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LETTERS off, deliver your boat home yourself. At that time of year the winds are usually lighter than in the spring and the height of summer, which is good. But you still may have to duck in at places like Morro Bay, Monterey and Santa Cruz. The very best solution? Hire somebody to deliver the boat home, someone with a flexible enough schedule to be able to wait for a proper weather window. Such a trip requires a lot of effort, but as cruising in Southern California is completely different than in Northern California, it's well worth it. By the way, depending on how much time you have and your schedule, you might want to join the Southern California Ta-Ta, which goes from Santa Barbara to Catalina with stops at Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands Harbor and Paradise Cove. It runs from September 11 to 17, and has been a blast for the first three years. But almost all the slots are taken, so don't wait.


⇑⇓ ZEN SAILOR HEADED FOR THE MONASTERY On April 25 I was headed out to New Zealand's Bay of Islands while Webb Chiles was inbound for Opua in the Bay of Islands. So I took a few photos. And I took a few more the morning he departed for Australia. It was a clear and still morning, and he hoisted the main on his Moore 24 Gannet and slipped his mooring at the first hint of a breeze on the beginFor all the world, it looked as though ning of the ebb. No muss, Chiles was going for a casual daysail. no fuss, no fanfare. For all the world it looked at though he was a daysailer going out on a casual outing. Only more relaxed. John Tebbetts Ichi Ban, Yamaha 33 Vava'u/Tacoma, WA


ATTENTION MEXICO-BOUND CRUISERS The Fall is Busy! Call to schedule rigging work early. We'll get you ready for your next sailing adventure! Design consulting • Commissioning Refits • Custom line and hardware Proudly serving for over 30+ years WE SHIP RIGGING WORLDWIDE Page 36 •

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John — Thanks for the photos. As we report in this month's Cruise Notes, Chiles made it to Australia and has probably already departed for Cape York, Darwin, and then 6,000-miledistant South Africa. Webb has done so many unusual things with sailboats that a lot of people wonder if he's a little daft. Having met him prior to the start of his circumnavigation, we think he's a very intelligent guy who simply marches to the beat of his own drum. We wish him luck on the rest of his sixth — yes, sixth — circumnavigation. ⇑⇓ IF THE BEEP DOESN'T GET A RESPONSE, THE SIREN COMES ON Chuck Hawley's May 2016 issue article on prioritizing safety spending was very good. It neglected, however, one vital and relatively inexpensive item that no shorthanded crew should be without — Watch Commander from www. For around $200 you can guarantee that no one will sleep past your designated time interval to conduct a visual scan of the horizon, check of the radar, etc. If you set the interval for, say, a 20-minute interval, after 20 minutes elapses without a reset, Watch Commander starts to beep to remind you. The initial beeping is about as loud as the seat belt indicator on your car. If the beeping doesn't prompt a reset in a minute or two, a siren — which will wake everybody aboard as well as everybody within miles — goes off. The US Sailing report on the loss of the Aegean and her

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Latitude 38 June 2016  

The June 2016 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 June 2016  

The June 2016 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.