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Holiday 2010 Fashion Panache Handheld LA What’s new DTW-ATL Holiday 2010 Gadgets Designer, Joe Faris

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“The Time Has Come”

Has Come.� The Best of The Best is now documented.

Thank You for displaying The LAVISH MagaLog of Luxury in your luxury loft, exotic car compartment, mansion, office or your posh kitchen. Here at LAVISH, we work hard to design a booklet to fit snug in our aircrafts, exotic cars, yachts, your purse, suit jacket, rear jean pocket, and of course, your favorite cocktail table. We hope you enjoy each page. “The Time Has Come” for a MagazineCatalog that exploits the finest products and services from industry st professionals around the world. The very 1 interactive magazine where you can “PRESS PLAY” at and view for yourself, LAVISH exploits the celebration’s of our valued guests experiencing our luxury services within our online store. Even in this economy, we have clients that enjoy and demand the best from our luxury store; and LAVISH The MagaLog Skymall. The cover art of this magazine symbolizes the hand feel of LAVISH Luggage, made of the finest linen with gold foil from the best manufacturers on land exceeding the mark of responsible Forestry. Many Thank You’s to: My daughter and model; Kai Morris, Louise K. Doster, Charles R. Doster, Patricia A. Morris, Reginald Callahan, Robert Gadson, Tonya Gadson, Charles Gadson, Yona Mason and Kelly Jones, (I’ve learned a lot from my family, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!). The team; Myra Panache, Panache Reports, Los Angeles, Bridget Roberts, LAVISH Atlanta, Nicole Riley, LAVISH Los Angeles, Alana Frazier, LAVISH Detroit, Steve Ragland Studios, Detroit, Michael Anthony Photography, Miami, Pilot, Alan Bradstreet , Bart Dijkman, Kirk Kirk and Roy Isaac lll, it’s taking flight worldwide! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 2011 is upon us!!!! Maurice A. Morris, Editor – LAVISH MagaLog of Luxury

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Maurice Morris



LAVISH: Definition; Unstinted, extravagant, improvident, generous hospitality, gifting and openhanded.

Steve Ragland Photography, Detroit Canine Couture 2010 Panache Handheld Reports

Michael Anthony Photography, Miami Exotic Car Rentals What’s New Detroit-Atlanta Fly to Dine ―LAVISH Reports‖

Joe Faris Sea Breacher

TheLavishS Helicopters

Charter a Jet

Cook Lavishly Hire The Paparazzi

Exotic Car Rentals

“The Time Has Come.”

Personal Luxury Services

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ANTA This Holiday 2010 Deliver Santa Style Make an entrance for your subdivision or corporate office by flying in your gifts as Santa arriving just in time for delivery ―Santa Style‖ Ho, Ho, Hooo!!




ENVY- Detroit 234 E Larned St Detroit, MI 48226


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Italian Night with LAVISH

Learn how to Cook


Hands on Classes This holiday season; impress your guest by serving something entirely new! and Mirepoix teamed up to provide an experience to never forget. Your guest will be blown away with the new way of serving and tasting dishes you’ve learned awhile in our state of the art culinary school. Many ethnic dishes to learn, even diabetic friendly courses are available all within Call Now! 800.993.2204

















24 Model: Austyn Young Hair / Makeup / Styling: 25 Debi Photography:

Shoes by GUESS Dress: Xscape Necklace: LAVISH

Military: Inc. Boots: Stuart Weitzman-Somerset, Troy Purse: Jackie Faris

White Coat: Jolt Jewelry: Macy’s

(Left) Hat: Giovannio Black Dress: Macy’s Purse: Jacky Faris (Right) Fur Vest: GUESS Purse: Jacky Faris

Jewelry: LAVISH necklace Rose Gold Top: Ralph Lauren Collection

Hat: LAVISH Signature Indian Suede Jewelry: LAVISH Rose Gold


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Movement: Professional Swiss GMT quartz Case and dial: ø 53.7mm • Solid stainless steel case • Unidirectional turning bezel with screws on side • Stainless steel screw down case back • Stainless steel screw crown with dome shape makers • Date display • Tritnite® luminous hands and indexes • 18kt rose gold plating • Black ionic plating Band: High grade polyurethane strap in black color with metal links • Stainless steel buckles with logo • 18kt rose gold plating • Black ionic plating Water resistant: 1000 meters

Invicta Women Style# 0175 Just in time for Holiday 2010! Available at

Invicta Women Style# 0415 Just in time for Holiday 2010! Available at

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Fly to Dine Detroit, Atlanta and Chicago’s finest cuisine

Fly to Atlanta’s best dining; STATS, Legal Seafoods and more surrounding nightlife. In Detroit, Fly to; Ocean Prime, Troy, MI, Detroit’s most elegant dining locations Downtown and many locations throughout Chicago, IL and Miami, FL. Call 800.993.2204




Canine Couture Holiday 2010

Jeune Chérie diamond dog collar For your puppy--or puppy at heart--this 15-carat diamond collar was inspired by the energy and sweet warmth of young dogs. Jeune Chérie’s centerpiece is a 3.5-carat, heartshaped diamond. Eight round diamonds totaling 5 carats adorn the stylish crocodile leather band, while over 1,600 hand-set diamonds add exquisite beauty that will steal both your hearts. Crafted with extreme precision and attention to detail, Jeune Chéri celebrates your pup's playful and youthful spirit. Now available at: Note: will special deliver this handcraft via helicopter and armored vehicle and armed security for your pooch.


