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Newsletter June 2011 ICBF Active Beef Bull List On weaning index NCBC has:

• 9 of top to Charolais overall • 9 of top 10 Charolais <€15 /straw • 6 of top 10 Limousin <€15 /straws • 6 of top 10 Belgian blues <€15/ straw Our Top Bulls on Weaning index



Wean 133 123 119 113 109 104 104 102 101 100 100

Mart Watch: Top Belgian Blue calves from dairy cows making €400+

New Belgian Blue: Adhemar (AKH)

Proven Easy Calving. Used in Holland on dairy herds with great results

Dairy Sire Program 2011/12 Active bulls



Top Imported Bulls





Euro €254 €209 €205 €194

Monamore Oman Raven EX Dam of Ardnasalem Seven

NCBC has been working with farmers all over Ireland and indeed farmers from as far away as New Zealand to identify top new bulls for the 2012 breeding programmes. To-date we have genotyped over 1000 calves in Ireland and we have selected over 100 young dairy bulls for the programme with EBIs up to €297. Many of the new crop of bull will not be related to Oman and some have exceptionally high EBIs up to €287. NCBC along with Progressive and Munster continue to build Irelands leading dairy stud to benefit Irish dairy farmers. NCBC along with its share holders is making substantial investments on behalf of Irish farmers we thank you for your support and look forward to delivering better stock for your enterprises.

About Lynbrook Sultan (LKX) This Ramos son is our No. 2 EBI sire. His Dam is full sister to Germany’s No. 1 bull, She is classified EX91. Her highest lactation is over 12,000 Kgs with 3.84% protein. Milking on her 4th lactation she has a better than 365 day calving interval. Little wonder then that LKX gets €130 for fertility. He is also a great production bull with very low SCC.

Disease testing from Progressive Genetics Improve your herds health status and tackle problems • Bulk Milk Scheme • Tag & Test • Vet Services • Limousin Soc Scheme Independent Milk Laboratories

Bulk Milk Scheme

In Ireland, at present, there are a number of infectious diseases in the dairy herd which are not subject to governmental regulation but that can be introduced onto farms, often with devastating consequences. The diseases in question are; • Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD), • IBR • Leptospirosis • Johnes Disease • Neosporosis • Parasitic infections e.g. Liver Fluke The relatively recent development of bulk milk screening tests for the diseases listed above means that detection and monitoring of these diseases within a dairy herd has eased considerably. The use of bulk milk samples also provides a very cost effective means of tracking these diseases within a herd. Call 01-4502142 for details

BVD Tag & Test

Now available from Progressive Genetics in conjunction with Enfer. Tag & Test is an excellent way of testing for BVD Virus.

Dam of LKX: Lynbrook Oman Classic EX-91 2E

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Quality Weanling Video progressivegenetics @progressivegen

Suckler Beef Quality Made Easy DVD a big success.

Ever Increasing Interest in Better Beef Genetics.

Progressive Genetics over the last two months held two mart events one in Balla Co Mayo and the other in Stranlor mart in Donegal. Both events saw crowds that the Thanks to all the farmers and industry marts could hardly hold. A word of thanks to the inseminators that helped to source people that gave their input. This DVD stock and to the farmers that supplied them. Progeny of bulls such as FHZ, SEU, has made a positive impact for people BIG, and DEP represented the blues, while CF71, KLU, KIB, and CF85 were in the looking to improve their beef output Charolais corner, and other progeny from CVV, FL21,NSQ and IS4 were also preand profitability. sent. All stock was of excellent quality, and it was noted that most of the Charolais A . I . f o r Pr o It highlights what kl er fi t could be used for the home market or the export trade. Suc the market Guest speakers on the night were Aidan Murray Teagasc Beef Specialist and demands Justin Mc Carthy Livestock Editor Irish Farmers Journal. Both men made the and how Quality Made Easy comment that “using AI as a tool in your breeding program can help increase people farm profit, and by using maternal tested bulls you can select your best cows, are with high fertility, good milk, docility and function and breed from these cows using to get the ideal suckler elite A.I. Tel: 1850 20 20 50 Tel: 022 43228 cow. bulls The aim of the breedto meet ing program is to deliver these excellent quality, profitable needs and beef cattle whether they be achieve high weanlings, finished cattle or herd prices. replacements. This quality needs The Video is on our website or DVD to be delivered without high calvcan be ordered from our office. ing difficulty. Farmer feedback on the nights were very supportive of the breeding program because Tel: 1850 20 20 50 it works for them.

