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This began StrathAyr’s alignment with Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo and continued involvement through the introduction of Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA). This relationship has provided StrathAyr access to the best new turf varieties available in the world, including Sir Grange and TifTuf. LSA is an accredited group of the best turf suppliers in Australia and StrathAyr is more than at home among such company as one of Australia’s best.

Hong Kong Jockey Club, Guangzhou

StrathAyr Into the Future In recent years Bill passed the StrathAyr baton to his children, with his son Frank steering the ship as the managing director for the business. Generational change has brought about significant modernisation with cutting edge technology, marketing and digital advancements, to ensure they are leading the way when it comes to product innovation, business functions and customer interaction in an ever-advancing digital world. StrathAyr have identified the need to make it easier for trade and domestic customers to order what they want, when they want it. Customers can choose turf type, delivery date and time, with it all linked to the harvesting schedule and transportation logistics, all at the click of a button. This move has encouraged full transparency for the customer to see the status of their order and where their order is on the road right up until delivery. StrathAyr is an incredible pioneer for the Australian turf industry. The innovation and ingenuity continues to run through the business as it has for the past 50 years. StrathAyr is excited to continue its work with sporting grounds, racetracks and golf courses and explore new opportunities with turf varieties in new markets.

Lawn covered old tram Moomba float in Melbourne

The 2005 Davis Cup was played on a portable grass court

In May the entire StrathAyr team and their families celebrated StrathAyr’s 50th anniversary at the StrathAyr farm in Tasmania. General Manager David Thomson said the birthday bash was well received. “Highlights of the night were the giant bonfire, an impressive fireworks display by Frank Casimaty, the thrill of letting off a few firecrackers and also the superb catering which kept everybody well fed,“ he said. “There were a lot of people catching up, reliving the StrathAyr history, telling stories from the past as well as much discussion and excitement about the future.”


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TurfTalk August 2019  

TurfTalk August 2019