Photo: “La Jeune Chérie by i Love Dogs.”

There is simply no more elegant way to carry your small urban dog with style. The handbag is made from the best genuine Italian leather in midnight black and antique white. The bag features accent designer bows, ultra soft faux rabbit fur lining, comfortable cushioning and adjustable straps. For added charm, it will come with a key chain. A different one with each handbag. Four pockets provide plenty of storage for personal belongings. This bag is exquisite! Charm included! $2,000

The Arctic Croc Handbag Carrier by Kiki Hamann This handbag was shown on NBC TV. It is made from premium white leather and accented in faux white croc. It features a beautiful dense lo/hi faux rabbit lining. The inside cannot be more comfortable, a foam cushion underneath the fur provides ultimate comfort for the little dog. The handbag comes with a safety chain. The bag has four exterior pockets for all the needs and trinkets. Pockets are accented by beautiful designer bows. Adjustable strap lets you wear it on your shoulder or across the chest. $1,800


The Audrey Handbag Carrier by Kiki Hamann

Doggy Carriers

The 2Divas handbag carrier by Kiki Hamann There are times when 2Divas will just have to share! This handbag is for the two of you. Are you ready to stop traffic yet? It is made from genuine Italian Leather, custom dyed just for me in beautiful bubbly pink! To pair up with this beautiful leather, faux Ostrich fur that is so fine and silky to the touch! The fur is baby pink with the faux feathers in lead gray. It is sewn so as to create a beautiful full collar to the carrier. When your dog is in it, the appearance is that of a beautiful fur coat. It is warm and yet light. 2Divas will come with a special charm on a key chain. Each charm will be different - no two handbags are alike. This handbag is extremely limited. This the leather was custom dyed and may not be available again. This handbag will come with a beautiful safety chain. It also features an adjustable shoulder strap to it can be used either over your shoulder or across your chest. $1,800 –

The Paparazzi Available at

Order your Paparazzi session today, from 6100 photographers stalking your every move. Show up in LAVISH style in an exotic car; show out with your very own Paparazzi on the ground and in the air provided by:

Your Name In Lights Turn any club into your own personalized logo or name projected onto the exterior. The best way to promote your event to the public, reaching the masses, gorilla marketing is what we call it, the ―A‖ Lister’s call it; The only way to promote Y.O.U. Start promoting your special event by contacting;

Photo: Maurice Morris

Panache Handheld Report, Los Angeles RICH & FAMOUS (BILLIONAIRE LIFESTYLE By Myra Panache

Janet Jackson and her billionaire boyfriend, Wissam Al Mana are regulars at Supperclub-Rome. This restaurant is considered the best Italian restaurant in the world (Conde Nast Traveler). Janet and Wissam often dine in the La Salle Baroque Room where they remove their shoes and relax on a large bed. From there, a 4-course meal (Roman Banquet) style is served (on sterling silver platters) as they relax on pillows. The ambience includes: A DJ playing upbeat lounge music while videos are projected on the wall. Lenny Kravitz even treated diners to an impromptu 30minute concert. Massages are also given to diners for a small fee. Brad Pitt and Mick Jagger are also regulars. Janet met Wassam when he hired her for $1 million dollars to perform at a private event in the Middle East. Since then, he’s lavished her with a yacht cruise, a butler, a Bentley convertible and a $2,200 Balenciago Weekender bag, as well as a Cartier bracelet. Wassam is also a member of the exclusive “Billionaire Club,” in Italy, owned by Ferrari billionaire-Flavio Briatorie (Naomi Campbell’s ex-boyfriend). Continue next page>

Kanye West considers himself a connoisseur of Maybach’s. He has yet to upgrade to the Maybach sedan with curtains (like Jay-Z, Mariah, Jennifer Lopez & Madonna).

Rich and Famous

Panache Handheld, LA Whenever Kanye West arrives in a city, via private jet, a Maybach and chauffer always greet him at a private airstrip, upon his arrival.

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―FACEBOOK FOR THE FILTHY RICH‖ We recently reported on that membership in (left) requires a verified wealth of $3 million dollars. Now, we’re hearing that A Small has entered this luxury market.

