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• November, 2018

the entire West Coast of Mexico, from Ensenada to Chiapas. The rebranding scheme — the plans for which seem pretty vague at

need some sort of income to 'support the habit.' Be it working along the way or commuter cruising (working part of the year at home and cruising part of the year), earning your way is an integral part of the cruising life, and one that we feel has gone largely unexplored up til now. We'd like to change that with a new 'Changes' feature called Taking Care of Business. (You might have noticed the first installment on the previous page.) Each month, we'll feature cruisers who earn enough to keep them going through the next year, the next season or maybe just the next port. We'd like to make it real, which means we need your help. If you cruise, and work, we'd like to know what you do, how often you do it, and a bit about how you found it and what it entails. If you are a 'Jack Tar of all trades,' what are some of the various things you've done? We're particularly interested in folks who manage to start and run small businesses from their boats — something almost unheard of before the Internet. Please send your info to Changes Editor John Riise at


While just the words "square rigger" might make many sailors envision clawing down shredded canvas in a shrieking blizzard off Cape Horn, Abe did a bunch of homework on square rigs and feels he's come up with a system easily manageable by his family crew. For one thing, the yards can be lowered to the deck to set the sails — no climbing aloft required. He doesn't plan to use the main (lower) yard in anything over 15 knots, and the royal can be rigged low to the deck in higher winds. When going to weather, the boat sails with its original Bermudan configuration. • We didn't know quite what to think when the Mexican Tourism Board announced in September that it would officially be changing the place we know as the 'Sea or Cortez' to 'Mar de Perlas.' Say what? The Grand Poobah attended the 'rebranding party' — held, in of all places, Beverly Hills — on September 28, and found out that Turismo is referring not just to the Sea of Cortez, where John Steinbeck's classic The Pearl was set, but

The Phillips family (seated l to r) — Susan, Cian, Saoirse and Abe. The fellow standing is Susan's twin brother, Brian Flavin, who will come along as crew on a few legs of the trip. Inset, 'Odyle.'

the moment — is aimed at encouraging more 'high end' tourism to supplement the 39 million tourists they already get. • We don't have any stats on this, but we're guessing most people who cruise

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Latitude 38 Nov 2018  

The November 2018 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 Nov 2018  

The November 2018 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.