. To be surrounded by so much love and care helps to deal with life’s difficulties. God Bless.


GIFT DAY 2011 This year Gift Day will be on Sunday 20th March. Gift Day is the time that our Organisations make their annual gifts to the church. At Church Meeting on 16th January this year’s Gift Day was discussed and it was agreed, due to the unusually heavy financial costs that our church has experienced recently, that Gift Day 2011 would be expanded to allow everyone to make a one off, personal, gift to our church. Each January, I, as Treasurer, ask that you consider your personal giving for the work of the church. I am once again asking you to do this, as regular income is vital to the continued upkeep and work of our church. Gift Day gives an additional opportunity to express your love for God and support for the immediate and ongoing work that we do here. Many thanks, Margaret Watson, Treasurer.


Ladies Fellowship Firstly, the fellowship sends love and every good wish to its Chairperson, Margaret Entwistle for a complete recovery. We missed you, Margaret at the first meeting of 2011 and look forward to your being amongst us once more. God Bless. ONE ADVANCE AGAINST ARTHRITIS was the topic for our January meeting when our old friend, Sarah Gall spoke to us of the way in which she dealt with the crippling arthritis which attacked her in February 2005. Sarah’s recovery was with the help of Margaret Hill’s Diet – a drug free, self help approach. Margaret Hills, SRN, as a young woman, had been crippled by rheumatoid and osteo arthritis. When orthodox treatment could do nothing for her, she used her nurse’s training to develop her simple natural cure which, against all her doctor’s predictions, was completely successful. She later opened a clinic and wrote other books to help fellow sufferers. The essential foundation of Margaret Hills’ way to health is to rid the body of excess acidity which is manifesting itself in the form of acid deposits causing joint and muscle inflammation and pain. The arthritis was so severe, in desperation Sarah followed every suggestion in the Margaret Hills’ book exactly. She found the arthritis did start to return if she deviated from the diet for even a few days. Each member at the meeting was provided with very 8

informative literature and on sale was Sarah’s account of her recovery entitled “One Advance Against Arthritis” at a cost of £3.00 which can be obtained from her at or see me if you require her contact details other than email. This booklet contains an account of her recovery, some of her favourite recipes, exercises she found helpful and other useful tips that helped with the diet. Sarah’s flare up of arthritis was so severe, in desperation she followed every suggestion in the Margaret Hills’ book exactly. She found the arthritis did start to return if she deviated from the diet for even a few days. It is now five years since Sarah suffered firstly with gout in her knee and four months later arthritis in her spine. She was unable to tolerate any medication prescribed by her doctor. The Margaret Hills’ book was found by her daughter, Alison on ebay. Within three months of trying this approach her sciatic pains had vanished and she was able to walk again without pain. The suggested exercises, diet, Margaret Hills’ supplements [formula], protein and zinc to make up for foods she has to avoid, drinking a mixture including cider vinegar and Epsom salt baths appear to be the key to Sarah’s return to good health. Sarah illustrated her health regime by displaying many of the products she now has in her food cupboard as well as making up the cider vinegar mixture she takes four times a day for us to taste. 9

Her shopping trolley now contains organic vegetables, non-citric organic fruits, unrefined sugar, molasses, olive spread instead of butter, wholemeal flour and bread, cider vinegar, organic honey and non-citric fruit juices, wholewheat pasta and rice, free-range organic chicken, lamb and turkey, fresh fish, skimmed milk. Read more in Sarah’s comprehensive book. Over 450 people have contacted Sarah since recent articles in the Daily Mail and Daily Express about the booklet she has written. She has been able to advise many people who are now benefiting from her approach. Linda Kerford gave a vote of thanks to Sarah for a most interesting account of her experiences in combating the pain of arthritis. On March 10th Guide Dogs for the Blind is our subject when a blind user will be accompanied by her dog. This is a fund raising event for Guide Dogs with a bring and buy stall and sales stall with Guide Dog materials. Remember your purse? LESLEY SUTTON