About Lauragh Evert (LHZ)

Genomic Service

Genomic EBI’s for your animals

• Higher reliability • Increase genetic gain • Identify potential A.I. Bull dams • Select the best genetics for your herd

Option 1: 3K Chip

€50 per animal Sire must have 54K genotype on file. i.e. Not all animals are eligible for 3K chip

Option 2: 54K Chip

€150 per animal For animals not eligible for 3K chip General eligibility requirements: Dairy animal Sire & maternal grand sire recorded Minimum 50% holstein Maximum 6.25% breed other than HO/FR Procedure: • Select animals for genotyping by tag number. Your breeding advisor can help with this . • List nominated animals on form provided or email to your breeding advisor. • We will notify you of chip size required for the genotyping of each animal & confirm prices. • DNA hair sampling kits will be sent • Hair samples returned by post. via freepost envelopes • Genomic EBI’s will be returned in 4-6 weeks Contact: Patricia on 1850 20 20 50 or your local breeding advisor

12% Increase in Milk Recording

• SCC Data • Herd Improvement • Management information • Disease compensation The large increase in herds recording this year reflects this. Milk recording is flexible and great value. If you do not record yet you need to start now. Once off SCC testing also available. Contact 01-4502142 for more information.

Bred from one of Ireland’s highest EBI herds it is fitting he is now our highest EBI bull. He is one of the best bulls available for milk solids at +0.20% Protein. He also scores well for maintenance so they are very efficient cows and ideal for low input systems. If you want to know where these genes come from we only have to look at his dam who produced 3 lactations over 4% protein. She is currently on her seventh lactation.

iML Disease Guides available: BVD, IBR, Johnes, Lepto, Neospora, Mastitis Testing se lth & Disea Herd Hearvices from ositive ith p Se ers w sinesses farm bu

& r Vets rove thei p ding Provi ons to im rvices ti Testing Se solu Scheme Bulk Milk

atories t Milk Labor Independen

Disease Guides to

control of:


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• IBR & A.I.

page 5

• Johnes

page 6

• Neospora is Leptospiros

• Mastitis

page 2 page 3



rmation Control Info

page 7 page 8

Status & basis

k Antibody

Blood & Mil

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e, Neospora , Lepto, Liver Fluk Johnes, IBR, BVD or milk rmed on Blood Tests can be perfo BVD Virus


Bulk Milk PCR test Ear notch virus

er in the to being a lead iML is comitted ase testing and also provision of dise Herd Health. to advice relating for illustratep guides are These step-by-s . Detailed guides may only tive purposes IML customers. by herds be requested tions differ betweenveterisitua Disease tions and yourto assist ed and between loca es er is best plac nary practition which control programm you in deciding your farm. to are best suited

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Individual Bloo

Mastitis ID

idual cow on Bulk or indiv titis pathogens • Identifies Mas titis or SCC t sample g source of mas te treatmen opria appr • Help in identifyin of tification • Allow for idenbacterial DNA • PCR test forrate • Highly accu actually in milk • Only bacteria ple contamination • No after-samon bacterial culture • Not reliant

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Vet Services

iML lab is now offering blood tests for the main infectious diseases: • Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD), • IBR • Leptospirosis • Johnes Disease • Neosporosis Veterinary practitioners can now avail of the superb value and service from iML.

Limousin Society Scheme

The Irish Limousin Cattle Society has launched an initiative aimed at enhancing herd health among breeders and commercial users of Limousin cattle. Called LIMO LEADER HERD HEALTH, the initiative is being run in association with Independent Milk Laboratories (IML). It will focus on BVD, IBR, Johne’s disease and Leptospirosis. Other diseases such as Salmonella, Neospora and liver fluke may be added later. It was launched at the Limousin breeders first premier sale of the year at Roscrea mart.

rmation: For more info siv www.progres ie www.imlabs. irie email: enqu 2 214 Tel: 01-450

iML Milk Testing

Independent milk testing is now being carried out for Lakeland Dairies and Progressive Genetics. This means both organisations can enjoy an independent, professional lab operating to the highest quality standards and producing results that can be relied upon.

Pictured are (l to r) Joe O’Flaherty, CEO Animal Health Ireland, John McInerney, president ILCS, Dr. Riona Sayers, CEO IML. Front row ILCS council members Dr. Frank Buckley and Dan. O’Mahony.