A Small World has 45,000 members at present and will max out at 250,000 members. Erik Wachtmeister founded this network. He’s a former banker and Swedish Count. Members include: Naomi Campbell, Tiger Woods & Ivanka Trump. Criteria: You have to be invited by a member.

―JAMES LIST IS THE CRAIGSLIST FOR THE SUPER RICH‖ is considered the craigslist for the super rich! This site features more than 65,000 private jets, exotic cars, exclusive watches and luxury homes/estates from more than 12,000 trusted dealers from around the world.

By: Myra Panache –

Pebble Beach 60th Anniversary Rolls-Royce Drop Head Coupe’

NO SNOW HERE! By: Michael-Anthony for LAVISH – Miami, Florida Model: Aerin Fenn, Swimwear:

Model: Valerie Brugeras Swimwear: Sonia Marie Torres/Makeup/Hair TEZ Cosmetics

Model (Left): Valerie Brugeras Swimwear: Model (Right): Valerie Brugeras Swimwear: Jewelry :

Model (Left): Valerie Brugeras Swimwear: Jewelry : Model (Right): Valerie Brugeras Swimwear:

Model (Left): Aerin Fenn Swimwear: Photographer: Michael-Anthony Model (Right): Colleen Chambers Swimwear: Jewelry : Makeup: Joshua Ribadeo Hair: Leo Martini Energy Drink: Cintron

Male Model: Charles Justo Photographer: Michael-Anthony Energy Drink: Cintron

Model (Left-Right): Claudia Romani, Aerin Fenn, Colleen Chambers Swimwear: Jewelry :

Available at

Open to the world A Gotham Dream Car Collection of the World’s finest of automobiles. In New York, Miami and Vegas we have a full collection to satisfy your every need. In Detroit, we’re known as a full Chauffeur Driven Service of sedans; Mercedes S550 AMG Sedans, Range Rover, Rolls Royce Phantom, Vintage 1962 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud lll and Corvettes. Exotic car transport available in Detroit, show up in LAVISH, exotic style for your next special event! Exotic rentals, exclusively at

Las Vegas Bound Rent your exotic cars today, show up to the club in the Ferrari F 360 Spider. Dream Cars, Las Vegas! Now available at

800.993.2204 Ext. 0

Helicopter Tours ATL, DET, CHI

Land at Golf Course

Land at approved locations in Detroit

Land atop Hilton Garden Inn, ATL

Maurice A. Morris-Editor Land at your Wedding!

Helicopter services in Atlanta, Detroit, and Chicago; more and more businesses and home owners seek a helipad on the property.

―PRESS PLAY‖ View Landing atop Hilton Garden Inn, Atl

More and more home owners and businesses are seeking a way to avoid the hectic traffic on land; we’ve noticed a recent interest in departing right from the home direct to the business, shopping, dining, sporting and the entertainment sectors. In Atlanta and Detroit, we have a full service for those that seek to arrive on time with class. Helicopter services right from the heliport (at your home), landing atop The Hilton Garden Inn, Centennial Park, GA for the surrounding clubs, dining, sporting events and shopping. In Detroit, the demand from the finest restaurants, to offer a seamless service for those seeking to dine and dash in a moment’s notice to and from the office or home. High end restaurants are coming aboard offering a custom service right from the menu. 800.993.2204

Editors Pick

The Future in Mobile Gadgets- Wrist Computer by: Sony

The futuristic mobile computer is getting much smaller, more portable and closer to the body. Sony introduces its wrist computer which is said to be the future in communication.

Multiple credit cards on one credit card? This could happen! The vision of one day everyone with multiple credit cards will have an option to download all cards to one device. This concept is headed in that direction with a thorough design and eco friendly vision of not sending plastic to our landfills. One swipe from one device will cut down on identity theft, the designer claims as well as the convenience of keeping up with one card. I don’t think it will personally fly with so much electronic ease these days it almost seems that the world is becoming more and more dependent on electronic devices making it fast and convenient for what? Although the device looks great and seems convenient, I still believe in plastic. If I lose my credit card, I order a new one. The designer provides a full diagram of its fully operational device with any card download. I still think it’s a cool concept! Source:

Dog Mansion for the ultimate pooch Custom made to your specifications, doggy mansion designer; best friend’s HOME offers many textures like varnished wood and break-proof windows. The LAVISH Mansion will definitely satisfy your pooch every need and even make other pooch’s want to be the new best friend., available in many styles to satisfy your exterior décor.

Editor Pick of Holiday 2010 Infiiti Yachts unveiling at Monaco Infiniti, Super Yacht Designer introduces a new concept in yachting. The Infiniti edge of the yacht is clearly a new design in the yacht industry. Dynamic Stability System (DSS) makes the yacht seem and act much larger than it really is allowing more stability. Unveiling Monaco Sept. 21.