Some 30 ladies attended our February meeting to hear Margaret Curry present a slide show of a journey round Morecambe Bay (well halfway round.) We were pleased to welcome Margaret Entwistle back into our midst as an honoured guest. We were also delighted that our new tenant at the cottage, Sandra came along with her sister Rita. 10

Margaret Curry has been a regular speaker at Ladies’ Fellowship for many years. On each visit, we are impressed by her knowledge, the depth of her research and her ability to speak without notes. This time we were treated to a tour of the bay from Whalney Island and Barrow-in-Furness through Ulverston and surrounding villages and ending at Cartmel. In addition to the sands and the islands, we saw Celtic monasteries, Norman churches, ancient castles, manor houses, museums and monuments. We heard about smugglers from the Isle of Man and the origins of the Quaker movement. The final slides were of a flower festival in Cartmel Priory, celebrating the medieval life of the area. There were wonderful displays representing knights and crafts and musicians; the most spectacular was that of the blacksmith. In March we have a speaker from the Guide Dogs for the Blind. A user, Toni Forrest will come with her dog ‘William’ to talk about ‘puppy walking’. This will also be a Fund-raising effort for the association with a ‘Bring & Buy’ stall and Guide Dog materials for sale. We look forward to seeing you. We will need someone to volunteer as our treasurer, following the AGM in May. Lesley Sutton is retiring from this duty. She will happily speak to anyone about what the role involves. If you feel it be something you could do, please see Lesley. Thank you Joan Warner 11

STEWARDSHIP: A personal ‘SPOT’ By Lloyd Auchard When I decided to follow Christ I was a twenty year-old student at the University of California in Berkeley. A Christian friend at the time challenged me to trust God and his promises, ‘Now that you have decided to follow Christ will you live out your gratitude to him by trusting God’s promise in Malachi 3.10? As a student now you aren’t earning much but this may be the best and easiest time to start percentage-giving—it will teach you a lot.’ I didn’t know how much. Mal. 3.10 said,

‘I want to open the floodgates of heaven and pour out upon you more blessings than you will have room for in your life; so give your tithes to me - give me ten percent of what you receive; test my promise to you and you will see how I will bless you.’ Soon after that I read a fun story which summarized what I needed to remember: A man was noted for the monkeys he captured for zoos always being in good health and free of any injury. One day a friend asked him his secret. He said his method of capturing monkeys was very simple: Knowing that monkeys are acquisitive animals and once they grabbed something they wanted they would not let go, I find an area in the jungle where there are monkeys. My team then digs a hole, puts a bunch of bananas down in the hole, then we put a very heavy iron grate over the hole with an opening in the grate--a hole just big enough for the monkey’s hand to reach through. 12

Then the team hides. Once the monkey knows the bananas are there he sneaks up, reaches down through the grate and grabs the bunch of bananas. The team would come out of hiding but the monkey would not let go and run. They threw a net over the monkey and tied him up. He had learned that monkeys were very acquisitive; but there was a problem for the monkey: What the

monkey thought it possessed actually possessed him. I have tried never to forget that message. So, as a twenty year old university student I began giving 10% of any money I earned and continued doing that through graduate school and into my working career, marriage and raising three kids. I am amazed at how God provided for us. But tithing also guarded me against letting money control my life and gave me the experience of being God’s partner--God’s investment manager: I would give a major part of that 10% to my local church and divide the rest between other Christian organizations that were doing Christ’s work—“Habitat for Humanity”, “Amnesty International”, my graduate school, etc. I gratefully give the Lord His share and then ask Him how and where he would like me to invest it for Him. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience and for your listening.

In summary: I don’t want money to possess me or control of my life, so I remember Christ’s tremendous love…and those monkeys. Thanks to Margaret Ogden for sharing this with us. She received it by email from Ivor Rees.


