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THE RACING in chartering boats to join those from the Bay Area, Monterey and SoCal next year. "Carl Schumacher designed such a great boat, 30 years later," said Fullerton. For more from the Express 37 fleet, see our Season Champions feature on page 82. — latitude/chris EXPRESS 37 NATIONALS, BYC, 9/29-10/1 (6r, 0t) 1) Expeditious, Bartz Schneider, SFYC, 21 points; 2) Loca Motion, Mark Chaffey, MPYC, 21; 3) Stewball, Bob Harford, BYC/RYC, 22. (9 boats) Full results at

Wylie Wabbit Nationals in Inverness The Wylie Wabbit fleet sailed their 36th National Championship on Tomales Bay, hosted by Inverness YC, on September 29-October 1. This was the second time in the class's history that they've held their Nationals at Inverness. "Because of the logistics of only being able to launch boats with a tide level of over three feet, we started late on Friday," reports Tim Russell of #11, Weckless. They sailed two races on Friday, four on Saturday, and one early race on Sunday that started at 10 a.m. "Sailing on Tomales Bay was awesome," said Russell, "with 12-17 knots CRUISING — 1) Lucky Cat, Victor Havin, 7 points; 2) Music, Robert Engelhart, 8; 3) Irish Whiskey, Duane Quick, 9. (3 boats) Full results at By the time you read this, summer beer can season will be all over but for the memories and the bragging rights. What follows is our second set of results. See October's Box Scores for the first set. Did we miss your club's series? Send the results (or a link to them) in an email to racing@

Left to right: John Claude, Tim Russell and Scott Parker of 'Weckless' with Inverness commodore David West. — photo Jerry Keefe

of breeze, flat water and no boat traffic." On Friday the wind had some south in it, so the weather mark was set close to shore near Heart's Desire Beach. "This made it challenging because the last 100 yards was very fluky and shifty," said Russell. "All you needed was to be close to the front and anything could happen. You could easily go from first to fifth. "Saturday and Sunday the wind was more westerly so we were going up and down the Bay. The fun part to sailing up there is that it was never clear which way to go. Just because left upwind on the

THE BOX SCORES C FLEET — 1) Yippee!, Ranger 23, Jeff Ruszler, 16 points; 2) Alte Liebe, Albin Ballad 30, Jerry Martin, 30; 3) Sail la Vie, Santana 22, Dan Carnahan, 34. (3 boats) Full results at

BVBC MONDAY NIGHT MADNESS (5r, 1t) 1) La Dolce Vita, J/32, John Riley, 4 points; 2) Capo Gatto, Nonsuch 30, Sal Balestreri, 10; 3) Breakout, Santana 35, Lloyd Ritchey, 13. (6 boats) Full results at

STFYC DEGNAN SERIES (13r, 0t) OVERALL — 1) Josephine, Folkboat, Eric Kaiser, 96.31 points; 2) Aquavit, Knarr, Perkins brothers, 81.58; 3) Valkyrja, Folkboat, Mike Goebel, 79.14; 4) Xarifa, IOD, Paul Manning, 61.74; 5) Benino, Knarr, Dahm/Anderlini, 60.36; 6) One Hundred, IOD, Paul Zupan, 59.76; 7) Nihui, Knarr, Randy Hecht, 58.58; 8) Svenkist, Knarr, Sean Svendsen, 52.89. (34 boats)

BENYC THURSDAY NIGHT SERIES (24r, 6t) A FLEET — 1) E-Ticket, Beneteau 38, Noble Griswold, 19.5 points; 2) Bay Loon, J/29, Conrad Holbrook, 34.5; 3) Stolen, J/24, Joe Kallios, 42. (8 boats)

STFYC KITE RACE SERIES (14r, 3t) 1) Johnny Heineken, 13 points; 2) Joey Pasquali, 16; 3) Seth Besse, 35; 4) Stefaans Viljoen, 49; 5) Chip Wasson, 52; 6) Ariel Poler, 66; 7)

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first leg worked, didn't mean left was going to work for the next upwind leg. I really never figured it out. Many times we would tack and I would say, 'We shouldn't have tacked,' or if we didn't tack, I would say we should have." Others said the same thing. The regatta went down to the last race on Sunday. "We were in a statistical tie with #12." (Ron Tostenson's Keala is #12.) "There was concern that the 10 a.m. start would be too early for the wind to fill in, but at 9:45 it cooperated, and with a short postponement we were on our way. "Sunday's start was a classic matchrace start. We were able to get underneath #12 and draw a foul against them, but we were also left in irons when the gun went off. Both boats started last. Now it was time to see who could pick their way through the fleet. We chose the right direction on the first weather leg and rounded in first with #12 in fourth. We were able to hang onto the lead and finish first, winning the regatta." Keala finished third, placing second overall. This was Weckless's third National Championship title in the past seven years. William Morris, 80. (31 boards) STFYC WINDSURF COURSE RACING (7r, 3t) 1) Eric Christianson, 4 points; 2) Jean Rathle, 9; 3) Chris Radkowski, 10. (9 boards) STFYC WINDSURF SLALOM SERIES (5r, 1t) 1) Jean Rathle, 7 points; 2) Vincent Fallourd, 7; 3) Yannick Germain, 13. (9 boards) Full results at SYC SUMMER SUNSET SERIES (5r, 1t) SPINNAKER A — 1) Courageous, J/88, Gary Panariello, 6 points; 2) Hazardous Waste, J/105, Chuck Cihak, 9; 3) Inconceivable, J/88, Steven Gordon, 15. (8 boats) NON-SPINNAKER C — 1) Jarlen, J/35, Bob Bloom, 7.5 points; 2) Mamaluc, J/105, Scott Lamson, 8; 3) Ohana, Beneteau 45f5, Steve Hocking, 9.5. (7 boats) NON-SPINNAKER D — 1) Kookaburra, Bird, Martin Koffel, 9 points; 2) Sweet Pea, Islander 30 MkII, Jan Hirsch, 9; 3) Homeslice, Ericson 27, Josh Dvorson, 11. (4 boats) Full results at

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Latitude 38 Nov 2017  

The November 2017 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.