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Sample Autoethnography  Transcripts     Sample  1:       [Turns on hip hop music on TV][Turns on camera] "Alright, so… I'm going to write my name, my teacher. Name, name, class date. Name, teacher, Mrs. Martinez. ENC 1101. Which section am I in? 112 and the date." [Thinking] "I need to center my paper…Xs Portrait…..of a Writer." [Reads text message on phone] [Coughs] [Looks at Facebook example] "Ugh. What did that person write about? Portrait of my Relationship with Writing. The Portrait? Writing is like a rollercoaster. It has its ups and downs." [Thinks] "Ohh! Writing is like riding a rollercoaster. To me, writing is like riding a rollercoaster. There are going to be many ups and downs and times when I want to throw up. My relationship with writing [pauses] Lets me express. To me, writing is like riding a rollercoaster. Wait. There are going to be many ups and downs and time when the entire writing process are going to make me up throw up. The up's ….are the times I can clearly..clearly.. on paper." [Time of typing, but not speaking] "Personally…The up's are when youre going up for that big drop on a roller coaster. On the other hand, there are many downs and twists. In this case…In my case…the downs are when I have major writings block [backspaces] have extreme writers block." [Types] [Backspace] [Backspace] [Backspace] "Anne Lamott, and educated writer states…."[Long Pause] [Coughs] "Like Anne Lamott, and educated writer states." [Reads text message & replies] Now…how did I establish this relationship? [Rubs chin] "Okay, I feel like this relationship I have with writing did not establish….until I began writing intensive papers starting…starting. Before?" [Backspaces] [Types a lot without speaking aloud]"They were so strict on their writing rules. I would be writing an essay and criticizing every

word I write, to make sure it was perfect….for my teacher." [Looks at rubric teacher gave] "Grammar of the flow of my essays. However, when I entered highschool….this changed. They were so strict on their writing rules. Until, my second semester English composition class…until my second semester English composition class …that helped me find the ups to writing." [Finds mom] "Mom, what was some of the essays I wrote for my composition class? Hmmm,…compare and contrast, cause and effect…and process. Yes, I have more than 500 words. [Goes to reread essay to dad] "Do you think I need to add anything? Okay, good. I'm done, now I just need to type up my transcript."


Sample 2:       Alright,  I’m  going  to  begin.  Ummmmmm  ,  date,  ummm  date  is,  look  at  my  phone  for   the  date.  November  2,  2011.  Ms.  Martinez.   Portrait  of  a  writer,  centered  ok.  Facebook  is  still  open,  just  hanging  out  doing  some   work.  Ummm  how  should  I  start?  I  guess  I’ll  start  with  what  I  did  in  my  first  draft  in   class.  Andddd  ok  umm..     Writing  is  an  amusement  park  on  Labor  Day  weekend.  Oops.  No,  let  me  change  that.     Writing  is  an  amusement  park  on  a  busy  Saturday.    Uh  I’ll  change  that.    Writing  is   like  Disney  world  on  a  busy  Saturday.    Evertybody  in  Disney  is  the  writer.  No.  How   the  hell  do  I  word  this.   Okay  enter,  let  me  start  over  but  not  delete  it.       Writing,  to  me,  is,  is,  is  like  Disney  World  on  a  busy  Saturday.    Every  person  in   Disney  is  a  writer.    Everybody  has  a  different  way  of  writing.    Writing,  umm  this   needs  to  be  double  spaced  first.     Writing  to  me  is  like  Disney  world  on  a  busy  Saturday.    Every  person  in  Disney  is  a   writer  and  has  a  different  way  of  writing.    (Check  the  time)  2:45.  Every  person  in   Disney  does  not  do  the  same  thing  as  the  person  next  to  them.   Look  at  me,  I  got  a  bbm.    Oh  it’s  my  brotha.  I’m  doing  work,  peace.   43  words  so  far.      Some  people  like  to  (pause).  Some  people  like  to,  like  to  umm  ride   rollercoaster’s,  others  just  come  for  the  stores.    I  am  starving.    Others  just  come  for   the  stores.    Some  people  will  wait  patiently  and  take  their  time  to  get  on  to  the  roller   coaster.    Others  will  pay  money  to  get  the  easy  pass.    Others  will  pay  money  to  get   the  easy  pass  to  get  on  the  rollercoaster.    (pause)       This  relates  to  writing  because  everybody  has  their  own  ways  of  accomplishing   their  goal  and  in  this  case,  the  goal  is  writing.    Some  people,  don’t  like  to  ride.  Some   people.  Some  people  like  to  write  novels  and  other  people  like  to  write  poems.    This   (pause).  This  (pause)  umm.    Ummm.    Some  people  take  their  time  with  writing  um.     Some  people  take  their  time  when  completing  a  writing  task,  a  writing  goal,  a   writing  objective.    Some  people  take  their  time  when  comple  (I  didn’t  finish  the   word).    Some  people  take  their  time  when  (pause).    Some  people  take  their  time   when  accomplishing  a  goal  and  others  like  to  jump  right  into  it  and  get  it  over  with.   (pause).    This  all  ties  in  to  Disney  World  because.  I  have  a  spelling  mistake  oops.     This  all  ties  in  to  Disney  World  because,  because,  because,  ways  that  people  (pause).     Delete  that,  keep  going  with  the  paragraph.   This  is  like  Disney  World  (pause).    All  of  these  examples  of  writing  could  be  tied  into   a  day  at  Disney  World.    Many  people  do  different  things  and  have  different  ways  of   doing  it.    Um  I  am  the  person  who.    When  I  am  at  Disney  World,  I  am  the  person  who   will  buy  the  easy  pass.  Wait,  it’s  a  fast  pass.  Oops.  Gotta  delete  that  and  change  it.     When  I  am  at  Disney  World,  I  am  the  person  who  will  buy  the  fast  pass  and  get  it   over  with.    Although  I  enjoy  writing,  I  don’t  like  to  take  a  lot  of  time  to  finish  the   task.     I  got  a  bbm.      