Church membership

Ever wondered about becoming a church member? Perhaps you are a member of another church and would be interested in transferring your membership, or maybe you are interested in what lies behind the United Reformed Church, its faith basis and structure. If any of this sparks an interest in you please come along to a series of sessions I shall be leading on church membership, looking at the nature, faith and order of the United Reformed Church. There is no commitment to becoming a member at the end of the sessions!


I will hold 4 meetings and we will look at the following: 1.

A journey of faith and the bible


What is worship and what does it mean to believe and belong


What is meant by “church� and how does the United Reformed church fit into this.


Discussion and decision.

The first meeting will take place on Monday 16 May at 7.15 in the lounge and will last about one hour. Further meetings will take place on 23 May, 6 June and 13 June. If you have any questions please do ask, if you are interested just turn up! All are welcome. If you let me know you are coming it would be helpful as I can give you the first set of papers in advance of the first session. See you then! Joanne Shaw 15

Create a buzz for fair trade Tuesday 8th March

Guides Pancake Evening at Chapel 6.00 – 9.00 pm

Thursday 10th March

Big Brew at 13 Linnell Drive (The home of Addie and Barbara Redmond) 2.00 – 4.00 pm Saturday 12th March

Coffee Morning at Norden URC 10.00 am – 12.00 pm

Fairtrade Stall and Fairtrade Cake Stall at each event 16


Seven Wonders of the World A group of students were asked to list what they thought were the present ‘Seven Wonders of the World’. Though there were some disagreements, the following received the most votes: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Egypt's Great Pyramids Taj Mahal Grand Canyon Panama Canal Empire State Building St Peter’s Basilica China's Great Wall

While gathering the votes, the teacher noted that one student had not finished her paper yet. So she asked the girl if she was having trouble with her list. The girl replied, “Yes, a little. I couldn’t quite make up my mind because there were so many,” The teacher said, “Well, tell us what you have, and maybe we can help.” The girl hesitated, then read, “I think the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ are:


To See

To Hear

To Touch

To Taste

To Feel

To Laugh

To Love

The room was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. The things we take for granted are truly wondrous! A gentle reminder - that the most precious things in life cannot be built by hand or bought by man. 19

WORSHIP & DISCIPLESHIP COMMITTEE A new, or more accurately, expanded committee is going to be meeting under the name mentioned above. This committee will oversee/link all the areas of worship (services, lifeline and Food for Thought to name three) with the ears of discipleship (Alpha, Bible Study, Prayer group, Home Group (to be set up following Alpha 1)) so that each area mentioned knows what is happening in another area/group. It also allows for clear communication and resource and idea sharing in order that we can be even more effective in proclaiming and worshipping Jesus Christ. If you are interested in finding out more about the committee or are interested in being involved with the committee then you are invited to come along to a meeting on Tuesday 8th March at 8pm in Church (this meeting will follow the choir practice) I have already had 2 people volunteer to be on the group and I will ask others to come along to represent certain groups already mentioned. If you want any further information please speak to Richard who will be happy to clarify/answer your questions. If you cannot make the 8th and still want to be involved please let Richard know. Many thanks, God Bless Richard


WOMEN’S DAY OF PRAYER (international and interdenominational) On Friday March 4th 2011 women (and others) from around the world will celebrate this event. The service has been written this year by the women of Chile . The theme is ‘ HOW MANY LOAVES HAVE YOU’ and is very appropriate as bread is eaten at every meal in Chile and is very much a part of every day life. Although organised and led by women, this is essentially a day of prayer for everybody as we demonstrate our solidarity with our sisters and brothers in other countries and all are welcome to attend. The service for this area is to be held on

Friday March 4th at ST. VINCENTS ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH at 11am It would be good to see as many as possible there to share in this service with others from Churches Together NW Rochdale. Thanks Auriel