Editors Pick

Designer: Sylvain Gerber Stunning and seasonal snowflake speaker that has room filling sound effects, only the intricate membranes of the speaker are revealed reflecting an eery glow, the latest concept in flat membrane audio technology is revealed, JBL. Source: Yanko Design

Available at


Charter a Jet Many destinations worldwide! Whether it’s to Hollywood, California or to Bolly”wood”, Bombay, India we have what it takes to get you there, on time and in LAVISH style. Book your next business, vacation or on time flight services. We are at your service 24/7.

Charter a Jet call (800) 993 2204 today! A representative is standing by 24hours

Turbo Props, Heavy Jets, Light Jets, Jumbo Jets


Visit Detroit lately?? Well if you have, you’ve just entered the new name for the once great city of music moguls and the auto industry. Step onto a set near you, mostly shot in the heart of Downtown Detroit”Wood”, movie industry’s big boys are setting up for action in areas that don’t need props or even a change to the décor, we see blight, the movie industry see a gold mine of buildings, structures that fit right into the scheme or scene of the prime shot. We actually walked right onto Street Kings 2 set while heading to a store and just so happened to have our camera. Most movies do not allow cameras on the set, but Street Kings 2 producer was very approachable and even took the time out to browse our current issue during a break, how cool is that! The next time you’re in Detroit”Wood”, bend a few corners, you might run into your favorite “A” List Superstar like: Denzell Washington, Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore and many more!!! Spend some time and welcome to the new City of Detroit”Wood” Maurice Morris

Director-Producer ―Street Kings 2‖ takes time out to read LAVISH Magazine during a break. Movies shot in and around Detroit:

The Littlest Angel - The Littlest Angel, LLC This Must Be the Place - Indigo Films Here Come the Hellmans - DIMS Film LLC Family Weekend - Footprint Film1, LLC We the People - WTP Film, LLC Scar 23 - Teddy 23, LLC Cables - Cables of Michigan, LLC Silent Memoirs - OIC Movies Inc. and One of Us Films Detroit Unleaded - Detroit Unleaded, LLC Transformers 3 - DW Studios Productions, LLC Hung: Season 2 - Hangman Films, Inc. Wannabes - Savvy Production LLC Noodle and Doodle - Enthusiastic Productions, LLC Lol- LOL Productions- Lol Street Kings- Street Films Playback - Shudder Production Fund, LLC Hostel 3 - Stage 6 Films, Inc Touchback - Touchback LLC Home Run Showdown - Home Run Derby, LLC Vamps - Vamps, LLC Project Z - Next Films, Inc. 30 Minutes or Less - Major Tan, LLC Real Steel - DreamWorks, LLC Hung: Season 2 - Hangman Films, Inc Wannabes - Savvy Production LLC Noodle and Doodle - Enthusiastic Productions, LLC

What’s New Detroit?

Holiday 2010 Edition

Many film makers are flocking to the once hit making city of Motown. Now, we have television series; Detroit 187 in the city filming in locations recognizable to many Detroit lovers worldwide. It’s true, many have left Detroit in search of opportunity; also many now see their city shining once again. The “D” is undergoing a polish and will shine again! Come see for yourself, step onto a movie set while in Detroit, you may get discovered, in Detroit.

Detroit Works Project Team Bleu Music Group A plan to possibly relocate Detroiters to a new region that will free up space for new developments, we’ve noticed the same in Charlotte, NC And it works!


Music, film and production have returned to Detroit with musical flavors ranging from HipHop, R&B and Neo-Soul. The trio (Right), Lawrence Jackson, Phillip Garland and Jerome Atkins is responsible for a unique style & sound of Detroit and sporting designs by: Uneek Collection.

Ribbon Cutting- Birmingham, MI

LAVISH on Location

LAVISH on location November 4, 2010 Birmingham, MI. A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Scavoli, MI some of the most elite in Birmingham showed up to support the new posh kitchen dÊcor company. Michigan’s 1st Scavolini is now open! Scavolini is an Italian international kitchen design company with dealers that can assist you with a unique design for your kitchen; you can even have a design by Ferrari (Lower Right). The Serras Family celebrates the opener of Scavolini before the 2010 Holiday Season. The Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, supporters and Cauley Ferrari was on location to make it an official welcome to Michigan. Jessica Hearns

