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Discover How To Escape The Rat Race

By Lawrence Sykes

Visit And Discover My Methods (Check out the table of contents – I’m revealing several money making blueprints I’m using today to generate a 5 figure monthly sum!)

Preface As I write this preface, my children are by the pool, I’m sitting on the sun lounger, I have a cool bottle of San Miguel, and my partner is cooking us some paella. The day is Monday. The time is 5:00 pm. Back home in England at this very moment, there are plenty of people stuck behind a steering wheel staring blankly into the back of the vehicle in front. Worse still, neither vehicle is even moving! I have escaped the rat race!! I’m fortunate enough to have a place in Spain, another in Turkey, and that’s in addition to a home in the UK. While my children are pre-school age, we are making sure we get plenty of time overseas. And no matter where I am, or what leisure activities and fun times I have with my family, I still generate a 5figure monthly income each year... Without lifting a finger. I know what you’re thinking. I’m a lucky son of a bitch. Your toes are probably curling with envy. I’ll be the first to admit—and exult in the fact—I am a lucky son of bitch! But I don’t say that with any ego. In fact, I want you to listen hard and believe what I tell you. I AM NOTHING SPECIAL! I have average intelligence. I was raised in one of the poorest areas of Manchester, England. And I have been close to bankruptcy on several occasions. Now, I have a life I could have only dreamt of, except that now it exists and it’s for real.

I have a beautiful life, a beautiful home, a beautiful woman, beautiful kids, and a beautiful future for all of them. Yes, I’m a lucky son of a bitch, because the most important things in my life—my partner and children, and my own health and welfare— are covered. No worries about that. (I now worry about stupid stuff, like the printer running out of ink, and I didn’t use the mushrooms in the fridge soon enough and now they look nasty so I have to go get more.) Nice dilemmas, huh? (Note: My editor says that should not read, “Nice dilemma, huh?” Sorry, Editor, I love what you do—and thanks!—but, uh, that’s also not one of my worries.) For reasons I will reveal in this book, I discovered a way to maximize on my abilities while at the same time learning how to outsource and automate. And then to rinse and repeat. Now I want to ask you a few questions before I reveal my experiences and money-making strategies. Do you currently work 9 to 5, five days per week and take one, maybe two vacations per year? Or, do you work for yourself, work 70-80 hours a week and take almost no time off? Or maybe you are one of the growing numbers of people that’s sat at home, with no job, but actually wants to work, or not. Whatever the case, if you answered yes to either of the above, then I hope you realize you are stuck on a hamster wheel, and before long you will suffer either from poor health or old age. Your life will be over. And what have you achieved? What legacy do you leave behind?

Until you stop running, and look for a way to make passive income, you will never truly escape the rat race. I’ve mentioned that I have homes overseas and do plenty of traveling. I want you to know these trappings were not handed down to me. I have worked hard for my money. And now, due to a drastic mental re-boot, my money works hard for me. This re-boot was the result of multiple “life tests” and harsh realizations. Quite simply I realized what my God-given skills are, and then utilized them to the best of my ability. You have already taken your first step in getting off the hamster wheel by buying this book… Well done you! Read on and enjoy. More importantly – After you finishing reading… TAKE ACTION!

TABLE OF CONTENTS About Me Introduction No One Is Talentless Some Nuts and Bolts True Capitalism Focus on the Money? Focus CHAPTER 1: The Rat Race What Is The Rat Race The Rat Race Rules For Those That Don’t Work How To Escape The Rat Race Retirement Planning For Later In Life Is Flawed There is an Alternative CHAPTER 2: Everyone Needs Goals How To Plan And Set Goals How To Complete Your Goal Planner Achieving Your Goals Staying on Course And Reviewing Your Situation Using The SMART Mnemonic To Help Set Goals After You Have Achieved A Goal Final Word on Goals CHAPTER 3: Passive Income Why I’m Qualified To Write About Internet Marketing What is Internet Marketing? Understanding Blogs Examples of Blog Uses: Internet Marketing Websites E-commerce Sites Lead Sites Affiliate Marketing Local Marketing Sites Areas of Internet Marketing Affiliate Marketing on the Internet Selling Your Own Products on the Internet Stock Storage Shipping Overstock CPA Marketing on the Internet Promoting Offline Business Online CHAPTER 4: Learning Internet Marketing Skills Niche Research: Uncovering "Markets" Broad Niche General Niche Narrow Niche Specialized Niche Specific or Extremely Targeted Niche SEO and Traffic Generation Keywords Keyword Density

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Meta Tags Backlinks Website Coding White Hat SEO Black Hat SEO How To Get Traffic CHAPTER 5: Understanding How Advertising Works Copywriting Conversions AB Split Testing Your Advertising Key components of a squeeze page: Testimonials Catchy Sales Copy Bullets Teasers Bonuses Deadlines Scarcity Videos Audio Guarantee Thank You Pages How To Physically Create Your Landing Page Social Sharing Customer Management Email List Management Newsletters Utilizing Autoresponders Outsourcing Web Design & SEO CHAPTER 6: Taking Payments Accepting Payment Processing Online Using PayPal Merchant Accounts Digital Product Sales and Delivery Clickbank Manual Process for Digital Product Sales and Delivery Creating an autoresponder for payments Setting up the services with multiple products CHAPTER 7: Learning Additional Skills Harnessing the Power of HTML Editors Making use of FTP Using Windows Explorer Using a Browser Using an FTP Server Software Solution Graphical Skills CHAPTER 8: Putting It All Together Various Online Money Making Systems Blueprint One: Building a Website for Ad Revenue Creating a Blog for Advertising Revenue Blueprint Two: List-Building in Niche Markets A few tips to remember about emails:

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Blueprint Three: Developing and Marketing Your Own Products Blueprint Four: Offering Services To Other Webmasters CHAPTER 9: Wash, Rinse, Repeat Outsourcing To Escape The Rat Race Micro Job Outsourcing CHAPTER 10: Final Words Of Wisdom The Circle Of Friends How to Spot a Manipulator A Note about People in General Beating Fear Will Help You Escape The Rat Race How I Beat My Own Fear A Summary of Fear Comfort Zone Challenges In Summary

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If you like what you see on the table of contents, visit to download 213 pages of pure life changing content. This book is about to go on sale in Amazon for £15.97 – Its yours for free.

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How I Escaped The Rat Race By Making Money Online  

Discover How To Escape The Rat Race And Maximize On Life By Making Money Online. Follow My Money Making Blueprints And Work From Home To Ge...

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