28th February – 13th March 2011


As you read this magazine, Fairtrade Fortnight will have been launched. At morning worship on 6 th March Revd. Richard Bradley will highlight the need for fairly traded goods and on the 13th Joanne Shaw will remind us that the fortnight is coming to a close and have you “done your bit?” Look out for a sketch too at one of these services. Dates for your diary:Tuesday 8th March: Coffee evening run by Guides at Bamford Chapel from 6.00 9.00pm. Traidcraft stall and Fairtrade biscuits and cakes for sale made with Fairtrade products. This is also Shrove Tuesday making this an ideal occasion for pancakes to be served with Fairtrade jam/ sugar/chocolate paste/honey/syrup. If you can help the Guides make pancakes please bring a pan? Admission £2.00


Saturday 12th March: coffee morning from 10.00am - 12 Noon at Norden URC. Cake stall with cakes made from Fairtrade products. Traidcraft stall. Admission £2.00 Thursday 10th March: Afternoon Event at Addie and Barbara’s 13 Linnell Drive. Fairtrade stall. Fairtrade biscuits made with Fairtrade products. Admission £2.00 Tickets for all these events will be on sale shortly. If you buy any Traidcraft products before 28th February, please could you give the packaging and labels to Gillian Galloway. Thank you. From the Traidcraft Team at Bamford Chapel

Clothing Collection Following in Anna and Sam’s footsteps, this summer I am going on a World Challenge expedition. In July I will be travelling to Iceland and the first part of the challenge is to raise the money needed to travel. I am therefore organising a clothing collection on 21 March. I would be very grateful if you have any old clothes, bedding, curtains, handbags etc which you no longer need you could bring them to our home, 15 Northdene Drive, before this date. If you need any help please ring 868885 or speak to one of the family. I can now also recycle books and mobile phones so these too would be gratefully received. Thank you, Tim James. 23

As we have said before, this magazine just doesn’t “magically appear” every month. It takes time, effort and contributions from our readers! Once collated the final article needs to go to print. Don and Win Schofield have undertaken this important job for many years, but have now decided to step down. May we formally thank them both for their important contribution to the whole magazine process. John Lapworth has kindly agreed to take over. Louise and Martyn. Here at Bamford Chapel we are blessed to have so many young people regularly attending our Junior Church. New leaders are needed to help the current leaders continue this very important work. If you feel that this is something you would like to do please approach Julie or Andy Platt or any Junior Church leader for more information.


Come and join in the fun!! 24

CHURCH WEBSITE: I have started working on a website for Bamford Chapel. I believe websites are a good way of making known the work of the Church in the community and the world! We have some information on “Rochdale Online� and that can continue. But I think there is more that can be said and I think a dedicated website is a good way forward. We are indebted to, and need to thank, those who have been involved in the past in this venture. However for websites to be effective information is needed. For that I need your assistance. If you are involved in a group within church whether Mums and Toddlers; Uniformed organizations; bridge club, Hey Hodos or any other group then please send me some information about the group; perhaps what you have been doing and what you hope to do and pictures would also be helpful, then I can include 25

it on the site. We then need keep up-to-date with the site as it needs to change and develop which means as new things happen we need to update it and when things have happened remove the information. Please note: if photos are sent for any group to do with children, young people or vulnerable adults then we need to make sure we have received the appropriate permission(s) before the photos can be put on the site. I look forward to an influx of information to put on the site! I will let you know when the site is up and running and live.

Many thanks Richard


Sand and Stone Two friends were walking through the desert. During some point of the journey, they had an argument; and one friend slapped the other one in the face. The one who got slapped was hurt, but without saying anything, wrote in the sand: Today my best friend slapped me in the face. They kept on walking, until they found an oasis, where they decided to take a bath. The one who had been slapped got stuck in the mire! And started drowning, but the friend saved him. After he recovered from the near drowning, he wrote on a stone: "today my best friend saved my life". The friend who had slapped and saved his best friend asked him, "after I hurt you, you wrote in the sand and now, you write on a stone, why?" The friend replied "When someone hurts us we should write it down in sand, where winds of forgiveness can erase it away. But, when someone does something good for us, we must engrave it in stone where no wind can ever erase it." Learn to write your hurts in the sand and to carve your benefits in stone.� 27


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March 2011Bamford Chapel Magazine  

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