What’s New Atlanta? ADDING NEW FLAVOR TO ATLANTA’S OLD 4th WARD CAFÉ CIRCA – Bridget Roberts, LAVISH Atlanta For the past 2 years (since Jan 2008), Kevin Holt and Randy Hazelton of Café Circa have built their restaurant’s reputation on the fine dining and signature cocktails served every evening of the week as well as the live music provided every Friday and Saturday night. Proudly located in the historic “Old 4th Ward” (EAST DOWNTOWN ATLANTA), the two young men yet fairly weathered and knowledgeable businessmen planted their feet and decided to bring “casual sophistication, culinary creativity and an all around good vibe” to a resurfaced and vivaciously growing neighborhood. The eatery and its staff offers another fine dining option to the area, but with a more intimate and cozy experience as the décor radiates warmth from the exposed brick to the booth/banquet seating and very modern ambient lighting. To add fuel to the fire that made Café Circa a blazing new hot spot in the historic area, “The Reserve” was presented just in time for Atlanta’s beautiful fall weather. The Reserve is a rooftop-deck expansion from the already popular first floor digs, giving diners a cultural after dinner or casual (yet sophisticated) outdoor lounge experience which offers a fully stocked bar with cigars, hookah and a another signature cocktail list. You can also enjoy Latin and Caribbean influenced cuisine and tapas on either floor. The Reserve at Café Circa is sure to be on the top 20 list of outdoor after work/after dinner/weekend rooftop-get away spots to accommodate the culture of an Atlanta fall season.

Photo: TK Miller


Atlanta Hotspot’s

ATLANTA’S MOST POPULAR Prohibition – Bridget Roberts, LAVISH, Atlanta In our expedition to find the newest gems of Atlanta Nightlife, we settled at one of the most popular, secret hidden treasures this great city has to offer. Less than a year ago, Stephen de Haan & Stan Weaver opened Prohibition: Perscriptions Carefully Compounded (Prohibition), offering a “home” so to speak for those who want only the freshest ingredients in their cocktails and the finest cigars in a relaxed upscale social environment. By way of London, England, one of the coolest attributes of this establishment is the secret entrance, a phone booth where guest must dial an access code/number to enter. As Stephen states, “The mystery and novelty of disappearing into a phone booth, the mystique of the classic English phone booth” adds to the cool kid swag as only patrons who can fully appreciate the character and service at Prohibition may have access.

Prohibition 56 East Andrews Drive Atlanta, Georgia 30305

The venue’s Cigar Club membership includes priority access through a private entrance with a bio metric reader, personalized engraved cigar locker, sofa reservations for your group until 9pm and discounted bulk cigar purchasing. Along with signature cocktails you will find no-where else, Prohibition provides dining services with a fair priced menu of bites delivered from their neighbor restaurant, Cellar. The owners describe their most valuable experience at Prohibition to be the relationship with guest and seeing the faces as guest enter from the phone booth excited to enter and wonder as the mixologist craft cocktails that pre-date the Model T. Staying true to the mystery theme, when asked “where does Prohibition go from here?”, the owners replied “Prohibition swept across the country in the early 1900’s, we will see if history repeats itself…”

(Left) LAVISH necklace Rose Gold: $1,200 (Right) LAVISH necklace Sterling Silver $250 Model: Jennifer Sills Makeup: Debi Photographer:

LAVISH International Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale Maserati introduces its most powerful GranTursimo ever. Boasting this road car with racing car genes, the very 1st Maserati to have a dedicated Race Mode to add to its upgraded Sport and Automatic Modes, Maserati even has a video introduction to the Race Mode experience. View at: www.maseratigranturismomcstradal

Products + Services

―LAVISH Reports‖ If you want to be a leader in this industry, you need to stay one step ahead of the game. LAVISH is the only way to be in step with the hottest trends, locales, jewelry and fashion. —it’s where it’s at!

Star Trek has taught scientist form all over the world about Hologram’s. Soon, you and your Hologram chat, meeting, video game and more can actually feel each other. Actually responding to human touch, some Japanese scientists discover a new technology that will change the face of computer gaming and communications worldwide! Imagine a hologram meeting without being on location.

Don’t believe it? PRESS PLAY - View at

Art and Creation goes Private Many major brands such as BMW enter a market to please high net worth individuals and corporations for whatever the style and taste. From interior gyms, (left), big screen theater, master kitchens, (bottom left), master suites, (bottom right), dining/lounge suites to suit whatever necessary. Versace, Lufthansa Technik, Edese Doret are also stepping in on the private jet interior market to offer glimpse of fashion, automobile and furniture design. Luxury-Insider


Dec. 7 Sotheby’s London will auction James Audubon’s “Birds of America” is up for sale alongside Shakespeare’s plays. One of only 100 remaining copies valued between $6.2-$9.2 Million Dollars. One of the most significant – and beautiful - works of natural history which rarely comes up for sale. Out of 119 copies, most remain in museums, universities and libraries. The December sale also includes medieval illustrated manuscripts, work by William Caxton, England's first printer, and letters written by Queen Elizabeth I and her ministers about the imprisonment of Mary, Queen of Scots. Associated Press