I don’t  like  taking  a  lot  of  time  to  finish  the  task.    I  am  writer..  I  don’t  know  what  the   hell  to  write  anymore.       Stephen  King,  is  that  the  guy  in  the  tv  show?    Let  me  find  this  quote  on  Ms.  Martinez’   page.  Is  that  it?  Nope,  next  slide.    Ok  I’m  reading  a  portrait  of  a  writer.    Maybe  this   isn’t  the  slide.    Where  is  that  Stephen  King  quote?    Looks  like  I  got  to  go  into  the   book,  GREAT.  I  hate  this  book.    This  is  weird  talking  to  myself  but  I  guess  it’s  pretty   cool.    An  experience  that  I’ll  never  do  again.    Stephen  King  states,  “Do  we  see  the   same  thing?”   It’s  a  good  talent  that  I  can  type  without  looking  at  the  keyboard.    (pause)   Okay  I’m  not  using  this  quote  this  quote  is  stupid.   Okay  I’ll  just  start  talking  about  my  writing.    Writing  has  not  always  come  naturally   to  me.    Writing  is  a  very  complex  process  that  requires  a  lot  of  vocabulary  and   structure.  (pause)    Writing  has  not  always  come  naturally  to  me.    Writing  is  a  very   complex  process  that  requires  a  lot  of  vocabulary  and  structure.    The  idea  of  an   introduction,  three  body  paragraphs,  and  a  conclusion,  never  made  sense  to  me.    I   understood  why.    I  understand  the  why.    I  understand  the  reasoning  behind  this   structure  but  I  don’t  understand  why.    Why  do  teachers  make  us  write  in  this  format   and  if  we  don’t,  it  is  not  correct.    This  is  the  question  that  I  always  wanted  to  ask  a   teacher  but  never  had  the  courage  to  do  so.     (Facebook).       In  the  sixth  grade,  I  was  a  below  average  writer.    Since  then,  I  have  succeeded  and   went  beyond  my  expectations  of  my  ability.    Beyond  my  expectations  and  ability  to   write  in  an  English  Class.  (yawn)  I’m  starving  I  didn’t  eat  anything  all  day.   Although  I  enjoy  writing  and  do  not  like  to  take  a  lot  of  time  to  finish  the  task.    When   I  was  in  middle  school,  up  to  the  beginning  of  high  school,  I  hated  English  class  and  I   hated  writing  assignments  because  they  were  pointless  and  we  had  to  write  about  a   topic  that  had  nothing  to  do  with  my  life,  my  life  or  anything  that  I  care  about.    On   the  other  hand,  writing  tasks  were  pretty  simple  and  straightforward.    Today,   writing  tasks  are  more  complex  but  I  can  relate  them  to  my  life  and  experiences.    To   me,  that  is  the  most  effective  way  of  writing  because  many  people  can  relate  to  me   and  how  my  writing,  and  how  my  writing  relates  to  them.       (Facebook)  umm.   The  writing  process  for  me  to  complete  an  assignment  is  very  simple.    I  do  it,  I  do  it   as  quick  as  I  can,  and  I  get  it  done  with.    I  get  it  over  with  and  done  in  a  decent   amount  of  time.    In  a  constructive,  in  a..  I  get  it  over  with  and  done  but  I  make  sure  it   is  a  very  good  writing  assignment  and  that  all  grammar  and  punctuation.  Wait,   grammar  and  spelling  is  correct.       Sweeeetttt  goodbye.                  

