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YRA Season Closer at CYC Corinthian YC in Tiburon hosted the YRA Season Closer on September 30–October 1. Saturday's race sailed out to Point Bonita; Sunday's stayed in the Bay. Both days started and finished off the CYC race deck in Tiburon. There was some confusion over the Sailing Instructions due to an amendment posted during the week leading up to the race (the starts of divisions C and D were switched). Most if not all boats figured it out. Both days were absolutely gorgeous and enjoyed stellar conditions, particularly inside the Bay. Some light air out on the ocean was not bad enough to stall out the sailors, and the South Tower Demon had relaxed a bit, seeing as how summer was over. After Saturday's jaunt out the Gate, racers basked in the sunshine at CYC, free beer donated by Latitude 38 enhancing the mellow mood. The fleet was somewhat diminished on Sunday, but those who stuck around were rewarded with some of the best sailing the Bay has to offer. Kudos to Sunday's race committee, whose clock was spot on and who did an excellent job of communicating with the racers. — latitude/chris

YRA Season Closer on September 30, clockwise from top left: The Melges 24 'Insolent Minx' sails past Fort Point; having just set their kites on the ocean, the J/35 'Jarlen' and Flying Tiger 'CentoMiglia' jockey for position; our favorite new shirt spotted back at Corinthian YC: 'Sea Star's "I Like Big Kites And I Cannot Lie!"; the Melges 20 'Boomer' and Express 27 'Abigail Morgan' pass Point Bonita. YRA SEASON CLOSER I, CYC, 9/30 PHRF 1 — 1) Jeannette, Frers 40, Bob Novy; 2) Zamazaan, Farr 52, Greg Mullins; 3) Ohana, Beneteau 45f5, Steve Hocking. (4 boats) PHRF 2 — 1) Courageous, J/88, Gary Panariello; 2) Mintaka 4, Farr 38, Gerry Brown; 3) Jarlen, J/35, Bob Bloom. (8 boats) PHRF 3 — 1) Arcadia, Mod. Santana 27, Gordie Nash; 2) Ahi, Santana 35, Andy Newell; 3) Sea Star, Cal 39, Bob Walden. (6 boats) PHRF 4 — 1) Evil Octopus, J/24, Jasper Van Vliet; 2) Shut Up and Drive, J/24, Val Lulevich; 3) Synchronicity, Olson 25, Steve Smith. (7 boats) SPORTBOAT — 1) CentoMiglia, Flying Tiger, Mark Kennedy; 2) Ragtime, J/90, Trig Liljestrand; 3) Benny, J/70, Aya Yamanouchi. (6 boats) ISLANDER 36 — 1) Windwalker, Richard Schoenhair; 2) Serenity, Eric Mueller; 3) Kapai, Richard Egan. (4 boats) EXPRESS 27 — 1) Tequila Mockingbird, Matt Krogstad; 2) Andale, Pat Brown; 3) Moonlight, Jim Gibbs. (8 boats) NON-SPINNAKER — 1) Basic Instinct, Elliott 1050, Memo Gidley; 2) Allegro non Troppo, Alerion Express 28, James Titus; 3) Q, Schumacher 40, Glenn Isaacson. (5 boats) YRA SEASON CLOSER II, CYC, 10/1 PHRF 1 — 1) Jeannette; 2) Ohana; 3)

Zamazaan. (3 boats) PHRF 2 — 1) Mintaka 4; 2) Red Cloud, Farr 36, Don Ahrens; 3) Jarlen. (4 boats) PHRF 3 — 1) Arcadia; 2) Sea Star; 3) Ahi. (5 boats) PHRF 4 — 1) Shut Up and Drive; 2) Neja, Dasher 32, Jim Borger; 3) Siento el Viento, C&C 29-1, Ian Matthew. (6 boats) SPORTBOAT — 1) Ragtime; 2) CentoMiglia; 3) Boomer, Melges 20, Jennifer Canestra. (4 boats) EXPRESS 27 — 1) Abigail Morgan, Ron Kell; 2) Take Five, Don Carroll. (2 boats) NON-SPINNAKER — 1) Q; 2) Allegro non Troppo; 3) Califia, Islander 36, Tim Bussiek. (3 boats) Full results at

NorCal Sailors Conquer 5O5 Worlds A team from Santa Cruz and one from Marin County topped the 87-boat 5O5 Worlds, held in Annapolis, MD, on September 20-29. Mike Holt and Carl Smit, sailing for SCYC, clinched the title on the penultimate day and watched the final race from the comfort of a launch. "We're over the moon," said Holt. "It's November, 2017 •

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