$6.2 - $9.2 Million Dollar Masterpiece

Most Expensive Book to be sold


Worlds 1 Billion Dollar Home - India Editor of LAVISH Magazine, Maurice Morris has spent many years in Mumbai, India residing in Bandra, India where most of India’s movie stars live. My experience living in a condo style hotel was an experience of a lifetime, living in luxury surrounded with marble floors, marble walls, butler and driver. Indian Billionaire, Mukesh Ambani owner of a petroleum refinery worth US$29Billion has built a 27 story luxury sky home, “the first six floors alone will be dedicated to parking for the Ambani family and their guests. The health level incorporates jacuzzi, yoga studio, dance studio, gyms, changing rooms for his and hers, a juice bar, solarium and perhaps even an ice room to cool off in on hot Indian monsoon months.” “The entertainment level includes a fully sized theatre, where movie buffs can keep entertained in its snack bar, wine room and a space dedicated to entertaining. A ballroom has a show stopping feature; a crystal chandelier that takes up about 80% of the ceiling. It further includes a stage, projection screen and a massive hidden kitchen that can cater to hundreds of guests.” Press Play – View at


India’s Billionaires India’s billionaires are queuing up to purchase private jets in the next 12 months. The surge will take India from 18th globally to fourth, topping China even though China has more billionaires. Ambani brothers, the Tatas, the Ruias’ Essar Group, TVS, KP Singh’s DLF, Gautam Thapar, the Jindals and Cyrus Poonawala leads the private jet market worldwide. Marking a new industry in the Indian market for aviation in the private jet sector which will have more competitive rates, hence the owner are purchasing new jets rather than second hand.

Rolls-Royce designs for Abu-Dhabi exclusively Abu Dhabi designed with sea shell design in the headrest, red interior celebrating the region of billionaires. Bentley has catered to the Billionaires designed specifically to the style and taste of the region, now Rolls-Royce joins the prestigious named The Shaheen. The four dour Phantom shares the same overhaul with desert styled color shades in the interior as well as a sand color exterior. Abu Dhabi residents will also have access to the bespoke program offered by RollsRoyce to fully customize the vehicle to the clients style and taste. Source:

Hermes’ Eurocopter

Hermes’ Designed Eurocopter Hermes Eurocopter for the fashion driven aerial enthusiast, Design House Hermes’ enters the aerial business introducing its $9Million Dollar Luxury Helicopter, of course only for the elite. It has been reported, Abu st Dhabi was the 1 delivery to Falcon Aviation Services. The spacious, luxury Hermes’ signature designed interior is maximized with space and luxury with hints from its collections of fashions walking down the Paris Runway throughout the cabin. Hermès' classic canvas "Toile H" was used to cover the cockpit while the handcrafted seats and banquette are upholstered in natural-grained Hermès calf leather. A sliding glass partition separates the passenger compartment and cockpit, enhancing privacy while allowing light to enter. Vice Chairman, Salem Al Kayoumi will offer the 1st luxury Hermes’ Eurocopter to its prestigious VIP clients offering luxury fused with design and technology all while in the air. Source: Luxury-Insider Press Play – View at

Style & Power Power MagaLog of Luxury


Eco Friendly!

M-Org Organic Eco-Friendly Motorcycle st Michael V. Smolyanov, designs the 1 entirely organic substance two wheeled rumble of thunder. We currently don’t have the substances it made of, but it sorta looks like some type of foreign insect. Press Play – View at


GraphemeA major technology breakthrough in the computer industry currently used for signature pads on atm’s and credit card signature screens, also used in the medical industry. The antibacterial 1 inch atom thick graphite film with multi uses is currently being studied for flexible computer screens, electronic newspapers and think of changing your walls to whatever color you desire or seamless television screen within your wall paper.

Most expensive Snoopy Ever TSL of China has produced the most expensive Snoopy, called “The ever Shining Star” priced at: $370,000 US, becoming the most expensive Snoopy in The Guinness World Records. In time for 60th Anniversary of Snoopy™,

Most Expensive Bottled Water “The Ten Thousand” Bottled Water by Bling H20 is now the most expensive bottled water ever.. Named; “The Ten Thou” for its 10,000 hand applied Swarovski Crystals for the ultra rich in Dubai, UAE. Custom made to your specs numbered and enclosed with white gloves and boxed. $2,900 at

Style & Power


FENDI – Fendishire Boot

Jaquet Droz Time Masterpeice

PRADA Tattoo Bags

A shell toe high fashion boot for holiday 2010, we feel this boot will be the favorite for holiday 2010.

Cased in white gold, the watch is a 41mm beauty, with the dial in mother-of-pearl. Starring on said dial are white gold spheres in a variety of sizes, some forming figures of eight. Each of these is adorned, variously, with a total of 35 yellow sapphires, 154 blue sapphires, 51 pink sapphires, 22 orange sapphires, 46 tsavorites.

Design house PRADA launches tattoo inspired body art to its holiday 2010 collection. Incorporating the signature fabrics along with leather appliquĂŠs, metal studs, and oriental dragon designs.


