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Killara Golf Course

Moving mountains JIMBOOMBA TURF GO THE DISTANCE FOR KILLARA Jimboomba Turf Group is a name synonymous with turf in South East Queensland. A leading turf business since 1973, with Lynn Davidson and Cherie Morrison at the helm, the Jimboomba Turf team have always been innovators. No project is out of consideration, in fact the more challenging the project the more excited the Jimboomba Turf team gets. So turfing a prestigious golf course, 12 hours’ drive away in Sydney, with 55,000m of a new turf variety, ticked all the boxes for a job they could thrive with. The grass variety selected for the project was Sir Grange zoysia, a product exclusive to Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA). LSA members across the country have embraced

Sir Grange, with it now grown and sold in almost every state of Australia. However, a geographical and climatic advantage, combined with a fearless commitment to innovation, put Jimboomba Turf in the box seat for this project. Jimboomba Turf had the product on the ground, and the next challenge was how to get it to Sydney in condition good enough for Killara Golf Club. Turf is a living product and must be laid as soon as possible after it has been cut; this becomes a problem when you want to transport it over 900km before installing. It becomes of even greater importance when dealing with a course as prestigious as Killara - it isn’t good enough to throw the turf on the back of a flatbed and hope it gets there OK.


This led to significant investment in cold chain management, with purpose-built refrigerated equipment joining their company owned fleet. Jimboomba Turf are always looking for unique solutions and innovations that can give them a point of difference and this new set-up delivers just that. It also delivers cool fresh turf over the longest of distances, with their real-time tracking and temperature monitoring giving their customers the ultimate confidence the product is being delivered in the best possible condition. With the product on the ground and the truck and trailer set up to get it there, the job was far from done. The team at Jimboomba Turf relied on their 45 years’ experience to ensure the job ran smoothly. It started with their logistics manager

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TurfTalk August 2019  

TurfTalk August 2019