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Behind the lens.. Just who  is  that  girl  with  the  camera?     Lauren  Patrick  is  a  native  Texan,   although  not  native  to  South  Texas   where  she  currently  lives  on  a  full   working  farm.    That  was  a  m igration   that  her  husband  took  her  on  just   shortly  after  they  got  m arried  in  2006.     Although  it  took  her  awhile  to  get   adjusted  to  the  Southerner’s  way  of  life,   she  now  loves  this  laid  back,  slower  pace   away  from  the  city  life.     Lauren  has  always  been  thought  of  by   her  teachers  and  mentors  as     “eccentrically  creative”,  leaning  more   towards  the  creative  writing  side  than   the  arts,  though.    She  graduated  from   Texas  A&M  University  with  a  degree  in   English  and  taught  high  school  for  5   years.      The  Lord  led  her  to  stay  home   after  they  welcomed  a  beautiful  baby   girl  in  2010.   That  is  when  she  was  really  able  to  let  out  her  creative  arts  side  that  had  been  buried  for  years  by   opening  her  own  photography  business  and  working  from  home.    Lauren  quickly  dove  head  first  into   the  industry,  taking  a  few  classes  to  make  sure  she  got  started  the  right  way  and  has  not  looked  back.     Lauren  specializes  in  seniors  simply  because  that  is  her  natural  tendency  …  she  loves  capturing  that   time  in  their  life  and  is  very  comfortable  working  with  them.    She  does,  however,  have  many  clients   that  use  her  for  children,  family,  and  special  event  portraits.     Route  One  Photography  has  clients  that  span  from  here  in  town  all  the  way  to  north  of  Houston.     Lauren’s  clients  have  said  that  they  “enjoy  her  down  to  earth  personality  and  hands  on  approach  to   the  entire  process.    We  never  feel  like  we  are  in  front  of  a  camera,  we  feel  like  we  are  just  hanging   out  with  a  long  lost  friend.”         Lauren  is  a  fun,  natural  light  photographer  who  takes  a  different  approach  to  portraits  with  deep   textures,  vibrant  punches  of  color,  and  a  rustic  edge  to  create  a  unique  end  product  that  you  will   cherish  for  years  to  come.    Clients  have  said  that,  “her  work  is  different  than  we  have  ever  had   available  to  us  b efore!”    Lauren  is  hands  on  from  day  one,  walking  you  through  suggestions  on  what   to  wear,  choosing  the  location,  and  the  option  for  hair  and  makeup  to  b e  taken  care  of  on  site  for  the   ultimate  experience.    After  the  session  is  complete,  Lauren  prefers  to  do  in  home  ordering  to  help   walk  you  through  what  products  you  will  need  to  fit  in  your  home,  from  small  prints  in  frames  all  the   way  to  wall  displays  and  canvases.         Please  check  out  Route  One  Photography’s  website  and  blog  for  the  latest  session  images  and   information  at  and    

The Big Idea pg. 4-5 Why are senior portraits so important anyway? Won’t mine just look like everyone else’s?

In the Know pg. 6-7

A little timeline to help you understand the process … Lauren is with you from day one.

Preparation & Clothing pg. 8-9 Pricing and Session Info pg. 10-11 It’s the small things that make your images stand out from the rest. Accessories, the perfect shoes, and just the right shade of nail polish complete your outfits, and Lauren is chalk full of help!

Route One Photography offers a few different session options to fit everyone’s needs. The most current and popular products are available from the nation’s top labs.

What’s the big idea anyway? Senior year is huge. The last homecoming game and dance, the last football game, the last play you star in … the prom is put on for you … all kinds of milestones happen this year. Remember it. Cherish it. Don’t try to rush through it. Give it your all and make it the best. That includes your senior portraits. You want to freeze this moment in your life … make sure that your pictures represent who you are and who you want to become.

Remember as  you  set  off  next  year  into  your  journey:  “Commit  your  work  to  the   Lord  and  your  plans  will  be  established.”    Proverbs  16:3  


Every session Â

Every last detail Â

Your one chance to make a statement about you that is timeless and will last a lifetime.

In the Know Over the last year, Lauren has learned a few things about what works and doesn’t work with Route One clients and sought after education from nationally known photographers. She is sharing with you a simple idea of what to expect throughout the entire process, from the moment you say yes until the moment you receive your products in hand. Following this is how you and Lauren will ensure your session is exactly what you expect… nothing but the best!

2 weeks before

1 week after

After your session is booked, we will discuss location options, clothing, and you will let me know the over all mood you want to set for your session. We will go back and forth with emails and picture texts of outfit choices to make sure I understand what fits your personality and make sure we make your session stand out, but that it is you.

I will post an online gallery for your seven day preview period. When your gallery is released, we will schedule an in-person ordering session. Usually these take place at your home, but I welcome you into our home or at a local café/joint if that is better for you. While viewing your online gallery, please start to narrow them down to your top 15 images.

2 days before

2 weeks after

Time and exact location will be set. We will discuss any changes and check the weather. I will make a weather call 24 hours before if we need to cancel … I do not like waiting until the day of; that just sets everyone on edge.