Accuracy of iML Independent Testing confirmed by European Reference Labs

Qlip are the principal independent milk testing lab in Holland testing 30 million samples per year. They are ISO accredited for reference chemistry testing and for administering proficiency schemes. • Qlip ring trail is the principal Protein z-score European wide accredited scheme which is recognised as the gold standard Poor Best Performance • iML first Irish lab to particiPerformance pate • Completely blind ring trial • Z score is the statistical indication of lab accuracy used by organisations such as FPAS Graph shows iML performance in Qlip ring trials:

Top performer Angus in Tully purchased : Jumbo King

New Belgian Blue Bulls

Easy calving , short gestation, high muscle pedigrees

Manitou DBZ

The top Angus bull at the performance test centre in Tully. He achieved the highest average daily gain (2.9kgs ADG) across all breeds, Goulding Jumbo King, achieved the top weight across all breeds. He was purchased by NCBC. An Angus bull with such performance is of great interest to farmers in the Angus schemes.

Messager FTK

Coming Soon..... New Belgian blue bull

Rosemount Cash (Joker x Tintin)

New Simmental Bull

Curaheen Apostle. New Bloodline for Ireland

New Charolais: ICARE (ICR), best bull ever proven in France for beef capacity. The full sister Goulding Jane K434 was a first prize winner at Balmoral show in May.






Beef Sires Update now available




Breed replacements from your maiden heifers with two proven French Sires: Ozeus and Ultime. Ozeus (OZS) Ultime (UTL)

British Friesians

Barrowvale Odessy (YSD)

Brother to VML. Dam is EX91 4E, still milking on 14 th lactation!! Lifetime production over 100 tons of milk. Ozeus Daughter

Ultime Sons

NCBC along with PG and Munster will introduce up to 28 new beef bulls many have already been identified and some have already appeared in the GeneIreland test programme. All the major breeds will be represented in this new intake including Belgian Blue, Aberdeen Angus, Charolais, Limousin, Hereford and Simmental. NCBC is adding to its complete beef stud that will cater for all segments of the market, from the dedicated beef finisher, to the dairy farmer using beef on his herd and from the weanling specialist to the suckler replacement breeder.

Barrowvale Martell (VML)

Are Genomic Sires Too Risky?

Summary of Article produced in US publication Note: LNM is US equivalent of EBI

iML BVD Guide What is it?

We can all think of an individual bull that “disappointed” us as he transitioned from first-crop status to adding second-crop daughters. But, for the most part when a sire adds second-crop daughters, we consider the process fairly stable. Yes, his genetic evaluation does alter slightly but there is not a large undertone of nervousness as a sire goes through this process. The changes are acceptable. Since we are already familiar with the transition from first to second-crop daughters, perhaps comparing it to the transition from genomic proven to daughter proven will allow us to determine how “risky” genomic-proven sires are. This sire comparison is demonstrated in the scatter graph below. Here’s how to interpret the graph: • Each orange dot represents a first-crop sire in February 2005 that is now (as of August 2010) considered a second-crop sire. There are 455 bulls in this dataset. As of the August 2010 sire summary, bulls averaged 2,665 milking daughters. • Each purple dot represents a bull that was genomic proven (zero milking dau) in January 2009 and as of August 2010 averaged 89 milking daughters. There are 1,375 bulls represented in this dataset. • The closer a dot is to the thick black line, the less the bull’s evaluation for Lifetime Net Merit (LNM) changed as he gained additional daughters. If a bull is far above the black line, he largely improved in LNM as he added daughters. If a bull is far below the black line, he dropped in LNM as he added daughters. It is not surprising to see a downward skew to the data; in fact, this is normal. It is more important to observe that both sets of dots have a similar scatter pattern. This shows sires in both groups have a similar change in genetic merit. A closer examination of the LNM values shows the genomic- to daughter-proven sire group has a tighter distribution. In other words, the average change in genetic merit was less as these sires added daughters compared to when the first-crop sires added secondcrop daughters. (The standard deviation of change from first to second crop was 133. The standard deviation from genomic to daughter proven was 99.) One last observation: genomic-proven bulls are positioned more to the right side of the graph. This means they ranked higher initially for LNM than the first-crop sires.

BVD is a highly contagious viral disease of cattle.

How it is transmitted?