Lamborghini Power Tools The kit consists of electric grass trimmers, edgers, shrub shears, hedge trimmers and a chainsaw and some also come with a rechargeable cordless option

Limited Edition Ferrari Watch

Louis Xlll Rare Cask

Designed by Jean-Francios Ruchonnet Ferrari owners and lovers can experience a piece of the power motor house. The watch range is touted to be called Scuderia Ferrari One by Cabestan. Engineered with a Cabestan Winch Vertical Tourbillon priced at: $300,000 limited to 60 made exclusively for Ferrari Clients.

A rare cask of Louis Xlll is now for sale at a whopping $15,000. Let’s do the math, a shot of the cask will possibly set you back $1,500 just to taste a part of history of blending times or historic conditions in aging process. Each bottle is totally a different cask which makes it a rarity.

Style & Power

MagaLog of Luxury

Holiday Cheer! Detroit, Atlanta, Miami- New Years upon us! Happy New Year!

The LAVISH Magazine is on location searching for the best Holiday Cheer of 2010. We found a lot of sexy women waiting for this holiday trend in drinks. With the weather cold and full of Holiday Spirit, we’re in search of a drink with flavor, color, a warming effect and presentation that’ll make other’s ask “What You Drinkin?”. Ask for; The Rub Flaming Hot Chocolate tonite! A perfect mixture of Kahlua Coffee Liquer, Baileys Irish Crème Liquer and Grand Marnier Orange Cognac Liquer ignited to sooth your body. It will keep you in the holiday spirit all night long! Happy Holidays! The LAVISH Magazine

It’s a Celebration at ENVY Detroit Located at across from COBO Hall Convention Center, we stepped right into luxury. ENVY is satisfying a taste of Holiday 2010 for the masses with 4 different tastes to fulfill any celebration. Brandy Cosley, Bartender say’s the 4 libations (Right) is what’s trending Downtown Detroit for Holiday 2010 – (Left to Right) Moet Chandon Nectar Imperial, The Sin City, Detroit Apple, Classic White Russian and who can go wrong with White Merlot. When you step into ENVY, you’ll have an array of Holiday Cheer! Stay Thirsty My Friends!

What You Drinkin DETROIT?

Holiday Cheer in the Heart of Detroit City

What You Drinkin DETROIT?

Holiday 2010 at 24Grille unveils “The Peppermint” and “Strawberry Martini“. The two festive cheer will sooth your senses all awhile in the cozy atmosphere. You can even relax in your very own private dining and bar, making your holiday date more up close and personal with your mate. To add, why not have your cheer awaiting you as you’re whisked away to your very own massage in its private Spa19 Parlor. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year at Centaur! How smooth is the setting at Centaur? Smooth as “The Pumpkin” and “Pepermint Martini” awaiting you all awhile you take in a concert at Fox Theater, continue your celebration at Centaur on 3 levels for the sexy. You and your mate can bring in 2011 on your very own 2nd level loft style lounge, onto the 3rd level lounge of luxury billiards, leather sofas, panoramic window views and high fashion music keeps you in the mood all night.

Joe Faris The LAVISH Magazine catches up with Motor City Denim

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AF: As a Michigan based designer, we are excited about your upcoming contribution to Detroit’s fashion scene. Tell us about your clothing line: JF: I’m working on designing and producing my own line, Motor City Denim, with TDIC, a supplier to the automotive industry. The line features clothing for both men and women, and is being made right here in Detroit, so we’re especially proud of that. It’s truly been a dream come true. AF: When and where can our readers purchase your clothing? JF: Motor City Denim is set to debut on October 1st and can be purchased online at At the end of this year, it will also be available at all 4Men locations and Showtime in Detroit. AF: You also created a two-day fashion event called Fashion In Detroit and it’s helped to put a major spotlight on Detroit’s fashion community. How did this vision come about?

JF: The mission of Fashion In Detroit (FID) is to create a garment industry in Michigan and to expose the creative pool of talent in our area. I work with a talented committee of fashion and beauty heavy hitters to make this vision come to life. I’m really excited about this year because my collection will actually show at FID at the MotorCity Casino Hotel this fall.

JF: Yes, it was actually two pieces, a leather bustier and skirt. Both of which are part of my Motor City Denim collection. AF: Where do you see the future of your brand? JF: I want to focus primarily on my strengths, denim and leather, so that my supporters can continue to receive my best work. MM: Joe, I personally would like to thank you for the opportunity to interview you during your MotorCity Denim Launch this holiday season. I would like to switch up the conversation for those that want to know more on the West Coast. I would like to introduce Nicole Riley, LAVISH, Los Angeles, CA. Continue Next Page .

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AF: I had the opportunity to see the dress you created for actress Erin Cummings at the Detroit 187 premiere party in Detroit. Both she and the dress were absolutely stunning. Tell us a little more about her look.

NR: Hello Joe! Many readers know you from Project Runway how has that experience helped your career? JF: The show definitely has given me the needed credibility in the industry, I am grateful for the opportunity to have been on the show it tested me as a designer.

