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Latitude 38

• November, 2018

three days was 20-40 inches, making it the wettest single system ever recorded in any state except Florida." And you also wrote, "An estimated 30 people have been killed, and Harvey has already set a record for total rainfall in the continental United States — over 50 inches and counting — from a single tropical storm, according to the the National Weather Service." John Howard via Facebook John — Wait. You're saying that Hurricane Harvey escaped our notice "because it's in Texas," and then two sentences later, quote what we wrote about Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas? [In the August 30, 2017, 'Lectronic Latitude]. Well, OK. You are incorrect about the implication that we don't like Texas. We think Texas is one of the prettiest and most charming states we've ever visited, with a vibrant sailing scene (we went to a wedding in Kemah at the Texas Corinthian Yacht Club, and thought it was one of the coolest clubs we'd ever been to). But you are right about that rainfall statistic. According to the National Weather Service, Harvey did dump more rain than Florence, and Harvey still holds the record for the most rainfall from one storm for the continental United States. What we should have written is that Hurricane Florence set a singlestorm rainfall record for any East Coast state, except Florida. Or if you prefer the President's assessment, Florence was "one of the wettest we've ever seen from the standpoint of water." We apologize for the error.

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⇑⇓ A CALIFORNIA SAILOR FEARS FOR FLORIDA I had a house in Panama City Beach, at the west end, within easy walk to the beach. It was in our family since 1982, and I just sold it in June. The worst damage from Hurricane Michael will probably be in Panama City, which is on St. Andrews Bay and has lots of homes on bayous, which, along with businesses and especially marinas, will see flooding with tropical-storm surges. The worst damage will be in Mexico Beach, which is just to the east of Panama City, and is very open and exposed. It was heavily damaged in Hurricane Opal in 1995, and as far as I can see, it was devastated in this hurricane. This area of Florida is called Big Bend as well as the Forgotten Coast, and it's very beautiful. Many of the towns, such as Carabelle, Panacea and Sopchopy, are like Florida was in 1950s. Farther along the coast and to the south is Cedar Key, which is a delightful little town the likes of which you don't see in Florida anymore — maybe on the Chesapeake. I hope that the area (Bay County) comes out OK from the storm. We get catastrophic fires; they get hurricanes John 'Woody' Skoriak Sausalito ⇑⇓ A PROPER TITLE FOR HURRICANE MICHAEL Let's start naming hurricanes after oil companies and politicians! David Michael Cox Woody — You were tragically correct about the path of Hurricane Michael, which is being called the most powerful storm to hit the continental United States in decades (Mexico Beach was called ground zero for the storm). As of this writing (shortly after Michael made landfall on the Panhandle), 26 people have died, nearly 200,000 people are still without power, and Florida is coming to terms with the full impact of the storm. Considering the previous letter about Harvey and Florence, it

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Latitude 38 Nov 2018  

The November 2018 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 Nov 2018  

The November 2018 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.