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of their own. We had proceeded to the leeward mark but couldn't locate the boys. The girls pointed us in the right direction, near the pier. The girls were having their own issues with a blown-out jib window. "I'm happy say our kids and boats were relatively good. The girls even finished the race under main alone, flying their jib as a flag. They ended tied for third, but lost the tiebreaker. I think it will be one of their more memorable 'remember when' moments. " The next excitement was scheduled for Sunday, February 25. This trophy winners' race decides who is fastest of them all. — bobbi tosse BYC MIDWINTERS SATURDAY SERIES (4r, 0t) PHRF <75 — 1) Swift Ness, J/111, Reuben Rocci, 9 points; 2) Ragtime, J/90, Tryg Liljestrand, 12; 3) Arch Angel, Antrim 27, Bryce Griffith, 12. (7 boats) PHRF 78-108 — 1) Special Edition, Wilderness 30+, Mike DeVries, 7 points; 2) Advantage 3, J/105, Pat Benedict, 9; 3) Yankee Air Pirate, Olson 30, Donald Newman, 13. (6 boats) PHRF 111-141 — 1) Ahi, Santana 35, Andy Newell, 11.5 points; 2) Lickety-Split, SC27, Rick Raduziner, 14; 3) Heart of Gold, Olson 911S, Joan Byrne, 15. (11 boats)

EYC Jack Frost Midwinters on sunny Saturday, February 3. Clockwise from top left: Olson 25s northbound on starboard tack; Santana 22s and the Cal 40 'Azure' on opposing legs; Michael Dibella's Beneteau First 36/7 'Pressure Drop'; Hendrik Bruhns and crew on the Olson 30 'WYSIWYG' (the name is an acronym for 'What You See Is What You Get'). PHRF 144-195 — 1) Phantom, J/24, John Gulliford, 5 points; 2) El Gavilan, Hawkfarm, Chris Nash, 10; 3) Achates, Newport 30, Robert Schock, 12. (5 boats) PHRF >197 — 1) Mad Max, Santana 22, Megan Dwyer, 5 points; 2) Huck Finn, Bear, Margie Siegal, 10; 3) Raven, Santana 22, John Arnold, 11. (4 boats) EXPRESS 27 — 1) Motorcycle Irene, Will Paxton/Zack Anderson, 4 points; 2) Wile E Coyote, Dan Pruzan, 16; 3) Andale, Pat Brown, 23; 4) Monster Express, Ted Lohr, 25. (16 boats) CAL 20 — 1) Can O'Whoopass, Richard vonEhrenkrook, 5 points; 2) Coyote, Dave Gardner, 12; 3) Raccoon, Jim Snow, 13. (5 boats) BYC MIDWINTERS SUNDAY SERIES (4r, 0t) PHRF <142 — 1) Lickety-Split, 10 points; 2) Magoo, Melges 24, Ray Wilson, 14; 3) Sunshine Express, SC27, Ben Tallarigo, 14. (6 boats) PHRF >143 — 1) Froglips, J/24, Richard Stockdale, 5 points; 2) Evil Octopus, J/24, Jasper Van Vliet, 18; 3) Antares, Islander 30-2, Larry Telford, 20. (10 boats) EXPRESS 27 — 1) Motorcycle Irene, 5 points; 2) Eagle, Ross Groelz, 9; 3) Hang 20, Lori Tewksbury, 13. (7 boats) SHORTHANDED — 1) Furthur, SC27, James

Clappier, 5 points; 2) Ragtime!, J/92, Bob Johnston, 9; 3) Mirthmaker, Archambault 35, Kirk Denebeim, 17. (8 boats) Full results at

Surviving the Island Days Race After a week of unusual summer weather in early February, Island Yacht Club's Island Days Race, held on February 11, was accompanied by dark clouds and a dreary sky. This being my first race, I hardly knew what to expect. As the boats began to line up at their starting point, I looked down the gray Estuary that was full of silver, shimmering sails. As my excitement began to build, so did the weather. The midwinter series had hardly seen any wind until this race. Winds started out in the high teens, blowing primarily from the south. At the sound of the gun, we began making our way down the Estuary for our first loop. We started the race flying our big jib on the Olson 30, which we regretted soon after we made our way around the second mark. I sailed aboard Think Fast, whose crew consisted of only two others. As a newbie racer, I didn't feel like I was much March, 2018 •

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