NR: How were you able to spin your relationship with the show as well as showing at Bryant Park into building relationships in the industry? JF: Not only have I experienced increased business; I am able to build a team of industry professionals. I was also able to parlay my name into a raised profile in the industry. I am looking forward to my designs being able to walk the runway once again at New York Fashion Week.

Interviewed by: Alana Frazier, LAVISH Detroit Maurice Morris, LAVISH Detroit Nicole Riley, LAVISH Los Angeles

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Miley Cyrus – Thumbs Up! To LAVISH Magazine! Miley was in Detroit”Wood” to film her upcoming movie ―Lol‖. The LAVISH Magazine happened to be in the right place at the right time. Miley’s Attitude- Extremely Approachable! Thumbs Up! Right back at you Miley!

Maurice Morris, Editor Captured: Cell Cam

LAVISH VIP Guest, Detroit, MI

The New Mr. & Mrs. Arrington, Henry Ford Estate, Dearborn MI Departs in the vintage 1935 Chevrolet Sedan onto the photo shoot at some of the most beautiful landmarks in Detroit, MI. Now the world will meet Mr. and Mrs. Arrington! Maurice Morris, Photographer



A Gentlemen’s way Mr. Larry Polk surprises his girlfriend Tanisha Bright with a helicopter tour of Downtown Detroit. Mr. Polks experience ―My girlfriend was quite impressed with the quality, professionalism and class that your services provided for our date. I especially was appreciative with the accommodations of the pilot during our in-flight tour. I would recommend anyone that is looking to enjoy a wonderful flight with LAVISH.‖


Again, pleasur experie higher My girl really im the qua profess class th services our dat was app with th 7 accomm 1 the pilo

Newlyweds get the ride of a lifetime in the 1962 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud lll in Detroit. Bride-Nakia searched online for quite some time before contacting, the weather and wedding was over the top as family and friends cheer on their special day! Photo: Maurice Morris


The LAVISH Magazine on location seeking the best looking folks out on the town wearing the best, looking the best at locations throughout MetroDetroit. We look for: personal swagger, what you’re wearing, how you wear it and how others admire. This Holiday 2010, we featured: Elysium, Detroit Blackfenn, Royal Oak Pulse, Detroit

Fashion Index – Detroit ―All White‖

Fashion Index – Miami ―No Snow Here‖

Steve Ragland Photography – Black Suede Boots – Stuart Weitzman, Somerset Mall Troy, Mi Website: Phone: Custom Made Purses – Jackie Faris Designs Phone: Macy’s

Michael-Anthony Photography – Swimwear – Ravish Sands Website: Phone: Custom Made Necklace – Carolyn Ferrari Website: Phone: Sonia Marie Torres / Makeup / Hair

Shoes by GUESS Dress: Xscape Necklace: LAVISH – 800.993.2204 Military: Inc. Boots: Stuart Weitzman-Somerset, Troy Purse: Jackie Faris 248.752.6621 Hat: Giovannio Black Dress: Macy’s Fur Vest: GUESS


- TEZ Cosmetics

Joshua Ribadeo / Makeup Lee O Martini / Hairstyling

Leaders of Luxury – Det / ATL / MIA / LA –

Leader in exotic gym shoes, head gear, back packs, electronic gadgets, luxury headphones Burn Rubber – Royal Oak, MI Exotic gym shoes, unique headgear, bags Roma Sposa – Wedding Gowns, luxury dresses and more Birmingham, MI Terrence Sullivan– Designer women jeans Birmingham, MI Kevin G. Boyd Worlds most expensive bottle water Blingh20, Los Angeles, CA Carolyn Ferrari - Handmade jewelry, neckwear, bracelets Miami, FL Prohibition Cigar Club, Atlanta, GA Café Circa’ Fine dining, cigar lounge, Atlanta, GA

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Model: London Moore Hair / Makeup: Debi

With speeds of up to 50 mph on water, and 25 mph beneath the surface, the Seabreacher provides a rush parallel to the action we’ve all come to associate with James Bond. The customizable watercraft comes fully loaded with a video camera, GPS, and stereo system. One of the first of its kind, the Seabreacher is a two-seat submersible watercraft produced by American company, Innespace. The eye catching submarine goes where no other watercraft has gone before, allowing you to jump, dive and roll like a real shark.

New James Bond style submarine debuts to the masses It plays just like a scene from a James Bond movie. A sophisticated American hero dodging attackers in a uniquely rare submarine style vessel. But it isn’t Pierce Brosnan behind the wheel of this mechanical like shark, it’s you and your very own personal watercraft, the Seabreacher. By: Alana Frazier Photo: Rupert Thorpe

To learn more about the Seabreacher, check out their website at PRESS PLAY see Seabreacher in motion at

Holiday 2010 Issue #5


The LAVISH MagaLog of Luxury Issue #5  

Private Jet / Helicopter Lifestyle publication for the young affluent stems from an online luxury store; where you can ch...

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