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Judge Training Other Judges Removed for Ticket -Fixing On Thursday, Diane Schilling resigned from her position as director of the Office of Justice Court Support, where she was in charge of mandatory training programs for local judges. Diane has admitted to fixing speeding tickets, and we just hope it was not something she taught her students. Diane, who before Thursday, was in charge of training New York’s town and village justices resigned after the Judicial Conduct Commission recommended her removal.


disregard for her ethical responsibilities and for the legal process she was sworn to uphold.”

The Judicial Conduct Commission released its determination on the case on Thursday and stated that

“As a former attorney and as an experienced judge,

in 2009, Diane caused the disappearance of a speeding

there can be no question that (Diane) was familiar with

ticket issued to the wife of Judge Paul Toomey. At the

the process surrounding the issuance and prosecution

time, Diane was working under Toomey, who was the

of traffic tickets,” reads the determination. Diane

then director of Justice Court Support. However, in

Schilling can move for appeal within early June, failing

case you are wondering who taught the tricks to Diane,

which the decision would become effective and she

Toomey has been found innocent. In fact, it was also

would be removed from the bench.

revealed that in 2005, Diane allowed a state trooper to void a speeding ticket issued to her, when he learned

In 1985, the Court of Appeals had held in the Matter of

that she was a judge.

Reedy that ticket fixing done by judges “is misconduct of such gravity as to warrant removal.” However, the

Diane admitted during the proceedings that she had

practice remains widespread, and as an investigation

contacted Toomey in an improper fashion and that also

by the commission found in the 1970’s, at least 140

she had accepted the trooper’s offer to void her own

judges needed to be disciplined for violations of their

speeding ticket.

responsibilities in matter of fixing tickets.

The commission held “Ticket fixing strikes at the heart

Well, if those who are training local judges are

of our system of justice, which is based on equal

themselves into fixing tickets, it’s no surprise that the

treatment for all … (Diane’s) actions showed a complete

practice has become widespread in the judiciary.


Judge Training Other Judges Removed for Ticket -Fixing  

Judge in charge of training other judges resigns after Judicial Conduct Commission finds her guilty of fixing speeding tickets.

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