We meet for our in-person order session! This is my favorite part (well, not as much as the session). Here we choose your favorite images, discuss your needs and wants, and design products to fit your home. This is also when we do any custom design work for announcements, wall galleries, and albums.

It’s here! Are you as excited as I am? Please show up in your first outfit and be ready to go. Please have outfits on hangers and neatly in order. Please make sure to be on time and let me know if something comes up.

4-5 weeks after

Your prints, artwork, and albums and ready for delivery! If it is a busy time of year, albums and wall designs may take longer, but that will be discussed at time of order.

Best Prep Tips Some more  advice  gathered  from  top  photographers  across   the  nation  …  this  is  good  stuff!  

Your session is in… . . . Two weeks Ω Start drinking plenty of water to hydrate your skin properly. Ω Be sure to moisturize any skin that will show (elbows, knees, lips)

Ten days Ω Last day to tan! Soak up the sun and then hide!

One week Ω Get your hair cut if needed and fresh highlights. It takes about a week for your hair to “settle”. Do not try anything new or drastic at this point. Ω Groom your eyebrows.

Two days!! Ω Don’t lose sleep over the excitement, but get pumped, we are going to have so much fun. Ω Put on fresh polish on toesies and fingers. It is best of the colors match and stick to neutral tones. Dark polish is a trend, but in pictures it draws the viewers eyes to the polish, and we want all eyes on you! Also, twenty years from now you may think, “Purple, why did I wear purple nail polish with orange dots?”

Who is invited? This is totally up to you; I am comfortable around most everyone; never met a stranger. However, who are you MOST comfortable around? Who is going to make you laugh and add to our fun? Who are you most relaxed around? It can be your mother (as long as she doesn’t irritate you!) or your best friend (as long as you are on speaking terms that day!). Or it can be just you and me, whatever fits you best. Remember, this is your memory, how do you want it to look when you think about it years from now? We pump up the music and sometimes bust out old school moves, so make sure who ever you bring can bring it!

What to wear ideas If you are anything like me, you have a closet full of clothes yet when it comes to deciding, you have “nothing to wear”. If someone comes and talks me through it, I usually do see that I have plenty of options. Here are some ideas from Lauren and her “cohorts” to help you decide ... and if you happen to need to go shopping later, call me, I’m always up for an extravaganza. (Seriously, Kirby and I have gone shopping with seniors before!) With that in mind, we need to make sure that we are dressing for your senior shoot with what flatters you the most. I want your senior session to represent your personality. Please take time in putting together your outfits – the more thought the better. Something fun, yet classic, that will represent you on the walls of your parent’s home twenty years from now.

Go for it!

Layers: cardigans. Jackets. 2 shirts. light layers! Texture: so much fun. lace. ruffles. ribbons. necklace or scarf. hat. accessories with embellishments. shoes with buckles.

Color: any color that flatters you. Patterns: almost as much fun as texture.

choose maybe one outfit that is unexpected, like maybe vintage if you don’t usually do that. be careful with stripes – small or large are good but avoid medium stripes which can add unwanted width in a photograph.

Not so much! don’t layer that adds bulk. make sure each layer is thin and can lay flat. don’t overdo accessories just one fabulous ring or necklace per outfit really does work. don’t be afraid of light colors such as white and pastels – they do photograph well if teamed up with patterns and textures. no logos or writing or phrases – future college or high school shirts are ok for one outfit, but stay away from the trendy store names plastered across the shirt. don’t be overly trendy with your choices because trends will date your picture. just ask grandma why the picture of her beehive hair-do is hidden in the closet and not on display.

Session pricing information Group session: ($350 each includes 5 images on a disk per client) Group sessions are a ton of fun! I can take up to 4 seniors at a time, which allows us to get out of dodge and find locations that no one else gets! They will all be different and you will have a great time creating memories with your best friends! Simple session: (*$250 requires $300 minimum print order) SIMPLE. It is all about you and capturing you being you. You do your own hair and makeup before you arrive to your session. We still walk through all of the steps in the timeline, choosing locations and outfits that best represent you. The session lasts about an hour and a half and you have unlimited wardrobe changes. Ultimate session: (*$450 requires $300 minimum print order) The ultimate session is all you can get! It includes full hair AND make up on location with us for simple touch ups and quick changes. The session lasts up to 3 hours and you have unlimited outfit changes and location options. If you are looking for an epic senior photo session, this is the experience for you.

*Session fee is due when booked. With each session, you get a $100 gift towards printing if you order within your 2-week order period. That means the session fee is only $150 – you are just prepaying $100 towards your pictures!

Packages designed . . . with you in mind Route One $1800 20 gift prints 2 11x14 wall prints 16x24 gallery wrapped canvas 12x12 flush mount album full gallery on a disk with proofs in memory box 100 custom announcements 100 custom thank you notes Highway $1050 10 gift prints 16x20 gallery wrapped canvas 4x8 senior book 8x8 flush mount album 5 images on a disk 50 custom announcements Farm to Market $700 10 gift prints 16x20 wall print 8x8 coffee table book 4 images on a disk County Road $350 5 gift prints 6x6 coffee table book 1 image on a disk



Welcome packet that explains session fees and information.


Welcome packet that explains session fees and information.