Sample 3:    

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Transcript   This  portion  of  the  paper  is  due  November  8,  2011   I  am  in  ENC  101  class  with  Ms.  Martinez   Title  of  paper     my  perception  of  writing  or   I  will  put  auto  ethnography  paper   Alright   Ready  to  begin   Who  am  I  as  a  writer?  How  you  see  yourself  as  a  writer?  Is  self-­‐perception   helping  you  be  the  best  writer  I  can  be?  How  does  writing  rules  change  your   relationship  with  writing?  Explain  how  I  can  improve  my  writing?   random  noise   well….   when  I  was    a  little  kid  or  the  first  thing  I  can  say  about  myself  is  that  I  do  not   like  to  write   I’m  just  going  to  give  a  little  background  information  in  the  introduction  and   then  start  to  elaborate  more  on  my  body  paragraphs   uhmmm   I  remember  when  I  was  a  kid  my  parents  since  they  were  Asian   Jeff:  laughing   always  spent  money  on  education  first  rather  than  toys   so….  so  my  parents  kept  insisting  or  let  me  change  it  forcing  me  to  participate   with  this  program  called  phonix     how  do  you  spell  phonix   Jeff:  do  you  mean  hooked  on  phonix   yea  hooked  on  phonix   P-­‐H-­‐O-­‐N-­‐I-­‐X   Thanks  Jeff   *Quiet*   I  think  this  is  when  I  started  to  hate  writing  because  as  I  saw  kids  playing   outside,  my  parents  would  force  me  everyday  for  2  hours   focus  on  this  writing  program  maybe  that  that  is  why  I  suck  at  English   well  I  don’t  necessarily  suck  at  English  but  that  is  why  I  suck  at  vocabulary   and  get  low  grades  on  FCATs  and  SATs   but…   I  guess  this  carried   this  carried  out  for  the  rest  of  my  ed-­‐-­‐   education  career  so  far   the  reason  why  I  hated  phonix  because  it  want  even  fun  all  I  would  do  is   watch  stupid   I  don’t  want  to  say  stupid   all  I  would  watch  is  boring  videos  on  this  worm  talking  and  since  I  was  like  7   I  didn’t  really  care  about  it  

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It all  I  focused  on  was  toys   care…   *quiet*   How  do  I  see  myself  as  a  writer?   I  see  my  self  as  a  writer..   my  position  in  writing  is  that  I’m  not  the  best  but  I  can  at  least  write  a  decent   college  essay   I  see  myself  as  a  writer  who  knows  how  to  construct  one  but  it  seems  like  it   is  hard  for  me  to  make  it  interesting.   What  I  mean  y  this  is  as  I  read  my  essays  I  fell  like  its  boring  and  monotone,   but  as  I  read  articles  or  books  I  noticed  that  most  things  they  write  come   together   and  there  not..   and  the  authors  sentence  structure  makes  sense  and  not  boring   spell  check   I  see  self-­‐perception  be  the  best  writer  you  can  be?   How  words  were  yours..  like  a  thousand   Jeff:  close  to  that,  it  was  like  near  750,  like  a  page  in  a  half  not  double  spaced   My  position  in  writing  is  that…whispering..   I  see  myself  as  a  writer  by…   by  knowing  how  to  construct   *Thinking*   My  perception  of  writing  is  that  I  know  I’m  not  the  best  but  at  the  same  time  I   know  I’m  not  the  worst   my  perception  does  effect  my  writing..   my  perception  does  effect  how  I  write  because  I  know  that,  no  that  doesn’t   make  sense   self  perception  help  me  be  the  best  writer  I  can  be  because  since  I  know  that  I   suck  at  writing  I  always  strive  hard  so  it  can  be  good   an  example  would  be  umm,  so  far  in  English  class  we  wrote  2  papers   each  paper  I  didn’t  get  the  grade  I  wanted,  so  …..   So  I  worked  hard  and  try  to  revise  my  papers  so  that  I     so  that  when  I  turn  to  my  professor   I  worked  so  hard  and  try  to  revise  my  papers  so  that  when  I  turn  it  in  to  my   professor  hopefully  It  can  be  better  than  the  originally   if  this  doesn’t  work  then  I  wonk  stop  because   because  I  believe  that  the  only  way  to  write  better  papers  is  to  see  the   mistakes  I’ve  done  so  that  I  can  improve  it  and  make  it  better  until  I  get  the   results  I  want   *quiet*   How  is  writing  rules   the  writing  rules  I  was  taught  when  I  was  young  was  to  basically  to  have  5   paragraphs.  A  introduction,  3  body  and  uhmmm,  conclusion  paragraph  with   only  5  sentence  in  each  paragraph   but  as  I  grew  and…  

