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Aug 31 - Sept 4 Sept 1 - 3

Keep this list of important dates and events handy during your first month at the School of Business! The acronyms will take a second to pick up (there are over 20 Business clubs!), but by the end of September, you’ll have it down to a science. Good luck, get involved, and own it! AIESEC Week of Welcome at Main Quad Business Students’ Association (BSA) Welcome Week + Clubs Fair in Business Quad

Sept 1 - 20

Management Information Systems Club (MISC) Director Recruitment

Sept 1 - 25

Lazy Faire Fall Contributor Recruitment

Sept 7 - 11

BSA Fall Book Sale

Sept 7 - 18

University of Alberta Human Resource Management Association (UAHRMA) Director Recruitment

Sept 8 - 9

AIESEC Recruitment Information Session at 5:30pm

Sept 10

UAHRMA Meet & Greet & Network of Empowered Women (NEW) Applications Open

Sept 11

MISC Fall Social

Sept 11 - 13 Sept 14

BSA Ignite Retreat Operations Management Club (OM Club) Excel Speed-Up Workshop

Sept 14 - 23

Alberta Not-for-Profit Association (ANPA) Director Recruitment

Sept 15 & 17

JDC West Athletic Try-Outs

Sept 16

JDC West Social Team Try-Outs + ENACTUS Information Session at 5:30pm

Sept 17

NEW First Information Session

Sept 18

University of Alberta Marketing Association (UAMA) Grafitti Night

Sept 20

BSA 5K Charity Run

Sept 21 - 25

BSA Cohort Rep Recruitment

Sept 21 - 30

Business Exchange Association (BEA) Director Recruitment

Sept 23 Sept 23 - 27 Sept 27 Oct 2 Mid-Oct

MISC Fall Info Session + NEW First Pre-Conference Event Alberta Energy Challenge (AEC) BSA Energize Conference Cooperative Education Students’ Association (CESA) Top of Class Dinner UAMA Director Recruitment

For more info, check us out online and stay connected! written by MARINA BRYAN designed by ANNA LEE

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