Independent Milk Laboratories

Direct animal contact is the most efficient method of BVD virus transmission. Both transient and persistently infected animals will shed virus particles in all bodily secretions, such as nasal and oral discharges, tears, milk and semen. Persistently infected animals shed significantly higher levels of virus than transiently infected animals. Indirect transmission by contaminated housing, veterinary equipment and farm visitors can also occur although of lower risk.

Clinical Signs

• Poor fertility (conception rates), having ruled out other causes • Poor calf health i.e. unprecedented or undeserved level of calf scour and/or pneumonia • Increased number of abortions, stillbirths and/or deformities • Birth of weak calves • Occurrence of severe acute BVD • Occurrence of fatal mucosal disease (only possible in persistently infected animals)

Steps in tackling BVD Step 1: Establish Herd Status

• Bulk Milk Antibody • Unvaccinated Youngstock Screen Tests • Bulk Monitoring Scheme • Blood Antibody


Sire C omparison 300

First to Second Crop Genomicc to Daughter Proven

Change in LNM = Initial LNM - August 2010 LNM


Step 2: Establish if P.I. Present

100 0 -100

Take-Home Message


Genomic-proven sires are similar in risk to first-crop sires and, statistically, are actually less risky.

-300 -400 -500 -300








Initial LNM

Dairy Farming: Shape and size of sector in 2018

■ Dairy cow numbers will increase by 277,000 (1.104 million in 2008 to 1.382 million in 2018) or 2.5% per year. ■ National milk production will increase to 7,101 million tonnes in 2018; an increase of 39% above 2008 or 43% above 2009 levels. ■ Average milk delivered per farm will increase to 458,123kg. ■ Average herd size will increase to 89 cows Are you getting ready?

From Teagasc Dairy Road Map

• Bulk Milk Virus • Test all newborn calves for virus Tests • Bulk Milk Virus PCR • Ear Notch test • Blood Virus test

Step 3: Find P.I.

• Test all animals individually for BVD virus • Test all calves born following year for BVD virus Tests • Bulk Milk Virus PCR • Ear Notch test • Blood Virus test

Step 4: Remove P.I.

• Once confirmed, slaughter PIs • DO NOT SELL ON

Step 5: Continous Monitoring

Tests • Bulk Monitoring Scheme

• On-going management of herd • Biosecurity Full Guide BVD available plus other diseases

Helping you prepare for 2015 Key drivers of Future Profitability Turning Grass into Money

What we can Provide: Agrinet Grass

Grass-based Genetics

A.I. Sires selected for Ireland

Getting Calving Pattern Right

Fertility Genetics & Heatime

Achieving a Healthy Herd

iML Disease testing

• Maximise Grass Growth & Utilisation • Grazing Management • Higher Performance from Grazed Grass

• Grass Budgets • Discussion Group • Peer comparisons

• Potential from High EBI • Crossbreeding option • Capitalising on Genomic technology

• Highest EBI Sires • Jersey, Norwegian Red, others • Genomic proven sires, Genomic EBI for your stock

• Achieving 90% Submission Rates • Increasing Conception Rates

• Heatime, Heat detection aids • Professional Service, high fertility genetics

• Developing a Herd Health Plan • Improving Farm Biosecurity • Diagnostic Testing and Vaccination

• iML disease control guides • Breed your own with A.I. • iML milk, ear notch & blood testing options

Producing High Quality Milk

Independent Milk Laboratories

Milk Recording

• Reducing SCC • Reduce Mastitis

• High SCC & Milk Recording reports • Mastitis ID test & SCC testing Come and see us at:

IHFA Open Day, Tuesday 21st

June, Hurley Family farm, Arklow.

Progressive Genetics at Emerald Expo 2011, Kilkenny

Tullamore Show, Sunday 14th August

Ploughing Championships, 20th to 22nd September, Athy.

Semex Canada Proof Update Windbrook: No. 1 LPI from Semex

Jordan: Best Goldwyn son

More Goldwyn Sons: Seaver, Dragon

Lureck: the Goldwyn for Sexed semen & protein

Eight: Fertility, Longevity & Protein

Progressive Genetics sponsored the Shorthorn class won by Michael Manley

Semex Sponsored the Class won by Dermot McCarthy. Grand champion was by Semex sire Braedale Goldwyn

Progressive Genetics Tel: 1850 20 20 50

PG Newsletter June 2011  

PG Newsletter June 2011