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ALL-DAY-BREAKFAST $24 Laurent’s Breakfast platter (With one of the following egg dish) Served with Coffee or tea, croissant or pain au chocolat and homemade jam $12

Your choice of eggs , served with Toast, garden salad. •Scramble •sunny side up •Omelette •poached

Egg Specials Egg Benedict on brioche with honey baked ham & hollandaise sauce


Side dish Roasted tomato


Italian Chipolata


French fries


Mashed potato


Roast salmon with garlic & parsley crust White wine sauce and buttered carrots


Beef Burger with French Fries


Cheese Burger with French Fries


Traditional Duck leg confit with orange sauce With mashed potato


Roast chicken breast with mushroom & truffle With French fries


Braised Chicken “Coq au vin” in red wine


“Hachi Parmentier” Braised & minced beef Topped with mash potato and gruyere


Beef Stew "Burgundy" cooked with red wine


Cod fish "Brandade" Medley of cod fish, potato and garlic with extra virgin olive oil


Dessert Sweet Waffle Served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce


Basket of Croissants and French baguette With Homemade Jam


Each of our soufflé is freshly baked on order, its take 30 minutes to make and bake a soufflé. $18

Guanaja Chocolate soufflé Served with raspberry sherbet and choice of chocolate or vanilla sauce.


Lemon soufflé

LIGHT BITE Caesar Salad with chicken, tomato, parmesan & croutons


Niçoise Salad with egg, french beans, potato & tomato Vegetarian With tuna and anchovy


Escargots Baked snails with garlic & parsley butter (½dozen)


Croque Monsieur with gratinee cheese



Vanilla crème Brûlée


Chocolate profiterole


Vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, choux puff $12

Warm chocolate cake Served with vanilla ice cream


Waffle Served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

Ice Cream & Sherbet Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, caramel, sherbet raspberry, passion fruit, coconut etc…

SOUP Mushroom cream soup with rosemary


Bouillabaisse Seafood soup with fish, sea scallop and mussels


1 scoop 2 scoops 3 scoops

And… a selection of pastries in our counter

All prices are exclusive of GST & service charge

$5 $9 $12

Drinks Menu Hot Chocolate

Wine For Full Wine selection, please ask our kind staff. White Wine, House Pour $13/glass, $65/ btl M Chapoutier La Ciboise, Luberon Grenache Syrah 2011 Red Wine, House Pour $13/glass, $65/ btl M Chapoutier La Ciboise, Luberon Grenache Syrah 2011

Champagne Moet brut imperial

$70 ½ btl, $135/btl

Billecart Salmon rose


Billecart Salmon brut

$80 ½ btl, $145/btl

Whisky Nikka from the barrel Japanese blend, 51.4%


Nikka takesuru 17 years Japaness malt, 43%


Lagavulin 16 years Scottish, islay, single malt, 43%


Soft Drinks & Juice Fresh orange juice Perrier mineral water 330 ml Schweppes tonic 7-up Coke

$7.00 $3.50 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00

Beer Bucket of 5 Carlsberg Stella Artois Budweiser Hoegaarden Corona Extra

$40 $9.50/btl $9.50/btl $9.50/btl $9.50/btl $9.50/btl

Lemonade Laurent’s lemonade small: $9.50 large: $15.00 Orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime juice, brown sugar, soda. Ginger-lemon lemonade small: $9.50 large: $15.00 Ginger, lemon grass, lime, brown sugar, ginger ale, soda. Green lemonade small $9.50 large: $15.00 Cucumber, basil, maple syrups, fresh lime, tonic, 7-up, soda. Sweet and bitter lemonade small $9.50 large: $15.00 Passion fruit, grapefruit, orange, brown sugar, biter lemon, soda.

Milk shakes Milk shakes $9.00 Vanilla, chocolate, coffee, coconut, caramel. green tea, strawberry.

Chocolat a l’ancienne $9.00 Simply a pot of hot chocolate ganache and fresh milk served in French Tradition way. $9.00 Classic Hot Chocolate Caraïbe 66% This blend of grands crus from small plantation almond Caribbean Sea has an exceptionally long nose and the soft aromas of nuts on the palate. $9.00 Chocolatea Cocoa nibs infusion $9.50 Rum and raisins Hot chocolate, rum, whipped cream $9.50 Vienna hot chocolate Hot chocolate, whipped cream $9.50 Irish hot chocolate Whisky, hot chocolate, whipped cream

Coffee All coffees are available in decaffeinated with choice of regular or skimmed milk. $5.00 Espresso An intensely flavourful extract of premium gourmet coffee. $5.00 Macchiato Single shot of espresso topped with velvet milk foam. $6.00 Café mocha Single shot of espresso with chocolate and steamed milk. $6.00 Café Lungo Double espresso with hot water. $6.00 Espresso Dopio A double shot. $6.00 Cappuccino $6.00 French press $6.00 Café latte Single shot espresso, milk. $7.00 Double latte Double shot espresso, milk. $6.00 Café Vienna Delicate, whole tender, espresso shot, whipped cream and cacao. $6.00 Caramelatte Coffee, milk foam, caramel

Tea Ask our staff for the full selection of tea: from China & Taiwan, India, Japan, Egypt, Morocco, Blend teas

Iced Tea $8.00 Everglad Fresh and fruity Chinese, Sencha green tea, with pink grapefruit flavor and sprinkled with orange peels. $8.00 Summer Peach A blend of black tea with rose hip and orange and a hint of ripened white peach. $8.00 Mint Refreshing green tea.

Iced Coffee & Chocolate Iced coffee Iced coffee latte Iced chocolate Afogato Hot coffee, vanilla ice cream. Iced black forest Cherry, chocolate, vanilla ice cream.

All prices are exclusive of GST & service charge

$7.00 $7.00 $7.00 $7.00 $9.00

New menu march 2014  

Menu at Laurent at Portsdown, March 2014 Light bite, big bite, all day breakfast, hot chocolate and delicious dessert!