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as I  grew  and  I  transitioned  from  middle  school  to  high  school  I  later  found   out  that  this  rule  no  longer  applies   now  I  learned  in  high  school,  I  learned  that  we  need  a  thesis,  with  hooks,  and   grammar…and  grammar   with  need  hook  ,  thesis,  hooks  also  need  transitions  and  proper  punctuation   So  basically  I  high  school  I  learned  how  to  write  what  I  just  started…we  are   suppose  to  use  the  5  paragraph  structure  but  now  we  just  elaborate  in  more   on  the  introduction  ,  body,  and  conclusion  paragraphs   and  then  came  college!!   this  was  a  huge  transition  in  writing  because  I  needed   Jeff  how  did  you  do  this,  this  is    boring   Jeff;:  Yup   then  came  college,  this  was  a  huge  transition  in  writing  because  I  knew  that  I   needed  to  build  my  vocabulary;  however,  I  was  wrong.  I  was  wrong  because   you  have  more  freedom   Jeff:  understatement   You  get  more  freedom  to  write  your  papers   an  example  is  my  discourse  community  paper  I  never  used  heading  before..   I’ve  never  used  heading  before  in  my  papers.  it  was  always  enter,  tab  or  enter   indent  to  start  a  new  thing   but  in  my  discourse  community  paper  we  did  was  that  we  used  heading  or   sections  in  this  paper…   oh  hold  on  I  am  going  to  stop   Iv  never  used  heading  before  usually  I  just  start  a  new  paragraph  also  I  never   also  my  professors  don’t  care  how  long  it  should  be  or  don’t  care.   my  professors  don’t  care  as  much  about  the  length  of  the  paper,  so  far   from  my  class  now  all  it  seems  like  it  seems  like  now  the  focus  more  on   understanding….   understanding  the  material  and  knowing  how  to  translate  them  on  a  essay   and  length  isn’t  a  priority,  it’s  the  quality   new  paragraph   it  was  because  of  this  freedom  that  I..  that  I  know  that  my  relationship  with   writing  at  least  improved  because  I  am  now  comfortable  and  confident  about   writing   new  paragraph   remember  to  record  yourself….   explain  how  I  can  improve  my  writing   What  I  can  improve  on  in  my  writing  is  lets  see   I  can  improve  on  my  writing  is  I  can   What  I  can  improve  on  my  writing  is  that   the  improvements  I  need  for  my  writing  for  my  writing  is   the  improvements  I  need  for  my  writing  is  how  to  make..  how  to  make  better   sentences  that  flow  together  because  sometimes  when  I  write  I  like  to  go  off   topic   yawn   *quiet*  

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Also uhmm   uhmm  uhmm  uhmm   jeff  is  playing  xbox  while  I  am  writing  my  papers  so  I  am  easily  distracted   right  now   Jeff:  you  blame  me  for  everything   Jeff:  did  you  tell  her  that  I  was  writing  my  paper  while  you  were  laughing  at   me   But  I  wasn’t..  was  that  distracting?   Jeff:  yea  it  was     I  wasn’t  laughing  the  whole  time  and  playing  the  whole  time   Jeff:  well  so  I  worked  on  it  early  so  that  I  can  play..a  assault  rifle  finally   something  I  can  use.   I  need  my  writing  is  learning  how  to  make  things  better   that  flow  together  because  I  like  to  go  off  topic   I  think  I  should  use  higher  level  vocab  so  I  can  build  up.what  is  that   word…credibility   I  think  that  is  enough  conclusion  paragraph   Overall  I  know  I’m  not  scratching  head   My  attitude  towards  writing  is  that  I  hate,  I  honestly  don’t  hate  it  I  dislike  it   and  I  think  it  is  boring   I  think  it  is  boring  but  I  cant  let  that   I  cant  let  that  influences  me   I  cant  let  that  effect  my  writing  because  because  I’m  just  going  to  use  this  as   my  excuse  if  I  fail  at  it   I  know  that  I  need  improvement  on  my  writing  because  I  cant  spell   improvement   improvement     I  know  I  need  improvements  on  my  writing  though  but  the  one  thing  I  like   about  myself  is  that  I  never  give  up,  I  always…I  revise,  I  make  sure  they  make   sense   and  if  I  don’t  like  the  grade.  I  don’t  like  the  grade  that  I  receive   Jeff:  Damn   I  will  look  at  the  comments  form  my  professor  and  improve  my  writing  so   that  for  next  time  I  can  write  a  better  paper  because  I  know  the  mistakes  I  do   and  hopefully  avoid  them   ohhh  I  revise….whispering   that  make  sense….718  words   and  if  I  don’t  like  that  grade  I  receive  from  my  professor.  I  improve  my   writing  so  that  the  next  time  I  write..   DONE!!!  

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