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STOCKTON SAILING CLUB Learn to Sail Program, ages 8-21 (24 if FT student). When: One-week classes, June-August. Boats: Optis and FJs (provided). Cost: Contact club. Summer Sleepover Sail Camp (with RYC & SCYC), When: July. Boats: El Toros, Optis (limited number of club boats available to rent). Cost: Contact club(s). Scholarships available. TAHOE COMMUNITY SAILING / TAHOE YC / TAHOE CITY PARKS & RECREATION TCPUD Recreation Department, (530) 583-3440, ext. 1 Youth Sailing Program, ages 6-17. When: June-August, Monday-Thursday, 10-4. Race Program, Laser Radial and Pico Race Teams. When: Monday evening and Friday during the day. Boats: CFJs, Picos, Nomad 17s, Lasers, 420s. US Sailing Power Boat Safe Boat Handling ADVENTURE SAILING/AQUATICS Sailing, paddle boarding, environmental ecology, water safety. Cost: Contact above. TREASURE ISLAND SAILING CENTER Travis Lund, (415) 421-2225, Harbor Seals, age 6. Entry level, exploratory program focusing on water-safety and wind/ sea awareness. Spring, Summer (Camp), Fall, $350. Explore Sailing, ages 7-12. Entry level, exploratory program instilling confidence on or near the water, building sailing skills and enhancing respect for a clean ocean. Summer Camp. $350. Beginner Youth, ages 7-12. Fun introduction to beginner level sailing fundamentals through the excitement of small sailboats. Spring, Fall, $350; Summer Camp, $600. Intermediate Youth, ages 7-12. Continuation of small dinghy skills, introducing more subtle boat handling techniques and sailing conditions. Spring, Fall, $350; Summer Camp, $600. Advanced Youth, ages 7-12. Introduction to racing and strategy for students with a strong understanding of advanced boat handling. Spring, Fall, $350; Summer Camp, $600. Explore Teen, ages 13-18. Exploratory class designed for teens to learn basic dinghy sailing skills and boat safety. Summer Camp, $350. Beginner Teen, ages 13-18. Further exposure to fundamental sailing skills, while heightening personal reliance and judgment on/off the water. Spring, Fall, $350; Summer Camp, $600. Intermediate Teen, ages 13-18. Development of doublehanded small dinghy skills, focusing on collaboration, teamwork and proper boat handling. Spring, Fall, $350; Summer Camp, $600. Advanced Teen (ages 13-18): Strategy focused, emphasizing teamwork to tackle the complex components of racing in a doublehanded dinghy. Spring, Fall, $350; Summer Camp, $600. Junior Big Boat I, ages 7-12. Developmentally appropriate introduction to keelboat sailing instilling communication and teamwork skills. Spring, Fall, $350. Junior Big Boat II, ages 13-18. Designed as a diverse platform to challenge both novice and advanced students to learn or apply previous knowledge to big boat sailing. Spring, Fall, $350. Junior Leadership Program Level I, ages 15-18. Leadership pathway for our oldest junior sailors to build instructor experience and continuing personal sailing skills. Summer Camp, $300. Junior Leadership Program Level II, ages 15-18. Advancement in our leadership pathway as a Junior Instructor, typically in preparation for Level I certification. Summer Camp, FREE. Youth program scholarships available.

Please note our new West Coast Office number: 619-215-9106

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PACIFIC COAST INTERSCHOLASTIC SAILING ASSOCIATION (PCISA) EVENTS FOR HIGH SCHOOL SAILORS January 7-8: Rose Bowl, PCISA 3/5, USSC/LB January 14: SCYYRA Shadden Series, SDYC January 15-16: SCYA Harold Adams Team Race, SDYC February 4-5: So Cal #4, ABYC February 11-12: NorCal Divisional #2, PYSF February 25-26: Golden Bear Regatta, PCISA 4/5, TISC March 11-12: Gaucho Regatta. PCISA 5/5, SBYC March 25-26: NorCal 5/6, RYC March 25-26: SoCal #5, SDYC April 1-2: NorCal Divisional #3, TISC April 15: Team Race PCCs-Baker Eliminations, SoCal venue TBA April 22-23: Gold Pacific Coast Championship, StFYC April 22-23: Silver Pacific Coast Championship, SoCal venue TBA April 29-30: Team Race PCCs-Baker Eliminations, SoCal venue TBA May 13-14: Mallory Trophy ISSA Fleet Race Championship, MASSA May 27-28: Baker Trophy ISSA Team Race Championship, MISSA Sept.-Dec.: 2017 Fall Schedule TBA; see NATIONAL YOUTH EVENTS See for US Sailing info and dates. PACIFIC COAST COLLEGIATE SAILING CONFERENCE EVENTS See for more information.

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